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Team Spider at the Pogan trail

Check out the latest coverage from Punk legend and bicycle reporter Chris Ryan (Team Spider) on the spot at the Pogan trail downtown.

A wrap up of news coverage:

Read his full report here.

Wheelmen and Company hip pouches

Kevin from the

Sent me some information on their new hip bags, perfect for riding in NYC.

Message from wheelmencompany-
“Our newest product is the Chutney Hip-Bag. The bag is available in 3 colorways,
and its durable waxed canvas exterior, 1000 denier nylon lining and includes a
hidden interior zipper, and classic leather branding.

Officer Pogan on trial.

Poor officer Patrick Pogan. Remember him? He was the rookie cop who delivered the shocking body blow to Christopher long in Time’s Square during a critical mass ride. Officer Pogan wasn’t really overreacting, rather following along with an pattern of violent behavior by the NYPD against a group bike ride, they just don’t like. We know this because this wasn’t the first time someone was violently arrested in Times Square. Recently cyclists were awarded 97,000.00 for similar behavior.

Pogan probably wouldn’t be in any trouble except for some pesky video footage shot by a tourist in Time’s Square who captured the hit. It went viral and the whole world saw just what the NYPD thinks of group bike riding in NYC.

Now the officer is standing trail for his actions which started Yesterday.

Here is article from the NY Times:

Trial Opens for Ex-Officer Accused of Shoving Bicyclist
Published: April 19, 2010

One was a rookie police officer, the other a free-spirited cyclist.

They converged on the busy thoroughfare that night with different objectives. The officer, Patrick Pogan, was there to monitor a group of bike riders, called Critical Mass, that the Police Department had long viewed as a nuisance. The cyclist, Christopher Long, was part of the group’s effort to remain together in its ride through Manhattan.
Read the whole story here.

Jefferson Sigel, has also been shooting photographs for the NY Daily News. Here is there coverage from the start of the Pogan trail.

(photo by Jefferson Sigel)

Ex-cop who body-slammed cyclist off his bike is portrayed by his defense as ‘clueless rookie’

BY Oren Yaniv

Originally Published:Monday, April 19th 2010

An NYPD cop caught on video body-slamming a bicyclist in Times Square was portrayed Monday as a clueless rookie suckered by a pot-smoking troublemaker out for a payday.

Ex-Officer Patrick Pogan was so inexperienced that when he was assigned to Critical Mass – a monthly activist bike ride – he thought he was going to a Catholic Mass, his lawyer said.

“He thought he was going to St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” said defense lawyer Stuart London.

But prosecutors painted the 24-year-old Pogan as a reckless cop who violently took down cyclist Christopher Long in July 2008 – and then tried to cover it up.

Read more: here.

The Trail continues today when Christopher Long will take the stand.

Criminal Court,
111 Centre Street (3 blocks south of Canal St.), room 733. Starting around 10am

My Take on this:

I personally don’t feel the need to vilify one particular rookie cop for his actions. This is a systematic problem of law enforcement in this town who have a personal grudge against a group bike ride they had no problem with until the 2004 Republican National Convention and have since gone out of their way to waste taxpayer dollars and resources, not to mention engage in violent and dangerous behavior.

It’s important to note how all this would be going down if that video footage hadn’t gone viral. I can guarantee you, Pogan would not be on trail and Christopher Long would have to be defending himself on charges of “assaulting a police officer with his body.” The NYPD would be furthering their lies that critical mass has been taken over by anarchists with no regard for people of this town, who’s goal is to stop traffic and disrupt our common ways of life.

They NYPD should get on board with critical mass and biking in general for its impact on increasing bike ridership which is a valuable activity for the health and environment of this city. Not wasting more of our time and money with unnecessary lawsuits and trails.

This Thursday, Earth Day Ride and BBQ

Time’s Up is hosting a great event this Thursday, to go with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

7pm BIKE RIDE Meet at Union Square Park South, Manhattan.
8pm AFTER-PARTY Just Seeds Eco Art Show & BBQ

Earth day bike ride starting 7pm from Union Square Park South. Dress in green with respect for the planet! Festive musical ride will end at a 8pm, BBQ and dance party at Time’s Up Brooklyn space and East River Bar @ 97 South 6th Street, Williamsburg. Bring food to share

The Justseeds Collective will also be exhibiting members prints of an ecological & environmental nature following the Times Up Earth Day bicycle ride. Included in the exhibit will be previews of the upcoming Justseeds portfolio Resourced.

