Bike Expo starts tomorrow-May 2nd-4th 2014

Bike Month is here. Tomorrow kicks off the Bike Expo at Basketball City, eastside pier.


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This is the place to pickup registration material for Sunday’s Five Borough Bike Tour, see demo’s, check out cool bike products and more.

Bicycle Lawyer, Steve Vaccaro on WBAI, 5/2/14

The bike lawyer Steve Vaccaro will be on WBAI’s (99.5fm) morning show tomorrow (5/2/14) at 7:10am. He’ll be speaking with host Michael G. Haskins about cops, traffic safety & #visionzero. Oh, and the transportation commissioner, Polly Trottenberg will be on too.

Tune in.

Speaking of the traffic safety climate in NYC, check out the Freakanomics podcast on getting away with murder. I’ve been saying this for years, the “Perfect Crime?” Kill a pedestrian with your car…chances are not only will you get away with it…it won’t even be investigated.

Thanks for pointing this show out: @brooklynspoke.

Bike sharing information-Introducing the Trike Truck is your resident purveyor of NYC’s Citibike program. The site is helpful for things like tracking the “NotSpots” (stations with no bikes) shown here in a heat map of Manhattan with the white circles being completely empty.


Also to point out third party innovations like the versatile smart phone mount that easily attaches to the big blue bikes.


great for avoiding NotSpots.

Only $17.95 on

Accessibility can be a real problem and a challenge for the bike share program to keep their stations stocked. It was
always part of the plan to use trucks to move bikes around and try and balance out the stations but now there may be a non-polluting method.

Here comes the Trike Truck.


According to Bike Portland Alta (based in Portland and in charge of NYC’s bike share system) will introduce the new “truck” at a media event before it is shipped off the New York.

From Bike Portland:

Stites (right) and his employee Brian Hall in their shop.

Bill Stites has spent the last two decades building custom, one-off human-powered vehicles (and at least one artistic bike parking structure). About five years ago he started R & D on a cargo trike that had enough power and payload that it could legitimately replace a truck. He called it the “Trucker Trike” and we first reported on it in 2010 when he debuted it at the Pedal National Bicycle Show. A few months later we caught up with Bill and took a more in-depth look at his creation.

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Brooklyn’s Friendliest Bike Shops according to Brooklyn Based

Just in time for May, other wise known as bike month, Brooklyn Based has a list of its borough’s friendliest bike shops. Time to unlock your ride from your hallway or dig it out from the tarp out front of your stoop and take it to the nearest shop for a tune-up. Why not buy a bike of your very own this summer? BB makes it easier and less intimidating with a nice write up of shops that take out the snobbery and actually make the experience more accessible to their customers.

In no particular order they highlight some bigger operations like Ride Brooklyn with two locations. There is also some smaller places you may not even know about like Bed-Stuys the Bike Slug and Red Hook’s Dog Day Cyclery.

Check it out:

Brooklyn’s Friendliest Bike Shops
April 29th, 2014

Yes, the too-cool-for-school bike shop where no one will talk to you unless you come in on a vintage Italian racing bike or a fixie you built out of bamboo and scraps from the metalworking studio you interned at is a cliche. But, judging from the number of people who say they hate bike shops when you ask for recommendations, it’s also a real thing. For anyone who has ever paid for the privilege of being thrown shade, here are seven bikes shops that are baditude-free, friendly and stoked to help you find a new ride or tune up your wheels.

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Video Fridays-4/11/14

Here we go again. Another round of videos to brighten your day like a possible-oh-it-looks-like-a-nice-day-wait-its-rainning. Spanning the world wide web to bring you moving pixels of velo love sensation.

Title: Brillibrilliant / Unicorn Racing Dream

Seen on: Urban Velo
Description: I’m not immersed in professional-esque racing culture, and probably a lot of you aren’t either, but I can appreciate these road teams that bring a more grounded approach to road racing culture and maybe making themselves more accessible to everyday riders like ourselves who equally enjoy a good spin around town. The Unicorn Racing team has coupled with the Hotel AM Brillantengrund to support their racing endeavors and offer something to riders of all stripes in the process.

The Vienna hotel sponsor offers affordable rates for locals and traveling cyclists, supplying pasta nights, group rides, room space for bikes, and insider information for area rides.


Title: Urban Legend Cyclewear
Seen on: Urban Velo
Description: If you want to ride on a bike backwards…helmet-less…drinking alcohol…while also looking stylish, apparently Budapest, Hungary is the place to do it. Poor riding advice aside, the new Adventurers collection by Urban Legend is designed for the urban cyclist who is just as fashion conscious as they are in need of all-weather materials. The summer collection consists of pack away jackets and cape-dresses that also double as pillows when crumpled up.

Check out the full collection:


Title: Not Only by Pedaling
Seen on: Urban Velo


Title: Good Times Roll – Racing Team Bike
Seen On: UCW


Title: How To Climb In A Group
Seen on: GCN


Title: Fixed Up
Seen on: UCW
Description: Just grindin, enjoying this fine weather. Ride Boise, ID

Song – Bridges by BROODS


Title: Red Hook Crit No.7
Seen on: UCW
Filmed by Fernando Rivera
Edited by Jc Ramirez

March 29 2014.


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JP Bevins portraits on the Women of the Red Hook Crit

Saw this on Affinity Cycles blog.

