September 2014
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Spring forward your bike for spring

Now that the weather is getting better, well should be soon…It’s time to start thinking about tuning up your bike.
The popular bicycling map program and app, has some good advice.

For northern hemisphere folks, spring is starting to come into focus. Harsh weather may have conspired to keep you off the roads or trail for the better part of the winter so you are no doubt ready to ride. But, before you roll out on that first ride of the spring season, consider getting your bike professionally tuned up. A professional tune up will get your ride performing well and ultimately deliver you a better cycling experience.

Most local bike shops will charge anywhere from $50-$100 for a professional tune up. If your bike has really suffered from neglect, it might benefit from a complete overhaul. An overhaul will cost you far more than a tune up (overhauls will typically run well in excess of $100), but it will include specialized service to the hubs, bottom bracket and drivetrain. A knowledgeable bike shop employee can no doubt offer you some guidance as to whether your bike needs a simple tune up or a full-scale overhaul.

Maybe you cannot afford a professional tune up, or you got one done late last season? You should still give your bike a close once over before you hit the road.

—-Clean the entirety of the bike with warm soapy water in order to remove any dust or grime that has accumulated over the past few months. As you clean the bike, check the frame for significant dings or damage. Should you discover substantive damage to the frame, do not ride the bike until it has been more fully inspected by a professional.

—- Check the tires for cracks, wear, or damage and replace one or both if necessary.

Read more here.

Knowing you’ve made it

Well, what ever bike culture turns out to be, here is a great way to know you’ve made it as a cycling icon.

Check out NYC’s BMX star Nigel Sylvester…he got his own toy bike:


Check him out in action:

Highsnobiety Presents: Nigel Sylvester from Nate Houghteling on Vimeo.

The quest to define bike culture?

J. David Goodman had an interesting article on defining exactly what is bike culture, in the New York Times, city room blog. Read the article, here.

He announces that Transportation Alternatives will be hosting a bike culture summit May 6th here in NYC featuring a discussion with the newly unveiled Bike Snob (Eben Weiss) and David V. Herlihy, author of “Bicycle: The History.”

This will be just about the time the Snob will be releasing his new book. Should be a hilarious and interesting read which I can’t wait for.

Speaking of the Bike Snob, for his coming out party…he also had an article in the Wall Street Journal Online.
(photo by: Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal)

Also read a great interview with Bike Portland’s creator, Jonathan Maus, about slagging Portland and coming out there to sell his book.

Read the Q and A here.

Big News.

I’m not going to tell you who this is, because every other cycling related blog has beat me too it.

(Picture thanks to

I’ll tell you this…he’s a famous bike blogger who’s probably read almost as much as this site.

For the one person who doesn’t know already…find out more at J. David Goodman’s spoke’s blog, for the NY Times. Read the article here.

Personally, I’d much rather know who Neckface is:

Events for April

There is always Steve “Pop” Klein’s April Fools race here in NYC.

and another event for the CRCA Junior Development team, cycling viewing party:

more info at NYC Velo.


Seen on Cog Magazine’s site, Milwaukee Messenger Invitational–

more info, check the facebook page.

in Madison, Wisconsin, Don’t Kill the Messenger.

and according to Urban Velo, there is an alleycat in Las Vegas…check it out here.

Seen on Take Over LA,

Fund raiser for the Bicycle Coop, space…The Bicycle Kitchen, in the bicycle district of Los Angeles.

Video Round Up

First off, a little rah rah feel good politics. President Obama’s secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, addressed the League of American Bicyclists-National Bike Summit, which was held from March 9th-11th.

Who knew, there was a National Bike Summit. Speaking of not knowing things, popular outdoor sandals company Teva has How-T0-Vidoes. Here is one with pro Mountain bike tricks rider, Jeff Lenosky, showing you how to fix a flat without a spare tube.

Here is Jeff in action along with Aaron Chase,

Now Aaron Chase will tell you how to do a rip switch 3.

