An indepth look at Philly’s crackdown on cycling from NY Times

J. David Goodman takes a look at the recent situation in Philadelphia with a close look on the relationship of cyclists in our own city of NYC, in his Spokes blog for the NY Times.

Troubles in Philly, Lessons for New York?
01spokes-480(photo by David Swanson/AP)

The animosity that some cyclists and pedestrians feel for one another — well-documented in comment wildfires on this blog and elsewhere — simmers just below the surface of shared urban streets, as seemingly inevitable a part of city life as the steam rising through manhole covers. Just as inevitably, every once in a while these tensions boil over, usually in response to a coincidence of tragic accidents.

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Time’s Up Events

Time’s Up! Accepted into Permanent Archival Collection at NYU Tamiment Library.

Time’s Up! is excited to announce that our remarkable 22-year history is currently being archived at the Tamiment LIbrary at New York University.

New York Times
New York University

Our uniquely effective style of direct action- combining fun with education- is document in 22 years of calendars introducing hundreds of different themed group bike rides that have encouraged new riders and advocacy which have in turn put pressure on the city to create the sustainable infrastructures , including the bike lanes that we now see emerging all over the city.
Early street posters, dating back to the 80’s, announcing events to defend our First Amendment rights and promote community gardens, public spaces, green alternatives, and a myriad of other outreach, education and promotional resources will be archived in the collection.
For more information on this archiving project and a link to our 20th Anniversary Timeline
For more photos: at flickr.

Time’s Up! is on our way to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
In the month of December, the world will be focusing on climate change issues at this Conference. Members of Time’s Up! will be in attendance including our Executive Director who will be presenting on December 13th.
Of course you don’t have to attend the Copenhagen conference to make a difference, you can support Time’s Up! in other ways by becoming a member at

Time’s Up! has been making strides in reducing climate change for 22 years by educating people on ways they can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

– Fundraising coordinator to help coordinate fundraising meetings and activities
– Archivist
If you are interested please email

Friday, December 4th, 10 p.m.
Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park South 59th Street, and Central Park West)
Sunday, December 6th, 12 noon
Center of Columbus Circle, Manhattan
Friday, December 11th, 7 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect and Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge
Saturday, December 12th, 9 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect.
Sunday, December 13th, 2 p.m.
Copenhagen, Denmark
** Now in NYC and Brooklyn! **
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Workshops will be held at ABC No Rio which is located at 156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets.
Wednesday and Sunday Workshops will be held at Time’s Up! Brooklyn which is located at 99 South 6th Street off Bedford Avenue

Friday, December 4th, 10 p.m.
Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park South 59th Street, and Central Park West)

Join us for a relaxing auto-free ride through Central Park. Enjoy the tranquility of the park and its beautiful ponds and waterways. This totally safe ride, with front and rear bike guides, is a nature lover’s dream in Manhattan! The ride moves at a very leisurely pace with a few stops to enjoy the scenery. We usually finish before midnight, back at Columbus Circle. Total mileage is under 10 miles. Any kind of bike will work.

Sunday, December 6th, 12 noon
Center of Columbus Circle, Manhattan

This will be the New York City portion of the Ride Planet Earth Project. Since August 2008, Kim Nguyen has been cycling from Australia to Denmark in anticipation the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. “Start cycling and stop climate change!”
This Sunday’s ride will take participating New Yorkers on a cycling tour of the city by riding around Centeral park, along the Hudson River, and over the Brooklyn Bridge ultimately reaching Prospect Park.

For more information on this event: here.

Friday, December 11th, 7 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect and Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge

Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road. Critical Mass is a movement, not an organization; no two riders participate for exactly the same reason. New York City’s first Critical Mass was in 1993.

Saturday, December 12th, 9 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect.

Join us for a totally safe, auto-free ride as we explore Prospect Park at night. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the fields, woods and ponds. Bike guides in the front and back. Bring your favorite bike: the one with the lights! The park is dark at night.

Sunday, December 13th, 2 p.m.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Join Time’s Up! at the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
During this two hour event Time’s Up! will be presenting to a international audience; videos, discussion, and highlights of Time’s Up!’s all-volunteer rides, events, workshops, will show Time’s Up!’s methods of moving New York City forward on reducing CO2 and having fun while supporting a cleaner environment.

