New Bike Shop opening in Brooklyn

I know its hard to believe but it just keeps going:

Rolling Orange
269 baltic street (between Smith St. and
brooklyn, ny 11201
(718) 935-0695

A press release:

Rolling Orange will open it’s doors on Saturday June 12th at 2 PM, 269 Baltic Street in Brooklyn.

Rolling Orange is going to be more than a bike store; our mission is to introduce Dutch cargo and city bikes as common part of the Brooklyn streetscape (and beyond).
We are promoting a different urban life style; moving from ‘the fast lane into the slow lane’ with closer attention for what is going on in daily urban life.
In addition to selling bikes and accessories, we start hosting several events – from movie-nights, to lectures to bike-related events – in this way we would like to become a valued asset to the local community.

Governor’s Island: Pirates, Figment and more

Back in May, the three of us writing the book got a nice tour of Governor’s Island with Elizabeth Rapuano and Ellen Cavanagh of the Governor’s Island Preservation & Education Corporation. The whole idea is that this small land mass shaped like an ice cream cone just off of the southern tip of Manhattan is now becoming a great little summer spot that is practically auto free. The island was once a State park and home to Coast Guard housing. Now its owned by the city and is opened for weekends all summer long with great activities and concerts.

This weekend is the creative and interactive Figment Festival. The whole island is turned one big hands on art installation.

From their site: Figment celebrates an abundance of creativity and passion, challenging artits and our communities to find new ways to create, share, link, and dream.

On Sunday, June 13th, Time’s up will be heading to Governor’s Island with a pirate theme ride:

Be warned ye artsy landlubbers- the bike pirates are coming to takeover Figment Festival on Governor’s Island!

It’s the second annual pirate pillage of Figment!

When we board the island, several pirates will perform sea shanties on a reckless rampage that ends in the belly of a whale! Come along if ye dare!

Join us early for building pirate regalia 10:30am.
abc no rio- 156 Rivington st.
Ride leaves at 12pm prompt!
RRRRRrrr you comin’, matey?

Facebook event page.

Also Anita of will also be having a group ride out to the island. From her site:

New ride June 13th, 1pm to Governors Island!

This ride has two meetup locations. Meetup under the Grand Army Plaza Arch at 1pm or at at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge at 1pm.

Governors Island has more than five miles of car free biking and is the home of Figment this weekend. Plus we will be celebrating our #bikenyc buddy’s birthday by playing croquet and eating and drinking to our heart’s content. Join us!

Apparently Mikael Colville-Anderson of the blog will be on the ride.

Bespoke news and upcoming talks

There is an ongoing show at the Museum of Art and Design where the works of art are hand built bicycles. The show in entitled: Bespoke: the hand built bicycle and runs until August 15th. There is a story on NPR with a photo slide show of some of the builders involved with the exhibit and the new movement of having bikes built by hand.

Handmade Bikes Let Commuters Ride In Style
by Bill Chappell

Thousands of bicyclists will hit the road Friday, as part of National Bike to Work Day. But not all “commuter” bikes are equal. In fact, some are hand-built — and with a rider’s particular route to work in mind.
Photo of Sacha White at this years North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show (NAHBS) in Richmond Virgina)
Consider the high-school teacher who ordered a bike from custom builder Dan Polito in Cleveland, Ohio.

His client “wanted a comfortable, upright-position cruiser for their crushed-limestone commute,” Polito says. Most of the teacher’s route to school is on a bike trail.

So Polito designed a bike based on a 1950s British club racer. The bike is sturdy and lean, a good match for a daily commute.

The ‘Bespoke Bike’ Movement

Polito and other master bike builders were at the North American Handmade Bike Show in Richmond, Va., earlier this year. Currently, some of the same craftsmen are displaying their work in New York City, at the Museum of Arts and Design’s show titled Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle.

Read the entire article here.

Meanwhile there will be two events at the Museum to correspond with the theme of the future of biking.

Here is a press release:

The Future of Bikes: Bikes as Urban Transport
Thursday, June 10th
7:00 pm
Free with Pay-What-You Wish admission

As part of the Future of Bikes series, this panel discussion brings together a vibrant group of architects, government agencies and alternative transportation organizations to discuss the impact of the bicycle on the urban landscape. Participants include Hayes Lord, Bicycle Program Director at the NYC Department of Transportation, Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives, and Brent Norsman, AIA, of Chicago-based Norsman Architects and owner of Copenhagen Cyclery. Moderated by Loren Mooney, Editor-in-Chief of Bicycling Magazine.

