Crowd sourcing tickets

Not necessarily an original idea, crowd sourcing and mapping the tickets being handed out to cyclists, but Transportation Nation the blog by WNYC transportation reporter Andrea Berstein is getting into the game.

Hey, the more the better, and maybe this will lead to good press about a bad harassment campaign by the NYPD.

More […]

Lost and Found, Story of Hope for Emilie.

I wanted to post this story sooner when I heard the tragic tale of a young art student, Emilie Gossiaux, hit by a semi truck on her bicycle and left for dead at Bellevue Hospital. Instead of this being another tale of feeling helpless at the fate of a victim of reckless driving, […]

Crackdown news roundup

The latest news on the current direction the NYPD and certain city officials are taking towards cyclists is rather endless. I’m striving to make bikeblognyc an archive so I’m compiling news articles into more of a news feed. Here are the latest developments. Not all of this “crackdown news” is negative to cycling…their […]

Careful out there

MAD PROPS to all those riding out there:

Saw this posted on twitter by: @chrismcnally

Look who’s riding a bike…

Remember my friend Jonathan who got hit by a car back in May? He’s BACK!!

The Doctor said he could ride again, and I was proud to be on his first ride back into Brooklyn.

Mill Pond Park, water access badly needed.

Harry Bubbins has been an activist and organizer in the South Bronx for years. Through the organization Friends of Brook Park he has helped establish community gardens, organized environmental tours and help bring to light local struggles of the South Bronx area.

The latest mission has been to provide water access to Mill Pond […]

Spontaneous group rides are crushed in NYC

I guess we all saw it coming. We’ve been waiting on a ruling by Judge Lewis Kaplan on the status of the parade laws which state, that people need a permit in order to have group rides of more than 50 people. On Tuesday, Judge Kaplan handed down his decision and said that the […]

Bike Lane Debate

(Cyclist/Messenger Heather Loop {far left} engages in a debate about Bedford Avenue Bike Lane removal at Pete’s Candy Store in Greenpoint, Monday Night–photo by: (Gothamist/Ben Muessig)

I missed this debate on Monday in Greenpoint but there was some good coverage of it.

In the on-going discussions of the Bedford Ave bike lane removal, […]

The Year of Ideas: “Bicycle Highways”, from the NY Times Magazine

Famed Jewish writer and Zionist activist of the early 20th Centrury Theodor Herzl said: “If you will it, It is no dream.” Maybe the Hasidic Community of Williamsburg, should take solace in these words from their elder idea man when thinking about bike lanes and their recent removal on Bedford Ave.

Copenhagen has taken […]

I am being ripped off…with another site.

So this website: is basically reposting my postings word for word and not giving me any credit. He has also set up google ads so this person is making money off of my work.

If you respect what I have been doing for 5 years (and haven’t asked for a cent in […]