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Video Round up

First off, lots of videos from last weekends Midwest Mayhem:

Wonka Wall from John Prolly on Vimeo.

The edit by

MIDWEST MAYHEM | RVAFIXED EDIT from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Seen on

Midwest Mayhem Friday Night Street Session from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

mayhem abound. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

Mixed bag of fixed gear love:

From Prolly
Chula vista fixed

daystuff/hd test from Marcs CVFG on Vimeo.

Trailer for Death Pedal 2 of Cali.

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Here is a trailer for a video about a bike ride from Tokyo to Osaka

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

Find out more on their site here.

Bike Factory tour of Quamen Bikes in LA.

Nice bikes.

a nice HD Bike Polo videos:

Bike Polo Sneak Peak from Adam Bolick on Vimeo.

818 Polo clips from tim on Vimeo.

Laws of Motion from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Matt Finkle has been traveling around taking pictures of people and their bikes for a photo book project called: “I Love My Bike.”

Here is some shooting in Seattle

I Love My Bike Book – Seattle (HD) from David Albright on Vimeo.

It’s Series time,

A series called in the cuts, here is John Cardiel

intheCUTTS Episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

And here is a series about three guys traveling on bikes finding great food spots. Beers and Cheers, takes them to NYC,

PEDALING: NYC “Cheers for Beers” from Jim Fryer/BrakeThrough Media on Vimeo.

And some BMX and skater love:

Good Times Roll from 2HeadedHorse on Vimeo.

BANKS JAM from y.arava on Vimeo.

Friday, events.

Its freezing cold outside in NYC and Friday is a good day to read lots of spam by UGG boots and Christian Louboutin who keep posting comments on my blog. Thanks for the interest guys, but only if you have them in green. Friday is a day to make lots of short postings so without much detail, here are a whole bunch of upcoming bike culture related events around the globe: (Check the flyers for Dates)

An ancient, classic from Minneapolis. Its freezing, its drunken…it’s STUPOR BOWL 13 (info at

Richmond Virginia fixed is throwing a tricks comp.

Portland Oregon’s first tweed ride:

By Jove, get some tweed ol chap and Check out TweedPdX

Also a Tricks event and more, 2 days in Portland at the Bridgetown Hustle:

Savanna, GA is having a bicycle festival in March, called Spoked:
Find out more at their Blog

There are some POLO events, In So CAL:

Barcelona, Super Sexy:

Some film screening information:
Here in NYC, it’s Bike Shorts, the monthly festival where you can win a hundred bucks cash for your five minute bicycle short. Now in a new joint in Brooklyn, Public Assembly NYC, formerly Galapogos in Williamsburg, 70 N. 6th St between Kent & Wythe

There is Filmed by Bike in Portland Oregon in April 16th-18th.
Here is a trailer:Get your submissions in now.

Vancouver’s signature fixed gear film is sweeping the country…the Revival. It’s having a screening in Boulder Colorado:
Here’s a trailer-

THE REVIVAL from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

More info on the screening: boulderfixedgear
The Revival’s website here.

Screening and Gold Sprints in LA:

Check out the cool blog: TOLA
and an alleycat on February 6th,
and event on the 7th, Stupid Cupid.
Stupid Cupid

The UK, courier roller race championships, February 19th. Check out the messenger blog in London, Moving Target Zine.

Pedal Consumption is reporting gold sprints in Bologna, Italy.

The Philly Bike Messenger Association is having a winter prom, ok I mean a social.
More info at the Facebook page

and a couple of events from

DOWN and Dirty in the MUD, in California.
It’s the Grasshopper adventure series cyclocross. More info here.


The Soil Saloon
Willy's Winter Warmer

and looking to the future,
The RedHook’s Criteruim will be:

March 20th, 2010

A message from race organizer, Dave August:

The Red Hook Criterium enters it’s 3rd year in 2010.

As my birthday tradition this race is “fixed” and brakeless only. The format remains the same. 20 fast laps around a tight, twisty, and dangerous circuit through the desolate Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn.

The racing circuit follows last year’s route including the now infamous “Otsego Chicane” and the “Beard Street Cobbles”.

Race Information:

Date: Saturday, March 20th
Registration: 9:00pm-10:45pm
Start Time: 11:00 pm
Race Length: 20 Laps (approx 35 minutes)
Equipment: 1. Fixed-gear brakeless required
2. Helmets required
3. 49×15 recommend gearing
4. Puncture resistant tires highly recommended

Entry Fee: $15

Primes: 1. End of the first lap
2. End of the halfway point lap.

Prizes: TBA

The bike snob is giving away a bike…

Want to win a free bike?

Go here and deem yourself worthy.

