September 2014
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Messenger story

This story comes from Joe Hendry who archives all news about couriers on his site:

Bike courier returns $20,000 he found sitting atop ATM

By: Carolin Vesely
Winnipeg Free Press, September 14, 2009

As someone who makes his living delivering important envelopes — many of which contain sensitive financial information — to businesses, Matt Magura can empathize with whoever forgot nearly $20,000 in bank deposits on top of an automated teller machine in downtown Winnipeg last Tuesday. Lucky for him or her — and for the Assiniboine Credit Union — the 29-year-old bicycle courier took a detour from his route around 11 a.m. that morning to deposit his GST cheque at the ATM in the lobby of the Medical Arts Building on Kennedy Street.

While looking for a deposit envelope, Magura noticed a bundled stack of them sitting on top of the machine.

“I saw a $100 bill through one of the peep holes,” he said during an interview Sunday. Turns out the envelopes contained around $8,000 in cash and at least that much in cheques.

“They came out of the back of the machine and were obviously supposed to go into the bank. It was probably the day’s, or maybe even the long weekend’s, worth of deposits,” said Magura, adding that there were at least four people behind him in line.

Since he was en route to a delivery, the First Choice Courier & Messenger rider said he took care of business first, then personally delivered the misplaced loot right to the Assiniboine Credit Union’s head office on Main Street.

“They were completely surprised,” he recalled. But grateful, too. The credit union rewarded the honest messenger with a $50 gift certificate to Boston Pizza.

“I was happy to get anything, really,” he said.

Magura, who has been making his living as a messenger for about eight years, said he hopes the fallout isn’t too harsh for the bank employee who emptied the ATM but left its contents behind.

“I hope they’re not in s and didn’t lose their job,” he said. “This stuff happens.”

CWMD checks out Bike Jumble

The baby had a bit of a cold so I wasn’t able to check out the Bike Jumble swap meet. Luckily Allen from cycling WMD has a full report and pictures.

Vote for Norman

One way we can express ourselves politically is to vote, when not too busy holding signs of Obama as Hitler and being afraid federal death panels are going to pull the plug on Grandma.

Voting is a bit less time consuming and angry, but you generally don’t get prime time news coverage on Glen Beck’s show.

Still I recommend exercising this basic right and tomorrow is the primary in NYC.

Boob-berg might have it the bag for mayor because he’s the richest but there are still some really good candidates in close races who need your vote.

I am here to endorse and encourage my cyclist friends to vote for Public Advocate Candidate:

Norman Siegel.

Here is a video to sway you:

Here is some inspiring text to sway you even more:

Norman Siegel has been at the forefront of the struggle for the cyclist’s civil rights since August 2004. This video covers the history of Norman’s involvement with the highly publicized battle of the NYPD against cyclists on the streets and inside the courts.

The grassroots effort to create the video was done for a total cost of $100, a significant difference to the thousands being spent in most of the other NYC political races.

This passionate response from individual volunteers working on Norman Siegel’s campaign fits the office he is running for, that is like no other in the country.

“Why would the public want a person in the public advocate’s office that won because of wealthy donors and endorsement’s from insiders,” says Ben Shepard, volunteer of Cyclists for Siegel.

“Once the public views the video, they’ll be reminded that Norman Siegel has been working already as the “People’s Lawyer” for decades, including the cyclists and all the others that he’s helped successfully to fight back when the government was doing them wrong,” says Austin Horse, who was represented by Siegel in his struggle against the NYPD.

Sundays are Auto free on Myrtle ave.

Looks like Sunday’s in September are car free on Myrtle Ave.

Come see the neighborhood of Fort Greene, Mytle between Clinton & Emerson.

More info at

Walking around the hood, I kind of like this statement on failed development in Brooklyn.

NY bike jumble is today

New York’s only outdoor cycling-focused market crosses the river for it’s first Manhattan event.

WHAT: After an amazing inaugural event in Brooklyn this May, The New York Bike Jumble is crossing the river and kicking off Fall with our first Jumble in Manhattan. With vendors coming from across the East Coast, this is a great opportunity to purchase some great bikes and bike accessories while meeting some of the designers and artists who are keeping the New York Bike scene vibrant. Bike enthusiasts, students and commuters will gather at The Schoolyard in the East Village for New York’s premier cycling-focused flea market. Local bike vendors, artists and community groups will be on hand to sell bicycles, accessories, art and provide cycling advice to encourage more biking this fall.

WHY: Even though summer is almost over, you can still ride you bike well into Fall in New York. At the Jumble, we’re making sure that your wardrobe and bike are ready for the new season regardless of your budget. So whether you’re buying a new luggage case for your cruiser or a wool cycling cap to match your fall coat, you’ll be sure to stop traffic. On hand will be recycled kid’s bikes, cruisers, BMX, mountain, racers and fixed gears.

Vendors from all over the eastern seaboard come to sell cruisers, street beater bikes, classic bikes and parts, clothing, stickers, buttons and hats. Aside form the shopping opportunities, the Jumbles celebrate the renaissance of cycling in New York, and an opportunity for people to show off their beautiful bicycles.

