March, 2010…ONE WORD.


(maybe that’s two words)

Winner of last weeks contest

The winner of last week’s ipod touch contest is this gem from Kevin Dillard.
slaughterama4 006
The theme of the week was: The most loaded bike, and this one from Slaughterama in Richmond, VA shows off a nice load of people trying to fit on one bike, which is one of the events of this awesome gathering of bike freaks. Although I really like this attempt from the previous weeks winner, Brian Griggs which really plays on the theme of loaded.


Kevin wins 1000 points towards the ipod and a beenie hat from the movie B.I.K.E.

will give Brian 100 points for the nice attempt and this submission from Ed Boyak which is slightly more fitting:
Copy of moving day 006

So here are how things stand:
Brian Griggs has 1100 points
Kevin Dillard has 1000 points and
Ed Boyak has 100 points.

And now for this weeks theme:

We are looking for photos of someone riding while talking on their phone or using an ipod. Now Bikeblognyc, does not condone this behavior, but we know it exists, so the more egregious the better. Feel free to stage these photos, creativity counts but more points if you get a good “gotcha” of someone txting while riding or straight up, no hands riding will playing a new iphone app in one hand and answering their nextel in the other.

This weeks prize is a DVD of the documentary B.I.K.E., who are also makers of the new Tall Bike Joust App.

Good luck.

Time's Up New Year

12312007v(photo by: Fred Askew Photography)
Thursday, December 31, 2009
Meet 10:30pm at Washington Square Park,
under the Arch
New York City

Start the year off right- on your bike or skates! Don’t get stuck in a smoky bar or some corporate-sponsored event! Come celebrate New Year’s Eve in the great outdoors with Music! Dancing! Rude Mechanical Orchestra Marching Band! Fireworks! and Great Merriment!

We’ll be riding up to Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park for the best (and free!) New Year’s Eve dance party in town with marching band, Rude Mechanical Orchestra and fireworks! Dress festive–don’t forget your noisemakers and party favors–and bring food and drink to share!

Alternate Manhattan pick-up points:
10:50 p.m. at Madison Square Park, 23rd and Broadway, Flatiron side **If you don’t want to do the ride, you can just meet us at 11:45pm at Belvedere Castle.

Feeder Rides:
Meet 10:00pm at Brooklyn-side entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge **Ending with a huge party with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and fireworks at Belvedere Castle in Central Park (at 79th St.)

Ride featured in the New York Times

Photos of 2007 New Year’s Eve Party ride by Fred Askew:

Make your New Year’s Eve resolution a pledge for your health as well as the planet’s by reducing your global footprint. Make a resolution to support your environment and non-profit groups like Time’s Up!
Click here to make a tax-deductable donation.

More details at here.

NPR on Bamboo bikes.

Story on NPR about Brooklyn’s own Bamboo Bike Studio.

Check it out here.

Last Minute, Ghost Bike Dedication to Solange-Tonight at 8pm

There is a Ghost Bike Dedication for Solange Raulston tonight, aka DJ Reverend Soul, who was killed on Nassau last week.

Just caught this last minute..

We will be gathering at 8pm this Sunday on the corner of Bedford Ave and N6th St. to commemorate a “Ghost Bike” for our dear friend and compatriot Solange Raulston.
Immediately following this we will all march down Bedford Ave. in a joyous parade of remembering for Solange. Horn players please bring your horns and raise a glorious noise!
More about Ghost Bikes here:
The parade will end at Bembe where Solange would spin her fantastic sets of soul music week after week. DJ Jesse Mann has written a beatiful description of the night here:

hope to see you!
Soul Survivors

I will be at the afterparty later tonight.

Checking in with Gabe

In August, NYC cyclist Gabe Allen suffered a severe brain injury in an accident on vacation in San Francisco. He has been receiving medical care on the West coast and is trying to come back East. Last week he had a raffle of a Maietta Cycling custom bike.
Saturday, Gabe picked the winner.

They raised more than $14,000 through 700+ tickets!

Find out more at
and track Gabe’s progress at

It's Biking 2.0?

tech watch
Check out the latest in wheel technology from MIT’s SENSEable City Lab.
The “Copenhagen Wheel” somehow stores energy from braking and saves it for when cyclists need a boost.

From Wired Magazine: (article by: David Banks)

“During the climate conference in Copenhagen on Tuesday, MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory announced a new project for bicycles that uses an energy recovery technology similar to a program used in Formula One racing.

The project, called the Copenhagen Wheel, is a regenerative brake that captures kinetic energy created under braking and stores the power in batteries for use later, similar to the KERS program used by some Formula One teams. The stored power is controlled by the bike’s operator, via a smart phone. When facing a climb (or when feeling tired or just lazy) the cyclist can release the energy to attain a limited power assist. The wheel can be retrofitted to any bike and – via the smart phone interface – also provides traffic and road conditions, exercise data and miles logged.”

Read the whole article here.

and this one, in the NY Times.


Bedford Bike lane protest-Nake Ride?

In response to the bike lane controversy in Bedford Ave, a scantily clad bike ride/protest is scheduled for tomorrow. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Do people have more information about this?

Read the article here in the brooklyn paper.

read this in Gothamist.

Cyclist killed in Greenpoint.

I can’t imagine why we would need bike lanes in Brooklyn? Good thing they removed them on Bedford Ave. This is really tragic and my condolences to the family.

Article form Daily News:

Soulful DJ Solange Raulston is killed after being struck by car while riding bike in Brooklyn
by Mike Mclaughlin, Mark Morales and Oren Yaniv
Monday, December 14th 2009, 4:00 AM
*Dec 13 - 00:05* Photo caption: “Solange Raulston, a 33-year-old DJ, was struck and killed by a flatbed truck while riding her bike on McGuinness Blvd. in Brooklyn.”

A Brooklyn cyclist died Sunday after she was struck by a truck at a busy Greenpoint intersection two blocks from her home, police and witnesses said.

Solange Raulston, 33, a deejay known as Reverend Soul, was riding westbound on Nassau Ave. around noon when a flatbed truck driving in the same direction sideswiped her at the corner of McGuinness Blvd., cops said.

“Her eyes were open but she wasn’t responding,” said Ziggy Cho, 45, who was driving behind the construction truck and said he honked for the driver to stop when he noticed the fatally injured cyclist.

“There were a lot of people helping her” in the pouring rain, he said.

Raulston was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she died.

No summonses were issued to the 47-year-old truckdriver, who had a valid license and remained at the scene, police said.

Read more here.

and this article in the Brookyln Paper.

Great Photos and write up on CMWC in Tokyo 2009

Photographer Jerome Abramovitch,
Has this great write up and photos from his experience at the Cycle Messenger World Championships back in September:

Read the whole report on his website