Photographer, JP Bevins took portraits of the ladies field at this year’s Red Hook Crit.

Posted at the site: No Life Like This.



Here’s JP:

Hey all, so here’s my first scans of the portraits I shot during this year’s Redhook Crit!

Yes, these are 4×5 film. Ilford HP5, exposed with a Sinar 4×5 camera with schneider 150mm lens.

The race was almost rained out after the qualifying heats, and parts of the course kept flooding and being cleared all through the afternoon. Due to weather conditions and safety concerns, both the women’s and men’s races were not only bumped up in the schedule, but the lap count was drastically cut as well. The rain seemed to really become an issue. Our plans of informing the women to come sit for a portrait got totally scattered. After I was all set up in the driest place I could find, I was in turn left to grab any woman racer I could, and get them to sit for me as they were coming back in from their qualifying heat. I scoured the cruise terminal building that was set up as a prep/staging area for the racers, and was struggling to find my rain soaked and exhausted women racers out of a scattered pile of spandex, carbon wheels, and ladies that had came back in and changed into dry street clothes. The rain had made everything harder and more chaotic than anyone could have imagined.

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Tour of Staten Island-4.13.14

I know Staten Island’s got lots of free right turns on red (for motorists) and can be fairly bike unfriendly…but it’s also a really amazing place to discover on bicycle.

-Amazing Boardwalk on the Beach, fourth largest in the world.
-Tugboat Graveyard (shhh…it’s a secret)
-Fort Wadsworth, for all you war history buffs.
-Wolfe’s Pond Park, mountain bike trails.
-Highest Point on the Eastern Seaboard. (Todt Hill)

Here is a great opportunity to see NYC’s undiscovered borough.


Event Information:

Date: Sunday, April 13th, 2014

Time: Rider check-in for 40-mile ride: 8 – 9 am
Rider check-in for 25-mile ride: 8:30 – 9:30 am

Start and Finish:
Richmond County Bank Ballpark at St. George
Parking Lot West (Just west of the Ballpark, off Bank Street)

Price: $15 – T.A. Members, $20 – Non-members

Size:Size: There is a strict cap of 1,000 riders.

The Tour de Staten Island is a fun-filled ride through the neighborhoods of New York’s greenest borough. The tour offers two route lengths of 25 miles and 40 miles, both with an additional five mile route option in still-closed-to-the-public Freshkills Park! Both routes are supported by rest stops stocked with KIND Bars, fruit, Osmo sport drink and good old H20 . The tour is a ride-at-your-own-pace event on roads open to traffic. Unlike other T.A. borough tours, there will not be an NYPD escort or road closures. The route will be marked with painted arrows, riders will receive a cue sheet and will be free to begin the tour as soon as they have checked in and received their official rider bibs. Riders will be supported by volunteer ride marshals and limited sag-wagon services.
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The Rat Race Alleycat-5/10/14

The Rat Race (Alley Cat)
Organized By: Larsen T.

Location- Washington Square Park
Time- Registration>>1:00pm Race>>3:00pm (Don’t come late we want to get the race going at the set time)
Date- Saturday May 10, 2014 (Subject to Change)

$4.00 To Race
-If you want to be a checkpoint person contact me @
Time: May 10, 2014 from 1pm to 6pm
Location: Washinton Square Park
City/Town: New York, NY

Website or Map:


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Bike Fashionistas? Strut Your Stuff

Momentum Magazine is looking for people to strut their stuff on their bike fashion show runway:

Ride the Runway with Momentum Mag in New York

Do you want to strut your stuff on the Momentum Mag bike fashion show runway?
Time Commitment: Fittings from 5-7 pm on Friday, May 2 at Basketball City, located on Pier 36 in Manhattan, RehearsalSaturday, May 3 from 8-9 am, Show times Saturday, May 3 from 11-4 pm.

Location: Basketball City, located on Pier 36 in Manhattan,
Honorarium: $100
How to apply: Please submit a photo of yourself and tell us why you want to be in our show! We are looking for energetic and enthusiastic people that feel comfortable on a bicycle in front of a crowd.
Please send your expression of interest to Molly before Friday, April 18, 2014.

More details: here.

Citibike’s Problems May Be About Alta-tude

A recent article in City & State illustrates Citibike has been a success but may be mismanaged by it’s system creator, Alta. Right-of-Way and Safe Streets advocate Charlie Komanoff pointed out this article really hits the mark: “Bravo! Once again Ms. Gelinas drills to the heart of the issue: “The problem [with Citi Bike] has little to do with
bicycles. The problem is confusion over Citi Bike’s public social goals
versus its private profit-making goals.” Gelinas’s reportage continues to set the standard for civic journalism.

Citi Bike’s purpose shouldn’t be to make a profit, but to bring workers into New York so their employers make money.

By: Nicole Gelinas
April 6th, 2014


The problem with the program is that the company that runs Citi Bike— Alta Bicycle Share—is a small five-year-old company with the challenges that come with being a small five-year-old company. Alta runs other American bike-share systems, including Boston and Washington. But Alta has never run a system of New York’s scale and demand. There is no such system in America. Chicago, which comes closest, does less than a tenth of New York’s annual rides with the same number of bikes and more docks. Alta has found itself overwhelmed—having to spend more than it expected in “redistributing” bikes to meet time-of-day demand.

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