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April 2014
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Boombotix party at Affinity Cycles makes great portable speakers, great for biking with or just about any where you want your tunes. A great alternative to riding with headphones.

They’ve come along way with their design and are about to launch there latest model…the Boombotix Rex.

They are having a meet and greet to show off their new product at Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles.

Here is more from Affinity:

Join us this Saturday night at Affinity for the launch of the anticipated Boombot Rex!

The Boombot REX is the next evolution of smart speakers in the ultraportable Boombot collection. With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, the Boombot REX allows you to stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

We’ll be getting down with BoomBotix and the new Rex with free beer from 8pm at the shop, 616 Grand Street Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Be there! For more info like us on facebook and join the event here.
Boombot REX NYC Launch Party

A quick word from Boombotix:

“As a company, we got our start with the bike community and the Boombot REX is going to change the way users ride. Now phone calls can be taken on the go and tracks can be switched with ease. Juxtaposed with headphones, the Boombot REX also provides a much safer ride while still allowing users to enjoy their tunes.”

Video Friday-4/12/13

Here we go with some videos for your Friday:

Title: Pure Fix in NYC
Pure Fix cycles makes a durable, affordable urban commuter. They even make bikes that glow in the dark…But let’s talk about the light, it’s starting to warm up here in NYC. More from Pure Fix:
Weather’s warming in New York, and you know what that means…bring out the bikes! The Oscar, X-Ray, and a little custom color cruising through our favorite city east of the Mississipp’. Check it!

Pure Fix in NYC from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.


Title: Time’s Up! Cyclista #3! Women and Trans Dance Bike Ride!
NYC, Saturday, March 30, 2013 – - A Times-up! Dance Bike Ride for women, transgendered folks and friends!

Title: The Man Who Cares
Seen on: Urban Velo
A short film from Soigneur Magazine following soigneur Garry Beckett at the Six Days of Rotterdam.

The Man Who Cares from Soigneur on Vimeo.


Title: Chrome and Crosby Press
Seen on: Urban Velo
It’s not that Chrome needs OUR help, but I really enjoy this interview video and the straightforward, no crap style of Chrome president Steve McCallion. There aren’t too many companies that have been around so long, are so successful, and appeal to such a broad audience, yet have retained the spirit of their humble beginnings. Steve seems to embody the Chrome brand as if it’s an extension of his personality. And we all know they don’t make crappy bags either. I have yet to visit a Chrome storefront, but I’ll certainly make the trip should I be close enough. Or, hey Steve, wanna open one in Indianapolis?


Title: Red Hook Crit Art Installation
Seen on: Urban Velo
Artist, Eric Corriel, was asked to create an installation for this year’s Red Hook Crit that just went down in Brooklyn. Last year he projected an animation onto a warehouse wall, but this year wanted to combine the projection with the riders themselves. As Corriel describes his piece,

“I was first asked to participate in the Red Hook Crit in 2012 and for that iteration I projected an animated abstraction of a bicycle race onto a warehouse. For 2013 I removed all elements of abstraction and put my art in direct contact with the race participants and projected onto (them and) the track itself. Instead of the art being about its subject, now it’s an inseparable part of it.”

See all of Corriel’s work here.

Light Bikes from Eric Corriel on Vimeo.

Continue reading Video Friday-4/12/13

Time’s Up-Clean up Gardens, Celebrate Earth Day

Time’s Up is getting busy for April, cleaning up community gardens and cleaning up the Earth.
3656178902_7596cf1e61_b Photo from Time’s Up Flickr.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Community Garden Clean-Up Day
at La Plaza Cultural
Saturday, April 13, 12pm, East 9th St & Ave C. NYC
Come join the Lower East Side community as we prep this garden for Spring.

Time’s up! Garden Clean Up Day
Sunday, April 14, 2pm 99 South 5th Street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The beautiful vacant lot needs some love. Come help clean up the soil, build raised beds, paint murals, and get ready for spring.

Garden Clean-Up Day at Siempre Verde
Sunday, April 21, 1 to 5 pm., 181 Stanton Street. NYC
Come help the newest community garden in town unload its 2nd shipment of compost. We’ll be shoveling, planting and prepping for Spring.

