Dean is a sweet guy.

Big shout out and thanks to Dean Bingham of for sending me a whole box of delicious handmade chocolates (I especially like the Stout) and the two pieces of bacon buttercrunch, YUM!
(photo taken from

Dean is a busy guy…When not working on architectural projects ( in Portland Maine, he is also a Chocolatier whipping up incredible creations (like the ones he sent me) He also finds time to ride his bike and raise money for his favorite charity, helping to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. In 2001 he rode his bike for 35 days across the US and raised over 8,500.00. He is now training for his 20th annual ride to support the people of MS.

He will be donating a portion of each box of truffles sold to help the people with MS.

Here are some facts about his Dean’s sweets:

*They use 56% cacao for the ganache center and 70% for the shell
*No preservatives or artificial ingredients.
*all of they’re truffles are hand-made and dipped in Portland, ME.
*all truffles are nut-free
*most truffles are gluten fre and one is dairy free-the chocolate stout uses local brew Allagash Stout.
*They use local indredients whenever possible-the blueberries, organic maple syrup, Allagash Black stout and Cold River (potato) vodka all come from Maine.

Order today at Makes an excellent Mother’s Day gift…hint, hint.

Find out more about Dean at

Stolen bikes

Got a few bikes to look out for:


(stock photo)

My mint condition women’s 2007 21 speed Cannondale Adventure Hybrid was jacked outside of Bierkraft around 5pm yesterday on 5th Avenue at Sacket (Park Slope, Brooklyn) It has a small white bike light, clear plastic bubble horn, clear with blue lettering Tony’s Bike Shop, Milford, CT water bottle, cable lock holder on stem and bike patch kit under rear seat. It’s a silvery gray.

Any leads to creep who swiped it within 10 minutes of me parking it within my site – reward is offered! I had only a cable lock, but was keeping it parked within my sight. The ten minutes it took the bar keep to pour my beer with my back turned was all it took. Everyone on the street swore they saw nothing! Must be pros….

Tina Magnuson
Any info, contact:


My name is Jim Pfeifer and I had my bike stolen on Monday March 28th from my school in Harlem. This sucks. I rode it to school with all intentions of going for a ride after I finished my morning exam. I tried to get the Gothamist to publish the story, but they weren’t interested (I’m not too surprised). Anyway, I’m reaching out to anyone I can to help get my bike back. I’ve included some pics – of the bike and the thief.

Here is what I wrote Gothamist:

Hi John, (Gothamist)

I’ve seen that you post a lot of bicycling related stories on Gothamist and I love it. Unfortunately, my beloved bicycle, a 2010 Focus Cayo which I purchased just before I finished my first semester of medical school was stolen on Monday, the 28th of March. It was stolen from the 3rd floor bike room of school with “security” at both entrances. I have every reason to believe someone on the inside assisted with this crime. I guess I’m naive to think that people should respect one another’s property.

Please feel free to call the 28th Precinct Detective Squad to light a fire under their asses: (212) 678-1608 (Detective Heidi Carnevali) ( – pre-divorce name.

If you want to know my background, I’m 32 year-old Naval Academy grad and was a Naval Flight Officer during the Gulf War 2. I study medicine in Harlem so I can practice family medicine for undeserved communities. Yeah, that sounds kind of sappy when I write it, but I don’t care. Right now, I’m too pissed about my bike being stolen to care about much else. Please help me out in way you can.


Jim Pfeifer

(757) 897-8028 cell

Time’s up Radio Ride

7pm, Time’s Up Radio Ride, leave Tompkins Sq. South, Manhattan (bring
portable radios!)
9pm, Radiohive after party, 99 S. 6th St., Williamsburg BK NYC

This Saturday April 16th join Time’s Up on a Radio Ride (bring your portable
radio) where we turn every bike into a soundbike! Then ride with us (or
join separate if bikeless) over the Williamsburg Bridge to the Time’s Up!
space for a one year benefit afterparty supporting RADIOHIVE, our local DIY
non-commercial radio station (and host to The Time’s Up! Radio Hour).

Promo Video:

PPW bike lane update and more

Last night in Brooklyn, Community Board 6 unanimously voted to keep the prospect park west bike lane with proposed modifications, in case you were worried about a few cranky neighbors alarmed about the loss of their parking.

Read more from reporter Ben Fried from

Of course this didn’t stop the unproductive, 50’s era minded Neighbors for Better Bike lanes from gripping. They wanted their hot shot pro bono lawyer Jim Walden to read this letter to CB6

Meanwhile WNYC’s transportation reporters Nancy Solomon & Kate Hinds had a story on today’s morning report about how NYC is miles behind Europe in embracing bike culture.

CB6 meeting tomorrow, on the agenda: PPW bike lane modifications

After the success of Sunday’s family bike ride there is still work to be done.

