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April 2014
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Squid on’s show: Bike Talk

KPFK out of San Francisco has a show called: Bike Talk, weekly on Saturdays.

On the January 19th, they featured legendary courier: Kevin “Squid” Bolger.

from their site: This week on Bike Talk: Squid!! Veteran messenger Kevin Bolger shares stories of NYC messengering, Alley Cats races, worldwide track bike dissemination,, and the legendary “Warriors” ride. Can you dig it!?! Also a visit to the Netherlands Consulate General. Nick Richart and Joe Linton talk with Consul-General Bart van Bolhuis about the ubiquity of bikes in his country and how to improve bike infrastructure here in Los Angeles. They are also joined by Jon Lind of De Fietsfabriek USA, and Conny Lederer.

Check it out here.

cycling ipod app gets a brain.

tech watch

Coming out in the spring, Pedal Brain will be able to sync cycling information directly to the iphone or ipod touch:

thumb160x_pedalbrainshot3Cycling apps are nothing new to the Apple App Store, but this hardware/software combo called Pedal Brain is the first to provide convenient ANT+ wireless device support.

As a quick primer, ANT+ is a wireless standard used by cyclists to measure and analyze their ride performance using a variety of wireless devices. It’s been around for a while, but until Pedal Brain, there was no way to sync it up to an iPhone of iPod touch. Now there is!


Correction to the Date of the Memorial ride: Sunday January 3rd.

This year’s Memorial ride and walk, to pay tribute to all those killed on a bike in 2009, will be this Sunday, January 3rd.

There has also been a stop added to honor the recent death of DJ Reverend Soul, Solange Raulston.

More information below.

Sunday January 3, 2010
The Fifth Annual Memorial Ride and Walk
To Remember Cyclists and Pedestrians Lost on NYC Streets
Scheduled meet-ups and stops are subject to change:
ride/walk updates @
& (day of ride)

Manhattan: 10:00am meet @ w145st & Convent Ave
* 10:25 memorial for Juan Espinoza-Navarrete – w133 & Amsterdam
11:00 Central Park South @ 7th ave. –meet-up

Queens: 11:30am meet @ Queensboro Bridge
* 11:55 memorial for Pablo Pasarán – 21st st. & 35th ave.
* 12:25 memorial for James Langergaard – Queens blvd & 69th st
* 1:35 memorial for Stephen Hodnett – Hillside & Jamaica

Brooklyn: 3:00pm meet @ Grand Army Plaza
* 3:25 memorial for Unnamed – 5th ave and Dean
* 3:35 memorial for Julian Miller – Greene & Washington
* 3:55 memorial for Dan Valle – Williamsburg Bridge
* 4:10 memorial for Eliseo Martinez – Moore & Bushwick
* 4:25 memorial for Aurelio Perez – Morgan & Harrison
* 4:40 memorial for Solange Raulston- Nassau & McGuinness

Ride/Walk Convergence: 4:45pm @ Manhattan Ave & Milton
* 4:55 memorial for Violetta Kryzak – India & Manhattan
* 5:05 memorial for Unnamed Cyclists & Pedestrians Killed in 2009

Gathering of family, friends, cyclists and pedestrians – 5:10pm
Greenpoint Reformed Church –
136 Milton, btwn Franklin and Manhattan Aves. Brooklyn
(G train to Greenpoint Ave.)

Feeling Crankee

Have you heard of the blog out of Japan called: Crankee? Here is their introduction on the blog:
“The Crankee Blog offers bored readers a tired look into the mundane world of cycling in the less than thrilling land of Japan. At least that’s how it reads when I write it. In spite of my mood swings and busy social calendar, I will try my best to keep my readers informed and entertained on events Velo related. Please feel free to contact me with news, ideas or gripes to brighten my day.

With love,
Señor Crankee

Its a nice read of bike culture in Tokyo and surrounding cities written in English. Now they have a calender for 2010. Meet the love wheels Nagoya Girls.