Earth Day Dance Ride
Monday, April 22, 7pm, Meet in the center of Tompkins Square Park. NYC
Come celebrate Earth Day with Times Up! Grab your bike and put on your dancing shoes… We’ll bike around and celebrate the most important day of the year, then end the ride with a huge dance party in the park!

BrooklynSpoke spies bike share stations in Brooklyn

Doug Gordon of Brooklyn Spoke got a sneak peak at a Citi Bike sharing station in Brooklyn. Here is a recent blog post:

Citi Bike (stations) Come to Brooklyn!


On Saturday, Transportation Alternative’s Paul Steely White nearly broke the Internet when he posted the first picture of a Citi Bike station on a New York City street. Before this weekend the only other sightings were confined to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where a small test program was being conducted, and many people, myself included, were more than relieved to see Paul’s picture of a station on Monroe Street and Classon Ave in Bed-Stuy. Citi Bike is finally on its way.

I headed over to Bed-Stuy on Sunday to get a few more pictures and swung by another station at Fulton Street and Grand Ave in Clinton Hill. First, Monroe and Classon.

Read more: here.

NYPD decides to charge the five borough bike tour a 1 million dollar fee.

Every year I look at 30,000+ cyclists attending the five borough bike tour and wonder, “where are you people the other 364 days a year, biking in NYC?” Understandably, this event provides riders with a safe envivornment as well as the appeal of seeing all five boroughs and using infrastructure normally reserved for the automobile, like the Varazano and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. So regardless my own selfish wants of world bicycle domination, it’s good knowing this event occurs and maybe even inspires more people to ride, more often.

However, thanks to the infinite help of our beloved NYPD, the party is being threatened to be over. Weird. Actually quite typical.

The NYPD, now wants to charge Bike New York close to a million dollars for their street closure services, which would eat into the 1.2 million this event generates. This comes less tham a month before the event occurs-good timing. Although tickets are expensive to attend the five borough, it is the only event the organization charges for. The rest of the time Bike New York offers free adult bike education, safety series and lots of other bike tours not requiring the NYPD. This of course adds to new ridership and people feeling more comfortable on bikes in the city.

The police claim this 501c3 oganization’s event is non-charitable and thus justifies this enormous payout.

Bike New York is preparing to fill a lawsuit in court in order reverse this decision.

The NYPD have had a history of selectively enforcing their stance on parades and other gatherings so this really comes as no surprise.

Here are more details from bicycle reporter for the New York Times J. David Goodman:

Bike Tour Files Suit to Avoid Traffic Fees
By: J. David Goodman
April 1st, 2013

Weeks before the start of New York City’s largest bicycling tour, its organizers filed suit on Monday to avoid nearly $1 million in fees for traffic control by the New York Police Department.

The legal challenge by Bike New York, a nonprofit group that organizes an annual 40-mile ride around the city, was the first since a rule change took effect in 2011, the city Law Department said. The rule is meant to offset the high costs of shutting down traffic for popular athletic events, including the New York City Marathon.
At issue in the suit is the charitable nature of Bike New York, which derives most of its revenue from the ride, the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Pleas weigh in on what you think of the NYPD charging non-profits for events that generate money and education for New Yorkers.

New Yorkers warmly embrace the locations of the bike sharing stations–April Fools?

The highly anticipated bike sharing program coming to NYC is beginning to blossom like the spring tulip buds.

After recovering from some Hurricane Sandy damage the next big step is to set up the bike sharing stations.

Deciding on where to put the stations, forcing it down neighbors throats like the NY Post would have us believe or a lengthy review process with civic input spanning 400 meetings citywide? You decide.

From the NY Post:

New Yorkers trying to prevent bike-share racks from going on their block
By: Kare Briquette
April 1st, 2013

They’re not going to let it ride.
The city’s bike-share program is about to start, but some New Yorkers are still trying to put the brakes on cycle stations planned for their blocks.
SoHo neighbors put the kibosh on a 43-bike rack in tiny memorial park Petrosino Square because it took up too much space — only to have the city Department of Transportation replant it in front of an advocate’s home.
Now they’re fighting the rack’s new spot in a no-parking area of the street on Cleveland Place near Kenmare Street, saying the busy intersection is too dangerous for a rental kiosk.

