Tech Watch: Bike theft innovations

Here are a few inovative concepts being developed in the area of bike theft.

First is British designer, 21 year old Kevin Scott who’s come up with a bike that can be wrapped around a pole.
Read more here.

Then check this out:

Wi-Fi transmitters alerting your smart phone if your bike is nabbed. Still working on this one for sure, but an interesting idea.

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Amazing Pop-Up book about the Tour de France

Having a young child I can’t help but wonder what he thinks about my bicycle love (obsession)

Here is Max watching a little bit of the Tour and I notice a little extra thumb sucking when Jerome Pineau got a few more points in the mountains.
I already know he’s got some skills developing that will help him get through the feed zones and still be able to keep his hands on the bars.

But a diet of stuffed monkey is not enough to sustain him for the grueling demands of training for the greatest bike race in the world.

Luckily I was sent an amazing new book to inspire him.
It’s called POPUP Tour de France by Paint Box Press, a publishing company with the tag line, “Imaginative picture books for children and adults.”

This book is no exception and besides…its about the Tour.

Designed by Pamela Pease, each page literally comes to life with history, information, facts and innovative pop-up designs explaining all aspects of the Tour de France.

From the first page the reader gets immersed in bicycle history. First there is this incredible 3 dimensional explanation of the history of the bicycle with a rich background of cycling posters from the past.

Moving on through the book there are great visuals depicting the race itself, The Team and what consists of its members, the Caravan, the Yellow Jersey and just about all every aspect of this epic event.

There is even a glossary in the back for sharpening your French terms so you can follow along, such as L’Arrivee (finish line) and Contre La Montre (against the clock)
I can’t say enough good things about this book and it’s the perfect gift for kids new to the sport to seasoned cycling fans.

Thanks to Paint Box Press for sending me this review copy. Both Max and I love it!

Look who’s been supporting People for Bikes

That’s right, Lance Armstrong has been rockin a sticker for the People for Bikes campaign in Le Tour.

Read a bit more from the source here.

The Wall Street Journal on NYC bike polo

Why is the Wall Street Journal covering bike polo you ask? It looks like they have a new culture section called: “Greater New York.”

Find out the whole story of how this came about from

(image by: Benjamin Norman of the Wall Street Journal)

Time’s Up makes NY Mag,

Time’s Up makes it into NY Magazine’s list of Where to Share.

Check it here.

Contests, Contests and more

There are a ton of giveaways these days for bikes, bike products and more.

First, Pryamid brewing company is giving the chance to win a 6,000 road frame from Seven bikes.

Enter to win here.

and Performance bicycle is also having a contest. Enter to win here.

and locally, Spokesman Cycles with 4 locations in NYC has been having giveways on their facebook page.

Check it out here.

Bill Strickland’s new book about Lance

Bill Strickland is editor with Bicycling Magazine. He wrote the book Ten Points about growing up with a terribly abusive father and his quest for glory in the world of competitive cycling. He’s got a new book coming out about Lance Armstrong called: Tour de Lance: The Extraordinary Story of Lance Armstrong’s Fight to Reclaim the Tour de France. To promote this new book there are a couple of chances to meet Bill and here him talk about his insights into one of the greatest racers of all time.

1-(from Bicycling Magazine) On Monday (July 12) from 10 – 11am est, Bicycling editor at large Bill Strickland will host a live web chat on about this year’s Tour de France, and about his recently published book “Tour de Lance.” The book offers a year-long, behind the scenes account of Armstrong’s comeback, revealing details about the Armstrong / Contador rivalry, the inner workings of the TDF and Lance’s true motivation for returning to the sport. While reporting the book, Strickland had some incredible experiences – he’s the only reporter to ever have ridden in Armstrong’s team car.

Monday is a rest day for Tour riders, so the chat should help fans get their TDF fix for the day.

Then of Wednesday, Bill will be at the new Rapha Cycling club.
(as seen on Prolly’s site)

More pictures from VeloCity and EscapefromNY ride

Couple of links to some more photos from last weekends festivities. Kevin Dillard from Demoncats has lots of pictures from the Kissena track for the annual Velo City Tour, where messengers and urban riders battled it out on the velodrome for a chance to win tickets to this years Cycle Messenger Worlds in Guatemala.

View them here.

and Takuya Sakamoto from Newyork Bike Dreams has some pictures up.

Sunday, Tour De Queens

Sunday, July 11th is the 3rd annual Tour De Queens. Hosted by Transportation Alternatives this is a 20 mile group bike ride in the North and Eastern parts of Queens.

Cost is $10.00, register on-line in advance.

A little info from the site:
The Tour de Queens starts in Flushing Meadows Park by the Queens Museum of Art. Check-in begins at 8 am. The ride begins at 9:00 am.

The Tour de Queens is a leisurely paced, 20-mile ride open to cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The course is mostly flat and will go through parks and neighborhoods in eastern and northern Queens. Registration is required; limited day of registration will be available at the Start. Helmets are required for ages 14 and under.

Getting there: The Tour de Queens starts in Flushing Meadows Park by the Queens Museum of Art.

Mass transit: Take the 7 train to the Mets-Willet Point station and follow the signs leading to the Queens Museum of Art. Please check for service advisories before you leave.

The World’s Greatest bike race is on…

Forget about Le Tour: