April 2015
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TA has a new look, just in time for bike month

Transportation Alternatives has a new look for their website.

Just in time, because Bike Month is just around the corner…starting Saturday May 1st.

Check out the events page for all that is going on for the month of May.

Some highlights include:

Bikenewyork’s TD Bank Five Boro bike tour-May 2nd.

The opening of the Bespoke hand built bicycle show at the Museum of Arts and Design -May 11th

Time’s Up Coast to Coast ride with frame builders Johnny Coast and Seth Rosco-May 15th

The NY Bike Jumble swap meet-May 16th

The 7th annual Bicycle Fetish Day,-May 22nd

Help Chombo’s Grill

An outstanding member of our NYC bike community, bike polo super star and events organizer, Chombo:

(photo by: Fred Askew Photography)

Was in a bad accident and lost some teeth.
Please help if you can.

Find out more here.

Bike Law, Q & A.

From being ticketed after you’ve been doored by a car to having your bike stolen on Houston Street because Obama’s in town…you may be having some questions about your legal rights as a cyclist.

Megan Olendorf, alerted me that there will be an online forum to discuss bike laws.

Wednesday, April 28 at 11AM PT / 2PM ET, Avvo ( is hosting a free Q&A session with a lawyer who can address everything related to Bike Law.

Here is the link to sign up:

Essentially, people can call in from a telephone or join in over their computer. If they have a legal question but can’t make it next week, they can also send in their question ahead of time. We’ll be sure to ask it and then send the recorded answer after the session.

We think it’s a great opportunity for bikers facing a legal issue to get some free help, or more importantly, raise awareness to prevent legal issues in the future.”

Where are the Pyramids? a new fixed gear movie

David Auner is a film maker who shot a documentary in Cairo about 5 fixed gear riders on a quest in the Middle East.

Check out their action trailer:

More info visit:

or on

Cops will return stolen bikes, one owner wants to sue

Gothamist has been all over this story about how the NYPD stole all the bikes on Houston Street because they thought their might be used as bombs. It is a police precedence to remove bikes along the route of a presidential motorcade…its just the way they went about it, showing a continued lack of respect for the New Yorkers and their property.

One owner is not to happy that his $150.00 lock was cut and is $900.00 bike was damaged. He is intending to sue the city.

Read more here.

Boston, making strides in bike safety

Boston is know for being a hostile environment for cyclists but things are starting to look up with a bike friendly Mayor, Thomas M. Menino and a new city program for biking, Boston Bikes Program.

read more in this article:

Bike safety efforts pick up pace in city
By Eric Moskowitz

No one would mistake Transportation Secretary Jeffrey B. Mullan for a fixed-gear hipster, spandex-clad racer, socks-over-pants commuter, or other full-time denizen of the cycling world. He rides infrequently enough that the facilities staff at the State Transportation Building recently confiscated his 1980s model Peugeot from the building’s bike room, thinking the bicycle had been abandoned.

But on Wednesday, there was Mullan on his reclaimed bike, pedaling through the streets of Boston in a rush-hour sign of solidarity with the bicycling community, en route to the inaugural Bicycling Safety Summit convened by Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

The summit represented a high-water mark in the continued effort by local cyclists to gain the ear of officials and promote a cultural shift toward equal status for bicycles on the roads — a tall order in a city consistently ranked among the most hostile to bicyclists. Still, they have an ally in Menino, who three years ago launched the Boston Bikes program with the goal of making the city a cycling haven.

Read more here.

Documentary about couriers

Kenton Hoppas is a film maker trying to raise funds for a documentary about what it’s like to be a bicycle courier. He is following Squid in NYC and James Addison in Portland.

He is using the website where you can find out more about his project and perhaps donate to the cause.

Pogan Trial-Cross Examination Monday.

Tomorrow, April 26th, Monday…former cop Patrick Pogan will take the stand for his criminal trial. Friday (4/23) Pogan spoke for the first time about what his rationale was for body checking Christopher Long in Time’s Square back in Critical Mass, July 25, 2008.

The trial continues on Monday with Pogan’s cross-examination.

Those who would like to attend: 211 Centre St. room 733, at 10am.

Cycling activist, Mellow Yellow, who writes the blog: Criticalmasspanic, has some opinions on the importance of the monthly ride, plus report backs on the last !st fRideay ride which meet up with a crew from Staten Island.

Here is also a plug for Friday’s Critical Mass ride, April 30th:

“Regardless of the outcome of the above trial, we should have a very interesting Manhattan CM this Friday. Last month we walked out. This month we may hit numbers that apparently require a parade permit. And some of us are going to dress in all white to represent that we are all ghost riders until we have truly safe roads. We’ve already lost too many wonderful bike-riding people to motor vehicles this year. Come and contribute to how this all plays out…keep it positive!

GHOST RIDE (or walk) THE MASS!!!
Friday, April 30th
7pm Union Square North

Ride Safer, Ride Massive!”

Mellow Yellow

Bikes found…sort of.

Thanks to Gothamist for giving a shit about this and for doing some research. They made a few phone calls and got the police to admit where the stolen bikes were from the Houston Street Earth Day debacle.
(Photo from Martha Cooper on Gothamist)

Find out the info here:

It still doesn’t answer the question: Why did they remove the bikes in the first place and why the NYPD feels so threatened by bicycles in the city.

Turns out they do have a policy of removing bikes when motorcades are in the area and they did put up signs the night before. The signs however, only say…No Parking. Most people would interpret that as applying to motor vehicles.

It truly is in bad taste and reflects the NYPD’s disrespect for its citizens, especially those who ride bicycles.

If you had a bicycle taken on Houston Street, please get in touch with me. Also twitter any information with the hashtag #stolenbike.

Stolen bike alert, the NYPD on Houston St.

I’ve been trying to have space on my blog for people to post when they’ve had a bike stolen. Well this one may take the cake.

As our mayor was in Time’s Square celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day:

His goon squad, the NYPD was stealing bikes on Houston street because of some supposed substantial threat of “pipe bombs” in bicycles. President Obama was here in NYC and his motorcade was going down Houston…so logically the cops cut locks and took all the bikes parked there.

The story first broke on this blog:

Then later appeared on
(photo by: Anthony Rebholz/Thisisfyf)

If you have had your bike STOLEN, by the NYPD on Houston St. please contact me so we can figure out how to get it back!! Then we can figure out how to tell Bloomberg what an un-environmental hypocrite A-Hole he is…So glad he bought himself a third term.

Happy Earth Day NYC. I think this shows how much Bloomberg and the NYPD care about the planet.