Help a friend raise money for a great movie about bikes

Toby Miller is a good friend of mine and avid NYC cycling commuter. Check out his sweet ride:

He and his girlfriend Martine Charnow, have written a great short film about bicycle love. They are using this website Kickstarter which helps you promote an idea for a documentary or narrative and raise money to get the film made. It’s a way of becoming a backer of the project with incentives at different levels such as $25.00 gets you a button, $50.00 gets you a dvd of the completed film. Its a way of funding the cinematic arts.

Check out their kickstarter page.
This site will be up for another 48 hours. They have reached their goal of 4,200.00, but the more money they get, the more they can do with the project.

Read more about the project on Martine and Toby’s website

May is National bike month, what’s going on. Win a free bike and events with ING

This week is National bike to work week leading up to National Bike to work day this Friday (May 21st) I know, everyday is bike to wherever day. The organization People for Bikes is trying to gather 1 million cyclists who are united to improve the future of biking, and they want you to have a chance to win a free bike just for signing on.

Click here (the image), sign up and win.

Here in NYC, ING bank is getting into biking to work week:


WHAT: With Spring in the air, there is no better time for New Yorkers to tone up their physical and financial fitness. ING DIRECT USA – the nation’s largest direct bank – wants to help by encouraging New Yorkers to bike to work.

In May, ING DIRECT USA will celebrate Bike Month to recognize bikers for choosing a healthy and money saving mode of transportation. New Yorkers can save time by not sitting in a cab or on the subway and save money on those pesky fares that can add up along the way. To help bikers save money, ING DIRECT’s 3rd Avenue Café will host free events for area bikers to learn more about innovative bike products and bike safety, and win bike-related prizes from Manhattan Portage, creator of the original New York messenger bag.

Events will include:

May 21st: Bike to Work celebration featuring live music, a sale on Dahon Speed D7 bikes and bike trivia with chances to win bike repair kits, water bottles, whistles and free drinks from the ING DIRECT Café from 8am to 10am.

May 22nd: Join Bfold Bikes, a local bike company specializing in folding bikes, for an “Easy Bike Maintenance 101” seminar and a chance to win a messenger bag from Manhattan Portage from 1pm to 3pm.

Bikers commuting to work can enjoy a free ‘biker breakfast’ every Friday in May. Stop by on your bike and receive a free coffee and pastry compliments of the ING DIRECT’s 3rd Avenue Café.

Free New York City bike route maps will be available at the Café.


968 Third Avenue

New York, NY 10022

Ditmas Ride’s this Friday-May 21st

wanna ride with the whole family in Brooklyn?

Rene Netter is hosting: Ditmas Rides

Message from Rene:
Hi there,

The next Ditmas Ride will be this Friday (5/21) around 7:00 pm. We will meet in front of the VoxPop @ the corner of Cortelyou and Stratford.
Coco and I won’t be able to make it but their will be others so please come if you feel like riding. We will be going the Friday after this one I promise.
The purpose of the Ditmas Rides is for us to have fun and to celebrate and spread a way of getting around we already enjoy. There is no planned route and we the participants will decide where we would like to go shortly before the ride starts. Ditmas Park has a lot of small streets so hopefully we can have a joyful and stress free rides. I myself are planning to bring my daughter Nona Lily along and hope that other parents will bring their children as well.

If you want to be updated on more Ditmas Rides, join the email list here.

Alleycat in Memphis

Along with a great weekend of the bicycle film festival, there will also be an alleycat in Memphis:

More info at

The Bicycle Film Festival-Year 10

The bicycle film festival is on and in it’s 10th outstanding year! This weekend they’ll be rolling into Memphis.

This will be the second time around for Memphis. Check out this interview I did from last year’s festival organizer Cort Percer.

More info on Memphis’s bicycle film festival: here.

What’s going on in Huntsville Alabama

Find out at this blog:

They’ll be having an alleycat on June 5th.

Find out more at:

Stolen Parts

Got this message from Leonard Jones who had parts of his bike jacked–Be on the look out!

