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Mountain Bike World Cup Finals-Windham

I don’t want to leave any genre of bikes out, so I’ve been asked to announce:

The UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Finals in Windham New York, August 26th-29th.

Here is some press on the event:

Windham, N.Y. –In addition to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) races at the Mountain Bike World Cup Finals presented by Shimano, several family-friendly activities are scheduled for the week of the races.

A huge Block Party, set for Friday, Aug. 27, from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., will be located on a section of Route 23 in downtown Windham that will be closed to vehicular traffic. The party will feature a variety of activities and vendors and is free to the public.

Featured performances include a bike stunt show by Mike Steidley, eight-time National Trial Champion and stunt rider; a classic rock and blues performance by local powerhouse band Johnny Moon and Starz; a KANJAM tournament (a revolutionary disc tossing game perfect for all ages); a demonstration by the Albany All Stars Roller Derby; and a fire stunt show by PrimalMatic PyroAddicts.
“The Windham World Cup Festival is the perfect venue to introduce people to the sport and culture of mountain biking while exposing them to the excitement of world-class international competition,” said Nick Bove, race director of the Windham 2010 Mountain Bike World Cup. “Racers ride hard but like to play hard too. This is when families and casual riders can mix with their favorite racers and explore some of the fun that Windham has to offer.”

Additional festival activities include: “Race the World” citizen races for non-UCI pros and amateurs; indoor and outdoor expos showcasing bikes and accessories, local crafts and retail products; a “Big Wheel” race; a kids’ fun race and a free outdoor concert by Chris Barron and The Time Bandits. Barron, best known for his role as the lead singer of The Spin Doctors, now also tours with The Time Bandits, and performs an array of songs from Barron’s solo album, “Pancho and the Kid,” as well as some Spin Doctors’ classics.

The 2010 World Cup Finals attracts the world’s top professional cyclists in three disciplines of racing including cross-country, downhill and “four-cross (4X). The U.S. last hosted a mountain bike World Cup in 2005 at the Angel Fire resort in New Mexico; the finals have never before been held in the U.S.

For more information on the Windham World Cup Festival events, visit

Stolen bikes

Scott Fitzgerald wrote in with another tragic tale:

–My bike was stolen from in front of my building last night. (8/9/10)

2007 Jamis Aurora; tan and copper. Brooks b17 saddle, black rear rack, fenders, black reflective tape on frame, fork and fenders. On the top tube, right hand side near the handlebars, there’s an 1.5 inch tear through the paint.

Please call/email scott : 347.277.0941

As we do around here now, you have to include how it was locked:

It was locked below street level in the exposed entryway of my building. Locked with a heavy cable and kryptonite lock. Probably cut the cable. My bad for thinking my own foyer would be safe for a night.

Don’t expect any hallway, staircase, out front or alley way near your apartment to be any more safe then just randomly locked up around the city.

Sunday, August 15th, Food Carts Ride

Don’t be a shy Ronnie this weekend.

Sunday, August 15th. is hosting a food tour through Brooklyn and Queens.

From the site:
“Join us for a ride from Brooklyn to Flushing Queens! We will be venturing across two boroughs to taste our way through the street food carts of Roosevelt Ave.

This is a casual ride and great opportunity to meet like-minded bike loving folks as we explore Brooklyn and Queens. The ride is about 10 mi and we suggest you bring the essentials and some cash for the food trucks. New folks always welcome.

New folks always welcome.

This ride has two meetup points!
A. 11:30pm – Meet under the Grand Army Plaza Arch. We’ll bike north to pick up more folks at McCarren Park.

B. 12 noon – Meet at the corner of N 12th St and Berry St @ McCarren Park and we’ll all head up to Queens.

Reminds me of this article in NY magazine, from their cheap eats issue, rating the top 25 food trucks.
Read more here, Trucks on a roll
(picture from

Alleycat race for the ladies

Heather Loop is bustin out an an alleycat race for the ladies:

From the facebook page:

“Hell Cat! an all girls alley cat! $10- gets you a spoke card and tshirt this is a brooklyn race, with 7 check points. there will be a silly task at each! its gonna be super fun! registration is at: McGolrick

Saturday, August 14th
McGolrick Park-Greenpoint Brooklyn (In the center of the Park)

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Registration at 2pm, race at 3pm.

