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I recently posted that Aaron Z. Davis, had his prized pink track bike stolen. This is one of the first reports I got of a stolen bike of 2010. Well this story has a happy ending:

From Aaron:

We actually got it back yesterday!

A bike technician bought it off someone on Bedford late Friday night for $80. Can you believe that!?

Nice work.

Who commutes?

Interesting graphic on how people commute.
Picture 11

Check out the precentage of people who drive, carpool, take public transport or bike, here.

Photo Blog

Wanna give a shout out to Photographer Dmitry Gudkov who has a nice blog with pictures of NYC bikes and bikers.

Picture 10

Bikers on Bedford Ave, Old News

Bike riders clogging the streets of Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is old news…try 1896 according to this post in


I wonder if they needed a permit?

Another Stolen Bike-Pink.

Getting the word out on the bike that was recently nabbed in Brooklyn:

Last night (2/19/10) my boyfriends prized possession, his bicycle (worth $1500+) was stolen from the 4th floor of our apartment building in South Williamsburg. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help us out by keeping an eye out or reposting this flyer on facebook, twitter, letting bike shops you know, etc. I know bikes come and go – but this one meant the world to Aaron. He bought it about 4 years ago online and it is a hand-made frame from Australia from the 50’s. Basically not-replaceable. It’s his pride and joy and #1 possession. Also – it’s SUPER noticeable – ITS PINK! Bright baby pink mens fixed gear track bike with no brakes. PLEASE take a minute to look at the photo/flyer attached and let us know ASAP if you happen to see it out and about.

to make it extra simple – here is something you can repost on Twitter to help us out!
BIKE STOLEN! PLEASE HELP AND RT!! We must find it!! it was @VDRK’s prize possession!! Picture Here

Thanks for your time.
Much love,

57 Steel Bright Pink Track Frame (hand-built) with no names or markings

Crome fork and rear stays

*no breaks, no drill holes for brakes

Sugino 75 Track Cranks with vintage Sugino 52t chainring

Nitto B123 Track Bars with frayed Red grip tape

Genaric low flange 700 wheelset with Revolution cycles sticker on front hub. Silver hubs with with a black rim on front and thin silver rim on back. Black tires.

Rear hub is fixed

Chris King Threaded Headset Silver

Black aero seat, well used with small tear on the back.

Silver pedals with silver toe clips and black nylon straps

Info about this bike please call: Aaron (347) 218-0963

Win a free Mountain bike from Airborne Cycles

Airborne Cycles is having a giveaway.

We’re looking for 10 passionate riders who want to shred their favorite trails on the new Airborne bikes. And we want them to tell us about it. Are you up to the challenge? If so, fill out the entry form below and upload an essay and a photo or a video stating why you should be selected to be a part of the Airborne Flight Crew.
The chosen will receive:

* A brand spanking new Airborne bike
* Helmet cam
* Some slick Airborne gear
* A trip to the Sea Otter Classic in April

If selected, you’ll become an official member of The Airborne Flight Crew. As a crew member, you’ll be asked to strap on your helmet cam, hop on your new Airborne bike and head for the trails, whether it’s downhill, cross country or free riding. Then report back on how it feels, how it rides and what it can handle by posting your videos and reports on social media forums and blogs. So, if you think you’re the right rider for the job, sign up now.

Find out more at

Caption this photo


Spontaneous group rides are crushed in NYC

I guess we all saw it coming. We’ve been waiting on a ruling by Judge Lewis Kaplan on the status of the parade laws which state, that people need a permit in order to have group rides of more than 50 people. On Tuesday, Judge Kaplan handed down his decision and said that the NYPD asking for a permit, did not violate constitutional rights of freedom of assembly.

So what should the critical mass in NYC do?

A) stop all together.
B) have rides of only 49 people.
C) ask the police for a permit to have a spontaneous bike ride of 50 or more people which isn’t organized by anyone and has no designated route?
D) have a designated route that leaves from Union Square, goes through Time’s Square and back down to Wall Street on the last Friday of every month, that has to follow all traffic laws and not block any intersections?