I know it’s not a full stolen bike, but I figured I’d email you about
this anyway. I work at NYU Medical Center on 33rd and 1st Ave and
yesterday at about 2:45, the fork was stolen off my bike, right
outside the hospital. It’s a red Carbon-2 road fork w/ 1 white stripe
fit for a 700×23 wheel. This has been a big problem at this hospital,
with my coworker having his mountain bike fork and seat post stolen just
a few days ago and me losing a rear wheel 2 months ago (now I only
lock w/ my kryptonite chain). With awful security camera placement, a
bike shed that has a 2+ yr waiting list for commuters, and a general
apathy towards bike theft on the part of hospital security, those of
us who ride to work sort of have our hands tied. If by any chance you
come across or hear through the grapevine of a lot of forks being
sold, we’d be really grateful for a heads up. Also, any
recommendations you might have regarding encouraging awareness of
cyclist commuter needs in the workplace, or what places to keep an eye
on for stolen parts will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Leonard Jones

Any info contact

Looking for a witness

Got word from Ken Stanek, that cyclist Stefan Karfakis was hit by a car in Williamsburg Brooklyn last Friday. We are looking for a witness.

Check out the Bespoke show at Museum of Arts and Design

The Museum of Arts and Design is getting into the bicycle cult as well.

They have a new show there running til August 15th: Bespoke, the handbuilt bicycle show.

More information here.

A bit about the show:

Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle displays the designs of six internationally renowned bicycle builders whose work in metal, as well as graphics and artifacts, elucidate this refined, intricate and deeply individual craft. Organized by Michael Maharam, owner of the eponymous textile company and an avid bicycle collector, along with master builder Sacha White of Vanilla Bicycles in Portland, Oregon, this survey is presented as part of the MADProjects exhibition series, which explores emerging trends and innovations in the design world.

The twenty-one handbuilt bicycles exhibited sit squarely at the intersection of design, craft, and art, and include a range of contemporary designs: fixed-gear, road racing, cyclocross, mountain, and commuter bicycles, as well as the stripped-down radonneur, designed exclusively for long-distance racing. The exhibition features bicycles by: Mike Flanigan, Alternative Needs Transportation (A.N.T); Jeff Jones, Jeff Jones Custom Bicycles; Dario Pegoretti, Pegoretti Cicli; Richard Sachs, Richard Sachs Cycles; J. Peter Weigle, J. Peter Weigle Cycles; and Sacha White, Vanilla Bicycles.

Read more also on Vanilla Bicycles blog as seen on

Rumor has it there will be a panel discussion in June with some of the frame builders including Brooklyn’s own Johnny Coast.

BTW, the word bespoked is a British term which applies to something that is handmade to someone’s specifications…I didn’t know this…thanks See, we learn something everyday.

The Museum of Arts and Design is located at:
2 COLUMBUS CIRCLE NEW YORK, NY 10019 212.299.7777

Velo, a new book

Just got word from Harry Schwartzman of the upcoming New York Bike Jumble swapmeet, about a new book coming out from a German publisher, Gestalten.

Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design

Here’s a quick description: Velo introduces a wild bunch of passionate cyclists – frame builders, urban planners, artists, photographers, and those who ride professionally – who are making an impact. They are not only shaping styles, but promoting cycling as a primary form of transport. The book also explores the aesthetic of today’s cycling culture and presents custom-made frames and art bikes as well as a selection of contemporary illustration and design influenced by the cycling movement. Geared toward anyone who has a personal or professional interest in cycling, Velo is the fast lane into a current topic that is both entertaining and socially relevant. More here.

They used some photos from last year’s bike jumble booth by amazing photographer: Keiko Niwa who will be on hand this Sunday at the next Jumble, taking more great shots. Definitely come by and get a photo with you and your ride and you may end up on a German book about the incredible things people are doing with bike and bike accesories.

I just love what they chose for the back cover, Helmet art by Danielle Baskin. Danielle custom paints designs on helmets and more of her work can be viewed on her site:

Also featuring some more of Keiko’s photos of Harry (lower) and Alan Sikiric (Middle right) from

You can pre-order a copy from Amazon here.