Garden action recaps

Activists trying to draw attention to the plight of the community gardens and the need for protected green spaces in NYC got an article in the NY Times for their recent Paul Revere ride.

(photo by David Goldman, NY Times)

The Bulldozers Are Coming’: Garden Crusaders Hop on Their Bikes

Published: August 1, 2010
The bikes departed Tompkins Square, pedaled by men and women dressed in 21st-century thrift-store versions of 18th-century garb. There were tricorn hats, vests and, in a few cases, shirts with long, flowing sleeves. Many of the bicycles were decorated with cardboard cutouts in the shape of a horse’s head. One man rang a bell. Others shouted to passers-by on Avenue B, calling out, “The bulldozers are coming.”

The procession was modeled, of course, on Paul Revere’s nighttime ride to Lexington, Mass., in 1775. But the riders on Thursday night meant to warn people not about an invading military force, but about proposed rules by the city that would alter the status of hundreds of community gardens.

Since 2002, community gardens have been regulated by an agreement that designated about 150 gardens for development but preserved or increased protections for about 500 others. That agreement, which was reached after the state attorney general sued the city to block the sale of gardens to developers, will expire in September. Although city officials have said they have no plans to develop gardens, rules proposed by the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development do not include any guarantees of preservation.

Read the entire article here.

A great video of the action showing street protest is alive and well in NYC.

Also there was an action today at city hall where one demonstrator did a sit in…in a tree.
Some photos from the action:

and here is a video of the action.

Summer streets and Joyride.

That time of the year is coming, when the city closes a big chunk of Manhattan, just enough not to bother too many motorists, and not for that long. But cynical New Yorker aside, its a good experiment in what an auto free part of the city could be like and you can have 50 or more bikes riding together without being treated like a terrorist threat.

This event is known as Summer Streets and its taking place for the next three Saturdays in August.

August 7th, 14th and 21st.

There will also be a group bike ride set to music followed by a picnic. The event is called Joy Ride!

More about this event from their site including how to register.

Joyride: Jump on your bike and experience a mid-summer’s daydream. All the world’s a stage and you are on a bike to watch it. Motion, music and mingling will transform the way you see the city. Its as easy as….well, it’s as easy as riding a bike. At the end you will be served a delicious picnic from a talented chef. Meet 50 new people and who knows what will happen.

Joyride is a musical group bike ride and picnic created by theatre artist, Liz Sherman with a soundtrack designed by Duncan Bridgeman, co-creator of the double Grammy nominated film and album “1 Giant Leap” and soon to be released “What About Me”.

For each of the three Saturdays of “NYC Summer Streets,” 50 Joyriders will be both players and audience in an event that heightens fragments of ordinary city life into a virtually cinematic experience. It’s an experience both intimate and communal as the shared soundtrack sets a rhythm and mood for the journey from Foley Square to Central Park where the picnic awaits.

At it’s heart Joyride is about the freedom we feel riding a bike, the deep ways that music affects us and the power of that shared experience. Joyride takes place on August 7th, 14th, & 21st.

Space is very limited. For each ride, ten spots will be reserved for those that are especially enthusiastic and write in to tell us . The other spaces are open to all first come, first served.

More on the event at their website:

Love Your Lane PPW

Transportation Alternatives is sponsoring a gathering to support the Prospect Park West bike lane.

Start: August 1, 2010 – 12:00pm
End: August 1, 2010 – 2:00pm
Grand Army Plaza end of Prospect Park West bike lane


This Sunday, T.A. staff and volunteers will be gathering at noon at the Prospect Park West Bike Lane entrance by Grand Army Plaza to distribute Bike Rules handbooks and encourage cyclists using the new lane to take the lead in making the lane safe and pleasant for all street users. They will be encouraging cyclists to watch carefully for pedestrians and to be sure to yield to them as they try to cross the street. Additionally there will be staff from Street Films on hand to document how the lane has positively impacted the street, slowing car traffic and giving cyclists a dedicated space on the street, as well as encouraging cyclists to be mindful of pedestrians and other cyclists alike as they traverse this awesome new lane. Please join us and show some love for PPW!


