Tomorrow Biking Rules PSA festival

Tomorrow at BAM, will be a screening of the short films made for the Biking Rules PSA contest.
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Here is a description:
Tue, Nov 17 at 7pm*
*Intro and Q&A


Transportation Alternatives, New York City’s leading advocates for bicycling, walking, and public transit, kicks off its new campaign, Biking Rules, with a film program comprised of short narratives, animations, and documentaries that promote bicycling in New York City. The evening event will include prizes for jury-selected films and a special reception courtesy of the Brooklyn Brewery. Visit to learn more about Transportation Alternatives and the Biking Rules campaign.

**Note: There will be a free bike check at the Salvation Army Building at 321 Ashland Place (just around the corner from BAM’s main entrance), and it will be open starting at 6pm on Tue, Nov 17. Bikes must be picked up by 11:30pm. Bikes parked on the street near BAM may be taken away by the police department.

You can get tickets here.

Check out the facebook page here.

and the website.

Here is one of the PSA contest hopefulls:

Made by: Ma Shumin
Sean Kenney made all the lego stuff
David Pagano animated
Brian Kenney did the sound and music

Good luck to all the contestants.

Bicycle Film Festival Boston, with Joshua Kampa.

This week the Bicycle Film Festival hits Tokyo and Boston.

In my ongoing series of interviewing festival directors in various BFF cities I spoke with Joshua Kampa who is running things for Boston. He is the owner of the new bicycle shop in Somerville, MA called Open Bicycle. This is one busy cyclist but he was kind enough to take a minute and tell me about what’s going on for BFF Boston and the local bicycle culture.


-Name. Age, where you live (ride)

Joshua Kampa, 30, Owner of Open Bicycle in Union Square, Somerville, MA. I live up the street on Spring Hill, in Somerville. It’s like the Brooklyn of Boston, but Brooklyn 10 years ago.

-what bikes do you own?

Daily ride is a somewhat beat-up Kiyo Miyazawa track frame with a mix of Japanese and Italian track components. MTB is a 69’er-ed rigid Surly 1×1 that has lived through many different incarnations- cargo bike, XC machine, commuter. Road bike is a box of NOS Sugino 75 road components waiting for the right frame- sold my ’79 Paramount (and everything else) to fund the shop start-up…

-what will be your next bike purchase?

That perfect (and hypothetical) ’84 Rossin Ghibli C-Record machine, whenever it hits ebay….

-what got you involved in the BFF?

Boston needed a producer and I seem to have a masochistic streak.

-has the BFF been to Boston before? How did it go?

Last year was the 1st year I attended BFF in Boston- I’m formerly a Minneapolis kid. It was fun last year but a bit spread out and under-represented. This year is going to be amazing.

-what’s going to be going on this year?

We’ve got some great parties and events lined up with loads of local and national sponsors bring out the goods to help support them. Boldsprints and DJs kick of the weekend at Middlesex Lounge on Friday night, and a cool brunch / specialty shop & framebuilder tour will take attendees on a trip around the area on the way to the screenings. A late-night alleycat will get the Festival attendees thirsty for the Afterparty at Flat Top Johnny’s.

-who’s coming out?

Anyone who’s anyone and all of their cool friends.

-any local films or filmakers in this years festival?

Local helmet-cam celeb Lucas Brunelle has a film in the Urban Shorts screenings, as well as my Good Friend Steve Shinnerer for Quarter Productions, who shot a little tounge-in-cheek video about our shop last winter (on the coldest day of the year, to boot).

-what do you hope people ride away with from the festival?

A sense of the very positive and creative global community of cyclists that they are a part of. The Festival, to me, acts as a record of the evolution and power of the rapidly changing worldwide bike culture.

-what is the bike culture like in Boston, critical mass? Bike polo? Alleycats? Freestyle fixed gear?

All of the above. Boston is home to a very diverse community of students, professionals, families, and creatives. Despite the narrow and confusing streets, cycling runs in our blood here, and it is displayed in many forms and subcultures. Alleycats are a near-weekly occurrence, the local polo kids are pushing to have the North American finals here in 2010, and our shop sponsors some of the most cutting edge fixed gear freestyle riders on the East Coast… not to mention the strong community of commuters and car-free citizens of Boston the surrounding metro and their rides, parties, and advocacy.

