Love your lanes–or loose them.

NYC’s bicycle infrastructure, such as creation of bike lanes, seems to happen in a NY minute. Today I blinked and noticed that 2nd Ave’s more traditional class one bike lane has now become a green painted class 2 where the parked cars have been moved into the street. This is in the section of roadway from 14th St. down to Houston St.

This driver, didn’t blink and hadn’t noticed that parking was moved.

There was even a space available but the oblivious driver choose to stay in the bike lane and pay the muni-meter. Not your average double parking job.

This is proof that no mater how much we try and Amsterdamize the city and make it more bike friendly, its still New York and there is a general lack of respect for this type of change, especially when the police spend way more time enforcing cyclist behavior, then on this.

I’m trying to be open minded to the new lanes, but drivers like this are making it difficult.

So I headed back to Brooklyn and saw this email that there was another issue with a bike lane.

Speaking of resistance to change:

@critmasspanic alerted me there was a meeting against the new bike lane on Prospect Park West.

In case you didn’t know, there has been a new bike lane put on Prospect Park West that is two way, and again where the parking has been maintained and moved away from the sidewalk.

The new bike lane was designed with the intention to make for safer streets and give cyclists the option to travel from Windsor Terrace to Grand Army plaza which is not an option riding the clockwise loop in Prospect Park. It is also designed as a “traffic calming” measure and has removed on of the vehicle lanes.

The lane has meet with some resistance stemming from Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz who called the DOT commissioner a Zealot even though this lane was approved by the community board. Marty’s big plan was to just have people ride on the sidewalk even though…its illegal.

Oh Marty…Fuggetaboutit!

Aren’t you supposed to getting naked if they don’t save the pool?

The new lane which has been in operation for only a couple of weeks has meet with some complaints from local Park Slope residents as observed the Brooklyn Paper who called it a bike lane war.

Perhaps this is growing pains associated with the need to make change in making more infrastructure for alternative means of transportation. Turns out the bike lanes in NYC is not random or zealous at all but rather, part of a bicycle master plan from 1997 which designates a certain millage of bike lanes to be created until they reach their goal by 2030.

Try telling this to the residents of 9 Prospect Park West.

They are up in arms and pissed off at this new bike lane even though it was approved by the community, painted and in full operation.

They called for another meeting, apparently the third to try and reverse the lane and perhaps have a repeat performance of what happened on Bedford Ave. Similarly, the local residents used their political muscle to have the lane removed since the Jewish community of that area is one large voting block. Well 9 PPW has the resident of Senator Charles Schumer and his wife, former DOT commissioner Iris Weinshall.

(Iris is not the Blonde)

I was alerted of this meeting through email and twitter and rumors were flying pretty fast that Schumer might be present.

I headed over to 9 Prospect Park West and wanted to find out how to attend the meeting and let the residents the bike lane was already built, in case there was some confusion. Maybe they suffered from the same ignorance as the car on 2nd Ave. I heard the meeting was at 7:00pm, so I arrived early.

One of the local resident confronted us and wanted to make it clear she thought the bike lane was dangerous. We told her that it actually increased safety. We also tried to point out that it was approved from the community board. She replied…”Well I wasn’t informed about this and neither was Charles Schummer who lives here.” UH, she most not be in the building much to not know about this lane, which reinforced my urgency to be there. It also puzzled me how this bike lane on the other side of the street directly effected her and the other local residents. I’m sure with her overwhelming concerns of safety, she will be out there a lot in an orange vest, making sure bikers slow down. I have one if she’d like to borrow it.
Of all the things to be up in arms about…I can think of some others:

More people started to arrive to support the bike lane and we quickly discovered this was a private meeting of the residents with a list…and you can bet…none of us were on it. However, non-residents were invited including people from Marty Markowitz office who casually strolled into the building, obviously wearing the secret Brooklyn label pin that gets you in. Schumer was a no show and on more important affairs in DC.

The cyclists decided to have their own meeting about their support for the lane outside the building…everyone was invited.

I got to meet some twitter people such as: @noneck.
and the NY Times reporter J. David Goodman @spokesnyt and @billytall and @mikepstein.

