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Outlier Storm King Parka

Wanna look good on your ride with the latest in durable materials? Outlier has you covered.

Introducing the Storm King Parka.

From Outlier:

The secret to the future, they say, is hidden in the past. Supermarine Cotton is a World War II fabric with a 21st century twist. Highly water resistant, extremely breathable and made of the longest Egyptian staple cotton available. You can look at it as the pinnacle of cotton technology, and we think it’s the most comfortable and wearable rainy day fabric around.

The Outlier Storm King Parka marks the launch of our Supermarine Cotton collection. From fabric to cut, it’s a full spectrum rethinking of the rain jacket. The four way construction and full sleeve zippers give the garment an incredible freedom of movement and ventilation. Details include envelope pockets, half pit zips, a full view hood and a front Riri Aquazip.

Available on January 19th in Red, Anthracite & Black via the Outlier Webshop. ($650)

Sign of the times

How the recent “NYPD crackdown” on cyclists has made people feel like crap and realizing:

“HOW NYC SUCKS in 2011″

Writer Alec Hall got a $270.00 ticket for riding his bike in the auto-free (for most of the day) Central Park. I mean of all the places to be riding your bicycle? That bicycle loop in the park…the nerve of some people.

He wrote a nice piece on how this crackdown sucks for all of us.

Why the NYPD Bicycle Crackdown Is a Sign of How New York Sucks in 2011
By: Alec Tuesday January 18, 2011 10:40 am
Something is rotten in the state of New York. The putrescent miasma, leaching out slowly from the windows in towering pre-war apartments, from out of the sidewalk vents where one can hear from below the failing heartbeat of the subway system, slowly being bled to death. The stench is everywhere… thick, suffocating, lethal. Some are immune, born with the resistance through inheritance, countless others traded away their soul for it. Everyone else just has to suffer.

We’ve all heard the talk: New York isn’t what it used to be. What does that really mean though? The city largely looks the same, save for some new towers here and there (generally positive additions too, architecturally speaking). The streets are cleaner, crime is down to levels unimaginable in the 1980’s. Parks are well maintained and farmer’s markets litter the public spaces on the weekends. So why all the nostalgia? Surely people can’t actually miss the muggings at gun point in broad daylight, the landlord arson, the needles in Union Square and gradual erosion of communities as residents flee to the suburbs. Yet the talk remains the same: New York isn’t as great as it used it be.

Read more here.

Get Grimey…New Grime store in NYC opens tonight

The Grime store opens tonight at 8pm, 191 Henry Street. For all your freestyle fixed gear needs.

Check out

Stand up to Ulrich and bicycle freedom

Want to take a stand against Councilmen Ulrich and his proposed legislation to register all cyclists over the age of 18?

Transportation Alternatives is making it easy to send a message.

Stand Up Against the Anti-Bicycling Proposal
Expiration Date: December 31, 2011
Action Type: e-fax

Stand Up Against the Anti-Bicycling Proposal! Send an e-fax to Councilmember Eric Ulrich to stop his proposal against bicyclists.

As reported by the NY Post, Councilmember Eric Ulrich wants to introduce a draconian anti-bicycling bill that would require all New Yorkers to register their bicycles. Councilmember Ulrich has made bicyclists a scapegoat. His proposal will stop people from riding bicycles and make bicycling less safe. We need your help to stop his plans.

Take action! Send Councilmember Ulrich a fax and stand up against mandatory bicycle registration and Councilmember Ulrich’s attack on bicycle riders.

Take action here.

Get ready, NY Bike Jumble is back

New York City’s premiere bicycle swap meet is back.

Saturday, May 14th, 2011.

Join us at The Old Stone House at Washington Park for New York’s only bi-annual cycling flea market.

The event will be held in the park, on Fifth Avenue between fourth and fifth streets, in Park Slope, Brooklyn, one of the epicenters of bicycle commuting in New York City.

At this one day only event, vendors will be on hand to sell bicycles, bicycle components and cycling accessories to the public. Good deals abound as do good times! Come down between 10AM and 4PM and remember, the early bird gets the worm!

Available spaces will be 7X7 and will be assigned on the day of the event. Spaces will cost $55 pre-sale and $80 on the day of, payable in cash only.

How To Sign Up

Pay for your space:

YOU are responsible for tables, etc. We will only sell you a space. If you have any questions or concerns about payment or about renting furniture, please contact Harry Schwartzman at brooklynbikejumble(at)

Vendors should expect a busy day!

* Registration is for a 7 x 7 space on May 14, 2011 – multiple spaces are available at your whim. Purchase of a space constitutes agreement to the following terms:
* You are responsible for own setup and security (i.e. tables, chairs, tents, load-in, etc.)
* Set up time begins @ 9am, event begins at 10am and ends at 4pm. Vendor will have to clean their areas upon leaving. Vendors will have to be out by 6pm.
* The event shall be canceled at the discretion of Harry Schwartzman of New York Bike Jumble or Kim Maier of the Old Stone House.
* Registration fees will not be refundable. SWAP IS ON RAIN OR SHINE.
* Regular Rate till day of event @ $55 each
* Late Registration Fee (Day-of) @ $80 each (cash only)

find out more

Crackdown continues…to be a waste of time.

So don’t forget, a traffic violation for running a red light in a motor vehicle is $270.00 here in NYC…looks like it’s the same if you do it on a bike.

