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Snow Fun

Looks like a lot of people are having fun in the snow, despite the cold weather and slippery road conditions.

Last weekend was the Time’s Up,” love your lanes ride, paying tribute to the bike lanes in NYC.
Ben Shepard wrote this report back:

“Dancing to “Sugar” and “Tears of the Clown” blaring from a roaring roving
sound bike, members of Times UP! regaled New York with a burst big love for their city and its ever expanding (and on Bedford Ave contracting) bike lanes.
The riders braved the cold from Washington Square park up 6th, East along the bike lane on 10th, around Tompkins Square Park. Most passed out lollypops and flyers listing reasons to love biking, including that its great for the environment and your health, its fun, it embodies what a pulsing joyous environmentally sustainable city can be, and finally that biking offers hope.
“Nothing shows love or keep you warm like biking in the snow” declared bike clown Hunka Munka, aka Monica Hunken. We rode through Tompkins Square Park, site of
countless rides and demos, and a space where many in the group have completed community service for defending the environment. There we showed the love for the dogs jamming to George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog.” And finally the ride ended as riders showed some love to Ray and his rent beseiged snack joint Ray’s Candy Store enjoying some cheese and chili fries. Joey served us peroggi’s in the dark room at Odessa as we listened to Nadette and Monica regale the group with travel stories. Thanks for for speading the love with the city Times UP!

Over and out, “Hank Tears of a Clown” Clown Benjamin Shepard”

Here’s a video from the ride:

Here in NYC, fixed gear freestyle aficionado John Prolly has been blogging about snow conditions.

blackice-PINP-thumb(photo by Prolly)

He’s one of those guys that refuses to take the train and rides no matter what mother nature dishes out:
Read more here.

The “snowpocalypse” isn’t stopping these two guys either. Sydney Hollis and his buddy Pat sent me this video of riding around Brooklyn.
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NYBMA Dinner for Carmen

BFF dinner
Carmen Burkart is leaving us. She’s one of only a handful of New York City’s full time female couriers. She’s heading back to her home country of Germany and the New York Bike Messenger Association along with her friends are hosting a farewell diner. Come by, say goodbye to Carmen and meet some of NYC’s finest messengers.

February 26th, At the Bicycle Film Festival Headquarters 104 West 17th St. #3S-NYC
Hors D’oeuvre at 6pm, Buffet Dinner at 7pm
more info, contact
Read about more about her in this NY Times article from 2008.

Bicycle Film Festival turns 10!

Picture 1
This year the bicycle film festival turns 10 years old, bringing you movies about bikes from Amsterdam to Zurich.
It all started here in NYC.
This year, our favorite bicycle film festival will be here: June 17-20th.
They have extended their submission deadline to March 27th…So get crackin
The Bicycle Film Festival screens films and videos documenting, depicting, promoting and supporting bike culture in all it’s forms. Films can be any length, but to be eligible for our shorts programs, we prefer films under 10 minutes.

How do I submit my film?

To submit your film:

Download the submissions form here and send it to:

Bicycle Film Festival
70A Greenwich Ave. #307
NY NY 10011

along with your film on

either DVD or miniDV, NTSC and PAL are accepted

by March 27, 2010.

There’s no submission fee.

Bicycle Film Festival job opening

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming around again for another jam packed year of bike related movies. The NYC office has a great paid opportunity available and is looking for a tech savvy person to join their team:


The Bicycle Film Festival is looking for a Web and Multimedia Coordinator
at the New York Headquarters office. Position is full-time and starts immediately.

The BFF is an arts and cultural event that celebrates the bicycle
through art, music, performance and of course film.
For more information visit

This is an incredible opportunity to for someone with enthusiasm and ambition,
to get involved on the ground floor of an exciting start-up business that is
at the forefront of a powerful cultural movement.


– Manage website design and maintenance.
– Manage web store and web sales.
– Edit video and film programs, produce screening files and tapes.
– Oversee the collection and programming of films.
– Manage the North America Box Office sales.
– Create and update an image and film archive.
– Coordinate printing of posters and programs for events.
– Organize and keep database of film submissions.
– Act as point person for technical needs for BFF staff.

Requirements and Qualifications:

– Passion and in depth knowledge of bicycle culture and film is required. This is much more than a “day job.”
– Ability to work independently and collaboratively, and to see projects through to completion.
– Excellent organizational skills and an eye for detail are a must.
– Must be proficient in: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, Word.
– Knowledge and ability to comfortably convert NTSC and PAL formats.
– Knowledge of HTML / PHP / CSS.