So it looks as if Marty is still sore about this lane and is trying to work with the residents of 9 Prospect Park West to get his way. 

If indeed the lane is removed…it will be unprecedented…and a sad lesson that if you have enough powerful rich people living in your building you can reverse much needed bike infrastructure.

I’d be very curious to know what people think of the new bike lane on Prospect Park West. Please take a few seconds to answer this simple poll.

What do you think of the Prospect Park West bike lane?
I love it, much needed
The lanes fine, but cyclists are reckless
Don’t care much for it, why couldn’t it just be a regular bike lane
bad idea, but don’t have it removed
remove it at once free polls

Also feel free to leave lots of comments on what you think about this in the section below.

Learn about battling bike theft

J. David Goodman has written an excelent article on efforts being done to battle bike theft, including a LoJack style radio transmitter system created by,

Efforts on Bicycling Also Attract Thieves
Published: June 25, 2010

It has become a kind of mantra for cities looking to encourage cycling through a widening network of bicycle lanes: Build them, and the riders will come.
And, it turns out, the same might be said of bicycle thieves. As cyclists from New York to San Francisco take advantage of new commuting infrastructure, thieves appear to be taking a growing interest in two-wheeled travel as well, riders and advocates report. The response by some cities and local law enforcement agencies has been a kind of high-tech cat-and-mouse game, one involving bait bikes and radio trackers as well as social media Web sites.

In San Francisco, the police are working with advocates to develop a series of stings this summer using hidden transmitters mounted on bikes. “It’s a lot like the drug war,” said Marc Caswell of the San Francisco Bike Coalition, an advocacy group. “We need to get the higher-ups.”

Read the article in the NY Times here.

Winners of Rumble thru da Bronx 7

Quick note: Congratulations to the winners of this years RUMBLE THRU DA BRONX 7:
(Crihs on the right)
(posted by CK on forum)
Overall Top Ten:
1. Crihs
2. Austin
3. JT
4. Kai (1st out of town and 1st fixed)
5. Trimble
6. Eli
7. Jun
8. Izumi
9. Prentiss
10. Taka

Crihs wins tickets to this year’s Cycle Messenger World Championships in Guatemala

and for the Ladies:

1. Jenessa-Congratulations, you’re going to Guatemala…see all that pre-course riding paid off.
2. Megan (Boston)
3. Julie (b

and the outta-towners:

1. Kai (Berlin)
2. Rory (Boston)
3. Mr Nice (LA)

(P)ride Brooklyn

This weekend is gay pride. Ride Brooklyn, the bike shop on Bergen St. (468 Bergen St) is celebrating.
Starting Friday:

Kick Off NYC Pride Weekend With Your Favorite Bike & Board Shop, Ride Brooklyn
Pride Brooklyn

Ride Brooklyn is hosting its first annual Gay Pride Celebration. LGBTQ and Straight Allies are invited to come to Ride Brooklyn on Friday, June 25th, 8-9:30pm for a sale, music, bikes and beer. Kick off your Pride weekend with (P)Ride Brooklyn.
Here is a rough schedule:

* 7:30-8:00 pm – Basic Bike Maintenance Clinic
* 8:00-9:30 – Pride Sale (10% off all merchandise and 5% discount on all bikes)
* 8:30 – Raffle of two items from Babeland
* 9:30-10:00 – Informal and optional bike ride in Park Slope
* 10:00-?? – (P)Ride Brooklyn Happy Hour at Pacific Standard

Also Dykes on Bike Cycles will be heading to the parade in style…

The time has come kiddies. NYC Pride is here!!!

Join the DOB-C on Sunday, June 27th, for the biggest pride parade of the season.
This year we are in Section 1!

Meet Up Time: 11 A.M
Meet Up Location: 40th street between Madison Ave and 5th Ave.
Look for all the bicycles!