Here are some more reports of ridiculous enforcement in the NYPD’s crackdown on cyclists.

NYPD’s Crackdown on Law-Breaking Cyclists Continues To Be Incredibly Stupid
Posted by Benjamin Sutton on Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 5:14 PM

From L Magazine:

As feared, and then
in early reports, the NYPD’s new commitment to enforce traffic laws as they apply to New York City’s law-flouting cyclists is proceeding as absurdly and tokenistically as you might have expected. Composer Alec Hall (a composer, the most mild-mannered and law-abiding type of artist there is, for chrissakes) tells Gothamist all about how his ride through Central Park came to an abrupt, expensive halt.

Read more here.

Also in this article you can see the NYPD’s new training film for how to deal with rouge bikers in Central park.

Love your lanes…

Let’s stop all this silly hatred of bicyclists and come LOVE YOUR LANES.

Time’s Up, always keeping things positive is having a Valentines Day party and ride to increase the love.

Time’s Up Valentine’s Dance Party and Love Your Lane Rides
Friday February 11, 2011 at 9:30 PM
Location: The Living Theater NYC, 21 Clinton Street

Valentine’s Dance Party – dress in red, get ready to spread the love, and support your community. Lots of sweets, strawberries and chocolate body painting.

Music by: DJ Suggested D, light show by See J

$5 if your on the ride; $10 at the door.

Love Your Lane Pre-Party Ride: Ride Ends at Valentine’s Party. Spread the love through the the streets.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your true love—your bicycle, and help support the new green infrastructure and spread the love through our communities. Bring treats to share, wear red, and passionately decorate your bicycle!

Friday February 11th
Love Your Lane Bike Ride Meet ups:
Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge bike path: 8:45 PM
Manhattan: Tompkins Square Park center circle: 9:00 PM

Facebook event page, here.

More ridiculous legislation-Portland or is it Portlandia.

And you thought it was going to be a boring winter. In the most bike friendly place in the US, Portland Oregon…Legislator’s in all their free time are trying to ban kids on bike transport.

(photo by: Joel Davis/Oregonian)

Here is an article from the Oregonian:
Oregon bicycle enthusiasts in uproar over proposed ban on young children on bikes
By Lynne Terry, The Oregonian

Portland’s avid biking community spun into an uproar today over a proposed ban geared towards young children on bikes.

House Bill 2228 introduced by Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland), would amend an Oregon statute that bans unlawful passengers on a bike by making it illegal to carry a child younger than 6 either on the bike or in a trailer. The bill includes a fine of $90.

Read more here.

How about House Bill 666, our planet is a polluted sewer, anyone riding a bicycle in any fashion should be rewarded with tax incentives.

On a lighter more entertaining note. I just watched the sneak peak of IFC’s new show about the grungy, coffee obsessed ecco-love city in the Northwest…Portlandia, premiering Friday.

Here is a little peak at the opening music video–Tall bikes and all.

It is a six part series staring Fred Armisen of SNL and Carrie Brownstein of the Seattle Indy band Sleater-Kinney. They take on multiple personalities in short hilarious vignettes about some of the finer nuances of Portland residents like an angry bike messenger complete with huge earring plugs, blasting through lights on his orange KHS fixed gear (my first fixed I bought in Portland in 2002…ah memories.)

Small government unless of course it’s about bicycles

Give them an inch and well, you know the rest.

With all this hype about correcting “out-of-control” cyclists in NYC you’d think it were a problem with the magnitude of all those Mexican’s stealing our jobs in Arizona. (Also not a priority issue in our country as we are still bogged down in a recession and two illegal wars which this blogger feels is much more important issues effecting our country.)

Regardless the political rhetoric flies about and for some politicians creates openings for more legislation…oddly form a political party that is always going off about TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT CONTROL. So what does Queens Republican City Councilmen Eric Ulrich propose…
You guessed it: Mandatory licensing for cyclists. Why stop there…Let’s just have mandatory forehead barcoding for those law breaking two wheelers.

Don’t forget, this is the city where a judge upheld a ruling that a 4 year old on a bike should be held liable for negligence…SUE YOU…SUE EVERYBODY.

Yep, forget taking responsibility for your own actions…we need lawsuits, and the power for the NYPD to generate more income for the city…not make our streets safer.

Here is a recent article from Gothamist about Mr. Ulrich’s proposed plan.
Bike License Councilman: Cyclists Brought This On Themselves
Unlike the backtracking New Jersey Assemblywoman who withdrew her proposal for mandatory bicycle licenses, City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) is serious about his bill, and he says there’s support for it in the City Council. Reached by phone, Ulrich elaborated on his proposal, which he cautions hasn’t been officially drafted or introduced yet. “This is so premature,” Ulrich tells us. “I have no specifics about what it will look like. But I imagine that when it is finalized I’ll gain a number of co-sponsors. Many of my colleagues feel similarly and will be supportive.” But it’s not that premature—Ulrich hopes to introduce the legislation on February 2nd.

We asked Ulrich how such a law might affect tourists visiting NYC with their bikes, and he said, “I can’t legislate for people that are outside of my jurisdiction. I’m sure it will be addressed in the final copy of the bill. It would be tough to tell people outside the city what to do.” Ulrich also stressed that the proposal would only apply to adults:

Read more here.

I guess I could be for it if the bill also requires mandatory 2nd degree manslaughter for any motorists who kills a cyclist, 1st degree if it’s while texting or illegally using a cell phone while driving.