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Congratulations to Chris and Allie

Saying Chris Ryan has something to do with bike culture in NYC is like boasting that Babe Ruth had something to do with a game played with a small hard ball and a wood bat and building a house for a team that begins with Y.

Yesterday was the marriage of Christopher J. Ryan of the bike punk ska band Team Spider and his lovely bride Allie Compton. However, this was no ordinary affair. It was the perfect blend of traditional marriage meets nontraditional Mar RRRRRRRRRRRRRRiage. That repeated letter in the alphabet is most well known for when you’re dressing up and pillaging as a pirate.

The wedding was held on Governor’s Island, which has become this great local, bikeable spot, just a few hundred yards off of Manhattan. Once a coast guard outpost, it has now been given to a trust run by the city of New York and opened up as an amazing scenic spot where people are encouraged to rent or bring their bicycles and enjoy an almost completely auto free existence.

It was the perfect backdrop for a wedding and best of all, doesn’t cost anything.

Kindred spirits to Chris, in their activism and love for “giving a shit” about NYC, Reverend Billy officiated the wedding for about 100 people.

Saturday (9/18/10) also happened to be international, “talk like a pirate day. This meant there were Santacon like costume parades of pirates going on all over the world and one just so happened to be plundering on Governors Island. It also happened to be another one of Time’s Up themed bike rides in which this time, they were hellbent on plundering Chris and Allie’s wedding, especially since Chris was one of their own pirates and they’d be damned if he went off and tied the knot with out a fight.

Time’s Up has been doing some great visual resistance, fighting to save local community gardens across the city and recently participated in Park(ing) Day.

This is an event where people reclaim parking spaces across the city and turn them into mini parks, hangouts and chill spaces for a day instead of being used as idle parking spots. Mostly these are done in more “downtown” like locations, where most people expect to see street theater or odd performances, however, Time’s Up broke the mold and headed uptown, smack dab in front of Mayor’s Bloomberg’s office on 79th and 5th Ave. in Manhattan.

This had everything to do with this environmental direct action group’s intention of continually sending a message to the Mayor to permanently protect community gardens once and for all.

Ok, back to the wedding.

So we rode out to Governors Island on a gorgeous September day and offered those who didn’t bring bikes a shuttle on one of the many contraptions you can rent out there including these quad cycles.

All of the wedding guests and the pirates gathered at Picnic Point, on the other side of the island from the ferry terminal and listened to a wonderful speech by Reverend Billy.

Then the pirates made an attempt to defeat Chris and steal his bride.

Chris was successful in defeating the pirates and actually getting married. We all celebrated with a critical mass style bike ride around the island.

Chris and Allie were pulled in a pedicab, donated by Peter Meitlzer of Manhattan Rickshaw.

The bike community wishes you both the best. Congratulations!

VeloNews wrap up and video from CMWC2010

Here is the final report from Connor Boals on the CMWC 2010 in Guatemala.

Messenger world championships go to the rookies in Guatemala
By Connor Boals • Published: Sep 14th 2010 3:29 PM EDT

Craig Etheridge won a plane ticket to a messenger race in Guatemala. Then, he won that race.

Etheridge, a first time competitor at the Cycle Messenger World Championships, was the first to complete a delivery course through the tiny Guatemalan town of Panajachel.

Etheridge along with the top 40 male and top 10 female riders competed on Sunday to deliver a set of five manifests consisting of approximately 10 deliveries each.

Etheridge’s finished the course in two hours and 45 minutes, according to Shawn “bega” Blumenfeld, the results coordinator for the event.

“I just tried to ride smart, clean lines,” Etheridge said. “And on top of that, there’s always an element of luck.”

Read the whole story here.

Brompton Fold Up food ride on Sunday-NYC

The Brompton is about the coolest folding bicycle around, mainly for its amazing compact ability.
NYCE wheels and Bfold Bicycles , who both sell these nifty rides, are hosting the third of their Fold Up food rides on Sunday. The Brommie Yummie.

Here is a press release about it:

Hello! My name is Steven Huang and Brommie Yummie is one of my many ideas of sharing good vibes with the world through the use of my Brompton Folding Bike.

