Jewish Museum special for cyclists

Still one week left.
Another thing I should have posted earlier. I was contacted by the Jewish Museum and alerted of this special offer they are having for cyclists in support of everyone’s favorite monkey on a bike: Curious George.

Here is a press release with the details:

Hello, I’m Rebecca Wallis, the public relations intern at The Jewish Museum. This month, we have a special promotion for bicyclists in support of our special exhibition Curious George Saves the Day: The Art of Margret and H. A. Rey. In June of 1940, Curious George creators Margret and H. A. Rey escaped Nazi-occupied France by bicycle. To commemorate this journey, The Jewish Museum is offering $2 off of admission to anyone who rides a bicycle to the museum this month. We believe your readers would be interested in this promotion.

Curious George Saves the Day: The Art of Margret and H.A. Rey is on view through August 1st, and features nearly 80 original drawings for Margret and H. A. Rey’s children’s books and documentation related to their escape from Nazi-occupied Europe. Both creators were born in Hamburg, Germany, to Jewish families and lived together in Paris from 1936 to 1940. Hours before the Nazis marched into the city in June 1940, the Reys fled on bicycles carrying drawings for their children’s stories including one about the famous and lovable monkey.

I hope that you will consider coming to view the exhibition. For more information about the exhibition please visit

More stolen bikes

I got this email from Jared Pereira describing his girlfriends bike was recently stolen:

My girlfriends bike was stolen this weekend right off of 23rd street btw 2nd and 3rd, right in front of the SVA building. It was a specialized woman’s medium cream colored hybrid bike. Here’s a picture of it.

I understand that there is a very slim chance of recovering the bike, but it can’t hurt to put the word out.



If you have any information on this bike email:

Universities and schools in NYC seem to be rampant targets for theft. If you are attending these institutions and have a bike stolen you should try and work with security and see if you can acquire video surveillance footage. If you receive a lot of flack for this, you should definitely complain to the administration and question why they even have security in the first place if its not going to be used to help the students. It is good to set a precedence that theft is occurring at the school and begin a discussion about policy. Also, with all bike thefts, it is a good idea to get a police report no matter the condition or value of the stolen bike. The cops won’t be eager to help you with this kind of paper work but its worth perusing in principle and in case of identity purposes. There is a good chance your stolen bike will quickly be turned around on the street for fast cash and likely be acquired by restaurants who do food delivery. Be on the look-out. Don’t be afraid to confront the delivery person directly if you see them using your property. Chances are they won’t put up a fight and be well aware of their actions. Also complain to the business that uses employees who by stolen property. Might not even hurt to put this information on a rating website such as Yelp. This may be where the police report comes in handy to prove ownership of the bike and that it was indeed stolen. Also it is a good idea to take a photo of your ride in advance and keep that documentation in a safe place.
I am asking people who’ve been the victims of bike theft to post to the Brooklyn Bike and Board stolen bike registry. Like me, they are trying to be a resource for people to post bike thefts as written documentation and for the purpose of getting them back.

Here are a couple of other thefts that were sent to me:

Donna Darrell
Stolen: 6/14/10
I was wondering if you can help me. this is my 2nd bike stolen in 2 years and I’m so upset.
I parked it on a pole today 6/14 at 8:25 am. Just looked out the window at 1:50 pm and saw it missing.It was a dark ink midnight blue BIANCHI. Men’s bike. It was from Syd’s bikes. It had seat and wheel locks. Most distinctly it had a basket on the back.

I’m sick.
Just caught a bike thief red handed 2 weeks ago but he got away (and i have his clippers to prove it).

Please help,


Donna (

Also I received this one. (sorry to post so late)

I just had my bike stolen from 2 Astor Place in front of the Astor Place Barbers. It was locked, lock was gone with the bike when I got back outside. It is a blue GT Transeo 3.0 with shocks on the front and toe clip pedals. Picture is attached and it is a hybrid, upright bike. On the right handle, the plastic box that covers the cables for shifting is cracked open. I have the seat with me so there is a good chance the bike is seatless. Please call Ryan at 646.548.4700 if you see it. Thank you.

Old School Hip Hop Ride-Tonight

Events listings from Mellow Yellow:



7pm Tompkins Sq Park
Dress funky fresh and ready to bust a move

Hey you. Yeah, you, looking so good on that bike, or unicycle. You on those roller blades, or that long-board. You, loving yourself, your streets, your city, and your community. Its summer! After a week recovering from that epic WNBR, I think I am not the only one ready to roll out together again! Below are some suggestions to maximize your good times in the coming weeks. Spread the word (FB pleez!), spread the love…

More events, check out

Sanitation thinks ghostbikes are eyesore

Quick, someone start a Facebook page called: “open letter to NYC sanitation: ghostbikes are NOT eyesores.”