Explore 150 diverse Klimaforum workshops at (including our friends at Green Map System’s at 10 a.m. on December 10th.)

For more information and links about Klimaforum and COP15 go here.

** Now in both NYC and Brooklyn locations! **

Every Monday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Every Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Come learn how to fix bikes, do simple maintenance and tune-ups at the bike mechanic skill share.
1st Tuesday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Tuesday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Tuesday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Tuesday- Wheels and Spokes

Every Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Bring your bike and share skills with other cyclists while you fix up your own bike.

Every Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.
99 South 6th Street, off Bedford Avenue

Bring your bike and share skills with other cyclists while you fix up your own bike.

Every Sunday, Lessons from 2-4 p.m., Open Workshop from 4-6 p.m.
99 South 6th Street, off Bedford Avenue

Come learn how to fix bikes from 2-4, and then work on your own bike from 4-6.
1st Sunday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Sunday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Sunday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Sunday- Wheels and Spokes

What the hell is wrong with Philly?

Been getting some odd reports from Philadelphia. A bike messenger is seriously injured and they want to outlaw brakeless fixed gears and impose cyclists be licensed.

Here is a part of what is going on:

In October of this year, there were two separate fatal accidents in Philadelphia in which cyclists hit pedestrians. This was such an unusual situation that the media made a big deal about it, and the Philadelphia City Council introduced several bills regarding bicycles. The bills would hugely increase the fines for breaking some traffic laws on a bicycle, require bicycle owners to license their bicycle, and outlaw brakeless fixed-gear bicycles. On November 21st, the Philadelphia Police Department sent officers on bicycles to Rittenhouse Square in Downtown Philly to enforce traffic laws for bicycles. Bicycle laws continued to be a hot issue in the media and out in the streets, and the whole thing came to a head early on Thanksgiving morning.

and this video from a recent rally of couriers against proposed laws.

Read the whole report from Chicago Couriers

The Bicycle Film Festival wrapping up-Interview with DC

The Bicycle Film Festival is wrapping up a giant year with 37 cities on its global tour of film and bikes. The last stops are:

New Orleans December 5th
Washington DC December 5th
Houston December 5th
Miami December 10-12th

Here is my interview with Chris Carraway who is running things for the BFF in Washington DC.


-Name. Age, where you live (ride)

Chris Carraway, 25 years old, I live in Washington DC.

-what bikes do you own?

Too many and not enough – a few road bikes, a cross bike where the mud
that i’ve been too lazy to clean off accounts for half the weight, an old
Pinarello track bike, and probably enough random parts around the house to
make a handful more.

-what will be your next bike purchase?

Someone buy me a Circle A please.

-what got you involved in the BFF?

I’ve wanted to see the BFF in various towns I’ve lived in for the last few
years and when I saw no information on the DC BFF I emailed them. It was
honestly that simple!

-Has the BFF been to DC before?

Nope, this is the first year and we’re all really excited and collectively
saying “about time”.

-what’s going to be going on?

We’ve got some killer parties, goldsprints, alleycats, group rides, free
valet parking, films, more films, alcoholics spinning punk records, and
much more! Did I mention a sneak peak at the new film by Brian Vernor
(Pure Sweet Hell, Where Are You Go) called “The Cyclocross Meeting”?
Also to get people stoked for the fest, Bicycle Stations is hosting a
screening of the Adventures for the Cure documentary
which follows three riders across the country on fixed gear bikes while raising
awareness and money for the fight against diabetes.


-who’s coming out?

It’d be a shorter list to say who’s not coming out! Our Mayor, (Mayor Adrian M. Fenty) of all
people, was recently filmed running red lights while on training lights.
DC still keeps it very real.

-Any local films or filmakers in this years festival?

Road to Roubaix was made by DC/Baltimore area locals, who will be in
attendance at the BFF for a short Q&A on their film.

-What do you hope people ride away with from the festival?

The feeling that they are indeed part of a community much bigger than they
thought. the desire to keep riding through the oncoming winter.

-What is the bike culture like in DC, critical mass? Bike polo?
Alleycats? Freestyle fixed gear?

This might be the “small town boy in big city” in me talking, but the DC
bike culture is huge! We’ve got everything from a rad polo scene to
couriers who keep going out day after day, to a large racing community and

Honestly, riding a bike is such an integral part of every day life the
lines between “bike culture” and “regular” society are extremely blurred,
which I think is great.