Resourced is a portfolio of handmade posters designed by over 30 different artists, including Chris Stain, Gaia, Armsrock, Design Action Collective, and many Justseeds Members. Justseeds is an artists’ owned and operated cooperative that is dedicated to producing socially engaged artworks. Prints and projects can be viewed at

For more information on the ride go to

Environmental awareness and not polluting transportation are continuously on the increase. With your continued support, we can continue to make these positive changes.

Support Time’s Up! Environmental Organization today by making a donation or becoming a member:

Check out our upcoming calender of events packed with events, bike rides and workshops.

Need to get the kids on bike?

Summer is coming so maybe your thinking of getting the whole family on bike. Bike trailers, seats and tag alongs can be in limited supply here in NYC so for some products, reviews and other information. Check out:

Ten Nine Radio’s latest episode is up…World Wide Messenger Culture.

(photo by: Blech)

TenNine Radio’s latest episode is up. Canadian based on-line radio show about the world wide culture of cycle couriers.

Message from show producer: Biker Bill:

“Hey our next show is finally ready!

In this episode we managed to go the distance, literally!
All the way to T.O. to learn about the upcoming CMWC in Panajachel Guatemala,
coming this September. We will break the news about how we here at Ten Nine
Radio are helping out and show you how you can even lend a hand. Got time for a
CMWC delivery or two? We uncover “La Ocho” and help explain the leaked internet
pictures of the mock up. We reveal the cell phone initiative, announce the
winner of the CMWC Registration Raffle for an Awesome Pac Bag Ultimate OS, and let
you in on some other great goodies up for grabs, Both from the CMWC crew as
well as your Favorite Bicycle Messenger Radio Station where we will be throwing
some tracks on that you have suggested as well as make a special musical announcement
you may be interested in hearing. Word! Get Tuned!
Hope your all doin well, and keeping a handle on all your spring fever!
The Super Summer Prize Bag is growing!
Horns Up!BikerBill
ps this episode is a big file, over 140 minutes of material, let us know if your having difficulty downloading or streaming, this ones totally worth it if you have to wait I figure!

Movin on UP… makes top 20

So last year maybe I was a little unenthusiastic about Top 50 cycling blogs of the world. Maybe because I placed a disappointing 31.

I’m too sensitive. This year the list came out again, and like the Jefferson’s I moved up…That’s right, I made the top 20 at number 19.
I am indeed honored and wanted to thank the site for their ranking.

Also it’s a great resource to see other cycling blogs and the author has been kind enough to link all their addresses and twitter accounts.

There were two other NYC blogs that made number 3, and John Prolly’s site not only made it on the list but was number 8. Whoot Whoot.

Follow London Cyclist on twitter: @londoncyclist

May 15th, Reload Bags, 9th annual Maypril Fools Ride-Philadelphia

From the site:

The Ninth Annual R.E.Load Maypril Fools Fun Ride
Saturday, May 15th
*Registration/package pickup for pre-registered riders: 12pm
Race starts: 2pm
Entry Fee: $10 **
Maypril Fools Pre-registration

The Maypril Fools Fun Ride is one of the largest annual events on the east coast! Essentially a huge scavenger hunt, you’ll be given a huge list of stops at the start, each with a different points value assigned to them. Choose your own path through the ride, performing ridiculous tasks and searching for prizes. Whoever has the most points in the end wins!

This ride has always been about fun in Philly, for the WHOLE cycling community, and as such, is completely accessible for bikes and riders of all types! Whether you are sprinting towards a podium finish, or just casually hitting a few checkpoints with your friends, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome time at this event.

Everybody who pre-registers will receive an event tee shirt***, laminated spoke card, and entry to the after party. This year, we’ve got a HUGE space reserved for us, with music courtesy of Get Bent and Rock Tits.

Current sponsors include Magick Outlaw, Fabric Horse, Bicycle Revolutions, Depot, Built in Pittsburgh, Level, Awesome Dudes Printing, and of course, R.E.Load. We’re working on even more! There will be tons of prizes for a pretty deep amount of finishers, as well as random drawings for winners of various accessories, including our new Lockdown foot straps!

Register here.

