5 iphone apps that replace bike hardware

Check out these cool iphone apps for cyclists:

A little more on the Lightlane project.

Check it out Here.

14 cool concept bikes

Tim Jacobsen sent me this link to some amazing concept bikes. Check it out here at

Light up seatpost

Saw this floating around the London Fixed gear forum

the official thread was here.

Pretty Dope.

Enter to win a Stida folding bike is having a contest:

Pimp my Eco-Ride! Just join the mailing list and write a comment on why your deserving of this cool ass fold-up.

More info on the contest and to enter, here.

Looks like google maps is hitting the bike trails

Check out this article in USA today.

Ah, I didn’t even know they had a camera trike…I guess knew.

New Bike concept alert.

Your bike lock is your bike.

design by Bong Hokuen & Ko Yoenjung (ha ha, he said Bong)

Read more at also posted at

sent to me by my tech guru…Dan Katz.

MP3 player for Cyclists

Check out this latest gizmo to share music on your next group ride.

Find out more at

Bike Gadgets

Here are a couple of gadgets I spyed over at, your online resource for new bike innovations.

Check out the newest in bar ends:

Picture by:

These little guys have created quite a stir. Two Philiadelphia art school designers, Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo sell these bar end plugs as […]