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6th annual Memorial Ride and Walk

With all that’s been going on in the biking world from angry politicians blaming bicycle infrastructure to flat out violent road rage, this couldn’t come at a better time to stop and reflect.

Sunday, March 13, 2011
the 6th Annual Memorial Ride & Walk
From the NYC Street Memorial Project:
The Annual Memorial Ride and Walk brings New Yorkers together to remember pedestrians and cyclists killed in our city over the past year. This will mark the sixth year that this event has occurred. Riders will visit the site of each ghost bike, a white-painted memorial for cyclists, installed since 2010. Four rides will begin in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, and participants will converge at Brooklyn Borough Hall at 5 PM. Please help us show solidarity with the family and friends of those lost by joining us for this important event. Bring flowers and other items to honor those lost.

Meeting spots for all 5 boroughs:
Queens: 12:00 PM, NW corner of Juniper Park, Juniper Blvd. N. & Lutheran Ave
Bronx: 1:15 PM, E. Fordham Rd & Webster Ave (4 to Fordham Rd, B, D to Grand Concourse or MetroNorth to Fordham Road)
Staten Island: 1:30 PM, Everything Goes Book Cafe, 208 Bay St between Victory and Hannah
Brooklyn: 1:40 PM, Linton Park (1 block north of 2/3/4/5 to Van Siclen)
Manhattan: 3:00 PM, Pelham Fritz Rec Center, Marcus Garvey Park, Mount Morris Park West (just west of 5th) at 122nd St

Convergence: 5:00 PM, Brooklyn Borough Hall

Please note that Daylight Savings Time begins on March 13. Rain/snow date is March 20.

Day-of updates:
Detailed ride schedule:
Facebook event page.
More information:

Last Sunday, a group of volunteers was on hand to prep Ghost bikes. Captured by photographer Ed Glazar:


Rage Rage at Critical Mass in Porto Alegre, Brazil

This may be one of the worst, most tragic acts of road rage I have ever witnessed.

Critical Mass, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2/25/11

Critical Mass in Cairo

Here is an inspirational article about a truly green revolution in Egypt.

Time For A Cycling Revolution and “Critical Mass” In Cairo
Inji El Abd February 28th, 2011

Che Guevara had his motorcycle and they had their bicycles: Revolutionaries on wheels went from all corners of Cairo to Tahrir Square to demand a better future for their country. They got there faster than most, as traffic was a killer and the metro station on Tahrir square was no longer operative. Once there, they voiced their demands for freedom and dignity. The people demanded the removal of the regime and the regime obliged.

On the 12th of February the revolution showed a new even more beautiful face, overnight it metamorphosed into a green revolution. People cleaned Tahrir square, separating waste at source and sweeping every grain of dust on the pavement. Afterwards, they started repairing and painting the sidewalks and fences.

Seeing thousands of people brooms and paint brushes in hand in Tahrir Square on the 12th of February brought tears to my eyes. Egyptians were finally reclaiming their streets and concerned with the beautification of their surroundings. I asked myself, why would that be? Is it a new born sense of ownership? Is it the hope that was born with the revolution? I even contemplated other potential changes, will the revolution impact cycling?


Leader Frames at 718cyclery

(photo from
Leader USA has been paving the way with track and road frames for a while now. Tight geometry made for urban street riding.
Massan shown here ripping up the streets of San Francisco

Macaframa x Leader Ad from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Their also in the freestyle fixed gear scene as well:

Mike Dinh Leader Bike Winter Edit 2011 from Mike Dinh on Vimeo.

718 Cyclery in Park Slope BK is now carrying a line of Leader frames, which just may be the perfect pick for your first track bike. Come on, you know you want it.

From their site:
In the endless quest to locate frames that we can sell in the store, we have entered into an agreement with Leader Frames out of San Diego. This gives us access to a very nice aluminum frame (the 725), a great steel track frame (722 TS) as well as a road frame (722 RS). In addition, Leader has a great selection of freestyle frames.

Ghostbike Work Day

Tomorrow, the Street Memorial Project is having a workday to prep more ghostbikes for their upcoming Memorial Ride.