Local community board 6 is having a general meeting. Here is more about it from Brooklyn Spoke.

Community Board 6 Meeting Wednesday Night, 4/13/11
April 12, 2011
by brooklynspoke

Following Sunday’s massive 750-person family ride, there’s still another piece of unfinished Prospect Park West business. Brooklyn’s Community Board 6 meets on Wednesday night, April 13th, for its General Board meeting. On the agenda:

Recommendation to conditionally support the Department of Transportation’s proposed modifications to the Prospect Park West bike lanes.

Many of the modifications grew out of suggestions included in the Brad Lander survey and were ostensibly on the agenda at the March 10 public hearing.

This is not a public hearing and no time for general comments is scheduled. Still, it can’t hurt to have a few bodies in the room in case Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes tries to make another end run around the years-long public process. Since the meeting is being held at the Prospect Park Residence, just one block away from NBBL headquarters and the infamous Louise Hainine spy cam, it’s certainly convenient for them to try.

Reminder, Bike Jumble (swap meet) is back in NYC-May 14th

The ‘anti-Craigslist’ returns! Vendors will be on hand at the 3rd Springtime Brooklyn Bike Jumble to sell new bikes, clothes and parts and accessories to get your bike back in shape without the hassles of looking on Craigslist at dodgy bikes.

The Brooklyn Bike Jumble has brought together New York’s premier cycling vendors at The Old Stone House in Prospect Park, Brooklyn for three consecutive years. On hand will be kid’s bikes, cruisers, BMX, mountain, racers and fixed gears, both new and recycled, parts, accessories clothes and cycling related bric-a-brac. Truly, a flea on wheels!

The Old Stone House at Washington Park
336 3rd Street (bet. 4th and 5th Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11215.
To more learn more about NY Bike Jumble, visit

Make Live Webcast tomorrow-Making Bikes

Make Magazine your DIY guide to well, making cool stuff, is having a live webcast starting tomorrow, April 13th.

Make Live.

Tomorrow’s episode is all about making bikes with crazy bike builder William Thomas Porter

Here is a preview:

Tune in tomorrow, April 13th, at 9pm (the website says April 12th) here:

Source: here.

Tuff City Styles Alleycat

Stoned Tone
(photo by: Doug D)

Has hooked up with Tuff City Styles Tattoo in the BX and is throwing an alleycat this weekend:

More details visit Tone’s Tumblr site:


Check out this new column from about the economics of the bicycle:

From the site:

Bikenomics A Grist Special Series
Series Intro

Bicycle transportation is good for a lot of things—it’s healthy, it’s green, it’s quiet, it’s fun, it builds community. It also makes financial sense, and the magnitude of bicycling’s economic impact gets far less attention than it deserves. In the Bikenomics series, Elly Blue explores the scope of that impact, from personal finance to local economies to the big picture of the national budget. In the grassroots and on a policy level, the bicycle is emerging as an effective engine of economic recovery.

Read more from Elly Blue, here.

Speaking of good bicycle economics, here is a video about San Francisco’s Bicycle Coffee Company, delivering the best in fair trade organic coffee.

Seen on

Recap from Last weekend: Sunday PPW rally

Sunday was the “We ride the lanes,” family friendly bike rally to support the Prospect Park Bike Lane. I stopped by with the family and friends and found myself trying to explain to a man with a foreign accent, “Why would anyone be against a bike lane?”

Here is an article from with further explanation:

Hundreds ride to support Brooklyn bike lane.
by Sarah Goodyear
“Well, if supporters of the Prospect Park West bike lane in Brooklyn are a bunch of terrorists (as some bike-lane opponents might have it), they are very effectively disguised as cute little kids and their parents. Streetfilms has the evidence.

Yesterday, hundreds of bike lane supporters showed up to ride the controversial lane, which has become the target of a lawsuit filed by neighbors seeking to have it removed. (Full disclosure: some of the material filed as part of the suit consists of nasty comments from Streetsblog, a website where I used to work.) The lane’s opponents say it is a safety hazard.”

read more here.

Here is a video by Clarence Eckerson Jr of

and an article in Gothamist:

Big Crowd Rides PPW Bike Lane
by: John Del Signore

(photo by: noa.cortes)

On Sunday, an estimated 750 cyclists rode the Prospect Park West bike lane in Park Slope as part of a rally in support of the lane that has prompted a lawsuit against the DOT. (The unabashedly anti-cyclist NY Post craftily reports that “more than 200 cyclists” took part, but organizers say they handed out all 400 “We Ride the Lanes” t-shirts at least 20 minutes before the ride was even scheduled to begin.) Here’s an ultra feel-good video from the ride, courtesy Streetfilms; you may recognize the stock music from every instructional video you’ve been forced to watch in your life.
Read more at here.

There’s also a flickr photo pool with tons of photos of families in attendance.