Road Rage Doctor gets 5 years

Los Angeles ER doctor Christopher Thompson, has a new place to practice medicine…a jail cell. He was sentenced to five years in prison for deciding to use his car as a weapon and slam on the brakes in front of two road cyclists.

One of those, who suffered severe injuries is Ron Peterson, recently spoke out about the conviction.

“Cyclist Ron Peterson breathed a sigh of relief this week after a driver who deliberately slammed on his car’s brakes in front of him, leaving him with horrific injuries, was jailed.

Los Angeles doctor Christopher Thompson was convicted of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon (his car), battery with serious injury and reckless driving causing injury, and sentenced to five years in prison.”

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Philly GoldSprints, 1/17/10

The Philly Bike Messenger Association presents:

hanks to everyone who has been coming out racing and supporting the bma so we can continue to make these events happen!

Blockley Pourhouse is a HUGE, amazing space so I hope we can get as many riders out as possible. Also they have really good food and some decent drink specials $2 Lionshead bottles, $3 Budlight Draft and $4 Jack Daniels.

Doors open at 2:30pm
$5 cover will include your registration if you choose to race, a spoke card, and a drink ticket! As always our sponsors have provided us with some outstanding prizes for those with the best times!

Very special thanks to:

Mid-West Mayhem

Milwaukee may have had it’s bike polo team busted, but fear not…the MAYHEM is coming.

The Black Market is open

Stevil Kenevil of the hilarious cycling blog all hail the black market has his web store ready to go. Purchase beer cozys, hats and great t-shirts like this:


Get your gear today at all hail the black

Late Night Frost Bite...Is Back. 1/16/09


Skateboarding is not a crime, neither is bike polo

Ok, I can understand the police kicking someone out of private space where people are skateboarding, doing grinds on a bmx bike or in this case playing bike polo. But arresting a practicing bike polo team who’d been coming out for years and having them spend 11 hours in jail? Excessive.

Sad but true, to the crew from Milwaukee Bike Polo.


Seen on John Prolly, and the Cog magazine blog

Group ride in Helsinki, Finland…with a torch

Saw this video on John Prolly’s Site and in my continued effort to highlight how global the world of bicycle culture is, a group ride from Helsinki, Finland:

HELSINKI 78-82 – CRUISING from Top Billin on Vimeo.

More info at

Article about German couriers dealing with bad weather.

From Joe Hendry of
Bike couriers grappling with enduring snow and ice
The Local, January 8, 2010
While most workers can retreat to the warmth of their offices or cars during the harsh winter weather, bike messengers across Germany have been braving the cold – but not without a few extra layers.
These days Patrick takes a little longer getting dressed in the morning. The 27-year-old bike messenger spends about ten hours outside in Berlin’s icy temperatures, making long underwear, several pairs of socks and a ski mask essential at the moment. He says he can handle the cold relatively well.
“I’m in motion most of the time, so it passes,” says Patrick. Unfortunately, his hands and feet are perpetually frozen. “For them, I’ve yet to find a remedy.”
Such is the case for many bike couriers in Germany, who work in some 57 cities throughout the country and not just larger metropolitan areas like Hamburg or Berlin.
Patrick says he has not fallen ill once since he became a bike messenger some two years ago. “The job strengthens the immune system,” he explains with a grin. Even though he’s not worried about catching a cold, he rides at a slower pace to avoid sweating. “If you’re drenched with sweat, you immediately begin to freeze, so you have to go home and change clothes right away.”
The icy streets are also forcing bike messengers to reduce speeds and delay their deliveries, though.
“The slipperiness is a real problem for us,” said Dirk Brauer, who is both a supervisor and bike courier. “The side streets have not been cleared and are barely passable by bike. The couriers are forced to use the main roads and are stuck in traffic along with the cars,” says the 46-year old. With such delays, the competitive advantage of bike messengers is melting away. Patrick estimates that he needs about 20 to 30 percent more time for a delivery.
The mirror-slick roads have already caused some casualties. Two of Brauer’s 50 cyclists have had accidents in the last few days. For most freelance bike couriers, the risk of injury is a serious problem and they often pay high premiums for health insurance.
Brauer’s fleet of cyclists is already smaller than usual. “Messengers, who are new to the city or inexperienced, are taking fewer trips or not travelling at all,” said Brauer. Some of the messengers have switched to mountain bikes as they are somewhat safer on slippery roads. In order to endure the winter, couriers must be in good physical condition, but also have “snow experience.”
Even though Patrick is a fit, experienced biker, the weather conditions are taking a toll. “It’s incredibly stressful,” he said. “I really enjoy my job, but at the moment it’s just no fun at all.”

Williamsburg Bike Lane Wars Debate.

James Hook is hosting debates in a series called:

Open City Dialogue (OCD)
a bi-monthly lecture series curated by Greenpoint resident James Hook, and unraveling on alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete’s Candy Store.

Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people’s obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York. Whether academic or crackpot; celebrated or unsung, our lecturers all have something to tell you.

Next Up:


MONDAY, Jan. 25, 7:30pm
(709 Lorimer St., Brooklyn)

On December 8, 2008, at 3:30am, rogue bikers Quinn Hechtropf and Catherine Piccochi were nabbed by South Williamsburg’s Satmar Hassidic community’s Shromrin Patrol for illegally re-painting a bike-lane that had the week before been controversially removed from Bedford Avenue by the city, for reasons murky at best. Thus began the great Willliamsburg Bike Wars, a Hipsters vs. Hassidim saga whose players include a who’s who of Bikesters, Hassidic High-rollers, and even Mayor Bloomberg himself! Join us at Pete’s as we give out stage over to an array of players to hear out both sides of the issue.

Guests include Caroline Samponaro of Transportation Alternatives and Biking Rules!; Bike messenger Heather Loop,; Satmar representative and City Council Candidate Isaac Abraham, and Hassidic Bike Enthusiast and founder of Tarif Bike Geshaft Baruch Herzfeld.

Identified person killed on Delancey

Jeffeson Siegel reporter and photographer sent me this link which identifies the woman killed on her bicycle last week:

35 year old, Fuen Bai of the East Village.

Read more here.