Another mapping service.

The Cascade Bicycle Club out of Seattle Washington has created this new site:

Its a data collecting site which creates maps to document: Theft, Crashes and Hazards.

From the site: “bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards, and thefts. By sharing our experiences with each other, […]

Twitter move.

Well I am still straightening this thing out, but the twitter feed for this site is now at:

If you are following my tweets on, please add me to your list of followers.

Sorry for the inconvenience. […]

Looking for bicycle related economic indicators

I looking to do stories on peoples who have embraced the bicycle due to the economic downturn. Please let me know your stories or things you have witnessed. Examples could be commuting by bike, working by bike, using the bike in ways you hadn’t though of before. Hit me up by email: […]

Routes out of the NYC on bike.

James Muessig sent me an email about routes he’s taken on bike outside of Manhattan all the way up to Connecticut. He has some really impressive details about these journeys and has flushed out paved bike paths as well.

Here is a brief example of four routes he’s found to the New Haven area:


Got this sweet logo from Nick James

Nick made me this great logo for the blog.


Nick James is a very talented artists, biker and alleycat racer. You’ve seen some of his work floating out there on many of the prominent bike blogs.

He made Prolly into an action comic star…

Check out his website, and blog. […]

Urban Velo #13 available for viewing and download.

More about…ME!

My favorite bike culture publication has its latest issue hitting the streets.

Its creators Brad and Jeff gave me the opportunity to try out a bit more journalism. I wrote the cover story for issue 13 on this year’s Monster Track.

You can view the whole issue online or […]

Share your stories of Harassment-Monday.

For all those concerned about the conditions on the streets for cyclists including dangerous drivers and “out of control” bikers on the sidewalk…you should be equally concerned about the on going Harassment campaign of the NYPD towards our cycling community. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you obviously haven’t been […]

Fresh Air Fund is looking for host families

Sara Wilson of the Fresh Air Fund reminded me of this great opportunity for inner city kids to have a real amazing summer experience.

“Summertime is Fresh Air time for thousands of New York City children growing up in disadvantaged communities. The Fresh Air Fund is an independent, not-for-profit agency providing free summer […]

Join my Facebook Group

Social Networking, come on…everyone’s doing it! Join the peer pressure and join my bikeblog face book group.

I’m sure you don’t have better things to do than be on the internet all day long. But while you’re looking for that new job at Lehman Brothers…let me know who is out […]