Video, Video, Video,...Friday.

Speaking of videos, it’s the bicycle film festival in Milano…
Here’s a great place for soundtracks to accompany this post. A great place I found for music: Great site to post mixes, download all kinds of electronic music…Dubstep, Techno, Trance and of course:
Italian Disco:
Promo by Mef Music
Lots of great events happening this weekend in Milano.
The Party:
The Polo Tournament:
And the street party:

Ok, now the videos:

You’ve probably all seen this by now, but this was quite the scene caught on video between a cab driver and a pedicab.

Tempers Flare. First rule about fight club is not to talk about fight club, but rather…land your first punch!
Picture 8
Oh, yeah and throwing your coffee at the cabbie’s window, probably wasn’t a good idea either. Instead of promoting violence (oh wait, I think I just did) I like this video instead posted on Prolly’s site.
Don’t hate, Hi-five instead.

This video was made by the San Diego shop and blog: velo cult, on a recent camping trip to Interbike.

Hey the kids are alright, on a track bike:
Courtesy of Seattle’s own zlogblog

youngblood footy – venice, ca from Joey on Vimeo.

Bootleg sessions in Philly:

Boobleg Sessions from John Prolly on Vimeo.

and with Photo-chromatic paint, your bike can have a sunburn. (Seen on

SUNBURN TECH from F.E.T.I.S.H. on Vimeo.

Rafale music video:

Bootleg sessions in China with 16 bikes.

Cyclocross in Oregon:

This has nothing to do with bikes…but my gawd its funny: (seen on

Twitter Report

Picture 2
Phillipp has found a good use of the short message posting phenomenon known as twitter.
He has set up W_SideGwyReport as a way to report or learn what conditions to expect on or around NYC’s West Side Greenway from Battery Park to Dyckman St and any of the feeder routes N of 96th St.

twitter subscribers can post updates by emailing or txting to:

The idea is we can have our own 1010wins traffic report and eventually use this technology for all roadways in the city.

All we ask is serious road condition reports only. Save that you saw someone like this:
Picture 6
for facebook.

This guys sporting wood…

Bikes that is.

Got an email from Max Samuelson. He makes wood bikes down at the shore in Jersey.

Here is a short documentary about Max and his wood.

Check out his website:

Messenger Appreciation Alleycat


Where the boys are?

You might not know Helena Elko but she is best known for: her 12 inch from 2001: yo-lena, her illustrations of palm trees and her lioness hair.


You may recognize her from working at La Esquina or chatted with her while at Dave’s Quality Meat
She now lives in Los Angeles and really misses NYC and the boys on bikes… (LA has tooomany cars)

Her friends are doing something really special for her and need the help of the NYC cycling community:

Shhh… don’t tell Helena Elko…
we’re planning a special event in her honor, just because we miss her.

Bring your bike and a white T-shirt and meet us at the S. 5th St. entrance to the Williamsburg bridge at 3pm on Oct. 11th. Everyone participating will receive a “boys on bikes” flag and “Helena inspired” props and messages. Then we will bike across the bridge, video the whole thing, and end up at a surprise party location where we’ll send her the video postcard.

It’s open to everyone, come join us even if you don’t know Helena. Contact us if you don’t have a bike, yet want to participate- we can use your help.
Check out the website for more info and to contribute your ideas.

Sandy Sitron and Lauren Wolff

Time to warm up…your lungs that is! Karaoke registration.

To register for the Los Marcos Melee polo tourney…you’ve gotta sing Karaoke.

Opening party, this Friday.

Hey Ho! Lets Go…to Pittsburgh.


More info at

Halloween events, already posted.

and the classic in Berlin

Caption this photo: Bike Polo

In honor of this weekends Los Marcos Melee its another exciting edition of Wednesday’s Caption this photo:


The Yes Men have big balls

These guys have some big balls:

Surviva Balls that is. Check them out on CNN

Will this survival suit from Haliburton may not solve anything but the YES MEN definitely have an effective way of getting people to think about corporate greed and the environment through there elaborate stunts.

They have a new movie coming out called: The Yes Men fix the world

It premiere today in NYC.

They also want you to get involved to help fix the planet:
(special message from the YES MEN)
Our film is a small part of a movement to help make that happen. Another part is – a website we recently launched in collaboration with a dozen direct-action activists. The idea is to get 10,000 folks to sign the “Climate Pledge of Resistance” and risk arrest to demand sane climate-change policy. On November 30, the tenth anniversary of the Seattle protests, and a week before the Copenhagen climate talks, those 10,000 activists will form the largest civil disobedience action in recent protest history.

Please join us on this big, crazy trip. And on the way, please see our film and learn how you too can have a riot while fixing the world.