GranFondo, Italian cycling comes to NYC-2011

Here is a press release about an event next year bringing the fine traditions of Italian cycling to NYC.
6,000 people riding in a group? Uh-oh…the NYPD isn’t going to like that.

Gran Fondo New York brings Italian cycling culture to the world’s greatest city. The inaugural Gran Fondo New York is set to take place on May 8, 2011. The 105-mile professionally managed event will feature the excitement of starting in New York City, a timed climb to the top of Bear Mountain, beautiful scenery, charming towns and the camaraderie of group cycling.

Gran Fondo is a popular cycling event stemming from Italy. With a peloton of 500 to 10,000 participants, a Gran Fondo covers at least 100 miles and goes over challenging terrain. In France and the UK such events are known as cyclosportives.

The Gran Fondo New York course will take the 6,000 cyclists from New York City to New Jersey across the iconic George Washington Bridge with stunning views of Manhattan. Riders will follow the Hudson River upstream on Route 9W and nearby rural roads and after 50 miles, arrive at Harriman State Park. There, the five-mile climb up to the top of Bear Mountain will be chip-timed. Riders can measure themselves against New York’s finest cyclists, teammates and friends. After descending, the course will wind its way back to the city. Along the way, cyclists will enjoy well-stocked rest stops with New York-style bagels, pretzels and doughnuts, energy gels, water, soda and electrolyte drinks. Throughout the day, medical and mechanical support will circle the course for anyone in need of assistance.

The undulating terrain of the course will challenge participants’ strength and stamina. The event is a great opportunity for competitive as well as recreational cyclists, with each participant choosing their own speed at which to complete the event. While the climb to Bear Mountain is the featured timed section, there are other challenging climbs en route that will also be timed.

After the race, prizes will be awarded across age groups, teams and Lui+Lei (him&her) categories. Among the meal options will be New York-style pizza and hot dogs, pasta and cake. Throughout the awards ceremony, raffle prizes will be distributed. Included in the entry fee will also be a professionally designed cycling jersey and various gifts from the sponsors of the event.

“Our goal is to bring quintessential Italian cycling culture to the world’s greatest city. The combination of ‘Italianita’ and NYC will make Gran Fondo New York an event not to be missed,” says Lidia Rekas the event’s organizer.

Mark your calendars, registration opens on August 1, 2010.

For more information please email, call +1 212 933 4033 or check

Mill Pond Park, water access badly needed.

Harry Bubbins has been an activist and organizer in the South Bronx for years. Through the organization Friends of Brook Park he has helped establish community gardens, organized environmental tours and help bring to light local struggles of the South Bronx area.

The latest mission has been to provide water access to Mill Pond Park. Here is a recent blog entry and video:

A bucolic canoe trip along the serene shores of a recently built park on the Harlem River in the South Bronx of New York City. With interview of local residents who support advocacy efforts to make the waterway accessible to all.

Mill Pond Park Along Harlem River-

As Part Of Yankee Stadium Replacement Parks Project, New 10-Acre Waterfront Park Opens with no official waterfront access.

Mill Pond Park, a new 10-acre waterfront park created along the Harlem River does not currently allow human power boating access. Help us make canoeing possible in the safe protected coves.

As part of the Yankee Stadium Replacement Parks Project, the City invested $64 million in funds to transform this waterfront site into a new ten-acre park, but with no actual water access.

Parks plans to unveil the newly-restored historic 25,800-square-foot Power House building in Mill Pond Park and will seek an operator to develop 12,900 square feet of space for public programming on the building’s second floor. Friends of Brook Park wants to provide public canoe programming, environmental educational services and mollusk restoration with our Bronx-based partners.

As you can see from this video,such recreational opportunities are safe, desirable and highly needed in our South Bronx community.

For more information about how you can help achieve waterfront access in the Bronx, visit:

New Bike Blog from Boston

Charlotte started a new blog about biking around the Boston area.

Check it out at

Bicycle Film Festival-TEN YEARS!

The Bicycle Film Festival is Ten Years old this year! Although it’s already started in other cities…This week it comes home to its birth place…NYC.

Here is what is in store.

Wednesday June 16th, 2010
The Bike Rocks party …artists to be announced.
Thursday June 17th, 2010
The opening of the “Joy Ride” Art show
Dash Gallery 172 Duane St.
Opening Reception 6:00 – 10:00 June 17
Performance by Kembra Pfahler from the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
After Party at Lit Lounge 93 2nd Ave. 10:00 – 4:00
DJ Ted Shred

Agathe Snow • Albert Maysles • Alex Hansen • Alessandro Zuek Simonetti • Amit Greenberg
Amy Franceschini • Anna Coroneo • Benjamin Hollingsworth • Benny Zenga • Brian Barnhart
Cheryl Dunn • Christian Thormann • Clayton Patterson • David Ellis • David Perez Shadi
David Trimble • David Victor Rose • Edwin De la rosa • Erik Foss • Fumie Ishii • Greg Ugalde
Jake Klotz • Jessica Findley • Julia Chiang • Kenzo Minami • Laura Mensinga • Leo Fitzpatrick
Massan/Pez • Nick Marinkovich • Ryan Humphrey • Rostarr • Spike Jonze • Takuya Sakamoto
Taliah Lempert • Tim Barber • Tod Seelie • Tom Sachs • Van Neistat • WK Interact

Friday, June 18th
The screenings begin. All movies are at the:
Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003

Premiering: “the Birth of Big Air”-The Matt Hoffman story.