Read more: here.

Big Race in NYC. 4/1/13-April Fools

Big race today in the streets:

April Fool’s.

Today is Steve “Pops” Klein’s annual April Fool’s Alleycat.

April 1, 2013 from 5:30pm to 9pm
Grand Army Plaza, Manhattan, by Statue of Sherman
59th and Fifth Avenue

Organized By: Steven Klein (Pops)

All you need to know:

Registration fee: $1.00
Race begins 6:30 pm


Brought to you by Pops Productions.

Congratulations to Neil Bezdek-Winner of Red Hook Crit.

The Red Hook Criterium is all grown up in it’s 5th year since it’s rather underground beginnings as a birthday party for cyclist David August Trimble.
David’s family was one of the early innovators of carbon fiber used in bicycle frames and now he’s pioneered his own cycling classic in a neighborhood he’s also helping to rebuild, Red Hook Brooklyn.

Big Congratulations to NYC’s own Neil Bezdek who won last nights race.


Here are the top 5:

New York’s Evan Murphy came in Second and won last year’s Red Hook Crit. in Milan, Italy.

In 3rd place was Walton Brush, an MashSF rider from the Bay Area.

Pennsylvania rider, Zac Felpel in fourth and Jack and Adam’s Racing rider, Colin Strickland from Austin Texas took 5th.

Honorable mention to other NYC urban riders, Austin Horse who came in 19th and Alfred Bobe Jr. in 20th place.

This was a innovative year with qualifying heats before the main race and both a woman’s and men’s 5k run held earlier in the day.


It should also be noted that Rockstar games one of the sponsors, created an up to the minute phone app where participants could follow along the race, post pictures and keep track of all the social networking around this local sporting event.

Red Hook Crit 2013-Tomorrow

Don’t forget, the fastest track riders battle it out on the rough streets of Brooklyn.

Red Hook Crit-2013

A nice video from last year by MASH Transit.

And from the New York Times blog, the 6th floor:

On a Cold Night in Brooklyn … a Daredevil Bike Race
By: Siobhan Bohnacker
March 29, 2013

20130329-214103.jpgPhoto by: Benedict Evans of David Trimble, organizer of the Red Hook Criterium.

If you were just about to compete in a fixed-gear bike race, in the dark, in the cold, on a course with some very sharp turns and 30 or so other competitors, your nerves would show, right?

another racer, John-Taki Theodoracop

At the Red Hook Criterium last year, the photographer Benedict Evans decided to find out. “The idea,” Evans, an avid cyclist himself, told me, “was to set up a kind of portable studio outdoors near the track, but it rained on the day, so I ended up renting the biggest U-Haul truck I could afford, covering the inside of it with black paper, driving it up next to the finish line and coaxing people inside it to be photographed. I figured that anyone willing to ride brakeless bikes around an intricate course in the dark of night would make for an interesting subject.” You can see some of his portraits here, among them that of Dan Chabanov, a bike messenger who has won three of the five races held so far.

Read more and see more of Benedict Evans portraits of racers: here.

Bike sharing in Park Slope Fuggedabouttit? Nope, it’s coming.

First there were computer setbacks and then Hurricane Sandy did some damage to the storage facilities, but bike sharing is slated to begin operations in May (bike month) here in NYC.

In initial plans for rental stations, Park Slope was left out of the picture, but that has now changed.

A new draft map by the D.O.T. shows a
56 bicycle docking station at Dean street and 5th Ave.

Here is more info from the Park Slope Patch:

Park Slope to Get One Bike-Share Location in May

As Citi Bike will launch this spring, one location will be on Fifth Avenue and Dean Street.

By: Will Yakowicz
March 29th, 2013

As the New York City Department of Transportation and bike share operator New York City Bike Share (NYCBS) get ready to launch Citi Bike in May, 5,500 bikes will be available at 293 stations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. And 56 bike docks will be in Park Slope.

The initial rollout was supposed to be for 420 stations, however a lot of equipment was damaged during Hurricane Sandy while bikes and docks were stored at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

But, the good news is that Park Slope, which was initially excluded from the rollout, will get one site on Fifth Avenue and Dean Street, according to a new map draft on the DOT’s bike-share program site.

Read more: here.