Article in NY Daily News:

Sanitation Department wants to remove ‘eyesore’ bike-death memorials

Monday, June 21st 2010, 4:00 AM

The city says it’s time to give up the ghost.
Ghost bikes, painted white and chained to street signs, light posts and fences as tributes to New Yorkers killed by cars, could soon be cut from their hallowed spots under a new city plan.

Read the complete article here.

Seriously, this is part of the continued lack of respect for cycling in NYC.

The city should encourage this memorial and not treat it like eyesores. It’s the least it can do for these people and there families in the absense of any investigation into these deaths or making substantial policy change. Why not work with the bicycling community and at least put in memorial bike racks. Something. Same thing with abandoned bikes. The city refuses to enforce on bike theft, then takes a hard line when bikes get stripped and calls it eyesores. What really needs to happen is cyclists need to become more organized as a voting block and tell politicians how we really want this city. Let’s form a cyclist party.

Coney Island Ride

Sunday June 27, 2010

Ride: 1 -4 PM

Reception 4 -6PM

Closing commemorative bicycle ride and reception for ‘Strong Backs, Weak Minds, the saga of the Coney Island Velodrome’

NY Bike Jumble and the Old Stone House announce the closing reception of the ‘Strong Backs, Weak Minds’ exhibition, preceded by a mellow bicycle ride from the Old Stone House to the former site of the Coney Island Velodrome.

Riders will meet at 1PM, in front of the Old Stone House in JJ Byrne/Washington Park and will return at 4pm. The ride will go along as many Brooklyn Greenways as possible, as a tribute to Brooklyn Greenway, a sponsor of the exhibit. A reception will be held from 4pm to 6pm at which visitor can see the exhibit as well as nibble on the refreshments that will be served.

The Coney Island Velodrome was opened on July 19th 1930, as the world slipped towards Depression and War. Already, the popularity of cycling, having peaked in the early 1920’s, was waning and the construction of a 10,000 seat bicycle racing arena was an act of supreme optimism. Regardless, the track soldiered on as the last velodrome in America to offer the thrills and chills of motor paced racing, where the riders would race behind motorcycles to attain speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour.

The exhibit features actual bikes that were raced on the track, as well as photos, programs, tickets and other ephemera, including a special ‘Stayer’ bike for motor paced racing as well as New York built track bikes from long forgotten builders such as Alvin Drysdale.This will be the last chance to see the exhibit before it goes online.

The New York Bike Jumble is an organization that promotes cycling in New York through the hosting of bicycle flea markets and through celebrating the long history of cycling in this city. Please visit for more info.

Hell Hath no Fury Alleycat

Heather Loop is throwing an alleycat for the ladies. An all girls race leaving from the Bicycle Film Festival Anthology Film Archives. 2nd Ave and 2nd St. NYC. Sunday, June 20th.

3pm registration
4pm it’s on!

There will be a BBQ and goldsprints afterwards at the East River Bar.

66th South 6th Street Williamsburg Brooklyn. 8:00pm
Indoor racing open to men and women.

Sunday-37th annual skyscrapper classic

Just a reminder, Sunday is Father’s day and there is a classic road racing event in Harlem.

Here is a press release I was sent:

Rockstar Games, the venerable publisher of the Grand Theft Auto series and Red Dead Redemption, is proud to present the 37th annual Harlem Cycling Classic. Founded by the late David Walker, an NYPD Community Affairs Officer, the event celebrates health, fitness, and the vibrant Harlem neighborhood. The day begins with races for amateurs and professionals alike, as well live performances by DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba! and hip-hop icons Biz Markie and Mister Cee. Adding to the atmosphere will be New York City’s celebrated Wafels & Dinges and Frites & Meats food trucks for all in attendance and Jumbotron screens highlighting the day’s events.

The event will take place this Sunday, June 20 at Marcus Garvey Park, located at 121st Street and Fifth Avenue. Festivities begin at noon and will last until 6:00pm

Warriors screening Saturday

Yesterday was the second day of festivities for this year’s bicycle film festival which also happens to be the 10 year anniversary of bike movie
mayhem. Thursday was the opening of the joy ride art show which is becoming a festival tradition. Artists from around the world show off paintings, photographs and sculpture all pertaining to…you guessed it, the bicycle. The show is at the Dash Gallery, 172 Duane St. in lower Manhattan. Last night the < a href=""> PoleRiders showed up with their now famous pole dancing trike to the gleeful joy of the gallery partipants. Although an art installation of it’s own, the trike couldn’t fit in the gallery so the party ended up in the streets. This of course quickly brought the NYPD who never want to miss a party having anything to do with bikes. They claim they were responding to complaints of neighbors angry with excessive noise. The police responded by blasting some sort
of new sound canon which of course is…even worse excessive noise.

pictures and a report back from Animal
magazine here.

