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Send in the clowns, Marty our borough president

According to Streetsblog’s Ben Fried,
“Earlier this week, friends and family members of traffic violence victims wrote to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, asking him to stop standing in the way of street improvements to make walking and biking safer. They had lost loved ones and seen lives disrupted by crashes that could have been prevented by better street design. They asked Markowitz to start taking the prevention of traffic injuries and deaths seriously.”

The Borough President disregarded their concerns and chose instead to make a mockery of the city’s bicycle improvements at his recent State of the Borough address.

Here is a video from Team Spider from NY1 this morning.

Really disheartening to see the Brooklyn President ignoring real safety concerns and the steps the city is taking to rectifiy them by continuing his childish out-of-touch grudge against the DOT.

Walmart, get out.

Time’s Up donned the Paul Revere horses and rang out the cry: “Walmart is coming!”

Yesterday was a rally against the mega corporation who is trying to open a store in NYC.

Time’s Up has photos of their bike ride and rally here. Photos taken by Brennan.

There is also a story in Gothamist.

Anti-Walmart Protesters Vastly Outnumber Pro-Walmart Boosters
By Surekha Ratnatunga February 3, 2011 5:32 PM

There was supposed to be a battle of the protests before this afternoon’s twice-postponed City Council hearing on whether New Yorkers should allow Walmart’s corporate wickedness to taint our saintly city, but it ended up being a one-sided fight.

In the blue corner (quite literally, given how cold it was), so many people turned up at the anti-Walmart protest at City Hall, police had to deny entry to a few dozen people waiting in the security line. (Some of those anti-Walmart protesters who couldn’t get in ended up taking ironic refuge from the cold in a Starbucks instead.) Ben Shephard from the cavalier-looking group Time’s Up summarized his views as, “New York is bigger and smarter and richer and cooler than Walmart.”

In the red corner, Pamela Geller and her pro-Walmart/anti-Mosque minions were hardly noticeable. Police officers and City Council ushers didn’t seem to know who she was, let alone where. On the block outside the hearing there was a grand total of three pro-Walmart protesters (who mistook the Time’s Up guys for Tea Partiers thanks to those fetching tri-corner hats). 33% of Geller’s following expressed fears that, “people with pro-terrorists badges were stopping her from getting inside,” but she managed to overcome those obstacles.

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The next bike shorts

more info at

One of our own was Jacked, bike stolen.

One of the hardest working couriers and race organizers in NYC, Diablo, (JC Ramirez)

had his bike stolen today in front of the Chrome Store. (238 Mulberry-Manhattan)

Be on the look out!

Cycle Chic takes Manhattan

Cycle Chic is a brand name dedicated to a whole group of blogs who report on the fashionable side of bicycles.
It all stems from Copenhagen with appropriately named:

They recently had a nice video of the bicycle share program in Washington DC:

Capital Bikeshare Chic from Aurash Khawarzad on Vimeo.

Well their extended family of sites just got bigger:

I’d like to give a big welcome to:

Inspired by Copenhagen, they’ll be keeping a close watch on bicycle fashion here in Gotham, like hard core winter rider Stoned Tone and his cargo whip.
(photo by: Noa.Cortes’)

the Daily (beast) owned by FOX NEWS

This was a rather funny request.

I do get strange requests from time to time for posting events and bike related products. I guess it’s because I’m so hip and plugged into the pulse of the people, discovering the amazing awesomeness of the bicycle.

So I guess it came as no surprise that a new innovation in news would want me to give them a plug.
I just got sent an email from someone wanting me to alert people about a news service available exclusively for the ipad. It’s called the Daily. Looking a little deeper I discovered the Daily is owned by Rupert Murdoch creator of FOX news and such outstanding investigative reporters such as this guy:

Now, what I can’t figure out is why this guy:

who normally has come up with rather innovative creations like the ipad and can pick from so many news outlets choose to partner up with people like this:

Television news anchors who’s response to people they disagree with is…”SHUT UP!” Seems fair and balanced to me.