-good places for cyclists to hang out at?

At my shop, Open Bicycle, of course. We host monthly art receptions in our attached gallery, Chorus, and provide an open community spot for folk to learn about and work on their bikes. There’s a ton of decent pubs, cafes, and clubs to meet-up for rides or end the evening at- I’d tell you my favorites but then the secret would be out…

– what’s it like biking in these cities?

Boston is no Minneapolis, but it’s getting better. The winters are kinder 😉

-how is the bike infrastructure? What needs the biggest improvements?

Mayor Menino has appointed a Bike Czar to help the city get in line with the infrastructural improvements that many other US and global cities are implementing. Things are improving, slowly, as they tend to, but we are seeing new bike lanes, lock spots, and cyclist rights laws all the time.

Bike sharing?

That’s a tough one. I just read an article about the Velib program in Paris and the fact that 80% of the original bikes have been stolen or damaged beyond repair. I think it’s at heart an awesome idea but subject to some of the fundamental flaws that stem from the nature of contemporary urban psychology and culture. There are several bike rental and tour companies, and that serves the tourists and visitors well…

-your future cycling goals?

Global culture change? No, I’d settle for incremental but steady improvement. And a week off for a tour up to Nova Scotia.

-anything you’d wished I’d asked you?

Actually, now that you mention it, there are some amazingly wonderful people you should check out:


Photo Contest from Go Mean Go and BikeJuju

Got sent this message from Ryan Schuetze in Seattle:


GO MEANS GO and Bikejuju are currently running a photo contest and people are encouraged to submit until the deadline of December 20th, the darkest day of the year. Winners will be announced that week.

The contest rules are simple:
You may submit a maximum of four photographs.
Photographs must have some bike-related content.
Photographs must have been taken outside, after dark.
The work must be your own.
Entries do not have to be current; go back and pick your favorites.
Creativity is highly and heartily encouraged.
Prizes can only be sent to addresses in North America. (Photos taken anywhere are welcome!)
Submit your photo(s) by adding them to the contest’s Flickr Group Page

Winners will be announced on both Bikejuju and GOMEANSGO the week of the winter equinox, December 21.

Now the fun part – prizes!

GOMEANSGO and Bikejuju will be selecting winners in the following categories:
Best overall image
Most creative image
Best Pacific Northwest image (entries for this prize must be captioned with location)

Each winner will receive a prize package including a light from Planet Bike, Bikeglow safety light, and other fun schwag to be determined.

But wait, there’s more! There will also be a “Planet Bike Dark Days Commuter” winner – the nice folks at Planet Bike will pick one winner who receives a full “commuter package.” That’s a set of Cascadia fenders (any size), a mini pump of the winner’s choice, a Blaze 2W or Blaze Dynamo headlight, a SuperFlash rear light, and a saddle bag with tire levers and patch kit. Plus, the folks at Planet Bike have expressed interest in potentially using that winner’s image in an ad or on their website!

Time’s Up events.

Friday, November 13th, 7 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect and Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge
Saturday, November 14th, 9 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect.
3. 80’s DANCE RIDE
Thursday, November 19th, 7 p.m.
Tompkins Square Park
Friday, November 27th, 7 p.m.
Union Square, North Side
Sunday, November 29th, 11 a.m.
SW corner of Union Square, Gandhi Statue (across from Staples)
** Now in NYC and Brooklyn! **
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday Workshops will be held at ABC No Rio which is located at 156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets.
Wednesday and Sunday Workshops will be held at Time’s Up! Brooklyn which is located at 99 South 6th Street off Bedford Avenue


Become a member of Time’s Up

Friday, November 13th, 7 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect and Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge

Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and other nonpolluting means of transportation, exercising our right to the road. Critical Mass is a movement, not an organization; no two riders participate for exactly the same reason. New York City’s first Critical Mass was in 1993.

Saturday, November 14th, 9 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect.

