Congratulations on the winner of the ipod contest

Brian Griggs from Cleveland Ohio has won again! He won this weeks contest of the best mutant bike and scored again by having them involved in jousting:



He also wanted to include this photo to show off why his buddies bike is called the Mustache:


This means that Brian is the winner of the contest and will soon be receiving his 8 gig ipod touch loaded with the new app “TALL BIKE JOUST.”

Looks like Brian and his crew are building up quite a scene there in Cleveland and I’ll be sending him a few questions so we can get to find out whats happening over there and profile our contest winner.

Congratulations again Brian.

Stolen Bike Alert

Riyadh Drebika wrote me with some upsetting news:
“Got my bike stolen out of my apartment on Willoughby Ave at central Bushwick last night.”

The details from craig’s list:

Stolen large black Affinity Pursuit frame, Track Star build rear black Velocity wheel, large gauge silver spokes, formula double fixed black hub, clipless mountain bike petals, new Sugino 75 crank set, Bontrager stem, black Oury grips on cut down silver straight bars, front brake, black Knog Frog rear light zip tied under the seat. Bike stolen out of my apartment on Willoughby AVE, smash and grab. No questions asked reward. (some of the pix show different components)

Be on the lookout for this stolen bike and if you have any information contact Riyadh,

I heard about another website in NYC tracking stolen bikes…anyone know about this?

Tragedy strikes just day's after memorial ride.

Not more than 2 days after the 5th annual memorial ride in NYC which occurred last Sunday, I get tragic news from Bill DiPaola executive director of Time’s Up who was on the scene of an accident.

Looks as if a woman was killed by a large yellow school bus Eastbound on Delancey Street which occured around 4:00pm today.

Details are still coming in and there is already a report on Streets Blog from Ben Fried.

This Picture from WABC of an overhead shot of Delancey around Ludlow St.

I think its about time we get a bike lane on Delancey Street. Please feel free to comment on this.

The NY Post is reporting about this accident as well and with news that this is the third death today involving motor vehicles.

It’s really hard to imagine that only two days ago we were paying respects to the tragedies of 2009. I can’t believe I’m even putting this in the same posting but here is a report back from the memorial ride form Garret Mok, who braved the freezing temperatures and took photographs.

“Riders from Street Memorial Project, Time’s Up!, Transportation Alternatives, Five Borough Bicycle Club, Dykes on Bike-Cycles, Fast & Fabulous, and other cycling and bike advocacy groups showed up 3p at Grand Army Plaza to blowing snow for the Brooklyn leg of the memorial ride. Brooklyn has the six of the ten new ghosts bikes in NYC for 2009 (the eleventh was dedicated post-ride in Greenpoint Reformed Church), and was the last part of the day-long commemoration.

The first stop was in Park Slope for an unnamed rider on 5th Ave and Dean. The second stop was in Fort Greene for Julian Miller on Greene & Washington. Next we rode to Williamsburg Bridge for Dan Valle. Then to Moore & Bushwick for Eliseo Martinez, and Morgan & Harrison for Aurelio Perez. The last stop was in Greenpoint for Solange Raulston on Nassau & McGuinness. It was a somber, cold ride. By the time it ended, it was about low to mid-twenties. During the six stops, riders hurdled together for warmth and in sadness. When friends and family of the victims spoke in remembrance of their loved ones, everyone were invariably moved.”


See the full set of Garret’s pictures here.
Thanks for doing this Garret.

My condolences to all the grieving families of today’s tragedies. Those who have died senselessly on the streets.
Ride Safe.

Another facebook cyclist hate fan page.

I don’t know what’s more frightening, that I keep finding facebook groups like this:

Theres a perfectly good path right next to the road you stupid cyclist or that they have 31,000 fans.


Meanwhile Gothamist has a report from this year’s Memorial ride.
“Yesterday a small but dedicated group of cyclists braved the brutal winter winds for the fifth annual Memorial Ride across Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn to dedicate eleven “Ghost Bikes.” The all-white bikes, a tragically common reminder of bicyclist fatalities, commemorate the estimated ten lives lost while bicycling in NYC during 2009. Linda Langergaard, whose son James Langergaard was killed biking across Queens Boulevard in August, said in a statement, “James was a wonderful part of so many lives and we miss him terribly. It hurts to know so many families are feeling the same loss as we are. It is so important that we come together to prevent these tragedies from ever happening to another family.”

read more here.