Space is limited, reservations suggested:

The Future of Bikes: Bikes as Object
Thursday, June 24th at 7:00 PM
Free with Pay-What-You-Wish Admission

As part of the Future of Bikes series, this panel discussion brings together designers of hand-built, mass-produced and alternative material bicycles to discuss the varieties of process and practices found in contemporary bike design. Presentations will be given by Johnny Coast (Coast Cycles), Marty Odlin (Bamboo Bike Studio), Peter Reich (Swift Folding Bikes), and Steve Baumann (Industrial Design Director of Trek Bicycles). A group discussion will follow with moderator Dave Perry, owner of Bike Works on Ridge St, NYC, and author of Bike Cult.

Space is limited, reservations suggested:

Saturday, June 12th-WORLD NAKED BIKE RIDE

New York City is joining in the madness.
Find out more at:
World Naked Bike Ride-Wiki NYC

follow along on twitter, search hashtag #WNBRNYC
June 12th, 2010 as part of World Naked Bike Ride
* Time – Assembly 5pm, ride out between 6:30-7pm

* Location – Grand Ferry Park between Grand Street, West River Street, and the East River Williamsburg Brooklyn. The final route will be communicated to riders who show up only.

I mean if this doesn’t get you to go, nothing will.

Stolen bikes

got two to report. One comes from Allison Boucher who just had her new bike stolen.


I had my brand new bike stolen last night, and I’d appreciate it if you could post this on the blog.

My bike was a Giant Boulder SE for Women, size Medium (2010). It is white with orange stripes on the frame, and orange handlebars. It looks pretty shiny and new – i didn’t even get to ride it yet. Left it in the building for about 6 hours and it was gone when i got home!

The bike was locked to a stairwell on the first floor of my apartment building. It was a pretty cheap lock and the thief just smashed it apart, though I’m not sure how he got in the building. The building is on Hooper St. between Marcy and Lee Ave in South Williamsburg.

I was pretty crushed to lose it. If you’ve seen it anywhere please let me know, I’d be truly grateful.

any info contact:

Spike, front man of classic East Village punk band Sewage, got his bike stolen and he needs it for messenger work.

Stolen ave a and 7th at rays candy
Thurs June 4 2010
Has sewage stickers on it.

Message from Chris Ryan of Teamspider. There is also a partial serial number on it-

Bike Jerk rides to Work

Jim Fulmer is a jerk. A cycle jerk that is. He runs the blog out of the Maryland area. Jim also commutes to work by bike and was recently featured in a USA today video for bike-to-work week.

Jim is living the car-free lifestyle and we applaud you.
Also in the video is Jo Doyle, also from Silver Spring Maryland.

Kiss my Face-contest

I feel like giving away something.

It’s getting pretty warm out there in NYC and you’ve got to keep protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Kiss my Face gave me a bunch of sun care products and I thought I’d give them away in a quick and easy contest.

Here’s what you have to do to win:

1) follow me on–
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A) what was the original web address of my blog?
B) how many years have I blogging?
C) what is the name of my son?
D) what happened to my orange bike with the green aerospoke?

Be the first to answer these questions and the sun care products are yours. Send answers to: Don’t forget to include your twitter address.


bikeblognyc t-shirts

I’ve got T-shirts for sale.
Thanks to Brett Novick of and you can buy a t-shirt and support me.

Right now I’ve got them in my favorite color. Soon I’ll get this more officially on the site but for now…check it out Here.

SUV drivers targests cyclists in San Francisco

This reminded me about a discussion I had with Marci Blackman who’s co-writing our cycling book. She lived in San Francisco for 16 years before coming to NYC and said she felt much safer here on a bike then back there. Something to do with the cars being able to get up to speed more and much less tolerant of cyclists in general. After reading this recent article, I’m starting to believe her.

Albany man arrested in S.F. hit-run attacks
Kevin Fagan, Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, June 5, 2010
San Francisco police arrested an Albany man Friday on suspicion of carrying out a six-minute rampage in an SUV in which he mowed down four bicyclists before smashing his vehicle into a light pole and running away.

Police have not released the suspect’s name because he is being “medically evaluated” for psychological and other problems and has not been booked, Police Chief George Gascón said at a news conference.

The man, who is in his 40s, was arrested at about 1 p.m. after he went to the Albany Police Department and fabricated a story about his car being carjacked in San Francisco, police said.

Read more:

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greenway round up

There has been a lot of action towards improving our streets with bike lanes and greenways here in NYC.

Looks like we are getting the approved two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West. The DOT street crews have been painting lines in anticipation for the new lanes which move parked cars away from the curb on the West side of the street.

Meanwhile a local community board approved a separated bike lane on Columbus Ave.

Streetsblog’s Noah Kazis has more on how community board 7 won the vote.
Read the article here.

and in more news there is going to be an open house this Sunday to discuss improving the East River greenway, and dealing with a 33 block gap where cyclists are exposed to some fast moving traffic.

Read more and find out how to get involved in article.

Find out more at