Happy Birthday Streetsblog SF

Wanna give a happy one year birthday to Streetsblog San Francisco and my friend Matt Roth, who is the deputy editor there.

Here is a video from giving you a little insight into all the hard work of this website covering bikes and transportation issues on the West Coast.

I was out there a few weeks ago riding around and working on an IBM commercial. It just so happened it called for a bike messenger and we wound up with this dude:
photo(photo by: Henry Nguyen)
Its Fergus Tanka, former president of the San Francisco Bike Messenger Association now just a courier and tv star.

Puppet Love

Who better to break it down for us then, a puppet?
Introducing Jay Louis from a webisode show called: “What Up Gangstar.”
He’s from Montreal, speaks french and loves fixed gears.
Here he is hosting a funny look at track bikes vs bixi bikes. (Montreal’s bike sharing program)

What Up Gangstars – Episode 4 – Fixed Gear from Jay Louis on Vimeo.

I’m not truly impressed until I see this:
kermit fixed

Bike Lane Debate

2010_1_bikelanedebate(Cyclist/Messenger Heather Loop {far left} engages in a debate about Bedford Avenue Bike Lane removal at Pete’s Candy Store in Greenpoint, Monday Night–photo by: (Gothamist/Ben Muessig)

I missed this debate on Monday in Greenpoint but there was some good coverage of it.

In the on-going discussions of the Bedford Ave bike lane removal, there was a gathering of community leaders, cyclists and alternative transportation advocates to try and get to the bottom of things.

Gothamist ran this story:

Hotly-anticipated peace talks between supporters and opponents of the recently-erased Bedford Avenue bicycle lane fell short last night when both parties left a discussion at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg with the same seemingly irreparable differences that they brought to the table. Supporters of the Bedford Avenue lane insisted that a biking path on Brooklyn’s longest road is necessary for both transportation and safety, while a community activist representing South Williamsburg’s Hasidic Jewish residents expressed concerns about dangerous biking etiquette.

Here’s a video with excerpts from the discussion:

Read the rest here.

also covered by Streetsblog’s own Noah Kazis.

Tragedy in Miami

Ok, enough selling out to beverage companies and iphone apps…

There was a serious tragedy in Miami, that was brought to my attention by a loyal reader Stephen.

Sunday, January 17th, 44year old cyclist and family man, Christophe Le Canne, was killed buy a drunk driver on the BearCut Bridge in Miami, Fl, in a heartbreaking hit-and-run.

Here is a report from the tragedy from local cycling blog: Miami Bike Scene.

Cyclist Killed On Rickenbacker Causeway
A male cyclist was killed shortly after 8am this morning by the driver of a silver Volkswagen on the Bear Cut Bridge. The bicyclist was riding in the bike lane heading into Key Biscayne when a motorist fatally struck him and kept on going, witnesses outside La Carreta heard a loud sound and spotted a speeding vehicle dragging a blue Cannondale road bicycle while blowing through a red light about 2.5 miles from where the cyclist was struck. (see map below)

The driver, Carlos Bertonatti, was apprehended by police near his residence in Key Biscayne. A group of cyclists went to where the police were and saw him detained in the back of the squad car. Some witnesses at the scene are saying the driver appeared intoxicated and based on the fatal injuries to the cyclist and heavy damage to the motorist’s vehicle it’s apparent he was exceeding the speed limit.

Below is a photo of cyclists trying to help the victim, a photo of the damaged vehicle, and one of the wrecked bicycle after it was dislodged from underneath the vehicle.

This was an incredible shock to the local biking scene in Miami and immediate call for a memorial ride.

Here are a bunch of videos from last Sunday’s event:

Christophe Le Canne Memorial Ride from rydel high on Vimeo.

Christophe Le Canne Memorial Ride from Mike Marshall on Vimeo.

1-24-10 Christopher Le Canne Memorial Ride from Jesse Hearndon on Vimeo.

Key Biscayne Memorial Ride from MrSunshine561 on Vimeo.

and news stories:
Miami Herald
Miami New Times Blog

The driver of the vehicle, Carlos Bertonatti of Key Biscayne, has been charged with multiple felonies, including DUI manslaughter. Bertonatti, who according to his attorney is a legal U.S. resident born in Venezuela, was released from jail on bail.

There is some discussion of a memorial ride here in NYC to honor Christophe Le Canne, and since the official ride in January was so cold. Stay tuned.

Shout out to POM

Picture 9
Gotta give a big shout out to Ryan Wilkins of Pom Wonderful who sent me a case of their delicious pomegranate juice. This stuff has is made with 100% juice which gives me lots of energy to keep up with this guy…
And Max isn’t even walking yet.

