APRIL FOOL’s Day, #30daysofbiking

I think the biggest fool’s day event was the very successful run of the @bronxzooscobra on twitter. Oh well, now that the 20″ Egyptian cobra is safely back in her tank and not gallivanting all over the city, somehow will have to find a way to get on with our lives.

Today starts #30daysofbiking, an event started by two cyclists out of Minnesota, Patrick Stephenson and Zach Schaap, to encourage people to get on their bikes and ride everyday of April. Here is a little interview I did with them last year.

Here in NYC we can look forward to the first day in riding conditions quite possibly like this:


If you’d like to participate, go to their website here, and register. Post your rides with the hashtag #30daysofbiking on twitter.

There will be a few Friday alleycat races including our own famous Steve “Pops” Kleins right here in NYC.

Steve is known for picking checkpoints on the most obscure street names around so this will really be a test of your knowledge of the city. This is a fun paced ride open to all.

Meet at 6:00pm at Tribeca Park, Beach St. and West Broadway. Manhattan. Race starts at 7:00pm sharp. 4/1/11

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More details from Urban Cyclist World Wide

Okay, here’s the full info:

Date: April 1, 2011 (no joke!)

Start location: Tribeca Park (where Beach Street, West Broadway, and Sixth Avenue all converge)

Registration opens: 6:00pm

Race Starts: 7:00pm SHARP

$1.00 fee; lock required.

Cash and prizes awarded
Here’s an alleycat I found in Syracuse:

A little more details form

Handy Guide: Ride with Bikes

Mike Castleman has created a new quick and easy website giving you information whether it’s ok to take a bike on various forms of NYC public transportation, Subway, Staten Island Ferry, Metro North:

Check it out

Congratulations to Dan Chabanov

Winner of this year’s fourth annual Red Hook Crit.
(photo by:

See more of his race photos:

on his Flickr Set.

Also some amazing photos fromTAK (Takuya Sakamoto)

See more at New York Bike Dreams.

Documentary of NY Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham

Bill Cunningham has had 28 bikes stolen in NYC in his decade long career as a fashion photographer. This hasn’t stopped him from choosing the bicycle as his favorite form of transportation to capture the life blood of the fashion world as depicted on the streets of NYC. There is a new documentary from Zeitgeist Films, about this legendary photographer who’d much rather be behind the camera.

Catch it now at NYC’s Film Forum, (extended until April 7th)

Official film website.

From the website, about this movie:

“We all get dressed for Bill,” says Vogue editrix Anna Wintour.

The “Bill” in question is 80+ New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham. For decades, this Schwinn-riding cultural anthropologist has been obsessively and inventively chronicling fashion trends and high society charity soirées for the Times Style section in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours.” Documenting uptown fixtures (Wintour, Tom Wolfe, Brooke Astor, David Rockefeller—who all appear in the film out of their love for Bill), downtown eccentrics and everyone in between, Cunningham’s enormous body of work is more reliable than any catwalk as an expression of time, place and individual flair. In turn, Bill Cunningham New York is a delicate, funny and often poignant portrait of a dedicated artist whose only wealth is his own humanity and unassuming grace.”

Article from the NY Times.

Video from Time’s Up Pies of March Ride. #bikenyc

Wow, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Janette Sadik-Kahn, Iris Weinshall…all at a bike rally together? Amazing.

April Fools…well sort of. It’s the Pies of March ride with Time’s Up. Thanks for the video Peter S.

Another tragic cyclist death in NYC

If the NYPD is so concerned about safety of NYC cyclists, such as setting up a speed trap in Central Park, maybe they should start scrutinizing over the driving records and licenses of bus drivers and tour companies.

First there was last week’s tour bus accident in the Bronx, killing 13. The driver of the bus allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and the tour company, World Wide Tour, has been cited five times over the past two years for fatigued driving.

Last night perhaps an MTA M15 bus driver should be cited for driving while blind. He plowed into a food delivery person and crushed his head under the back wheel, claiming he didn’t even see him.


Collision with City Bus
March 25, 2011

A delivery bicyclist was killed by a city bus today after the two collided on the Upper East Side, authorities said.

The rider was heading eastbound on East 96th Street when he was fatally struck by an M15 bus traveling south on Second Avenue at 4:10 p.m., according to witnesses.

The victim was hit by the front of the bus, slid underneath the vehicle and, then, had his head crushed by a rear tire, witnesses added.

The bus driver kept going, apparently unaware he had struck someone.

Transportation officials and cops are still seeking the bus, said an MTA spokesman.

Read more: here.

It’s so hard to see cyclists, especially when it’s 4:15pm in the afternoon.

Red Hook Crit tonight!

Don’t forget the Red Hook Criterium is tonight. This is bike racer David August Trimble’s annual birthday celebrations pitting the best of Road, Cross, Track and Street in a closed laps course on the mean streets of Red Hook Brooklyn.

Here is a bit about some of the racers to watch from Cinelli’s Blog True Stories.

There is one big question at Red Hook this year: CAN THE STREETS WIN AGAIN? Such has been the rapid growth in the glamour and prestige of the race that this year the field is filled with some of the country’s strongest athletes from all disciplines of the sport, not just street riders (three monster track champions will be in the field), but also Professional ‘cross, track, road and mountain bike riders. We like good stories too much to wish anything but a huge victory from a rider who learned to race on the street – we’re excited as hell for what is almost certainly the most competitive amateur race of the year.

Here is a list compiled by David Trimble and edited by Lodovico Pignatti-Morano which covers, category by category, the riders to watch next Saturday:


1. Neil Bezdek

Read more here.

There will be a group ride to the event from the Manhattan EMS store, one of this year’s sponsors.

Find out more about the new course announced and this awesome cycling event here.