From their Facebook page:

Sadly, the NYC Street Memorial Project has eight more ghost bikes to make and install before our 6th Annual Memorial Ride on March 13th. All are welcome — we could really use your hard labor.

Please dress warmly and wear work clothes.
Please bring bike tools and food to share.
We are in need of FLAT WHITE spray paint, 3-4 foot lengths of medium to lightweight chain, padlocks, wire brushes and sandpaper. such donations are infinitely appreciated.

Please contact us if you have a bike to donate or would like to install a finished ghost bike or have any questions:

For information on the upcoming memorial ride, go here.

Lost and Found, Story of Hope for Emilie.

I wanted to post this story sooner when I heard the tragic tale of a young art student, Emilie Gossiaux, hit by a semi truck on her bicycle and left for dead at Bellevue Hospital. Instead of this being another tale of feeling helpless at the fate of a victim of reckless driving, this is as bitter sweet story of hope. Emilie’s family, primarily her boyfriend, Alan Lundgard, never gave up on her and averted a possible course of an inactive nursing home to NYU’s innovative Rusk Rehabilitation Center, where Emilie is getting top-notch treatment.

WNYC’s Radiolab did a show about this which aired at the end of January, 2011.

Listen here.

There is a website for Emilie where you can find out more and donate to help Emilie.

Blog the NAHBS

A whole list of blogs and tweeters covering this weekend’s North American Bicycle Show in Austin Texas:

NAHBS in Texas this weekend.

The stars at night are not going to be the only thing shinning bright deep in the heart of Texas this weekend. Today starts the Tour Du Jour of handbuilt bicycle drool fest, the NAHBS other wise known as the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.

This who’s who of the finest in bespoke bicycle making is being held in Austin Texas and this year’s theme is: “From lugged steel to carbon fiber and everything in between.”

Which mean not only will the finest in complete bicycle frame and forks be shown off like this:

(photo found on of Sarah Murder’s Freeman Transport track bike)

but amazing innovations such as this complete carbon fiber wheel from Madfiber wheel’s out of Seattle Wa.

For all the latest form the show, keep a close eye on Prolly, who has relocated himself in Austin. He’ll have a ton of reports and images proving he is one of the hardest working bike bloggers out there.
(photo by will also be out there.)

And of course the fine folks at will be having lots of juicy photos and reportbacks. They are already posting sneak peaks of some of the amazing works of art in Texas.

Also follow along on twitter with the hashtag #NAHBS.

Get Fancy ride moved to March 10th

Kim Burgas and her Get Fancy ride and gallery hop has been postponed for tomorrow due to heavy rains. The ride is now Thurday, March 10th.

Facebook events page: here.

Cyclists in Central Park get organized

Cyclists organize to fight the ticketing in Central Park. They’ve come up with a plan to change the traffic lights to blinking yellow as to not interrupt the flow of one of the most heavily utilized cycling loops in the city.

Upper East Side Cyclist Fights Central Park Ticket Blitz on Facebook
February 23, 2011 4:06pm
By Amy Zimmer
DNAinfo News Editor

MANHATTAN — The ticketing blitz of cyclists in Central Park got Upper East Side triathlete Adrian Bijanada in gear to use Facebook to gather like-minded two-wheelers. They are calling for changes in how the park’s traffic lights are programmed.

His Concerned Cyclists of Central Park group, launched this week — accumulating more than 250 supporters already — is calling for the traffic lights in the 843 acre park to be set to “blinking yellow” during off-peak hours. Traffic in the park has been a major issue, with 35 million visitors each year at war for space on the asphalt.

That would have prevented Bijanada and a friend from getting a $270 ticket three weeks ago on a Saturday around 8 a.m. when they passed a red light at the transverse road at West 72nd Street.

“We did go through the red light,” Bijanada, 31, admitted. “We were being careful as we usually are. Typically, what we do as we approach the lower loop — since we know that’s the most crowded park of the park with tourists renting bikes, roller bladers and pedestrians — we don’t fly though that part.”

Read more:

The facebook group has created an online petition which can be accessed here.