It is about tasting and exploring the world through eating, biking and folding around the city with a Brommie on a leisurely paced 10-15 miles flexible ride with a theme for each ride.

brommie yummie 1.0 ride took place on Sunday 5.23.2010 in NYC and the cuisine theme was British, paying tribute to the Queen & birthplace of the Brommie. Bert from NYCeWheels took some great photos from the ride and Tim from Bikes@Vienna wrote a nice blog post about the ride.

brommie yummie 2.0 ride took place on Sunday 7.18.2010 & Tuesday 7.20.2010 and the cuisine theme was American, celebrating America’s birthday & independence.

brommie yummie 3.0 ride will take place on Sunday 9.19.2010 & Tuesday 9.21 and the cuisine theme is “East West Fusion” which means we are in for a melting pot experience.

Vegetarian options are on menu at some spots, but please bring your own & come join the brommie fun! If you have food allergy, then please check & ask before you order & eat?

For those of you who can’t make the ride on Sunday, don’t be sad because I am willing to repeat any of the previous ride on Tuesday after if I get enough interest. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested in any of the previous ride so arrangements can be made accordingly.

I don’t know about you, but it is often my experience to see smiles whenever I fold or unfold my Brommie and I smile whenever I eat something Yummie, so please join me to bring out more smiles… by doing the Brommie Yummie Ride :-)

Please contact me at if you would like to join me for the ride. The participation of Brommie owners from Boston, Philly & Washington DC are welcome, the starting point of the ride is near Penn Station, Mega Bus & Bolt Bus drop-off point for your convenience. Please let me know if need traveling tips & suggestions.

an LA-ite, loves our PPW bike lane, so why all the fuss?

Joel Epstein writes for the Huffington Post. He spends most of his time in LA, but he recently discovered our new bike lane in Prospect Park and wrote an article.

From the Urbanite Times
by Joel Epstein.
September 14, 2010

It is fair to say that I am obsessed with Washington’s belated embrace of infrastructure construction as a means of rebuilding the country and the economy. So if you’re anything like me on this, you may be asking yourself whether President Obama’s Infrastructure Bank has a snowball’s chance in hell in the current political climate. Does his recent speech mean that Obama and his policy team have finally heard the muezzin’s call to prayer on public transportation and other needed public works?

And where, if at all, does 30/10, LA’s smart proposal to accelerate construction on 12 critical public transportation projects, figure in to all of this?

With the Party of No winding up again to cut off the country’s nose to spite its face over Obama’s new New Deal I thought I would focus this week on an urban infrastructure change that doesn’t take an act of Congress and doesn’t cost the equivalent of a Goldman Sachs partner’s Christmas bonus. The fact is, not all the things government does to improve the quality of life for the citizenry involves billions of dollars in investment and years of planning and construction. Sometimes, more modest changes in the streetscape can alter in positive ways the life we live. And sometimes, the work to make those changes can be carried out by employees who are already on the payroll.

Read the rest of the article here.

More woman on bikes in NYC, streetfilms latest.

If you’ve been noticing a lot more woman biking in NYC, it’s true. just put out this video:

For more the source, go here.

Congratulations! Austin Horse gets 2nd

Nice work! Our own Austin Horse took a break from filming Premium Rush, the messenger movie, and got 2nd place in the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Panajachel, Guatemala.

Here are some more updates:

Nadir Olivet is the owner of Toronto’s la Carrera Cycles and the main organizer and sponsor of this year’s Cycle Messenger’s World Championships (CMWC).

“I’ve been fortunate; that’s why I am here,” Olivet says simply.

“Twelve years ago my nephew and I were bike messengers in Washington, D.C. and we decided to bring the race home to Guatemala. But, for several years, the organizers turned us down because it was ‘not logical’ to run the race in country that had no bike messengers.” So, in the intervening years, Mr. Olivet opened a shop serving messengers in Toronto; selling them everything they needed from chains and gears to a line of clothing that he had designed.

Read more from

Interbike is coming, Who’s Going?

Well the world of bicycle manufactures and retailers are getting ready to descend upon the most un-bike friendly place in America for some, “Gear and Loathing in Las Vegas!”

Yes it’s time for Interbike2010, September 22nd-24th.