Part 2 of Brian Lehrer’s segment on the bike lane debate.

Part 2 of the bike lane debate with Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson on Brian Lehrer.

Howard Wolfson…”Bike Lanes are popular in NYC. The vast bulk of the people in this city support bike lanes.” NYC’s deputy mayor directly responds to the litigator Jim Waldon and the anti-bike lane NIMBY’s he represents. He also responds to a really good question from a caller (Mike in Brooklyn) who asks, “Why is the NYPD harassing cyclists.”

Source page here.

And here is more about Lawyer Jim Walden and why exactly he’s working pro bono on this.

“Boy, I’m sure glad every one of the 3,300 people currently on death row in this country all have great lawyers, much better than former Assistant United States Attorney, and Gibson Dunn partner, Jim Walden!

Because Mr. Walden, Esq, is busily interpreting pro bono to mean representing former DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall, and former deputy mayor Norman Steisel, er… “Neighbors For Better Bike Lanes”, in their effort to have the Prospect Park West bike lane removed, against the expressed wishes of the vast majority of the community, and the Community Board which has repeatedly voted in support of it.”>

Read more

a little graphic bike love.

Snow on the ground?



Bikelash round up

Dateline 3/24/11.
Our old pal the Prospect Park West Bike lane is still blowing up the news like the crazed tweets of Martin Sheen’s son, well maybe not that popular. (Charlie Sheen does have 3,141,447 followers on twitter.)

WNYC’s Brian Lehrer couldn’t resist the opportunity since the cover spread in NY Magazine. Yesterday he hosted a 20 minute segment called: “Bike Lane Brouhaha,” featuring lawyer Jim Walden who’s taken on the Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes case to sue the DOT for “not doing their job.”

Seems kind of ridiculous that a 1,000 dollar a hour lawyer would work pro bono to sue a city agency for accountability especially since the DOT has been working on this bike lane in complete transparency since 2007. Luckily, Michael called in the show who works for Councilman Brad Lander to set the record straight about how the local community board asked for this bike lane and 70% of local residents approved and felt safer.

Part 2 is on today’s show with Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson calling in to praise the bike lane. He recently wrote an article in the Huffington Post saying, bike lanes serve a simple purpose in NYC, “to help provide all New Yorkers with more diverse transportation choices.” He also pointed out a recent Quinnipiac poll which illustrates how “City residents give bike lanes the nod by 15 points, 54-39.” Read more here.

I dunno, maybe I have it all wrong about supporting this bike lane. Perhaps we should base safety improvements and a less auto centric direction of the city on the convinces of a few people who happen to live on one of the widest streets in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, things have elevated to a major case of the ridiculous in Central Park. What started as a massive NYPD ticket blitz against cyclists for not stopping at red lights has now turned to speeding. That’s right the cops are giving cyclists tickets for breaking the speed limit designed for automobiles. Of course their setting up their sting operation on the downhill part of the park around 110th st.

I recieved this email from a bikeblog reader:

“Unfortunately, I have some frustrating news regarding to the cycling situation in Central Park.

As you know, many cyclists spoke out against the crackdown on cyclists in Central Park at the community board meeting. They expressed reasonable opinions and criticism to the police and asked for the ticketing – which Boro President Stringer called “harassment” – to stop.

The police have responded by ramping things up: this morning, as early as 6:00AM, the police set up a RADAR speed trap on the West Side of Central Park. It was placed at the bottom of a hill, with two black unmarked police cars and approximately six police officers in the roadway, blocking off more than a full lane.

At about 6:10AM, I passed the officers. It was dark, the officers were dressed in their dark uniforms and their black cars had no lights on. Their cars were difficult to see.
To express that their position was unsafe, I said to the officers “cars in the middle of the road? really?”
One of the officers responded “you got a problem with that?”

When police set up speed traps for cars – they do not park their police cars blocking half the roadway.
Clearly, their goal is not safety – tickets are the goal.

In addition, I saw a few cyclists get pulled over for running red lights *directly in front of the officers.* It’s clear that these people had no idea that they were supposed to stop at the lights – otherwise, why break the law in front of a police officer.

Our petition currently has 1,586 online signatures + more handwritten.
The NYCC petition currently has 586 online signatures + more handwritten.”

Here is more about this from Gothamist. and here is video from one rider in which the NYPD tries to explain why cyclists shouldn’t go more than 15 m.p.h.

Read more here.

Meanwhile two city council members Brooklyn’s Brad Lander and Manhattan’s Ydanis Rodriguez have introduced a flashing yellow bill to change the stop lights in Central Park to cater to cyclists.

More on this in

Here is a story that just about made me faint. The NYPD had to apologize for giving speeding tickets to cyclists in Central Park.

NY Times:

Police Apologize in Person for Cyclist’s Ticket in Park
Published: March 22, 2011

David Regen was sitting down to dinner Tuesday night when two police officers appeared at his home under circumstances that will instantly evoke envy from any New Yorker who has ever been issued a ticket.

The officers had come over to apologize for a ticket issued to him earlier that day.

“They said, ‘We’re here because we’re withdrawing your ticket because we feel you were treated unfairly,’ ” Mr. Regen recalled about an hour later in a telephone interview.

The ticket was for speeding through Central Park on a bicycle some 13 hours earlier. Mr. Regen, who lives on West End Avenue at 103rd Street, was one of 10 cyclists caught Tuesday morning on a police speed gun, a rarity during the early-morning hours in Central Park, when cars are not allowed on most of the roads.

Read the article here.

Meanwhile, City Councilwoman Gale Brewer has a better idea for dealing with Central Park, she is introducing a bill that will completely eliminate motor vehicles from both Central Park and Prosepect Park.

Way to go Gale!

Read more from NY1.