Please email resume and tell us why you are interested in this position:
We look forward to hearing from you!

Nora Liddell
Bicycle Film Festival
104 West 17th Steet #3S
New York, New York 10011

Tech Watch: Hubless BMX

tech watch
Ok, I’ve heard of no hand brakes on your track bike…now here’s no hubs on your BMX:
Russian graphic designer Nikolay Boltachev has come up with the “BMX Concept.”

Read more at The Design Blog

Videos roundup–Yeehaw

What round up would be complete without a little tribute to Smokey and the Bandit.

Stevil Kinevil of and the Mission Workshop crew came up with this contest to win a bag for making the best bike parody of the classic Burt Reynolds movie.
Picture 11

Well yall– TCB Courier are Eastbound and downtown, loaded up and truckin…winners.

Here is a commercial I found by Errol Morris, the real alternative fuel.

Videos from Prolly
Auckland is the most populated city in New Zealand. They’ve got an emerging fixed gear scene reported on the blog Chain Gang Kids. Here is a recent cut from their weekly ride called Tank Farm Tuesdays, by Sean Walllace.

Tank Farm Tuesday from sean wallace on Vimeo.

Nice little time lapse of Chris Thormann and Dan Chabanov doing some hanging out between runs. Ah to wear shorts again, obviously from a warmer weather time period.

Warm stand-by time. from Dan Chabanov on Vimeo.

Grime edit, from Christian Musgrave

Grime Edit. from

and from bike shop LA Brakeless, Night Sesh.

night sesh from Beaver on Vimeo.

Videos from TrackO

A video from Brooks saddles about an event in Tuscany which is a tribute to vintage bicycles, L’Erocia.

a video of A.N.T. (alternative Needs Transportation) founder Mike Flanigan

Day 7 of Tokyo to Osaka ride

JUNKAN Part 2 of 2 from on Vimeo.

More info here.

Classic Tour riding from stage 13, 1986

seen on Dan Chabanov’s Tumblr BoneDeth

Move over Kevin Bacon-Here comes the Messenger

There was a new narrative messenger movie shot here in NYC. Movement pictures is currently in post production on their movie described here:

About The Film
The Messenger is a short film about Kaya, 19, a midwesterner who leaves behind family and friends to follow her passion for cycling to New York City.
The film is about youth, passion and fate.

you can watch a teaser here (click image)

Seems like they did a lot of things right in making this short and having real NYC bikers and messengers contribute.

Looking at the cast list:

Joanna Schubert (Kaya)
Kellyn Lindsay (Angela)
Jamee Vance (Kaya’s Mom)
Yatika Starr Fields (himself, Yatika)
John-Taki Theodoracopulos (himself, as JT)
Bettina Bilger (Laura, woman on street)
Bobby (himself, Streetwise Manager)
Scott Klocksin (housemate)
Joan Lantz (nurse in park)
E. Jean (cab driver)
Natalia Krasnodebska (woman on cellphone)
Kelly Sebastian (office manager)
Heather L. Muller (bike messenger)
Nitzan Mager (woman in park)

Yatika Fields, Artist and Messenger was cast in the movie along with JT and Heather Muller. Right on.

Also Luke Stiles and Chris Thormann of Empire fame were used for in the streets bicycle videography.

Here is a little from their site about future plans:

We composed our shots with a big screen in mind and captured our footage with prime lenses. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to screen at major film festivals across the country and overseas in 2010.

Valentine’s the new Halloween

Wow, who knew there’d be all these events on Valentine’s weekend. Here is one in Seattle:

More info visit

and then they’ve got an event for Monday…President’s day.
February 15th
This race is a benefit for Counterbalance Racing and will raise money to help them pay for the events they do throughout the year. You will need a partner for your team (teams of 2). The cost is $15 per person, and it gets you 2 beer tickets (for good beer) that you redeem at the finish. There will be beer specials for racers. It will also gain you entry into the Emerald Sprints Roller Racing taking place at the Funhouse. If you just want to do sprints, the cost is $7 per person.

Kona and Traitor have both donated great stuff (like a bike and a frame!) to be raffled off, you can buy tickets at the Funhouse

Costumes are encouraged!

Meet at Counterbalance park at 12pm
Doors at FunHouse open at 3pm
Roller race starts at 4pm

Be there and bring your friends!

February 15th-President’s day

Forgot about this event

in my Valentine’s weekend events:

The Cutthroats Presents–
Philly’s Ballantine’s Day Massacre, Friday, February 12th.
More info here.

RED HOOK CRIT…it’s coming