It also doesn’t help that we have one of the best bicycling advocacy
groups in the city, the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (

-Good places for cyclists to hang out at?

Aside from the Bicycle Film Festival? Rock Creek Park is always a great
place to ride, Asylum hosts killer events and are really supportive of the
cycling community and also offers one of the best vegan brunches I’ve ever
had. Bicycle Stations is one shop that’s been really supportive of the
Bicycle Film Festival in DC. Not to mention they’re hosting trainer nights
complete with a viewing of all 3 Lord of the Rings this winter. Extended
versions, because DC doesn’t take their Tolkien nor their cycling lightly.

– What’s it like biking in DC?

Hectic, amazing, nerve wracking, and completely in sync. I’m used to
riding in North Carolina, where if you’re on a bike for more than 5
minutes you’re probably already out in the country, so not being able to
escape the city as easily has definitely changed my perspective on riding.
Some days you always find yourself moments away from being doored and
screaming at car after car on 14th street to not ride in the bike lanes,
and other days you hit every light the entire way down to Hain’s Point, as
if they were changing just for you. I love it, I hate it, when I’m not
there I miss it.

-How is the bike infrastructure? What needs the biggest improvements? Bike

Like a majority of cities, cycling is merely an afterthought in the city
planning. Fortunately DC has stepped up their game by constantly adding
new bike lanes and even starting a bicycle ambassador program much like in
Philly or Chicago. As I mentioned before, the Washington Area Bicyclist
Association is an amazing group, maintaining trails, doing tons of
advocacy, giving out lights for free, and hosting the best events.
If anything DC still uses an archaic liability law that essentially says
if a cyclist can be found to be any small part of the cause of an accident
with a car, the cyclist can easily lose any option to be reimbursed for
any damages by the car owner’s insurance company. I believe only like 4 or
5 states still use this law.

-your future cycling goals?

I’d like to spend more hours on the bike than on the clock.

-anything you’d wished I’d asked you?

You really should’ve asked what secrets I know about other producers from
other cities – Jen from Denver and Jo from Paris should consider
themselves lucky.

I also want to thank the local sponsors for the BFF again, including:

Bicycle Stations,
Hefler Performance Coaching
the Washington Area Bicyclist Association
the National Capital Velo Club

Plus the fine
folks at and all the amazing volunteers that stepped up. This
fest could not be run by one person, and there is always a handful of
people that really make this fest run smoothly and they can’t be thanked

But for real, my friends decided to keep going after our ride across the
country this summer and they are somewhere in Mexico now. Go to to find out about their trip and how to support them.

Can’t wait for the BFF! It’s going to be such a great weekend.


There will also be an alleycat race on Saturday December 5th in DC for the Bicycle Film Festival and to raise money for on going efforts to help bail out Tokyo for finnacial losses in throwing this years Cycle Courier Championships.

Here is a message from Danny K,


This weekend, Dec 5th, DC is throwing its second Tokyo Fundraiser Alleycat starting at 2pm at the new shop, bicycle stations at 2204 14th street, the race is also in association with the bicycle film fest also this weekend. We’ve got great prizes, cheap beer specials, good cycling films, a fun race and a rad after party in conjunction with the bicycle film fest. check out for more info.

WHERE THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY COMES IN: Kazane Bikes/Keirin Culture has stepped aboard helping out with sponsorship for not only this race but our fund raising effort all together. Please visit the Team Kazane Web Store, where up until Christmas a portion of internet sales will aid the DCBCA’s fundraising attempts. Need some new handlebars? a new track frame? those new FSA cantilever brakes? or a rad tee shirt (these we got for the race look so awesome)? hit up Team Kazane and help with the tokyo relief effort through helping your ride. Hit up the DEC 5th Alleycat and every rider receives a 20% discount code the Team Kazane web store as well.

-Danny K

King Kog Holiday Art Show/Auction


Holiday Art Auction at King Kog.
Friday December 11th 7-10!
Come support some rockin’ artists and celebrate the upcoming holidays together!