New Bike Shops in Manhattan

I spoke with John Keoshgerian of Zen bikes, a few days ago to get the scoop on Chelsea’s latest bike shop which opened a few weeks ago. John used to be the sales manager over at Toga bikes and along with his wife have ventured out on their own. He says he really wants to get at the cyclist from the beginning, someone who may be new to the whole thing. Get them hooked and then stay with them as the go from novice commuter to fully kitted out race fanatic. Zen bikes is a nice size space, located at: 134 West 24th St. between 6th and 7th Ave. Their hours will be: Monday-Friday 10-7, Saturday 8-7 and Sunday 8-5.

John says the reason for being open so early on the weekends is to have a place for cycling clubs to meet and hang out before training or group rides. Zen bike will be a full serviced Scott, Kona and Felt dealer with everything from commuter single speeds, mountain bikes to high quality road bikes. They also carry Dahon foldups, kids bikes and have a nice selection of apparel, helmets and accessories. They even fix Babyjogger strollers. Rumor has it they soon will be getting a “big name” mechanic full time.

Future plans for the shop are to hold weekly workshops on riding the proper cadence and the best way to lock up a bike in NYC.

John’s philosophy is to work with people who are really embracing cycling as a lifestyle choice and want to make it part of their lives, not just the weekend warrior.

Also stay tunned…John will be challenging himself to loose a few pounds and get down to his racing weight. He’s going to install a trainer in the shop window and encourage people to come by and track his progress. Maybe even join him. Sounds like an excellent thing for the display window.

For the next three Saturday’s, April 17th (today–I know, a little late in the announcement) April 24th and May 1st, the shop will be having special discounts and serving drinks to celebrate their grand opening. Come on by.

Also, I got word through twitter…about another bike shop in Tribeca. For all you Dutch cruiser types check out the fancy pants Adeline Adeline 147 Reade St. between Greenwich and Hudson.

Saw this on their website: THE TRIBECA STORE IS OPEN!

Just in time for summer, the retail store has a selection of bikes from Pashley, Abici, Retrovelo, Batavus, Linus, and Biomega ready to take out for a quick ride right outside the store, or on the West Side bike path just 2 blocks away. The store also has a great selection of sophisticated accessories – baskets, bags, helmets, and other beautiful things to dress up your bike.

Learn more about designer, Julie Hirschfeld’s new store, from this Refinery29

Tech Watch-The latest

Here is the latest in bicycle innovations and gadgetry.

Check out the Yike Bike:

Read more at:

Then Mickey McManus of sent me this link to the Ipad Sprocket Pocket. How to turn your brand new ipad into a clever turn signal. (ipad not included)

More about this:

iPad Sprocket Pocket from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

A 5-minute film that shows how-to build your very own wearable iPad Sprocket Pocket. Watch the whole film and try to find the easter egg!

This was a MAYAmake 24-hour project.

The Sprocket Pocket, and the MAYA Sprocket iPad application were designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured in limited quantity (9 in first 24 hours were built and 4 were given away at an Apple Store just for fun to random bike riding iPad owners), packaged, and deployed all within 24 hours before the launch of the iPad.

Yes this is a silly example of having fun with an iPad. It’s also an example of “precycling” where we try to picture how you could recycle products after they aren’t expensive objects of desire. A $600 iPad today, will be a $300 one in a year, and a $50 dollar one a year after that, and soon you’ll be finding spare iPads in the cushions of your couch or in your cereal boxes as prizes for choosing NanoCrispies as your zap, spackle, and zop choice in the future.

So once that happens what do you do? We suggest wearing it.

The first day we wore these around town people suggested all sorts of other ideas:
– Put it on the front as a networked programmable t-shirt graphic
– Wear it with a group to have coordinated networked protest graphics when you go on your next march
– Give it to crossing guards
– Sell advertisement on people (afterall isn’t that how the world goes round?)
– Broadcast coordinated imagery across a crowd of people at your next big football game to make a giant mosaic on everyone’s t-shirts
– Hang an iphone with the camera pointing outward from your back and an iPad in a Sprocket Pocket on your front and you’ve got a window right through your body where the sun shines through
– Put one on the front and back of your shirt and use it as a touch, tilt, tag football game (remember by this time iPads sell for $1 and are disposable)
– Wear it on your hand and play hacky-sack pinball with a group of friends
– Mount it on your handlebars and have a GPS dashboard

For more information, to download the patterns or just find out what the heck we’re talking about, check out:

Meanwhile in Monterey California, the Sea Otter Classic is in it’s 20th year this weekend. Part Pro cycling race event and part premiere cycling expo, here is a chance to show off more of the latest in cycling innovations from designers all over the world. has some great coverage of the event and great write ups on new products like these:

Slick straight bars from