Tammy Got A Bike

Thanks to all those who answered the call and showed love to visiting nurse Tamara Kruse. She is extremely grateful to all those who offered bikes and financial support. As reported earlier, her bike was crushed by a driver of a Baldor speciality foods delivery truck on Tuesday (6/23/20) making a […]

Please Help Tammy!

This is Tammy.

She is a visiting nurse from Portland Oregon. She has been working in a nearby Brooklyn hospital with Covid19 patients. She wants to be safe and commute by bicycle so she was on her way home to the place she is staying after a long shift in the hospital. You […]

Official flyer for tonight’s ride. 6/12/20

There has been different posts…but this is the same ride. Tonight at 6:00pm Grand Army Plaza- Brooklyn.

Follow along at @streetridersnyc.

The Group Rides Continue in NYC

With spontaneous fervor, the group rides continue in NYC. Here is one tonight.

Black Lives Matter-Bike Rides join in to support.

Wide angle shot in front of Barclays.

Photo by Spencer Lasky @risefalltiltshift

This weekend capped off some amazing direct action sparked by the shocking Murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Bicycles have United into the mix with two spontaneous group rides here in NYC which had become a wildfire of street protests for over 10 days. The first came on Saturday 6/8/20 after this graphic popped up on Instagram: @justiceforgeorgenyc

This seems to be the place to go to for all the protesting spots in NYC. Over 1,000 cyclists had gathered at Grand Army plaza, with a sea of helmets and bells going off. There was a quick mic check with the announcement that this was an autonomous group with the aim to support the various marches around New York City.

The riders pulled out of GAP and headed down flatbush, quickly filling both sides of the street like a wave. It was such a pleasure to take this road on bicycle since it’s often jam up of motor vehicles, $1 vans and buses clamoring for road supremacy.

The ride passed Barclays Center on another motor speedway, Atlantic Ave. This sports stadium and concert venue has become a main meeting spot for demonstrations. With no planned route the ride organically weaved its way around marchers and headed to the Manhattan Bridge. It seems like the police have been using this as a dividing line and after numerous crossings by demonstrators taking the car paths, the NYPD stood shoulder to shoulder to block the entrance. The bikes followed a large march and headed back to Barclays Center. After a brief cheer…they regrouped and snaked their way back through Fort Greene and returned to Grand Army Plaza before the “dreaded” curfew, that somebody thought would be a good idea in the city that never sleeps. Amazing how after 8:00pm, Brooklyn was full of car traffic…so I guess the curfew didn’t apply to motorists.

The ride went back down Vanderbilt with about the same numbers (1000) and moved through Fort Greene and into Bed-Stuy. A large group of roving demonstrators, spreading the message of racial justice and an end to police repression. Neighbors cheered from their stoops in solidarity, thrilled to see a huge group of cyclists owning the streets, many with fists in the air. My kind of Borough Bike Tour!! We rejoined a foot march near the Brooklyn Library and headed into Prospect Lefferts Gardens and the Flatbush neighborhoods. On foot we ran into a big allie in the struggle, City councilman from Brooklyn’s 39th district Brad Lander.

Here is a quick video:

Ok, now maybe you think its wrong to be taunting the police with a chant of “QUIT YOUR JOB!” to the NYPD escorting the march…but then there is this…

Seems like the NYPD continues to live up to what we are protesting.

Back when we were riding Fort Greene, one of the cyclists (Pierce McCaffrey) was attacked by four officers (two of which are named: Shea and Cavello)

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August 2019 Critical Mass Recap, See You On September 27th!

The August 30th 2019 NYC Critical Mass, was attended by approximately 150-200 or more cyclists according to an anonymous source.

The next Critical Mass bike ride is scheduled for Friday 9/27/2019, Union Square North, at 7 pm, according to this facebook event.

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July 2019 Critical Mass Recap, See You On August 30th!

It appeared between 200 to 300 cyclists attended last night’s Critical Mass for Safer Streets, without incident, and was completely unharassed by the NYPD, or any other government agency, for the entire 9 mile, 2 hour ride.

Probably the first time, a Critical Mass ride of this size, went unharassed in NYC in […]

The Little Pink Bike Ride

Here is a little story, that anyone can relate to, John Williams from Penzance, Cornwall just completed a bike ride using his seven year old daughter’s bicycle from Bristol to Land’s End England on 9/27/2018.

His daughter Ellie died three years ago from a brain tumor, so John was doing the ride to […]

Manhattan Critical Mass – 7/27/2018

On Friday 7/27/2018, the monthly Critical Mass bike ride will be held in Manhattan (and around the world) at Union Square North at 7 PM according to the xup website ( no longer appears to work).

Ten years ago to the month, a NYC Critical Mass rider was physically assaulted in Times Square by […]

The Warriors Fun Ride – 7/7/2018

What was once a 2002 NYC biking legend, is now becoming a NYC biking tradition, with the 2018 edition of “The Warriors Fun Ride” scheduled for July 7-8, 2018, “dusk till dawn”. Previous rides were organized in 2014, and 2016.

The images below are all the details you should need, from a flyer given […]