About the calender:
“Nestled between Tokyo and Osaka on the Tokaido Bullet Train line, is the Asian Detroit, Nagoya City. Home to Toyota Motors, miso pork cutlets and most importantly, The Love Wheels Nagoya Girls. But this group of Japanese pedal beauties have little interest in dirty cars or deep fried pork. The Love Wheel Nagoya Girls enjoy three things: their bikes, dressing up and having their picture taken. You just gotta love Japan. Love Wheels Nagoya – 2010 Bicycle Calendar features some of Nagoya’s prettiest and hottest babes posing with their velocipedes in costumes raging from exotic to Cosplay. Nagoya City is fast becoming ground zero for the Japanese cycling scene. Most of the girls that posed for the calendar can be seen at the monthly alley cat races in downtown Nagoya. Señor Crankee personally knows each and every girl featured in the calendar and can testify that they are just as hot in person as they appear in the calendar or your money back! Start the year with a hot Japanese babe on a bike, order your Love Wheels Nagoya – 2010 Calendar today! FREE Shipping if you order now!”

Alleycat video from Dallas

What can I say, I’m a sucker for alleycat videos.
Here is one from a race in Dallas, TX.

theTWENTY alley cat presented by (Dec. 2009) from PEDALLAS on Vimeo.

as seen on

NYTimes: Spokes, advice on riding in winter

You probably know about the New York Time’s Spokes Blog, who brought you such original ideas as a Gift guide for cyclists. I wonder where they possibly got that idea? Wish I thought of it. I wait I did.

Holiday Gift Guide Part 1
Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

Oh well, as long great cycling products get promoted, right?

Here is their latest on tips for riding in Winter:

December 22, 2009, 12:02 pm
Advice on Pedaling Through the Winter
By Sean Patrick Farrell and J. David Goodman

spokes-winterriding-1(photo by: J. David Goodman for the NY Times)

Photo caption-A trickle of riders navigated the slushy Broadway bike path on Monday.

The big news about last Saturday’s much-anticipated and debated “nude” protest ride, the latest in a string of protest actions surrounding the removal of 14 blocks of the Bedford Avenue bike lanes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was that no one was actually nude.

With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees and the snow already swirling, can anyone blame the demonstrators for covering up? Read more…

New Products (last minute gifts anyone?)

Saw this on urban velo

Chicago’s WIG, has a new hip pouch.

also on Urban Velo:

Looking for a cycling shoe that’s also doubles for Casual work wear? Check out Bontrager’s new wingtips.

Saw this posted on Andrew’s Poleriders twitter feed.

New sexy 20″ wheel commuter bike from Cannondale, The Hooligan 3

Outlier has new Winter Weight pants for biking, (seen on JohnProlly)

more info here.

as seen on
a new Photo book on the local Chicago cyclocross scene.

Check it out here.

The other protest of the bike lane removal of Bedford Ave.

Naked or not, what matters is that the NY Cycling community is taking action on the removal of the Bedford Ave. bike lanes. I applaud you all.

Here is a video from the earlier protest by Time’s Up:

and a link to a Gothamist article.

Naked Schmaked, I mean it was snowing.

Forget that silly little conference in Copenhagen deciding on a plan to tackle such a trivial thing like the climate of the planet…this is the real controversy. The removal of a bike lane in Brooklyn, the most egregious act to hit the cycling world since Ed Koch tried to ban bikes from Midtown Manhattan.

First the bike lanes were removed.
Then some citizens decided to paint them back.
Then they got busted for criminal mischief.
Then there was a ton of press on the issue.
Then Sunday the 13th, Time’s Up clown brigade organized a “mock funneral,” for the dearly departed bike lane.
Then, there was threat of a Naked bike ride protest in the assumption that the bike lane removal from a predominately Hasidic Jewish community was directly related to claims of too many scantily clad cyclists going thru.
and Transportation Alternatives protested the protesting of the protest, saying this is very divisive and antagonistic.

Then Saturday, the 19th… this happened.

(thanks to Anita of for alerting me of the video.

March, 2010…ONE WORD.


(maybe that’s two words)