March 2015
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Crackdown news roundup

The latest news on the current direction the NYPD and certain city officials are taking towards cyclists is rather endless. I’m striving to make bikeblognyc an archive so I’m compiling news articles into more of a news feed. Here are the latest developments. Not all of this “crackdown news” is negative to cycling…their are some victories in here.

–According to the Wall Street Journal, crime in central park rose 40% in 2010. Why are we focusing the NYPD efforts on ticketing cyclists?


The City Council unanimously voted to pass a package of traffic bills yesterday that finally requires the city to collect data on cyclist and pedestrian accidents.

Read more at Gothamist.

–Article from NY Magazine on how Senator Chuck Schumer and his wife, former DOT commish Iris Weinshall, are out to get the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Read more at Nymag.

–Colin Beaver, the man behind No Impact Man wrote an op-ed on the need for the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Read more at NY Daily News.

–Perhaps a compromise? The NY Post report: “Opponents of a controversial bike lane along Prospect Park West are offering a one-way compromise, suggesting the two-lane path be chopped in half.”

Read more: NY Post.

Bicycle Habitat Shop Ride this Sunday

Looking to get back into cycling condition? Join Emily and Chris this Sunday for a shop ride. Make a few new friends, burn a few calories, build a little muscle, and enjoy the open road.

All are welcome for this intermediate-level ride (12-16 mph pace; if necessary will split into A and B groups.)

When Sunday, Feb 20th @ 8am
Where Meet at our 250 Lafayette Street store. We’ll ride up to Central Park for a few laps, and back again.
Why Because winter sucks. And your bike does not!

See you Sunday.


Jan Gehl talks about livable cities and the need for bicycle infrastucture.

Jan Gehl is a Danish architect and urban design consultant based in Copenhagen whose career has focused on improving the quality of urban life by re-orienting city design towards the pedestrian and cyclist. (from

He recently gave a lecture recorded for the Economist conference series about how to make cities more livable. His main point was in hard economic times “we should look after the basic demands for the urban habitat of homosapians.” Jan Gehls examines how previous improvements during bad times of other cities, greatly helped increase productivity and guess what, this includes bicycle infrastructure to vastly improve that quality of life.
You mean like this?

Jan says: “If your sweet to people on the surface…that may be a perfect recipe for being sweet to your economy.” Sweet. Somehow I don’t think this involves giving people $270.00 tickets for blowing lights during auto-free hours in Central Park, call me strange.

You can watch the presentation here.

Thanks Knog lights

Gotta give a big shout out and thank you to Knog lights, makers of those quick and easy lighting solutions for your ride. I bought a pair of their strobe lights, just in case I run into these guys…

The pair I bought were faulty so Knog hooked me up with a replacement set and a huge packet of stickers! Thanks mate! (Their based in Australia)

Hey NYC, get on board with buses and bikes.

According to a study by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, NYC is the only city in America where none of their buses are equipped for carrying bicycles. Even Las Vegas has them. This would definitely make a huge difference in more remote locations like Staten Island.

Here is a video by exploring the study and building the case for NYC to get with the program. (I’ve been saying this for years.)

The Case for Bike Racks on NYC Buses from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Outlier’s having an “as is sale.”

Handmade clothing company Outlier, maker of fine threads for biking is having a sale:

It’s deep winter here in NYC, but we try to stay ahead of the curve at Outlier HQ. That means it’s time for some spring cleaning, aka the Outlier As Is Sale. Over the past year we’ve accumulated a small collection of random garments, samples, returns, mislabeled items and more. This weekend we’re clearing them out with an As Is Sale at our showroom in Brooklyn. Just to make it juicy we’re splicing in some golden tickets too, random garments out of our collection, priced at very special discounts.

The sale opens on Friday at 1pm. When we open up we’ll be guaranteeing there will be at least one item in every pant and shirt size, so there will be something for everyone. Everything will be $80 even, from the pants to the blazed cotton pivots, to…

Read more details here.

Outlier As Is Sale
Outlier Showroom
364 Leonard St between Withers and Meeker (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Fri, Feb 18 through Mon, Feb 21.
1 – 7pm

Feeling the winter blahs

This is just a test of wordpress new iPhone app. for some remote blogging.

Thanks to Dimitry Gudkov for the photo and a reminder winter is not over.

( I can see, there are bugs to work out with the sizing)

Upcoming events-Feb. & March

Here are a few upcoming events in NYC, for your cycling pleasure.

Kim Burgas isn’t afraid of a little cold. She’s put on a group ride/ice skating event back in December. Now her gang is at it again with a gallery hop.

Facebook event listing.

Also, Kim would like you to know she’s biking 300 miles from London to Paris in the Environmental Justice Foundation’s Great Fashion Cycle charity ride. To help her reach her fundraising goal visit

For the slightly more hardcore who don’t mind their bikes looking like this:

and have what it takes to race in the streets on bikes with no hand brakes.

Come’s NYC most intense alleycat race…MONSTER TRACK 12.
March 12th, (details to come)

March 13th, is the 6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk:
(photo by Peter Meitzler)

The NYC Street Memorial Project has scheduled the 6th Annual Memorial Ride and Walk for Sunday March 13, 2011
Together we will ride to the locations where cyclists have lost their lives on the streets after January 1, 2010.
We invite other locations to ride with us by scheduling their own memorial rides and events on that day.
Please contact us to let us know about your ride or to help out on ours.
Timing for this ride is approximate at this point. More details will follow early in 2011 at Rain/snow date is Sunday March 20, 2011.

RSVP to our Facebook event.

March 26th, David August Trimble and Eastern Mountain Sports presents the 4th Annual Redhook Criterium

For more details visit:

Chuck Schumer Day

In honor of Senator Chuck and his war on a bike lane…the blog Brooklyn Spoke is calling February 15th, Chuck Schumer Bike Lane Appreciation Day.

Here are some tips to help celebrate.

Here it comes…lawsuit time.

Here it comes. While the rest of us engage in the long process of getting a piece of bicycle infrastructure put onto place, politicians meet in private and then when they realize they don’t like something, the resort to law suits. The Brooklyn Paper reports on the latest developments in the battle for the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Mean Streets:
Here it comes — the inevitable Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit!


The politically connected group that opposes the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane is poised to sue the city — at the risk of a marital rift between cycling advocate Sen. Charles Schumer and his lane-hating wife.

Read more here.