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April 2014
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Check out NACCC photos from pedalstrikr

Checkout some photos from this years NACCC in Boston:
pedal strike’s flickr set

Sneak peak at NACCC bag

Chrome NACCC winners bag:

Live results of the NACCC

Live results of the NACCC

Whos tweeting the NACCC

Can’t make it to this year’s North American Cycle Courier Championships in Boston?

Here are a few people tweeting about it.

open cycles

chrome bags sf

Peter Abbit

R1 crew

Video Friday 7/31/09

Oh yeah, its Friday. Here are a ton of dope videos.

First off, it looks like documentary film maker Alex Gibney (Taxi to the Dark Side, No End in Sight) is making a film about Lance Armstrong:

Doesn’t look like it will be leaving out any of the controversy between Tour winner Alberto Contador and teammate Lance.

Speaking of the Tour, here is a great vintage video from an old documentary back in 1962. Back then there were no race radios and high tech energy drinks. Racers drank beer and participated in the extremely important pub raids, where they were allowed to grab whatever they could…

Bike Rumor posted this promo video from Kona Bikes project mamager, Pat White:

A video from Paris, the Yellow Ride: (has something to do with Livestrong)

Last weekend was RAGBRAI otherwise known as the Ride across Iowa. Its a seven day ride compete with camping, cookouts and bikes, lots of bikes. Now in its 37th year.

Here is a 2009 Highlights video from this epic ride.

A video from Leeds England. Their first alleycat race, back in February.
Video from Leeds’ first ever alleycat! Thanks to everyone one who hepled organize and especially everyone who came down and took part! Video by Donnacha Carroll

This lead me to check out:
Which lead me to this sick video for a new full length feature from Aaron LaRocque called “What’s Next?” due out soon.

For the BMX crowd, check out this from: “Platypus films”

HHX Velociraptor remix from Platypus films on Vimeo.

Then Prolly posted this nice video from last year’s Bike Kill.

Here is a video form the last European Cycle Courier Championships, held in Berlin: (back in May)

Then from Milano Fixed

“The Problematic Mixtape II” – Video Preview. from Alberto Chimenti Dezani on Vimeo.

Some more videos:

Summer in Seattle:

SUMMER IN SEATTLE from chris clappe on Vimeo.

This weekend its NACCC-Boston

This weekend…

Beantown becomes the host to the North American Cycle Courier Championships. The nations messengers battle it out to hold the crown of who is the fastest. This year is a break from past events with an open traffic work simulation causing some debate among the seasoned veterans who believe these events should only be held on closed courses. This is similar to the debate about weather non-couriers can attend. Either way, if you enjoy biking in the city come on out to Boston for a great time weather you compete or not. Here is a schedule: (thanks Prolly)


14:00-22:00 – Registration and Art Show hosted by Red Bull and 4th Wall Project @ 4th Wall Project
22:00 – Welcome Scramble Alleycat
22:00-2:00 Welcome Party


10:00-12:00 Open Forum
12:00-16:00 Sprints/Skids/Side Events & BBQ
16:00-22:00 Polo Tournament (Allston Polo Courts)
17:00-19:00 Billiards Tournament @ Flat Top Johnny’s (Cambridge, MA)
20:00 Alleycat
22:00-2:00 Party@ Harpers Ferry (Allston, MA)
Arm Wrestling/Dancing/Tetris Competitions @ Harpers


10:00 – 18:00 Work Simulation (Details TBA)
20:00-1:00 Awards Party @ The Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
2:00 The Hustle/Cee-lo Throwdown

Check out the website for details:

A group of riders left from NYC on Tuesday. Check it out: R1 fun ride

Speaking of Boston, here is an article on plans for bike sharing in this city which at times has unfriendly streets for cyclists. (thanks Corey for the forwarding)

Read the rest of the article here.

Today’s: “Caption this Photo”


Cyclists in Kenya using bicycles to charge their phones

Here is a link to a story about some technological advances using the best technology of all…the bicycle.

Bicyclists in Kenya Charge Their Phones by Pedaling
Written by Bryan Nelson
Published on July 28th, 2009
Two Kenyan students have invented a device that allows bicycle riders to charge their phones as they pedal.
Deemed a “dynamo-powered smart charger”, the device should make it more economical for the 17.5 million Kenyans who use mobile phones to charge them. Even more impressive, the environmentally-friendly phone charger was originally built from scraps retrieved from a junkyard.

Read the whole story here at

Video of Red Bull Challenge from Cyclehawk Studios

Thanks JC Ramirez

Gadgets: a Cabon Fiber bike with traction Control.

Sanyo, known for making things like this:
Is now designing Carbon Fiber bikes with Traction Control…(That’s Hi-fidelity, for you Boogie Nights fans)
Now yours for only $6,600.00.

Carbon fiber, with its light weight and high strength, is the material upon which the modern motorsports world is built. Traction control, which decreases difficulty, threatens to destroy it. However, in the world of the urban commute, traction control is a great thing and carbon is generally unheard of. Not for Sanyo, which will soon introduce the CY-SPK227 eneloop bike with a frame made of the stuff, featuring two wheel drive and traction control.

Read more at engadget.

And BTW, Sanyo, I’m always down for some product reviews…hint. hint.