Grand Marshals:

Dan Choi
Judy Shepard
Constance Mc Millen

Moments of Silence: 1 p.m and 3 p.m

We suggest you bring:

* Sunscreen
* Comfy Shoes
* Water

Our marshals, Candice and Jill, will have the bathroom passes so you can leave the parade and re-enter. If you don’t have the passes you run the risk of the cops not letting you back in. See them first.

March Route

This year’s pride theme is Liberty and Justice For All. Even though the parade is a lot of fun let’s remember how these parades started 41 years ago. We’re also here to send a message about our community and the things important to us. We encourage you to make signs that reflect that. They can be queer. They can be environmental. They can be both!
RSVP to or at the facebook invite.


Friday, June 25th..
From Mellow Yellow of
MANHATTAN “CRITICAL MASS” + DRAG MARCH?!? (aka Revenge of WNBR NYC!) 7pm Union Square North Everyone keeps asking for more naked riding, but we will have to settle for the fact that this month CM coincides with another “un-permitted parade”: The annual NYC Drag March! I will be scantily/sparkly/gender-
bendingly clad myself, and you all should join in the fun! Come early for BODY PAINTING ~5:30pm, as our pro from WNBR can’t get enough either! Police presence will be heavy, so bring lights and bells…our preemptive strike of fabulous skin, wild wigs and sequined-outfits will undo NYPD’s bad motorized mojo.
Followed by…
10pm Sheridan Square at 7th and Christopher Street
From XsUp web site: “Because forty-one years ago, we learned that nothing says resistance like a street full of queens in six-inch heels. Tonight well have hundreds of them. Plus a sound bike! A festive celebration of bikes, colors, streets and New York’s unique culture of resistance. Drag is what you make it.”

NY Bike Jumble Ride-Sunday

The NY Bike Jumble exhibit called: “Strong Backs, Weak Minds. The Story of the Coney Island Velodrome,” is coming to an end. To celebrate, there is going to be a ride out to the former site of the track…Coney.

Here is more details:

Please join us for a mellow bicycle ride from the Old Stone House to the former site of the Coney Island Velodrome. and then for a reception back at the Old Stone House.

Riders will meet at 1PM, in front of the Old Stone House in JJ Byrne/Washington Park and will return at 4pm. The ride will go along as many Brooklyn Greenways as possible, as a tribute to Brooklyn Greenway, a sponsor of the exhibit. A reception will be held from 4pm to 6pm at which visitor can see the exhibit as well as nibble on the refreshments that will be served.

The Coney Island Velodrome was opened on July 19th 1930, as the world slipped towards Depression and War. Already, the popularity of cycling, having peaked in the early 1920’s, was waning and the construction of a 10,000 seat bicycle racing arena was an act of supreme optimism. Regardless, the track soldiered on as the last velodrome in America to offer the thrills and chills of motor paced racing, where the riders would race behind motorcycles to attain speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour.

The exhibit features actual bikes that were raced on the track, as well as photos, programs, tickets and other ephemera, including a special ‘Stayer’ bike for motor paced racing as well as New York built track bikes from long forgotten builders such as Alvin Drysdale.

Sunday June 27, 2010
Ride: 1 -4 PM
Reception 4 -6PM

Old Stone House
336 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 768-3195

Please visit for more info.

Krillz for G-shock

Here is some insight into riding in NYC:

Also, if you want to get sponsorship for a particular product…get out there and shoot it, as Krillz did for Casio’s G-shock.

Rapha store is coming to NYC

Don’t worry, another reckless vehicle hasn’t smashed into a store in NYC trying to speed through an intersection while txting on the phone. This is a sneak peak photo of a new store opening in NYC.

Rapha, are makers of stylishly designed cycling clothing. They also have a team and have been documenting road racing across the US, especially in following along the Tour of California. Making really stylish looking videos like this:

Rapha Rides TOC – Episode 1 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

They are now opening a new pop-up store, called the Rapha Cycling Club, located at 352 Bowery. More than just a store, this will be a place where Road clubs can gather and meet, sip a cup of coffee while watching live pro-cycling events like Le Tour.

Their grand opening is July 3rd and they will be having live coverage from the Tour De France.