Saturday, June 19th

Too Much going on.

1) Alleycat Race:

Here are the checkpoints to do in any order, and it has something to do with Clocks.

Manhattan Avenue + Kent st
64 Columbus avenue @ 63 < correction 174 Bway 225 w 43 Cooper sq + Astor place 6th Avenue + White st. e 57 @ Madison 23rd + Madison Flatbush + Hanson place 3rd Avenue + 84 st Finish at the BFF street party on 2nd @ 2nd st. 2) BFF Street Party

The festival will also be premiering: Lucas Brunelle and Benny Zenga’s: Line of Sight

Sunday, June 20th
The premiere of: EMPIRE, Directed by Christian Thormann & Luke Stiles.

This weekend it’s all about the Bicycle Film Festival.

World Naked Bike Ride NYC report back

From organizer Mellow Yellow:
You might have awoken Sunday morning, like me, wondering if what happened Saturday was some sort of hallucination. Well, I can’t really say that I believe it still either, but as far as I know of reality, it did happen. We gathered together, we disrobed a bit together, joyfully painted each other, and did an awesome ride together. The joy in the streets and on the sidewalks and even in the cars was overpowering, while the joy in our hearts and bodies was beyond empowering…perhaps it was enlightening!

Thank you all for participating in all the ways that you did. This ride was a testament to how a diverse community can come together to create the space we need to be safe, supportive and free, instead of the usual fare we have had imposed upon us by those with delusions of power, thinking can exploit us and our energy while destroying our bodies and planet.

This ride was a huge success: About 200 participants, a very friendly atmosphere (as far as I know), a smooth ride with some great stops, and only one participant being ticketed for blocking traffic. That person was crucial to the success of the ride and I hope if he needs support, the community will be there for him. In fact, after an experience this intense and wonderful, we all might need some support as we return to the mundane life. Let’s do our best to be there for each other.

Let’s share our WNBR NYC experiences, the photos, the videos, the stories. The more of this we can do right away, the greater our impact will be in the days which follow. E-mail me links to your photos, or your firsthand accounts and we can put them up on the blog. Ignore those haters and trolls in the comments sections or blogs. Body-shame from sitting in cars or in front of computers has left them very insecure, fearful and helpless.

Some video from the NYPOST

Photos by Jamie.
Photos by Kieferman.
Photos by dogseat

Article in Gothamist

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did, and I know we will build on this success for future rides of similar nature. So many participants expressed deep gratitude for this ride. You are welcome, but please thank yourself too, for taking a risk to create the world you want! So many of you wanted to do this again…the only thing to it is to decide to do it, then get the word out! It is that simple. Saturday Night Nude Ride every week, anyone? We have lots of body paint left!

Since we did not get a chance on Saturday to acknowledge those in the community who helped make WNBR NYC 2010 great, I will do so here, in no particular order:

Time’s Up!
ABC No Rio
Traif Bike Gesheft
Band of Bicycles
3rd Ward
Bike Snob NYC
Loft 910
Annas’ Independent Art
Enki at
MNHTN & BKLYN Crititcal Masses
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra
Heelz on Wheelz
Tommy D
BP for showing us the true cost of our bad habits

Ride Safer, Ride Together. More butts on bikes!

Mellow Yellow, NYC
twitter: critmasspanic

Bicycle Portraits-Everyday South Africans and their bikes

There are two days left to help support this project:

From the site:
My name is Stan Engelbrecht. A friend and fellow bicycle enthusiast, Nic Grobler, and I recently started a project investigating South African bicycle culture, and the lack of cyclist commuters out there on our roads. We want to raise the funds to turn this project into a self-published full-color hard-cover photographic book ( similar to a previous book I’ve done, ‘African Salad’ – ). We’ll be shooting the entire project from our own bicycles while traveling around the country – this will enable us to meet everyday South Africans out there while they use their bicycles.


Find out more at

CMWC in Panajachel, Guatemala

This year’s 2010 Cycle Messenger World Championships are being held in Guatemala. September 3-13th.

Here is a little taste of what to expect.

CMWC Guatemala from Lucas on Vimeo.

bike polo East Side Invitational

All you polo heads:

More info at

Summer Program to learn Urban Planning

“Bikesplorations” is a free summer program to teach young people about urban planning and design.
Velo City is hosting this program and have partnered up with Recycle-a-bicycle. They are looking for your support.
Here is a video from kickstarter.

Find out more about this project and how to help here.

Also check out the Velocity Blog for more information and keep up with the program.

cops in LA listen

hmmm, something for the NYPD to think about.

When cops harass cyclists during Critical Mass, they learn from it, according to this blurb in LAist.
(photo by Alex Thompson)
Headline–LAPD Takes First Steps to Train Officers on How to Properly Pull Over Cyclists
By Zach Behrens.
Relationships between cyclists and the LAPD cannot improve if police continually tackle cyclists for running red lights. Fresh from a recent Critical Mass ride in which several cyclists were reportedly tackled — one of them caught on tape — it looks like the LAPD is listening.

read more here. especially if your with the NYPD.