Join us for a totally safe, auto-free ride as we explore Prospect Park at night. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the fields, woods and ponds. Bike guides in the front and back. Bring your favorite bike: the one with the lights! The park is dark at night.

3. 80’s DANCE RIDE
Thursday, November 19th, 7 p.m.
Tompkins Square Park

Come fight the power with high octane dance music as we reclaim our right to the city’s public spaces with a roving dance party.

Friday, November 27th, 7 p.m.
Union Square, North Side

Critical Mass is a spontaneous celebration of what our streets could look like. this fun group ride encourages new cyclists and creates safer streets and new green infrastructure. Strap some music to your bike and make sure to bring appropriate lights and bells.

For more information see

Sunday, November 29th, 11 a.m.
SW corner of Union Square, Gandhi Statue (across from Staples)

A leisurely peaceful ride to some of downtown Manhattan’s peace sites with an emphasis on sharing what you are grateful for. Culminating with a labyrinth walk at the Labyrinth for Contemplation.
Bring something to share: your spirit of play, a poem, prayer, song, or snack. Dress for the weather! Great ride for cyclists new to group rides.

** Now in both NYC and Brooklyn locations! **

Every Monday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Every Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Come learn how to fix bikes, do simple maintenance and tune-ups at the bike mechanic skill share.
1st Tuesday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Tuesday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Tuesday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Tuesday- Wheels and Spokes

Every Thursday, 6:30 p.m.
156 Rivington Street between Suffolk and Clinton Streets

Bring your bike and share skills with other cyclists while you fix up your own bike.

Every Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.
99 South 6th Street, off Bedford Avenue

Bring your bike and share skills with other cyclists while you fix up your own bike.

Every Sunday, Lessons from 2-4 p.m., Open Workshop from 4-6 p.m.
99 South 6th Street, off Bedford Avenue

Come learn how to fix bikes from 2-4, and then work on your own bike from 4-6.
1st Sunday- Basics for Beginners
2nd Sunday- Brakes and Gears
3rd Sunday- Cups, Cones, and Bearings
4th Sunday- Wheels and Spokes


Video Friday. Back in action.

Monday, the DOT put out a report that cycling in NYC is up! Which was highlighted in this article in the NY Daily News. Here is a video from Streetfilms:

Trailer for new Cyclocross video which will be previewing at the Bicycle film festival Tokyo and DC.
Made by Brian Vernor of “We Just Work Here”, “Where Are You Go”, and “Pure Sweet Hell'”
Here is the trailer for: “The Cyclocross Meeting'”

The NixBros are making fun of fixed gears, imagine that.

All You Haters (Suck My Balls) from nixbros on Vimeo.

A day with BMX star Nigel Sylvester:

Escape From Tomorrow (A Day In the Life With Nigel Sylvester) from 13thWitnessâ„¢ on Vimeo.

Music video: 30 Seconds to Mars: Kings and Queens-Nice Tallbike and Warriors references.Video for Jooks, custom wrap bag from Japan.

BIKE WRAP made by Jooks from STEADFAST on Vimeo.

Filmed by Bill Bottriell and Colin Phelan
Edited by Bill Bottriell

bank robbing. and stuff. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

Video from Thailand:

BKG in RIDE a LIFE from Nat Sakhonbut on Vimeo.

The battle for Syndey:

17 1/2 minutes with Lance Armstrong from NY magazine

Wondering what’s up with Lance? Flying back and forth to NYC to check out his “stages” art show and art bikes being auctioned at Sotheby’s? Check out this article from NY Magazine:

17 1/2 Minutes With Lance Armstrong
The tequila-loving champ turned art collector comes to town, leaves, and comes back, all to raise money to battle cancer, and all with the utmost efficiency.
* By Jada Yuan
* Published Nov 8, 2009

When Lance Armstrong chills out, he chills with determined focus. As he walks into a Soho gallery for the opening of “Stages,” a traveling benefit art exhibition for his cancer foundation LiveStrong, it’s as if he’s surrounded by layers of progressively weakening force fields: one for press, one for fans, one for cancer-fighters, one for artists he respects, and one for bros. And tonight, it quickly becomes clear, is all about the bros.