More on the ruling in this NY Times article, written by Michael S. Schmidt

Headline: Judge Rules Bike Groups Must Get Parade Permits

“A federal judge in Manhattan on Tuesday dealt a blow to organizers of group bicycle protests, ruling that the City of New York did not violate the constitutional rights of cyclists by requiring them to get parade permits.

The judge, Lewis A. Kaplan, said he was sympathetic to the cyclists. However, Judge Kaplan said, parade regulations and their enforcement by the New York Police Department did not violate their constitutional rights, in particular their freedom of speech.

The ruling will affect protests known as Critical Mass, in which large groups of cyclists congregate in the city and take random paths through the streets. It will also affect the Five Borough Bike Club, which filed a lawsuit against the city in 2007 after the Police Department amended its parade rules, saying it would ticket or arrest any group of 50 cyclists or more that did not have a parade permit.”

read the article here.

I would love to hear your opinions on the NYC critical mass. Should it continue?

Snow Fun-Part 2

Here are some real ticksters getting busy on the track bikes in the snow. NYC’s own Wonka, Mike Schmitt and Joey Krillz are getting GRIMY. They are working on a new line of clothes called: Grime St. Stay tuned on Krillz blog:

WELCOME TO GRIME ST from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

I got sent this video from Steve Schinnerer from Quarter Productions about riding BMX in the Boston Area.

Filming Myself in the Snow from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Meanwhile the Gwadzilla been reporting on getting around in the DC area.
Some people by bike:

and sometimes on cross country skis.

Speaking of DC, Kevin Dillard of Demoncats has some great photos of a recent Cyclocross in the snow:

Check out more (click image)

Maybe we should all look to a real snow town that probably doesn’t use terms like the: “Snowpocalypse.” Its more just a matter of fact of living in Minneapolis. Here are some winter bike reports from the Bike Jerks.

They were hosts of one of the longest running alleycats in the US, that takes place in the dead of winter every year. The Stupor Bowl. Now in its 13th year.
stupor bowl X13

Check out a full race report back here.

It looks like a production company, MNKiteboarding, documented both last year and this year’s stupor bowl and are coming out with a documentary: Killing the Messenger.

View a trailer by clicking the image

Snow Fun

Looks like a lot of people are having fun in the snow, despite the cold weather and slippery road conditions.

Last weekend was the Time’s Up,” love your lanes ride, paying tribute to the bike lanes in NYC.
Ben Shepard wrote this report back:

“Dancing to “Sugar” and “Tears of the Clown” blaring from a roaring roving
sound bike, members of Times UP! regaled New York with a burst big love for their city and its ever expanding (and on Bedford Ave contracting) bike lanes.
The riders braved the cold from Washington Square park up 6th, East along the bike lane on 10th, around Tompkins Square Park. Most passed out lollypops and flyers listing reasons to love biking, including that its great for the environment and your health, its fun, it embodies what a pulsing joyous environmentally sustainable city can be, and finally that biking offers hope.
“Nothing shows love or keep you warm like biking in the snow” declared bike clown Hunka Munka, aka Monica Hunken. We rode through Tompkins Square Park, site of
countless rides and demos, and a space where many in the group have completed community service for defending the environment. There we showed the love for the dogs jamming to George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog.” And finally the ride ended as riders showed some love to Ray and his rent beseiged snack joint Ray’s Candy Store enjoying some cheese and chili fries. Joey served us peroggi’s in the dark room at Odessa as we listened to Nadette and Monica regale the group with travel stories. Thanks for for speading the love with the city Times UP!

Over and out, “Hank Tears of a Clown” Clown Benjamin Shepard”

Here’s a video from the ride:

Here in NYC, fixed gear freestyle aficionado John Prolly has been blogging about snow conditions.

blackice-PINP-thumb(photo by Prolly)

He’s one of those guys that refuses to take the train and rides no matter what mother nature dishes out:
Read more here.

The “snowpocalypse” isn’t stopping these two guys either. Sydney Hollis and his buddy Pat sent me this video of riding around Brooklyn.
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