Cristy Road
Ryan Jacob Smith
Camilla Candida Donzella
Wilis Johnson
Yatika Starr Fields
Meena Kim
Mimi Hinds
Taliah Lempert
Suzy Hotrod
David Cook
Frankie Nun
Lock & Spoon
plus more!

Come bid on some awesome pieces! Great gifts for yourself or a loved one. Ha ha! Sounds cheesy i know…But it’s gonna rule!
Lots of drinks! See ya there!

10th annual Transportation Alternatives Holiday Party

This Thursday:


You are cordially invited to T.A.’s Tenth Annual Holiday Party, a celebration of biking, walking, public transit and all of our amazing members, volunteers and supporters.

3111171792_061e9fb534_b (Picture by Emily Jolie)
Join us for good company, great snacks and free drinks, as well as awesome raffle items.

You can even do some last minute holiday shopping at our gift shop!

T.A.’s 10th Annual Holiday Par-tay
Thursday, December 3rd
8:30-10:30 pm
Housing Works Bookstore Café
126 Crosby Street (Between Prince and Houston) Manhattan

$15 for T.A. Members
Join or renew your membership at the door ($30) and enjoy the party for free!
Volunteer your way to free admission! We have 1-hour valet bike parking, gift shop and membership desk shifts. Sign up in advance with and enjoy the rest of the party on us.

Valet Bike Parking available (rain and snow cancels bike parking)

W, R to Prince Street
B, D, F, V to Broadway-Lafayette
6 to Bleecker Street

Shout out to Keiko and NY Bike Jumble

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Harry and the NY Bike Jumble photo booth. Amazing photographer Keiko Niwa was out a few weeks ago at the Old Stone House, in Park Slope taking photos of people and their trusted rides.

Then the sent everyone a zip file of their photos.
I got mine and had a obvious favorite:

Keiko posted a bunch on her blog.
4123938228_523c595689_o (Chombo on the left of
4123936618_61e5c36529_o (Alan on the right of
4123938462_0efa549947_o (Harry Schwartzman of NY Bike Jumble on the left)
4123168419_afcede5432_o (My buddy Jonathan Beck (right) with his Bullit Bike)
4123167405_cbffb468ff_o(anyone know this tall bike?)

Time's Up gets archived

Executive Director, Bill DiPaola, former squatter, environmental activist and executive director of the NYC based Time’s Up, always had a feeling about saving every flyer and poster from past environmental protests and critical mass rides. Someday all that visual history would be documented and available to the public to tell the real story of NYC activism.

According to the NY Times, it looks as if this is becoming a reality as the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, at New York University is compiling not only all of the flyers and wheat pasted material but photographs and video of over 20 years of bicycle activism.

Here is a recent article from Colin Moynihan of the NY Times,

The Ephemera of Protests, Carefully Hoarded, Is Going to an Archive
Published: November 27, 2009

More than 20 years ago a Lower East Side plumber turned environmental apostle named Bill DiPaola founded an activist group called Time’s Up and began organizing parties meant to publicize the dangers of acid rain, nuclear power and pesticides.
Above, memorabilia from past Lower East Side protests that will become part of an archive at New York University.

Mr. DiPaola spread word of the events with wheat paste and photocopied fliers, converting lampposts on Avenue B and St. Mark’s Place into billboards upon which to promote events like bike rides and Earth Day parades.

Over the years, Mr. DiPaola held on to those fliers. He also collected posters and communiqués from other local groups — many of them long vanished — that meshed with his conservationist agenda.

There were squatters who used sweat equity to make abandoned buildings habitable. There were the men and women who carted rubble from empty plots and then returned to plant trees and flowering shrubs. And there were groups like the Lower East Side Collective and Reclaim the Streets, that organized public spectacles, replete with fire breathers and stilt walkers, in an effort to provoke questions about ownership of public space.

Read the rest of the article here.

and this article from

Original artwork and flyers are becoming available at Time’s Up account.

Check out the:

Picture 3

A new blog about bikes taking over LA:

and they too remembered Seattle:

Video from Stairways to Heaven Alleycat in LA

Saw this on Seattle’s

This race took place on on November 15,2009. The race consisted of 3 sprints and 2 sets of stairclimbs that eventually lead to a free for all race to the Bike Day LA event in Hollywood. Eight miles through the streets of Los Angeles with traffic and all.

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from Ricardo Javier on Vimeo.