Happy New Year all!!

Well the Zero’s are rapidly coming to a close. Although it was a pretty dismal decade: 8 years of Bush, 911 (Bush doing nothing), Katrina (Bush doing nothing) the economy (a lot more than Bush doing nothing) We did get a black president (probably going to do nothing)

However, in this age of rapid developing technologies helping to democratize the planet, smart phones, facebook, blogs, twitter–one technology hasn’t changed much in the last 10 years and is enjoying such a glorious revival.


Happy New Year and keep it going in 2010.

Fredric King, creator of the new Tall Bike Jousting App which is now set to be released: 02/01/2010, alerted me of a couple great bike events for New Years.


Tonight there will be fun, xtreme bike games, anarchy and of course Tall Bike Jousting!! Doyle one of the creators of BikeClub Games’ Tall Bike Joust will be on hand to give jousting pointers to any with the guts to give it a try. 1 – til, Japonica Street under the Claiborne Bridge.

and in Portland:


BikeClub Games NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY @ ROTTURE IN PORTLAND! We’re giving away an iPod Touch! You’ll be entered with a chance to win with paid entry at the door. JAPANTHER is featured on the the Tall Bike Joust soundtrack! See them live on New Year’s Eve! Come party and enter to win an iPod Touch! 


315 SE 3rd Ave

Portland, OR 97214

Coming up:
Sundance Film Festival, Park City Utah
The Influencers, Barcelona Spain

First Friday, Freedom Ride…NYC

First Friday! The first day of the year!

How do you want your streets to look in the next decade?

Let’s share a fun and safe ride together to explore our community and our city without pollution.

Let’s make the streets what we want.

FRIDAY 01/01/10
7 PM

Urban Velo, preview for issue# 17

My favorite home grown urban bicycle publication: Urban Velo has their 17th issue ready to drop like that overpriced crystal ball in Time’s Square.
With everything for product reviews to local bike happenings and a great series on why people love riding their bikes throughout the planet.

Right now their looking for submissions for people to be profiled in their: “Why I love riding in the city,” series.

Fill out the questionnaire here.

There are three ways to get Urban Velo:
1) subsribe for $18.00 (for the year) for the printed edition.
2) read it on their website or
3) get it through a pdf on itunes.

They also have a new line of t-shirts with their logo in great new colors and more t-shirts in Black for the ladies.
Did I mention they are only $12.00 and have free shipping.

Shout out to Miami and San Francisco

Looks like I’ll be working on a job in Miami and San Francisco. I would love to check out the local bike scenes if I get any time. Maybe someone could lend me a bike or I could rent on. Looking for a little ambassadorship exchange for anyone who would like the same in NYC.

Let me know.

Miami: January 6th-10th

San Francisco: 12th-17th


So we are extending the ipod touch photo scavenger hunt contest one week due to the holidays. Also it looks as if the Tall Bike Joust app is more complicated then originally anticipated and the programing needs some work in order to make it truly awesome. So it will probably be coming out more towards the middle of January.

So, you all have another week to get in your photos for the current weeks contest which is a photo of someone using a cell phone or ipod while riding a bicycle.

Don’t worry, those of you who have submitted photos, your images will be used in consideration and go towards the overall contest.


Review of the Holligan

Andrew of reviews Cannondale’s new smart commuter, the Holligan.

I have never done a product review on this blog but the Cannondale Hooligan has captivated my interest to such a degree that over the last few days since I first spotted one at my LBS I have felt compelled to tell all of my cycling friends about this very cool little ride. As best as I can tell the Hooligan has been available in Japan, UK and Europe since 2008 in a single speed or 3 speed version. The US version is available with an 8 speed derailleur listed for $649 or a Sram internal 3 speed for $979. The 3 speed also comes with better brakes and better tires as well as the single bladed Cannondale Lefty Fork. The Delta-V frame and Lefty fork are borrowed from Cannondales progressive mountain bike designs.

Read more here.

The Guardian has a bike blog

the Guardian news paper UK has a weekly cycling blog: bike blog.
They recently had an article about a recent study which found cyclists risky behavior of running red lights and wearing dark clothing at night was rarely the cause of traffic accidents involving motor vehicles.

