Looks whats coming to NYC

look what I spied on Mulberry Street between Prince St. and Spring, while riding around with John Campo.

2 bikes stolen. Hate crime!

I think feel that bike theft is actually a Hate Crime and should be dealt with accordingly. Maybe caught bike thieves should have to go door to door and apologize or make it known to neighbors they have moved into the area like Megan’s Law.

First one comes from Natalie Johnston:


Someone stole my bike last night (as in within the last few hours) from inside my building! The front door was wide open this morning–kinda creepy. I live in Clinton Hill/Bed Stuy. Please post the following information to your blog.
Thank you so much!

My bike was stolen from inside my building last night! Sad and scary. Please help me recover this bike! It is only a few months old but I looked for a couple years before I found one that I liked as much as this one and I can’t afford to buy another bike.

KHS Flite 250
Men’s frame
Straight handlebars with silver bell
Seat is chained down
Looks pretty new

$100 reward.
Thank you.

any info contact: Natalie Johnston,

Then I just got this one from Craig Richards:

Hi Mike,

My friend had his bike stolen on the evening of 20th July. It was
locked up at 10th and C. I’d be grateful if you could add it to your
list of stolen bike please.

This is his posting on Craigslist.

–Some assmaster stole my custom made, heavy, rusty Bologna bike at 10th
& C last night.
I’ll give anyone who returns it $500 cash, no questions asked.
I’ll also give $1k for the thief’s nads on a stick
Yes way.
Heres a photo (of the bike, not the nads) –

It’s a lot rustier now, and it has a black seat, black rubber oray
grips, and riser bars.
It’s been passed on from generation to generation in my family for
almost 3,000 years.
I’d really like to give it to my son some day.
And if you’re the thief, and you’re reading this, please give it back.
I’ll give you the five hundred bucks.
If you don’t, I will call Dog the Bounty Hunter, Bobba Fett, and Bear
Gryls, and they will have a 3 way, and that 3 way will produce a son,
and that son will be raised by Tito Ortiz, and on his 18th birthday,
he and I will come to your house, and fuck your shit up.
Thank you for your time.

I definitley would not want to meet Tito.

TFL Cycle Hire Scheme

To go along with London’s new super highway for bikes, there is also a bike sharing program.
Here is a nice animated video of the new service.

TFL Cycle Hire Scheme – How It Works from Mummu on Vimeo.

NYPD loves cyclists…NOT

Hard to believe but the NYPD did it again. Another shinning example of the police’s blatant disregard for cyclists in NYC.

You’ve probably already seen this by now but NYPD officer Louis Ramos, was charged with assault, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident after hitting a 61 year old man in the crosswalk in Brooklyn.

An 84th Precinct cop who rammed his police cruiser into a 61-year-old bicyclist as he blew through a red light in DUMBO — then failed to report what happened in the June 14 incident — was arrested on Tuesday.

With very little fanfare, Officer Louis Ramos surrendered at the Gold Street stationhouse, though he was released on his own recognizance after being charged with assault in the third degree, leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving — all misdemeanors.

Investigators said Ramos struck the senior as he zipped past the corner of Jay and Sands streets.

The 19-year NYPD veteran and his partner, Officer Paris Anderson, were waiting at a red light at the corner when Ramos reportedly flipped on his lights and sirens, pulled into oncoming traffic and sped past several cars before hitting Yu Tong Chan as he pedaled by.

Read the whole story here.

Also covered in by reporter Ben Fried.

This leads to my poll of the week:

This latest incident should make the NYPD
have a sensitivity training program towards cyclists
major lawsuit
a hard slap on the wrist
a vacation with Patrick Pogan
nothing, what did the NYPD do wrong?
learn how to lie better. free polls

Yoxi contest. 4 teams compete for the best campaign for getting more people on bikes.

Four teams are competing to create a winning campaign to get more people on bikes as part of a campaign for better biking. Learn more about it on:

or watch this video:

YOXI Brief from yoxi tv on Vimeo.

One of the teams, !ola, contacted me about their pitch:
Three former non-bikers based in New York, !ola wants to inspire others to take up biking as a form of urban transportation. “The campaign for better biking” is a proposal for a multi-platform campaign that uses character-driven humor to impart information about biking-related issues in unexpected ways. They believe that the quickest way to more bikes on the road isn’t a change in legislation or an increase in bike lanes, but a change in attitude.

