Great report from last Friday’s Mass

Here is a great recap of the current state of Critical Mass in NYC, from Criticalmasspanic.

About 40 cyclists gathered at the new and improved Union Square as the light faded from the sky. A good crowd, many new faces. Some visitors were from LA, where they have a thriving mass ride scene, and a handful of friends of the late Andrew Wolf, a Brooklyn cyclist who was run down in broad daylight by an 18-wheeler in Canada last week. After much socializing, light distribution and information sharing regarding NYPD harassment of cyclists, the participants gathered round to hear a few of Andrew’s friends speak about who he was, and what we have lost in his death. It was moving…emotionally. The mass itself stayed put.

Read the rest here.


Alan from Home grown cycle in Detroit rock city sent me an email about an up coming event.


we’re throwing a road bike/mountain/moped/scooter racing event at Detroit’s abandoned Dorais Velodrome.

We’re calling it The Thunderdrome. The event is scheduled for October 16th, 2010. Doors open at 8:00AM

The event is free to spectate and only $20 per entrant to cover costs. Any profits we do make will be rolled into the repair and upkeep of the Velodrome.

The Mountain Bike class, sponsored by Homegrown Cycles is for human-powered mountain bikes having sturdy construction. Suspension is suggested, but not required. The course includes most of the Velodrome and a grueling, super fast downhill portion with roots and other obstacles. Finally, the mountain bikers will need to huff out a long stretch along some very tiring grass sections. Come strong.

The Road Bike class, sponsored by Sweet Bikes, is for human-powered road bikes with on-road tires. The course is only the Velodrome, but the Velodrome surface has some moderate cracks that will change your racing line considerably. This’ll be interesting

The Moped class, sponsored by 1977 Mopeds, is for engine-powered mopeds 75cc or smaller. Electric mopeds of similar power to a 75cc engine or smaller will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Transmission and clutches are totally open and free to choose. Pedals are optional, but extremely suggested based on the Le Mans-style start. The Moped class runs on only the Velodrome, but the surface is sure to give you some surprises to your line.

Finally, the Scooter class. Everyone in this world hates Scooters – except that everyone also loves to ride them. Scooters must be under 50cc and must have a single drive ratio. Electric scooters of similar power to a 50cc engine or smaller will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Scooters cannot have pedals.

David Byrne on sound check tomorrow.

(photo by:

Author of “Bicycle Diaries,” and musician David Bryne will be on WNYC’s sound check tomorrow at the Greenspace.

The Greene Space at WNYC Presents:

With David Byrne and Phil Collins

The music icons discuss their latest projects
In front of a live studio audience with host John Schaefer

Also, ANGELIQUE KIDJO to perform live, unplugged

Tuesday, September 28th at 2pm
Tickets On Sale Now

(September 23, 2010 – New York, NY) – As summer winds down and outdoor concerts come to a close, people are heading indoors for all things music – and WNYC’s Soundcheck, hosted by John Schaefer, is no exception. Next week, WNYC’s daily music and conversation program kicks off another season of live broadcast events from The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space with two pop and rock icons and “Africa’s premiere diva” (Time magazine).

On Tuesday, September 28th at 2pm, Soundcheck opens its fall season with up close and personal conversations with DAVID BYRNE and PHIL COLLINS. Singer-songwriter – and avid cyclist – DAVID BYRNE will discuss how public radio inspired his unusual audiobook of Bicycle Diaries, the latest version of his recent travelogue. PHIL COLLINS will tell the story behind Going Back, his first studio album in eight years. In it, the eight-time Grammy Award-winner re-visits the music he loved as a teenager, faithfully recreating Motown hits from Stevie Wonder, the Temptations and Martha and the Vandellas.

The Grammy Award-winning West African singer ANGELIQUE KIDJO, known for her social activism, diverse musical influences, and collaborations with artists including Carlos Santana, Peter Gabriel, Alicia Keys, Branford Marsalis, and Joss Stone, will perform an intimate unplugged performance for the in-studio audience.

This special edition of Soundcheck, live from The Greene Space, will broadcast on 93.9FM and will stream live as a video webcast

Previous guests on Soundcheck in The Greene Space include Lou Reed, Tori Amos, The Decemberists, Rosanne Cash, Santigold, The Hold Steady, Das Racist, Moby, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, and Joshua Bell, among others. Additional opportunities for audiences to enjoy Soundcheck in The Greene Space will be announced shortly.

TICKETS: $15, available at
More information: (646) 829-4000

SOUNDCHECK is WNYC’s daily talk show about music that features conversations with musicians, critics, scholars, journalists and others related to the music industry, as well as special live performances. Recent guests include Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Quincy Jones, Norah Jones, Terence Blanchard, Clive Davis, Ry Cooder, Isaac Hayes, Burt Bacharach, and others. The show is hosted by John Schaefer and is broadcast live from 2-3 pm ET, with an encore play at 10pm ET, on 93.9 FM and is available for on-demand listening at For more information, please visit

Rapha’s Pop Up shop goes Pop!

The party is coming to an end.

Report backs from Interbike

There have been a lot of good report backs from this year’s interbike in Las Vegas.

Prolly’s been all over it, giving good commentary on new products and loading his site with photos and information.

Also Urban Velo, has had tons of postings about this years show.

Go to their full coverage: here.

Lara a buyer for NYC’s bike shop Bicycle Habitat, was kind enough to file this report with me.

The bike expo was pretty crowded again this year. We didn’t see a whole lot of new product from a cycling perspective. Probably most impressive was SRAM, which has some gorgeous components and good info coming out. They really have a nice product line.