Meanwhile, there is a growing bike culture in Florida, especially in the Miami area. Here is a video from the first annual tweed ride in Coral Gables FL.

Coral Gables Tweed Ride 2010 from rydel high on Vimeo.

Now there are a lot of places to find bike videos online…but I found a real motherload on Burlington Vermont’s newest bike shop and blog,

Here are some BMX videos:

Here’s a classic hockey move, but for bike polo…in Paris.

Nice POV, from Italy

A trailer for a new DVD from S and M bikes
Blind in Texas,

Here is a promo video for a track event coming up in Auckland, sponsored by Redbull:

Red Bull Mini-Drome Teaser from Radar Films on Vimeo.

saw this on

and for all those who live by the fix:
(photo by: Ed Glazar as seen on John Prolly)

Here is your crop of Fixed Gear Freestyle or 700CMX…


Steven Jensen:

new rims edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.

Massan for Leader Bikes

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

and a few I saw on LA’s TrackosaurusRex

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race 2010 from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

From Madrid:

24-bike shop...Vending machine?

Need to patch a tube as you blowout riding back from Hipster Central? Now you can with a 24 hour bike shop…in a vending machine. Practical necessity or Practical joke?

Find out in this NY Time’s article about Traif Bike Gesheft, an eccentric Williamsburg bicycle shop owner, and his wacky invention.

24-Hour Bike Shop (Bring Plenty of Quarters)
The squat black vending machine sits on the sidewalk on South Sixth Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, outside Traif Bike Gesheft, eliciting curious glances from passers-by and occasionally a more thorough visual inspection.

Six feet tall and three feet wide, the machine features nine rows of plastic windows housing rotating trays. At the click of a button, the trays spin to display the items inside: bicycle tire patch kits, pumps, brake pads and other objects that are neither edible nor potable, but which might come in handy for a quick repair.

The contraption, says Baruch Herzfeld, the owner of Traif Bike Gesheft — Yiddish for “non-kosher bike shop” — is the first vending machine for cyclists in the city.

Read more, here.

Law and Order looking for BMX rider

I was sent this by a casting agent:

Central Casting and Law & Order are looking for Union & Non Union kids, teens & young adults who are freestyle BMX bike riders who are able to perform tricks at a competitive level for an upcoming episode. We are looking for guys & girls of all ethnicities and who would be available for background work on the show on or between April 6th & April 15th 2010. This is a paid job and the rate could vary from $80 for 10hrs for regular background work, to approximately $140 for 8hrs for the special ability riders who would actually perform the tricks. We would likely have an audition for the main riders who would perform tricks. Please indicate what type of tricks you can perform and if you have been in any competitions. Please include the following in your Email, your phone numbers, age, pictures, what type of tricks you can perform & on what type of course or ramps you have performed on. Please indicate what you are submitting for in the subject line of the email.
Central Casting
Attn: Ali/Law & Order
875 6th Ave
24th Floor Suite 2411
New York, NY 10001

New ride series in Brooklyn (Ditmas Park)

Got this message from Rene Netter of Ditmas Rides, a group ride series in the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn:

“The Ditmas Ride of this month will be this Friday around 5:30 pm. The fist date for the Ditmas Rides is March 26th. We will meet in front of the VoxPop @ the corner of Cortelyou and Stratford).

The purpose of the Ditmas Rides is for us to have fun and to celebrate and spread a way of getting around we already enjoy. There is no planned route and we the participants will decide where we would like to go shortly before the ride starts. Ditmas Park has a lot of small streets so hopefully we can have a joyful and stress free rides. I myself are planning to bring my daughter Nona Lily along and hope that other parents will bring their children as well.”

The date of the following rides will be:

April 30th
May 28th
June 25th

If you or your friends like to be kept in the loop then you can add yourself to this email list here.

Maybe I’ll bring this guy…

Zigo's giving away a bike.

Zigo, part bicycle, part stroller, part jogging stroller…is giving away a chance to win one of these innovative contraptions.

Just go to their site, on this page, Download this image off of facebook,

make it your profile image and then follow some more instructions.