Here is more:
* Live daily screenings of the Tour de France.
* Serving the best coffee in town courtesy of Third Rail Coffee.
* Showing the unique Tourmalet Exhibition, celebrating 100 years since the mountain’s first inclusion in the Tour.

and the site:

Welcome to the neighborhood

Documentary about the ghostbikes

Since it recently came up with the threat of sanitation removing them, it reminded me that film maker Meaghan Wilbur is making a piece about the ghost bikes.

Here is more info from her Kickstarter page:

“meaghan, why are you making this film?
posted on June 1

I’ve been answering this question a lot over the past year. At first, I had trouble articulating all the reasons. There are a lot of good reasons. The big one that I kept blurting out instinctively was “Because people should know that this is happening.” I started this film project partly as a response to repeatedly being asked, “What is a ghost bike? Why bother to do this?”

After a year of talking to many people about their ghost bike experiences, I’ve learned a lot about cycling issues in different cities in the U.S., Europe, and South America. Talking about ghost bikes opens up conversations about all sorts of advocacy issues. You can’t talk about a cyclist’s death without describing the circumstances that contributed to it, and very often these deaths could have been prevented. I’m not referring to assigning blame to drivers or cyclists, I’m talking about redesigning streets and attitudes to enable everyone to have safe passage on the road.”

The Kickstarter page.

The website for the film:
Follow on
The flickr page: here.
An interview from

Also in other ghost bike related news:

I caught this video from about a ghost bike being made for the hit and run killing of < a href=""> Christophe Le Canne, which heavily impacted the local Miami cycling community.

The Journey is the Thing from Tony Blazejack on Vimeo.

Tomorrow, Bespoke talk at Museum of Arts and Design

Tomorrow is another installment of the Museum’s ongoing series of talks on the Bespoke Bicycle. A couple of weeks ago it was the future of the bicycle, from a city development point of view. This time around its about the bicycle as the object and the handbuilt movement. Here is more about the event tomorrow:

The Future of Bikes: Bikes as Object
Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 PM
Free with Pay-What-You-Wish Admission

As part of the Future of Bikes series, this panel discussion brings together designers of hand-built, mass-produced and alternative material bicycles to discuss the varieties of process and practices found in contemporary bike design. Presentations will be given by Johnny Coast (Coast Cycles), Marty Odlin (Bamboo Bike Studio), Peter Reich (Swift Folding Bikes), and Steve Baumann (Industrial Design Director of Trek Bicycles). A group discussion will follow with moderator Dave Perry, owner of Bike Works on Ridge St, NYC, and author of Bike Cult.

Space is limited, reservations suggested:

Museum of Arts and Design
2 Columbus Circle (between 8th and Broadway)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 299-7777

Come early if you haven’t seen the Bespoke art exhibit showing off a bunch of handbuilt bicycles. The museum closes at 9:00, so you won’t get too much time to see it if you are coming for the panel, which usually ends around 8:45pm.

Also, check your bags. Big packs and bags are not allowed in the exhibit floor.

Follow up on possible Ghost bike removal

The city heard the outcries of families of loved ones killed by motor vehicles and decided not to remove the ghost bike memorials.

NY Daily News story:
City nixes plan to remove ‘ghost bike’ tributes after outcry from families of dead cyclists
BY Frank Lombardi and Katie Nelson
Monday, June 21st 2010, 6:54 PM

City hall has nixed a plan to yank the poignant “Ghost Bike” tributes after an outcry from the families of the dead cyclists they memorialized.

Painted white and chained to signposts and fences near where New Yorkers were run down, the bikes were to be removed come September under a Sanitation Department plan revealed exclusively Monday in The News.

“A memorial bicycle (ghost rider) will only be removed … if the memorial bicycle meets the derelict bicycle criteria,” the department said in a statement Monday. That means if the memorial bike is in bad shape – missing tires, handlebars, or pedals – it still may be clipped from its post.

The original removal plan was to give a 30-day notice and then, no matter what, trash the bikes that were put up by the Street Memorial Project, a community group. The city’s sudden change of heart was welcome news to the families of the dead cyclists.

Read the entire article here.