Maybe it’s because Apple creator Steve Jobs is out on sick leave and not in a sane mental state. It’s no surprise that Murdoch’s News Corp would want to reinvent themselves and create distance from reactionaries like Beck and O’Reilly. This is why they bought the Wall Street Journal and now are coming up with this modern form of news delivery that appeals to the plugged in facebook generation. It’s kind of like when you go into a McDonalds and its design is all chic and they have mood lighting and free wifi, yet its still serves big macs and somehow calls it…food.

But lets not forget that FOX also owns the NY POST which just can’t seem to help itself in bashing bicycles, especially during our troubling “CRACKDOWN” and NYPD PR smear campaign.

Like this latest article that pits cyclists against New York City and calls all bike lanes a joke.

So no thanks theDAILY. (oh wait, I guess I just gave them a plug) Then again, we are a free country and you should choose when and how you get news…but remember…theDaily is the same people who do reporting like this:

Simple things like knowing where Egypt is on a map. Is this the kind of innovative news we can expect on our ipads?

Nice one, from Charles McCorkell

Charlie McCorkell is the founder and owner of Bicycle Habitat a massive bike shop on Lafayette St. in Manhattan. Charlie has also dedicated his life to fighting for bicycle rights and advocating for more space on our roadways.

He recently wrote a piece on the changing face of the city and preserving the bicycle infrastructure.

Welcoming the new normal: Why bike lanes matter to our future.
by Charles McCorkell
February 1st, 2011
Change is hard – even when it’s inevitable. Through the past few years, as all New Yorkers adjust to NYC streets changing to be more bike-friendly, the conversation around this evolution always reveals a noteworthy occurrence: Go to any meeting or rally about bike lanes, such as those uptown or in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park West, and there is rarely a citizen under 50 opposing the lane, though you will see many of us gray heads mixed in with the pro-bike lane folks.

Look deeper. This resistance is not a classic battle of aged vs. youth. This is a battle between those who believe the status quo is fine and those of us who believe it is killing us, our children and our planet.

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A couple articles on winter riding

From @messengermedia

Winter Warriors
By Gregory J. Scott
The Journal, Serving Northeast & Downtown Minneapolis

What does it take to get a Minneapolis cyclist to give up the winter commute? Not a record-setting snowfall, apparently.

JDespite the great winter deluge of December 2010, which dumped more than 33 inches of snow on the metro area — the most the city has seen since 1969 — Downtown bike commuters continued to climb on to their two-wheelers to get to and from work. And while this should surprise no one — cold-hardiness has long been our scene’s biggest bragging point, our trump card in finally edging out Portland last spring as Bicycling Magazine’s “#1 Bike City” — this winter’s riders are significant in another way.

They seem to be the only ones prepared for the weather.

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and in NYC, from the New York Times Spokes column.

Spokes | Two Wheels, No Fear, In Slush or Powder
January 29, 2011, 7:00 pm

(Photo By: Benjamin Norman for The New York Times)

Pascal Sauvayre hopped his front tire through several inches of freshly fallen powder, stopping in front of a small group of cyclists gathered in the morning darkness at the southeast end of Central Park.

“Pascal! Oh, he’s a hardy soul,” called out one of the assembled, Dave Jordan, a pair of ski goggles hanging around his black neck gaiter and a headlamp shining from his helmet.

“I had to shovel the sidewalk anyway,” Mr. Sauvayre said, explaining why he had come out, at 6:30 on a frigid morning this month, for this race in the snow that had been hastily arranged online days before. It would be fun, the 50-year-old psychologist said.

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Another Movie Night

Taking a cue from Joe and his recent screening of Quicksilver at 718cyclery, comes another movie night in Brooklyn. I mean what better on cold winter nights then to be indoors watching great bike movies.

Friday February 4th, 2011
718cyclery and Shmaltz brewing company, present a screening of the Giro D’Italia 2010.

at the Glass Shop Coffee house in Prospect Heights.
766 Classon Ave (between Park Pl and Sterling Pl)

(718) 450-8905

Electronic Shifters and more

Check out the latest innovations to the bicycle from

How the Common Bike Is Poised for a High-Tech Reinvention
by George Jones
Jan 28, 2011 09:20 AM

Three remarkable innovations are transforming the mechanics of the common bicycle. In fact, these new technologies may be the most significant developments in bike engineering since the original “safety” bicycle was invented at the end of the 19th century.

1. Electronic Shifters

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