WHEN: 10:00am – 4:00pm, Sunday, September 13th, 2009

The Schoolyard
East 4th Street, bet. Ave. A & Ave.B
New York, NY 10009

Hundreds of New York City students, experienced cyclists and novices.
Bike Vendors including: Recycle-a-Bicycle, Outlier, Larry’s Bikes Plus, 718 Cyclery and Continuum Cycles
Artist Taliah Lampert
The Puerto Rico Schwinn Club

About the New York Bike Jumble
The NY Bike Jumble is an annual celebration of the influence New York City continues to have on cycling and a market for novice and experienced cyclists. From inexpensive “beater” bikes to high end merchandise, the Jumble aims to get more people on the road. Showcasing the vitality of cycling culture here in New York, we feature NYC-based cycling artisans.

To more learn more about NY Bike Jumble and few photos of the last Jumble, visit or email us at


Rolling down the walls postponed





- NYC Anarchist Black Cross



Saddle Up, NYC! Time for Rolling Down The Walls!

What: Rolling Down the Walls!

**When: Saturday, RAIN DATE- September 19th, 2009, 5 pm – late

Where: Grand Army Plaza to Fort Tilden Beach

On Saturday, September 12, 2009 at 5 p.m., New York City Anarchist Black
Cross will host the second annual NYC off-shoot of the continental
Anarchist Black Cross Federation’s Running Down the Walls
( . The
8-mile bike ride to Fort Tilden beach is to celebrate the end of summer
while raising much-needed funds for the ABCF’s Warchest program and the
New York chapter of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

We encourage people to participate in raising funds for the Warchest,
which can be done in the following ways:

Be a Rider:

Join us at 5 p.m. at Grand Army Plaza. We are asking a $5-$15 sliding
scale donation for the event. Refreshments and beverages will be
served at
the beach after-party, and we will be riding by the Books Through Bars
bake sale at the Park Slope Food Co-op to pick up some treats for the
ride. As a participant in the ride, you will also receive a fancy spoke

Join us for the After-party:

To get to Fort Tilden beach via public transit, take the 2 (also 5 at
hours) to Flatbush Avenue. Transfer to the Q35 bus from Flatbush
Avenue at
the corner of Nostrand, Kings Highway, Fillmore Avenue or Avenue U
Plaza). After the bridge, ask the driver to let you off at Fort Tilden.
Alternate: Take the A to Rockaway Park then Q35 or Q22 bus to the park.
Walk south along the beach until you see us! We´ll be there from about 6
p.m. until after the sun sets.

Sponsor a Runner:

This can be done through a flat donation to the runner of your
choice. We
ask from those who wish not to run to actively support those who are
running in hopes of collecting as much for our comrades as possible. For
details on sponsoring a runner, go here.

Sponsor Rolling Down the Walls: Any amount helps. Contact us if you wish
to simply donate money to the cause.

Brought to you by:
NYC Anarchist Black Cross

Times up fountain ride

A few changes to the Time’s Up fountain ride.

Hey Wet Riders,

The Fountain Ride has been moved to Sunday the 13th 1pm for better weather. Promises to be in the high 70s!
Also starting location changed to Bryant Park 6th ave and 41st St.

One last splash to enjoy the awesome fountains of midtown like you never have before. Let’s show the tourists and shoppers how its done!
Get your trunks on and bring some snacks for a victory picnic in Central Park!

Events round up.

So many events this weekend:

In Japan it’s Kyoto loco, Sept 12-13th, the pre party for the Cycle Messenger World Championships which is next weekend. September 18-20th.



Atlanta Georgia

New York City premiere of Fonseca Films freestyle fixed gear video:
“No Cassettes”

Then it’s on to Illadelphia:

Bike jumble-manhattan

Don’t forget, bicycle swap meet, Bike Jumble is Sunday in Manhattan on 4th St. between Ave B and C. Select vendors selling their bike wares and individuals selling parts and rare finds.

You never know what you’ll find.

More info at

Bikeblognyc goes live.

Bikeblognyc, your guide to urban bicycle culture is hosting a live
television show as part of Park(ing) day.

September 18th, 2009
From 9-5pm

Parking day is a citiwide event where parking spots are reclaimed from
idle places for cars to sit into vibrant creative mini parks.

Bikeblognyc’s spot will be on 156 Rivington st. Between Suffolk and
Clinton st. Right in front of the legendary ABC No Rio community space
and Time’s Up bicycle mechanic workshop space.

This event will be in collaboration with two other great organizations:
Time’s Up and
Time’s Up has been educating about a more sustainble city for over 20
years, hosting free bicycle workshops and events. They will be on hand
with free bicycle repair by their volunteer mechanics as well as
tabling to help people get involved.

Shooting people is a vast social network and excellent resource for
aspiring and proffesional film makers. They will be providing
technical support.

Michael Green. creator of will be hosting the show and
interviewing members of the bicycle community. Guests will range from
politicians to bike shop owners talking about bicycle culture in NYC
and many of the issues reported on in bikeblognyc. Guest list to be
announced. The show will be available through a live audio and video

Come by or tune in and be part of this great event turning parking
spaces onto parks.