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New and Improved Map App

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Check out the new and improved maping app for cyclists:

Wednesday Caption the photo:

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Looking for gifts for cyclists

452815245_d36de0455d_b(picture by: longwalkshortplank)
So I want to do a nice holiday gift guide for cyclists, so if you’re a retailer, manufacturer or make really great bike products…hit me up. I’m also interested in promotions too so please let me know you’re out there.

Add comments here or email me.

Not really looking for holiday sweaters though:


Two bikes stolen in October (that I know of…)

Two people wanted me to post this about their bikes being stolen:

1-Brad Wilson

Mr. Green,

Thought you might be able to post about my bike…

Had my bike stolen last night (October 1st) on Havemeyer between Grand and Metro. Wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t. It’s a mountain bike with a slick on the back wheel and nobby up front. The color is basically rust (I stripped all the paint and did a thin clear coat so it would rust up the surface. Thought it would make the bike less of a target…) I just put a couple hundred bucks into new tires, rear hub, etc.

Well, no expectations on finding it, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that bikes aren’t as safe as you may think; Krypto locks and chains notwithstanding.

If you do spot the bike somewhere in the hood (I live three blocks there) please let me know –


2-Serra Hirsh
Thursday 10/6/09, Dean Street and 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, btwn 7-10 PM
Vintage red foldie bike with a vintage orange, yellow and green flowered banana seat, rear view mirror, great bell and flashing red light McGyvered onto its rear bike rack. 8 ball tire caps. Rear pedal breaks and one handlebar break. A few colored bungee cords on the rack, too.
Her name was Delores.
I am devastated.
Please call if you see her!
212 330 6954
craig’s list ad

Delores 0609Delores the Contortionist


Bicycle Messenger’s appreciated in Portland

According to the blog the city of Portland, Oregon is proclaiming their love for the bike couriers. Congratulation.
Mayor Sam Adams:
“Whereas, bicycle messengers provide a value-added service that businesses seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency, crucial to the movement of important information…”
— Mayor Sam Adams, in a proclamation of 10-9 Day

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How does he get any work done being drunk all the time? Well he did the right thing for our bike messengers.

Read the story here.

Couple of Group rides tomorrow…both involve food.

So there are a couple of food rides tomorrow: First-
3971556231_2118a8778d_o(image by: tishon)

the Tour de Taco
No don’t be scared: (much better food)

facebook announcement
Join up with Anita from

We’re joining forces with El Tour del Taco and will be combining a love of cycling with a love of tacos! This ride starts on the UWS at Taqueria y Fonda (968 Amsterdam) at 12 noon but since this is Brooklyn by Bike, we will be leading a ride from the Grand Army Plaza Arch at 10:30am.

This an all day event that will be going live on Twitter so if you can’t make it in the morning, you can join us along the way!

Here’s the list of destinations (now in order!):

01. Taqueria y Fonda – Amsterdam btwn 107th & 108th, Manhattan
02. Tortilleria Nixtamal – Corona, Queens
03. Papacitos – Greenpoint, BK
04. Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos – Bushwick, BK
05. Taqueria De Los Muertos – Prospect Heights, BK
06. Tacos Matamoros – Sunset Park, BK
07. Ball fields at Red Hook – Red Hook, BK
08. Tacos Nuevo Mexico – Park Slope, BK
09. Pinche Taqueria – Nolita

And Second-

the annual Brooklyn Greenmarket bike tour

Meet Greenmarket farmers, nosh your way through some of Brooklyn’s finest farmers’ markets, and go on a fun bike ride with Time’s Up Environmental Group and Greenmarket!

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and the farmers’ markets are on the cusp of Fall. All this means that now is the best time to EAT! Work up an appetite as we bike the Saturday Brooklyn Greenmarkets and eat Fall’s bounty. The tour begins at the Greenpoint Rooftop Farm, where farmer Annie Novak will give us a tour of this stunning 6,000 sq foot farm sitting atop a warehouse in industrial Brooklyn. Afterward, we’ll head to the McCarren Park market for coffee, breakfast and bike tune-ups (provided by NYC Bikes) before riding to the Brooklyn Borough Hall market for some cider pressing and cider doughnut eating. Next we’ll go to the Ft. Greene market for a worm bin composting demonstration by the Ft. Greene Compost Project folks. We’ll end our insider’s tour at Brooklyn’s largest Greenmarket, Grand Army Plaza, with a cooking demonstration hosted by Jacques Gautier of Palo Santo and market-inspired lunch in the park with a couple of Greenmarket farmers.

Space is limited, RSVP to For more information, visit
Cost, $15.
When: Saturday, October 10th
Starting Point: Greenpoint Rooftop Farm, 44 Eagle Street
Ending Point: Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Time: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

10-9-09. Messenger Appreciation Day

Today is Messenger Appreciation day.
To all those hard working individuals who choose to work on non-polluting transportation to deliver our packages…we salute you. In honor of this day I am giving a special plug to NYC’s Messenger owned cooperative: Mess Kollective.
Picture 10
About them from their website:
The Mess Kollective is a messenger-owned and operated company, founded on the principles of equality, respect for hard honest work, and an all-consuming passion for playing in traffic on our bikes.

After years of exploitation and of risking life and limb, we decided to take matters into our own hands and created the Mess Kollective.

Big shout out to Tone, Kym, Erik and Aias holding it down all the time, all weather.

also, check out the Mess Kollective Blog, and read about Kym’s exploits with a haircut gone wild, travels to Tokyo and the CMWC 2009.
tumblr_kr6lqk6SGW1qzsnv1 (Kym Perfetto)
tumblr_kr6m07Dsu21qzsnv1(Andy Zalan-DC Courier)

A Stolen Bike.

Jameson wrote:
bike small
This was given me as a birthday present for my 50th this summer. This bike was my alternative to expensive public transportation….I’m one of the currently unemployed. Not salient to the theft but background. I am mad at myself about this as I had noticed all of the super heavy chain locks that were on other bikes but had not bought one myself. I thought no one would steal an old vintage bike. Wrong!

Dunelt 3 speed Vintage English 1950’s
Stolen: 10/6/09
Location: 308/310 East 94th Street

Any information contact Jameson:


Tech Watch, Folding helmet, folding wheels and a gyrowheel.

tech watch
Its not ok to just have the bicycle fold up these days. You need the helmet to fold up too. Dahon is all over it.

find out more

Why stop there. The wheels should fold up too.

More at

My Tech watch dog, Dan Katz, sent me a link to this new Gyrowheel. Help kids to learn to ride bikes, that ride themselves.