Trailer for the book

We’ve been hard at work writing our upcoming book.

Here is a little video Ed posted as a trailer.

Thanks to Go Pro Camera

Critical Mass Today

NYC’s critical mass has taken a serious blow over the years. It’s now some sort of ridiculous stand off between the NYPD who won’t back down and a few loyal riders who are brave enough to come out. Last month (June) was no different.

Here is a video of the police blocking the bike lane in order to video tape us while issuing tickets for not riding in the bike lane.


Meanwhile the show goes on.

San Francisco is celebrating CM number 214. (who keeps track of this)

Chicago is stripping down to their underwear.

And in London, well the motorists just love them.

But they rage on with cool bike gangs like Velolovesthecity.

also check out


Here’s a video from last month in Detroit.

stolen bikes

I got a few flyers from my good friend Dan Katz, who turns 40 today. Gulp. (I’m next)

Seen uptown in NYC.

and this one…

I was talking with Hal Ruzal, who started Bicycle Habitat back in the late 70’s, along with Charlie McCorkell. He’s the guy you can’t miss in the stores front window with his long mane of dread locks, hammering away on customers bikes. He has these hilarious videos on youtube, done by where he rates peoples bike lock ups.

I asked Hal, what is it these days with bike theft, are we seeing more of it? “Well people are reverting to their old ways, being unemployed and all.” he said in a phone conversation…meaning more people out of work means more thieves, and there are more “pickins” with the increase in the popularity of bikes. “But mostly people are idiots,” he said in reference to the fact that people just don’t lock up their bikes properly and are cheap with security. They also don’t lock up wheels. Hal says he gets about 2 people a day coming into the store looking for new wheels because they’ve been stolen.

So a word of caution out there:

Don’t cheap out on the type of lock and secure everything you want to keep including both wheels and the seat. Due diligence is the name of the game. Send a message to the bike thieves that you’ve done the work to properly lock up your bike with both a diesel lock and chain and locked all the key parts. Then, unfortunately, they move on to someone who slacked.

Here is the most recent case of theft.

Maritza Trejo contacted me:
Hi, a friend told me about your website and that I could post info regarding my stolen bike. It was stolen earlier today, Wednesday July 28, 2010 between 2-4pm outside of the Target on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn (it was locked with my boyfriend’s bike in the bike racks but only mine was stolen). It is a Vita Specialized in red. I bought it last year. Notable identifiers include:

– scratches in the middle of the handlebar
– scratches on the brake/shifters lever
– small dent on the frame
– red light attached to the seat post
– missing the right toe strap

I would really appreciate it if anyone out there could keep an eye out for the bike for me. Please email me asap if you see/hear/find anything.

Here’s a picture of the bike and a link for more info:

specs from

Any info contact:

Well now we ask people how it was locked.

My bike was next to my boyfriend’s bike. He had his locked with a U-lock and mine was attached through a Kryptonite 4′ flex cable to his u-Lock. In addition i had another smaller chain locked for the back tire. Whoever stole, cut the flex cable and the other chain.

Also I followed up on a theft I posted on the 22nd of July. Natalie had her bike stolen from within her building.

She was kind enough to explain more about what happened.

I live in a 3 unit building and all three floors of tenants are very friendly, so trust within our building is not an issue. While I usually bring the bike inside my apartment, and sometimes lock it up outside, on occasion I also leave it out on the landing right outside my apartment door. We are on the top floor, so the only people who come up there are our household and our guests. I did not have it locked to anything on the landing. I just assumed it would be safer unlocked inside than locked up outside–guess I was wrong.

We aren’t entirely sure if someone broke in or if there was a problem with the door (unfortunately, someone had only left the bottom handle lock engaged and had not used the deadbolt, and it’s possible that the door didn’t completely latch closed).

Anyway, now everyone in the building is really diligent about using the deadbolt and I obviously will not leave anything valuable outside of my apartment.

This is another unfortunate reality of living and biking in NYC. Apartment buildings are notorious for having bikes swiped from inside. Don’t assume anything. Either bring it inside, or lock it up the same as you would on the street.

Maybe we gotta go back to this:

(photo seen on