We did give him a doctor kit…no pressure, which judging by his pretend surgeries on his gorilla, I need all the healthy help I can get.

Besides, POM is scientifically proven to help in the areas of the prostate, cardiovascular and erectile function, and loaded with antioxidants, which is probably a lot healthier then my other favorite drink…
(photo by: Justin Sullivan Photography)

Meanwhile, it looks like one of my favorite breweries in the Pacific Northwest, Pryamid, has a new spring fling ale coming out. Hey guys…don’t let the POM people be out done…send cases immediately.
Picture 13

Tall Bike Joust app is out.

A while back I was approached by a couple of characters from my past and told about this new iphone app coming out where you get to virtually engage in the real sport of Kings, Tall Bike Jousting. I mean besides such useful information as what are the cleanest toilets in NYC like Sit or Squat, iphone apps have mildly impressed me. Somewhere I read that the iphones graphic capacity far out weighs that PSP gaming system, which always struck me as kind of a strange statement because isn’t a playstation designed for games? And why the hell are most of the games for the iphone kind of basic looking such, crayon physics …which is a pretty sweet game, btw?

Well I was kind of skeptical when Keith was telling me about this game but also rather honored that he was thinking of me for some what of an exclusive promotion. Besides, tall bikes seem to bring out strange controversies, remember the window etching incident, of Brooklyn Industries? There was a good chance that someone from the gutter punk DIY community might take offense with their world being fucked with and who knows, attack the apple store for desecrating an off limits culture who adheres to living in a society that is against the mainstream, wasteful consumerism and corporate mono culture. Turns out that artist and the world tall bike jousting champion Doyle, was down with this project and whole heatedly allowed himself to be motion captured for the game, so we can argue punk politics and the tactics of property destruction for political gains another time. For now, I think the intention was to make a fun game based on a bizarre and insane underground bike sport and somehow pay tribute to bike clubs and fringe DIY bike culture that even Freegans might have a laugh at.

So it took a while to work the bugs out on the game and the actual release date got pushed back a few weeks. Then Keith who was promoting the game went off and got married, and the producer of the game Fredric King went off to Sundance, selfish bastards. They left me here in the dark and cold to tell the world:


Here is a little video of the game play.

Fredric of fountainhead pictures and a gaming division of curious pictures got together and formed bikeclubgames as the site to promote a pretty damn fun tribute to fringe bike culture.
I haven’t fully had a chance to check out too much of the game but for $2.99, basically you pick your jouster male or female, that’s right the Ladies joust too.
Picture 7

and the go on a world tour of Jousting in all the key cities related to the sport: Brooklyn, Reno, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New Orleans and of course…Minneapolis…the home of Black Label.

The game play is great, you pedal the your tall bike with a Doom style POV using controls on the right and left. Then you use the iphone to aim your lance, line up your target and press the button when you think you’ve got your opponent in the zone, which is indicated with multi-colored circle.
Picture 8

The jousting gets progressively harder as you work your way through the different cities. Along the way your shit will get broken and there is an elaborate system for getting back into top shape, which is also a nice tribute to some of the politics of bike clubs, such as recycling and reusing bikes and being less wasteful.

So if you missed bike kill this year and were upset you didn’t get to try out a tallbike and get impaled at top speed and wind up on someones flickr account, I suggest go out and dumpster dive yourself an Iphone and start practicing.

This game is a hoot and has a great soundtrack too with artists like Japanther and Matt & Kim who have always been down with fringe bikers.

Here are a few write ups on the game:

Tall bike posse


from Touch


The big sports competition of the Midwest was not the annihilation of NY Jets by the Indianapolis Colts, but rather the annihilation of a huge wall by NYC’s sickest rider Wonka.

Scene here by Prolly, Lockedcog and posted by: Ronsta36.

Yes, kids rail slides are not longer for skates and the bmx set.

The Fixed gears have taken over and came together for a huge trix competition in Milwaukee, WI known as the Midwest Mayhem.

Lots more updates coming from someone who was actually there… Prolly.

One of the big sponsors of the big event was Cog Magazine who will be launching there 8th issue of detailed photos and articles deep into the heart of bike culture.

Looks like they will be having a sneak peek into Empire, NYC’s calling card to the pool of fixed gear movies such as SF’s and MACKAFRAMA.

Picture 3

Check out the photos of Empire’s creators Luke Stiles and Chris Thormann here.
Taken by Cog’s own Raymond McCrea Jones.

Old news, but there was an article about Empire in the NY Times Cycling related blog, spokes.

New news, there will be another biker jam in Milwaukee, this time for the messenger crowd:

stay tuned.

And speaking of Messengers, who says they don’t care? Next week is a race for Haiti…

Here in NYC.