Risky cycling rarely to blame for bike accidents, study finds
Cyclists disobeying stop signal or wearing dark clothing at night rarely cited in collisions causing serious injury
by: Peter Walker, Tuesday 15 December 2009 16.25 GMT

Driver-behaviour-was-more-001Cyclists’ lobby group CTC said the report needed to focus on driver behaviour rather than issues such as cyclists wearing helmets. Photograph: Antonio Olmos

A tiny proportion of accidents involving cyclists are caused by riders jumping red lights or stop signs, or failing to wear high-visibility clothing and use lights, a government-commissioned study has discovered.

The findings appear to contradict a spate of recent reports speculating that risky behaviour by riders, such as listening to music players while cycling, could be behind a near 20% rise in cyclist deaths and serious injuries in the second quarter of this year.

The study, carried out for the Department for Transport, found that in 2% of cases where cyclists were seriously injured in collisions with other road users police said that the rider disobeying a stop sign or traffic light was a likely contributing factor. Wearing dark clothing at night was seen as a potential cause in about 2.5% of cases, and failure to use lights was mentioned 2% of the time.

Read the whole article here.

Squid on’s show: Bike Talk

KPFK out of San Francisco has a show called: Bike Talk, weekly on Saturdays.

On the January 19th, they featured legendary courier: Kevin “Squid” Bolger.

from their site: This week on Bike Talk: Squid!! Veteran messenger Kevin Bolger shares stories of NYC messengering, Alley Cats races, worldwide track bike dissemination,, and the legendary “Warriors” ride. Can you dig it!?! Also a visit to the Netherlands Consulate General. Nick Richart and Joe Linton talk with Consul-General Bart van Bolhuis about the ubiquity of bikes in his country and how to improve bike infrastructure here in Los Angeles. They are also joined by Jon Lind of De Fietsfabriek USA, and Conny Lederer.

Check it out here.

cycling ipod app gets a brain.

tech watch

Coming out in the spring, Pedal Brain will be able to sync cycling information directly to the iphone or ipod touch:

thumb160x_pedalbrainshot3Cycling apps are nothing new to the Apple App Store, but this hardware/software combo called Pedal Brain is the first to provide convenient ANT+ wireless device support.

As a quick primer, ANT+ is a wireless standard used by cyclists to measure and analyze their ride performance using a variety of wireless devices. It’s been around for a while, but until Pedal Brain, there was no way to sync it up to an iPhone of iPod touch. Now there is!


Correction to the Date of the Memorial ride: Sunday January 3rd.

This year’s Memorial ride and walk, to pay tribute to all those killed on a bike in 2009, will be this Sunday, January 3rd.

There has also been a stop added to honor the recent death of DJ Reverend Soul, Solange Raulston.

More information below.

Sunday January 3, 2010
The Fifth Annual Memorial Ride and Walk
To Remember Cyclists and Pedestrians Lost on NYC Streets
Scheduled meet-ups and stops are subject to change:
ride/walk updates @
& (day of ride)

Manhattan: 10:00am meet @ w145st & Convent Ave
* 10:25 memorial for Juan Espinoza-Navarrete – w133 & Amsterdam
11:00 Central Park South @ 7th ave. –meet-up

Queens: 11:30am meet @ Queensboro Bridge
* 11:55 memorial for Pablo Pasarán – 21st st. & 35th ave.
* 12:25 memorial for James Langergaard – Queens blvd & 69th st
* 1:35 memorial for Stephen Hodnett – Hillside & Jamaica

Brooklyn: 3:00pm meet @ Grand Army Plaza
* 3:25 memorial for Unnamed – 5th ave and Dean
* 3:35 memorial for Julian Miller – Greene & Washington
* 3:55 memorial for Dan Valle – Williamsburg Bridge
* 4:10 memorial for Eliseo Martinez – Moore & Bushwick
* 4:25 memorial for Aurelio Perez – Morgan & Harrison
* 4:40 memorial for Solange Raulston- Nassau & McGuinness

Ride/Walk Convergence: 4:45pm @ Manhattan Ave & Milton
* 4:55 memorial for Violetta Kryzak – India & Manhattan
* 5:05 memorial for Unnamed Cyclists & Pedestrians Killed in 2009

Gathering of family, friends, cyclists and pedestrians – 5:10pm
Greenpoint Reformed Church –
136 Milton, btwn Franklin and Manhattan Aves. Brooklyn
(G train to Greenpoint Ave.)