To find out more, you can click on this link to watch our campaign pitch.

Then there are the Urbanfuturists.
Their plan is to create a social network using your mobile devise and getting points for riding.

Bike Tab from Urban Futurists on Vimeo.

Then from team one, there is the zip car, bike sharing approach.

Zip It! from Team One on Vimeo.

And we can’t leave out team 2, the bike pool.

Bike Pool from Yoxi_team2 on Vimeo.

Watch all the campaigns and then vote on your favorite, by leaving comments.

Dykes on Bikes-Cycles, Governor’s Island Ride

Sunday, July 25th.
1:00pm – 4:30pm
Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 .
Atlantic Ave & Furman St

From their facebook page.
Join us for our post pride ride to Governor’s Island. We’ll be catching the Brooklyn side ferry wich leaves every ten minutes from 11 A.M to 5:20 P.M

Bring some food and we’ll have a picnic after a ride around the island. There are cool exhibitions going on that we might want to check out and other on going events including a mini golf course and the island’s own beach!

Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase on the island.

RSVP to this invite.

Post any questions on the wall.

If the weather doesn’t hold up we will postpone the ride for another date.

BrooklynByBike and friends-tweet up

Anita Singh of the blog has been hosting rides for a while now. Food rides, tours to Coney Island, out to Floyd Bennett Field, just a way to get friends together and make new ones. She’ll be hosting a “Tweet-Up” this Friday. Here is some information from her site:

Hey cycling friends in New York City! Come join us this Friday (7/23) at Adeline Adeline for beer, good company and discounts on bicycle accessories. Adeline Adeline (147 Reade St in Tribeca) is friendly, female owned bike shop that specializes in dutch and city commuter cycles. We’ll be meeting up at 6:30pm followed by a ride at 7:30pm up the West Side Greenway to the Pier 1 Cafe on 70th St.

RSVP here. This event is a tweetup of our #bikenyc twitter community but all are welcome. You can follow the conversation on #bikenyc and check us out @brooklynbybike. See you Friday!

Time’s Up-Coney Island Ride

This Sunday, Time’s Up is taking a ride out to Coney Island for a dance party on the boardwalk.

July 25 · 5:00pm – 9:00pm
Meet: Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn

from Facebook:
The sunset dance ride brings you to a rocking outdoor boardwalk dance party sponsored by the Coney Island Dancers who provide the powerful sound system and DJs so you can dance the night away! The dance party is free.

The ride leaves from Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, and should give you plenty of time to dance with everyone and watch the sunset as you welcome a new week in the most Brooklyn o…f ways!

This is a casual ride at a relaxed pace.

Bring locks as we plan to lock up and dance to our hearts out. Bring money for food and other amusements. Some people return on the subway, and others ride back in informal groups. Rain cancels.

Facebook page for this event.

Rolling Orange bike shop

Rolling Orange bike shop opened last month in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn. (269 Baltic Street)

Opened by Ad Hereijgers, this is part of a growing movement of retail which sells Dutch Bicycles and encourages more people to use bicycles as transport for their daily lives.

They sell two groups of bikes: City/Commuter bikes and Cargo Bikes, made up of three brands: De Fietsfabriek, Batavus and Dutch ID.

The store is a spin off of NADC, a consultancy business in Urban Planning in New York and Rotterdam. The idea is basically to practice what they preach and to have a visual model to encouraging more people to cycle and thus make cities more livable places.

Here are some pictures from their opening last month:

Rolling Orange was recently featured in this article on Cargo bikes in the NY Times spokes column. The article also mentions George Bliss of the HUB ( Hudson Urban Bicycles ) a true pioneer in cargo bike productions and his designs of child carrier bicycles.
So if you’ve been thinking about joining the “slow bike” movement or want to get the whole family in a cargo bike…check out this new store and take a bike out for a demo.

DVS and Cadence-Fast Friday

DVS shoes and cycling clothing company Cadence, (which would explain these shoes)

Got together to throw this race series in these cities:

The winners of each city will go on to compete in San Francisco’s race: Fast Friday.

More about this at

Last weekend Philly held their event of the series and photographer Kevin Dillard was on hand to capture the scene.

(NYC’s Crihs Thormann was on hand)

View the entire photo albums here.