Big hugs and backslaps go to Nike president Mark Parker, who first turned Armstrong on to art, and to Armstrong’s sometime workout buddy Jamie O’Shea, who curated the show. All of the pieces in it had to use the color yellow, just like his ubiquitous wristbands. Then Tom Sachs blazes into the room to start serving shots off his piece, Lance’s Tequila Bike for Girls—a bike outfitted with limes, a battery-operated “tequila-delivery system,” and tea bags, in reference to Armstrong’s single testicle. (His nickname is Juan Pelota, a Spanglish pun meaning “One Ball.”

Read more: 17 1/2 Minutes With Lance Armstrong — New York Magazine here.

Hollywoods planning a Messenger Movie in NYC.

Got this from twitter Kenstanek:

Look out Kevin Bacon and Quicksilver (1986) here comes: “Premium Rush.”

Looks like hollywood is gearing up for a new big budget Messenger action movie.
Read from Variety here.

Bicycle Film Festival-Sydney and Tokyo

A message from bicycle film festival founder Brendt Barbur:

“Hi All. What a year!
We have been to over 30 cities thus far.
We have had hundreds of parties and
a couple hundred thousand of friends join
us from all around the world.
Thank you so much.
Please come out to a city
near you if you have not been.
The movies are stellar this year.

BFF Sydney BIkes Rock! is tonight with
headliners BRIDEZILLA
Doors at 8pm
Factory Theatre – 105 Victoria Road Marrickville
Jonathan Boulet
Deep Sea Arcade
Lions At Your Door

The sun is shining and it looks to be
the biggest BFF yet in Sydney and Melbourne.

Melbourne is kicking off as well.

BFF TOKYO next week.
This is absolutely one of the
best experiences for any biker.
Definitely get your movie tickets ahead of time.
We have confirmations from folks
from London to Taiwan to Seoul to New York who are all
coming to see some of the best riders in
the world.
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Get your photo taken with your bike, Sunday November 15th, Brooklyn

From Frank Lentini of Bike Jumble:

Sunday November 15th, 2009
11:00am – 3:00pm
336 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Continuing to celebrate NYC’s unique cycling culture, The New York Bike Jumble has once again partnered with Brooklyn’s The Old Stone House to chronicle the new generation of urban riders.

On Sunday, November 15th from 11:00am – 3:00pm at The Old Stone House, professional photographer Keiko Niwa will photograph cyclists alongside their bikes. Along with receiving a hi-res image for personal use, cyclists can also be profiled on the New York Bike Jumble website showing off their bike and telling others why they choose to ride.

Bike commuters, recreational cyclists and families are invited to have their picture taken and record your beloved bike, memorialize your adventures or even have a picture taken for insurance purposes. Whatever the reason, we’ll take that picture for FREE!

NY Bike Jumble founder Harry Schwartzman will be on hand to answer questions about bike maintenance and finding great deals on new and used bikes. We will also have free homemade cookies!

See you there!

Contact: Frank Lentini, 917.699.5450 /

About Keiko Niwa

Keiko Niwa has been making photos for over 10 years. She comes from a family of photographers and grew up surrounded by photography in her fathers’ studio in NYC. Keiko started her career in commercial still life photography and soon realized her passions lay photographing real life and not still life. She has expanded into weddings, events and child photography. Her work has been published on multiple popular wedding blogs, print ads and catalogues. Keiko’s photographic interests are always expanding and evolving. Visit her website and blog for updated work:

About the Old Stone House

The Old Stone House is a modern reconstruction of the Vechte-Cortelyou House, a 1699 Dutch stone farmhouse with important ties to American history. Today, the Old Stone House is operated as a historic interpretive center dedicated to its crucial role in the American Revolution and in the evolving histories of Brooklyn, New York and the United States. The Old Stone House serves as a dynamic community resource through its education programs and events. In addition to historical exhibits open to the public, the House is available by appointment for tours, classes and rentals.

For more information, please visit:

Bicycle Film Festival is looking for an intern in NYC

please contact:
or call (212) 255-6102

if interested.