My good friends at Urban Velo, Brad and Jeff will be covering this like a broke foreclosed homeowner on the nickle slots machine.

This time they won’t have the excuse of running away from the riot cops gone wild for the G20 in Pittsburgh.

Some other people I heard that will be there,

Bicycle Habitat, NYC’s prolific and ever expanding bike shop on Lafayette St.

My good friend Nona Varnado promises to send back some dispatches from the field if she’s not to busy sipping martini’s pool sid—I mean schmoozing her wears around for her line of woman’s cycling apparel.

She’ll also be apart of Interbike’s Fall Fashion show called, “Ready to Ride,” sponsored by Momentum Magazine.

(this is not Nona)

Also Crihs Thormann, NYC courier, alleycat champion and one of the film makers of Empire, will be on hand throwing a race in Vegas.

Trailer from empire.

Their will be lots of cool vendors at interbike such as:

Velo Transit. who make cool backpacks and messenger bags from Seattle.

I’m sad I can’t go. It really is a lot of fun.

Some other bikeblognyc interbike postings:
2008, Chris Kim gets some HED.
I went back in 2006.

Damn, has it been 4 years already.

Tragic News, cyclist killed.

Really saddened to learn about this.
A 23 year old woman, Jasmine Herron was killed on Saturday, (9/11/10) on her bicycle in Brooklyn.

Here is an article from the Daily News:

Woman in bike tragedy, Jasmine Herron, rode bike everywhere, co-workers said

By: Barr Paddock, Mike Mclaughlin, Edgar Sandoval and John Lauinger
Monday, September 13th 2010

The woman killed this weekend in Brooklyn when her bicycle clipped the door of a parked car – launching her into a city bus – rode her bike everywhere, co-workers said.

Jasmine Herron, 23, who died in the freak accident Saturday night in Prospect Heights, worked as a barrista at Think Coffee on Mercer St. in Manhattan. She rode her bike to work every day, co-workers said, and always wore a helmet.

“She was a nice girl. It’s a tragedy,” said a neighbor who lived near the apartment Herron sublet on Cortelyou Road in Brooklyn.

Read more: here.

It is illegal to open a car door into a cyclists path. It’s also illegal to operate a vehicle without a license. The driver of the car was arrested and charged with, third-degree aggravated unlicensed operation, unlicensed driving, and a vehicle and traffic law violation.

More on that from this article in Staten Island

A message from a playwright friend of Jasmine’s, Casey Wimpee, found on

RIP, Jasmine Herron. 2/14/86 – 9/11/10. a sweet, fearless, beautiful, amazing young woman to know & work with, & funny as hell. who else could segue conversations from Slavoj Zizek to Kathy Acker to broom of the system while gang of four plays in the background? you & HCB will be dearly missed, valentine.

I post this to pass on my deepest condolences to all friends and family involved in this tragic accident. Knowing full well the realities of being a cyclist in NYC,
please be careful out there, watch for car doors…maybe even avoid Atlantic Ave., especially with all the construction that is going on there with the new stadium.

New NYC cycling related blog: The Guardrail NYC

I stumbled upon a new blog which takes an interesting and critical look at some of the roadways and commuting options out there for NYC cycling.

Dan Oliverio writes:

His subtitle is: “Where the automobile stops and your feet take over. A blog covering new and old ideas for transportation and its alternatives, infrastructure, urban planning and design within the metropolitan area. Probably some politics too…”

More about the site from Dan:

“I have been riding in NYC for just about as long as I have lived here, which is a mere five years. The past year I challenged myself to ride every day possible, and with this experience I have been able to truly see the city from a completely different perspective, through the eyes of a cyclist. There is something to be said for the thrill of riding a bike thorugh NYC streets – something that can often be a complicated task.

I originally created this blog as a way to express my thoughts and ideas around a different perspective on life in general. A few weeks ago it started to evolve in to a focus on transportation alternatives, urban planning, city projects and general New York City life, something I have always has a passion for. Recently I have been taking photos of my biking journeys down various NYC streets and bike paths and showing what life as a NYC cyclist is really like. These “photo journeys” are something I hope to continue doing in the future.”

Follow along at:

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