We did like the new models coming from Linus. We think they will be a great fit for urban riders.
I’m excited about the computer pannier they’re coming out with in the spring of 2011. More functional than their previous panniers and less intense than the Ortlieb brand, though they still have some engineering to do on improving the latches, hooks and such.

Interestingly, the big “trend” the show emphasized this year was e-bikes or electronic bikes. Apparently they are growing significanty in popularity, but we don’t see this occurring as much in the city – it seems to be more of a fit in the suburbs where roads are more open and the lifestyle is more conducive to that need. Regardless, the bikes were everywhere. We have sold a few ebikes in the past year, but we have yet to be much smitten with them, so it was entertaining to us to see them everywhere. The year before, bamboo bikes were the fancy feature of the show, but I saw much less of them this year.

Kryptonite locks are coming out with “skins” for their most popular U-locks, which I think will be really nice for everyone. They’ll come in a few colors, and allow some personalization for what has traditionally been a pretty utilitarian-looking product.

We also selected some nice new baskets, autumn clothing, saddle seats, awesome helmets (we’re finally going to carry Nutcase!), and cycling shoes. We’re working on ordering the cool SPD-compatible street shoes I mentioned; not sure when we’ll get them in stock.

Live from the Blvds of Death

There was an alleycat recently hosted by Rafael and Stone Tone featuring the deadly Ave’s of Queens.

Check out the latest video from Diablo.

Live from Interbike

Trade shows. They’re a chance for companies to show off new products, build hype, fill plastic bags full of crap and hopefully get free drinks…I mean stuff. For gadgets, it’s the Consumer Electronics Show, for Mac users it’s the Mac World expo and for us bike nerds, its Interbike.
(photo from belmont distribution)

I had a my foreign corespondent Nona Varnado on the scene in Las Vegas. (Right, actually she was already going, just to dispell any rumors that I have any kind of staff what so ever.) Nona was on hand to promote her line of cycling apparel for woman, she filled this report on the current state of bike fashion from Interbike central.

Interbike 2010 Fashion Report

Interbike is overwhelmingly “back” according to the number of exhibitors and attendees after last year’s ghost town. From components manufacturers to apparel there seems to be a big gulf between companies updating existing lines and companies pushing out innovative new stuff, largely in response to the huge growth in new cyclists and fashion conscious urban riders.

Not surprisingly the coolest stuff seems to be coming from small new companies trying to make a name with stand out products. And where fashion is the usual all male concentration becomes decidedly more female. I’m at interbike to launch a fall/winter line of women’s cycling apparel ( and it has been awesome to meet a bunch of super talented young women producing gorgeous quality products; from Po Campo’s bags to DZR’s amazing street cycling shoes (originally designed only for women, but they were so hot she added a men’s line).

Dzr….. Shoes that everybody who rides wants Now. from James Adamson on Vimeo.

Riyoko from Canada had some very cute pieces.

Spandex, pink stuff and more floral prints were strongly represented, so for ladies who joy those established looks, have no fear of a total revolution in bike chic. For that category, Dude Girl is my clear favorite. Sticking to the comfortable classics my favorite jersey’s were from Swobo; comfortable fabrics, minimal (but cute) details.

Men’s choices, being a far more developed business, are both more varied and nuanced. Campagnolo, unsurprisingly has the most minimal garments – from spandex to outerwear with both the men’s & women’s lines coordinating. Chrome has some gorgeous men’s apparel and accessories out now that will be classic enough to look great a few years from now too. Wheelmen’s bags & shirts looked whimsical & fun.

Speaking of bags, there are a few companies (Ortlieb. Timbuktu) making small rectangular backpacks that are gorgeous. They look comfortable & hip even outside of a bike context.

For high tech garments, the Mavic shoes and apparel look great, incredibly well made and super minimal. Their shoes & jackets are all one color, plus the yellow logo. Showers Pass had some really lovely rain jackets for men and women in the fashion show that were attractive enough to be worn to work or on a date.

Chrome & Swrve have some great bike specific pants for both men & women, though I can’t speak as to the fit (soon hopefully!) Swrve has a pair of riding pants that seem insulated enough to be worn on your next commute through Siberia.

With a few worthy exceptions apparel seemed to be a low point amongst all the bikes and components. The most intense fashion experience seemed to come from accessories, such as the gorgeous BASIL bags from the Netherlands. Between those and some of the new commuter bike lines (Linus, Globe) you could probably wear a plastic trash bag and still look good.

Lazer helmets seems to have heeded the call of ‘helmet covers’ and has come out with a really attractive plaid helmet that comes pre-covered.

It’s a significant leap from some of the DIY craftsmanship but with all the styling. Nutcase has also upped their offering to include the really silly (watermelon?) to the simply pretty (Gold & sparkles).

Caption the photo

I kind of laid this gimmick to bed, but with this photo, sent by one of my most vocal commentors…I can’t help put revive…


Penny Farthings gone wild

This race of high wheelers takes place in Knutsford, UK September 5th. Hard not to snicker with that name.
Wait for it, wait for it…at the end there is a crash, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Winner of Bike Shorts: Rachel Brown looks at 1st Ave. bike lane.

In case you missed it.

I missed the last Bike shorts, Ken Stanek’s ongoing short film festival in Brooklyn. Even though there were two opportunities to see the movies, due to a rain date. RATS.

There was a lot of buzz about the winning film, Rachel Brown’s short about bike lanes.

It doesn’t take a great documentarian such as Errol Morris (Thin Blue Line, the Fog of War) or Michael Moore (Sicko, Capitalism a Love Story) to make a concise investigative film. Rachel just grabbed a camera and interviewed some riders of the new bike lane on 1st Ave. This is an excellent look at the debate about whether bike lanes in NYC are actually safer.