Bike Messenger Radio

Bike messenger radio now at TenNine They’ve got two shows already posted about bike messenger culture, Check it out.

ipod touch contest–Final week

This is the final week of the Ipod touch contest. We had a bit of an extension and I wanted to announce last week’s winner. Brian Griggs nailed it again:
pictures! 308
pictures! 307

I mean, come on. Not only is it a guy using an ipod, its on a tallbike…not only a tallbike, but a tallbike tandem. Sweet.

So Brian wins 1,000 points and the DVD of the documentary B.I.K.E, made by Fredric King which was a large inspiration for the new set to release Tall Bike Joust app/game.

So here is a recap of the points so far:

Brian Griggs has 2100 points
Kevin Dillard has 1000 points and
Ed Boyak has 100 points.

This brings us to the last week of the contest and a new theme. Its rather simple: Your best mutant bike. Send in a picture of your best mutant bike, chopper, tallbike…something you can’t even describe. 500 bonus points if this is involved in a joust.

Good Luck. The winner will be decided at the end of the week Sunday.

Event in 2010, alleycat in Mexico City

For those who don’t know, this year’s 2010 Cycle Messenger World Championships will be held in Guatemala, making new connections and bring the world’s couriers to this amazing South American country which makes for a unique travel destination. This event is being held from September 3rd-13th with lots of time to see sights, meet old and new friends and compete in amazing events like bike polo, track bike skills and of course the main race. It is being orchestrated mainly by Toronto’s own legendary: Nadir Olivet, owner of La Carrera cycles in Toronto.

There will be a series of events leading up to Guatemala including an alleycat in Mexico City, with the help of Mexico Fixed.

For more information, contact

New Year, feel the love…not.

January 4th, 2010. It’s a new year and the decade of the bicycle is moving into it’s next phase. There is always a sentimental and reflective kick off to each year here in NYC, with the annual memorial ride and walk which pays tribute to our fallen bikers. With so many more people on bikes these days, I hope we can continue to find new ways to ride together, share the road and increase more positive channels between all of the street inhabitants form pedestrians to motorists.

Unlike this facebook group I awoke to find out about.

Happy and health 2010, ride safe.

Happy New Year all!!

Well the Zero’s are rapidly coming to a close. Although it was a pretty dismal decade: 8 years of Bush, 911 (Bush doing nothing), Katrina (Bush doing nothing) the economy (a lot more than Bush doing nothing) We did get a black president (probably going to do nothing)

However, in this age of rapid developing technologies helping to democratize the planet, smart phones, facebook, blogs, twitter–one technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years and is enjoying such a glorious revival.


Happy New Year and keep it going in 2010.

Fredric King, creator of the new Tall Bike Jousting App which is now set to be released: 02/01/2010, alerted me of a couple great bike events for New Years.


Tonight there will be fun, xtreme bike games, anarchy and of course Tall Bike Jousting!! Doyle one of the creators of BikeClub Games’ Tall Bike Joust will be on hand to give jousting pointers to any with the guts to give it a try. 1 – til, Japonica Street under the Claiborne Bridge.

and in Portland:


BikeClub Games NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY @ ROTTURE IN PORTLAND! We’re giving away an iPod Touch! You’ll be entered with a chance to win with paid entry at the door. JAPANTHER is featured on the the Tall Bike Joust soundtrack! See them live on New Year’s Eve! Come party and enter to win an iPod Touch! 


315 SE 3rd Ave

Portland, OR 97214

Coming up:
Sundance Film Festival, Park City Utah
The Influencers, Barcelona Spain

First Friday, Freedom Ride…NYC

First Friday! The first day of the year!

How do you want your streets to look in the next decade?

Let’s share a fun and safe ride together to explore our community and our city without pollution.

Let’s make the streets what we want.

FRIDAY 01/01/10
7 PM