Tonight there are lots of bike movies at the festival including: “the Birth of Big air.” about bmx legend Matt Hoffman. The festival runs through Sunday and all screenings are in Manhattan at the Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd ave. between 2nd and 1st Ave.)

Tomorrow there is a ton going on:

There is the BFF block party, out front of the anthology, 12-7pm. Another BFF tradition. A whole days worth of tricks events, vendors and a gathering of NYC bike culture. Think of it as a bicycle block party.

At 4:00pm there will be a screening of “the best of BFF.” I am proud to have a documentary I helped to make called: “Warriors, the bike ride.” Back in 2002 the messenger community decided they wanted an event that all city riders could be a part of. Something that would really symbolize NYC, especially post 911. The answer was a ride based on the cult classic the warriors. 800 people participated in this all night event that followed the path of the movie warriors from the Bronx to Coney Island. Along with bike punk legend and film maker Chris Ryan (Team Spider) and award winning film maker Jesse Epstein, we compiled hundred hours of tape to show off this amazing time. There will also be a screening of another classic. Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press’s “Still We Ride” about the crackdown on critical mass following the Republican National Convention in 2004. There will be a bike ride to this 4:00pm screening hosted by Chris Ryan and Time’s Up. Here are details:

Title: Still We Ride Ride
Date: Saturday, June 19th, 2010
Time: 1:30 PM
Location: 99 S 6th St, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Summary: Has it really been 5 (!) years since the STILL WE RIDE premier at the Bike Film Fest? Why yes it has, and now SWR is headlining Bicycle Film Festival’s greatest hits as the BFF celebrates its 10 (!!) year anniversary… feeling old yet?
Details: Well work off those years with a Times-up! Still We Ride RIDE, starting at the X-up Brooklyn Space, the ride will be led by SWR co-director Chris Ryan as he takes you on an exploratory tour of key locations, arrest points, and detention centers, while not forgetting to highlight the strengthening of bicycling community and video collectives, who are now so strong, organized and efficient, that they may secretly owe a debt of gratitude to the NYPD and their relentless persecution.
Tentative schedule:

1:30 PM – Meet in front of the XUP space at 99 South 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

1:45 PM – Ride over WillyB Bridge…

2:00 PM – Pick up riders on Manhattan side WillyB Bridge (then see the Manhattan Sights)

3:15 PM – Pick up Tompkins Square Riders (then see East Village sights)

3:40 PM – Lock up at the BFF Street Party @ Anthology Film Archives…

4:00 PM – See the movie… recommended to get tix in advance (SWRR riders will get a special SWR Gift)

more info about this film:

Don’t forget about the Alleycat too, hosted by Stone Tone. It ends at the BFF.

Meet at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn.
12pm registration, 1pm race. $10.00

Bicycle Film Festival NYC-kickoff Party

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

96 Lafayette St.
8:00 – 4:00
Free with BFF Password: BIKES ROCK
8:00 Doors
DJ C.lo
9:00 Frances Rose
Complimentary Brooklyn Brewery Beer from 8:00 – 9:00
Brooklyn Brewery specials all night

Pro-Racing comes to Harlem, June 20th-Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, Pro cycling comes to Harlem for the 37th Annual Skyscrapper Classic.

Here is a press release:
Get out of the house of Father’s Day! Join other families and bike enthusiasts for a day of racing, games, prizes, music and food at the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic, presented by Rockstar Games.

In addition to the thrilling races, families can enjoy live performances by DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba! and hip-hop icons Biz Markie, Mister Cee, amongst other performers.

The annual bike race brings together amateurs and Olympians alike in a day of family entertainment and high-end cycling. World-class cyclists scheduled to compete include Olympic Champion Walter Perez of Argentina and four-time World Champion Franco Marvulli as they race for the $15,000 first prize on the 0.75 mile, perfect square racecourse. In addition, families can register to participate in the children and community races.

(photo by David August Trimble, from last year’s race.)

The late David Walker, an NYPD Community Affairs Officer, founded the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic with the purpose of inspiring children to ride bicycles for exercise; to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle; to provide a productive outlet to harness their energy; and to teach safety, responsibility, and sportsmanship. The present-day event pays homage to the classic American bike races of the Roaring Twenties that were rich with speed, money, and glamour.

Cyclists can register in advance to compete at Race day registration will be available onsite.

Rockstar Games Presents 37th Annual Harlem Cycling Classic. June 20 in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park.
For further information, please visit: