Poleriders new site

Back from Las Vegas and the Interbike convention, the poleriders have a new website:

Bikecore show moves inside.

Just got word:

X possibles, team spider, wombat in combat @ club europa tomorrow! Free, all ages, 2 to 6 pm…show moved from tompkins sq park.

due to Bad cops / Bad weather,,
Sunday’s Free Fu*King Sppech show is moved…
CLUB EUROPA, 2-6pm Free
Europa Nightclub

98 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Pedal power doc. Canada

Not sure how to get a copy of this but there was a documentary about the rise of popularity of urban bike culture which recently appeared on the CBC network in Canada.

“Pedal Power”

Getting in on the act

A couple of unlikely companies are getting into the act and realizing that bikes are cool (marketable)
A blog reader Stephen sent me info that mini cooper, maker of that cute little car is making a line of bicycles, including a fold up.

I guess it’s better than Hummer making bicycles.

Find out more at:

Then there is Field and Stream-just in case you want to bag a grizzly or cast a few fly reels on your fixie.

If you thought Field & Stream’s brand of clothing was cool – just wait until you get a look at this.
Field & Stream clothing introduces a red and black, buffalo-plaid-laden, fixed gear beer bike – this one-of-a kind model is the only one available and speaks to any active urbanite whose only other access to calling the wild is from their smart phone. It’s an effortless extension from Field & Stream’s new clothing line (check out the Jackson Jackalope shirt, image attached) and the best complement to anyone’s six’er. Ride and drink with style and caution!

Field & Stream combines an appreciation for America’s history with the technical possibilities of modern day. New silhouettes and a focus on details are the key drivers of the new F&S clothing collection. These two concepts rediscover the Field & Stream heritage and uncover a new modern day lifestyle. With classic understated designs and an overt attention to details, Field & Stream will become today’s testament to tradition, heritage and the ever present influence of the outdoors.

More at:

If only Notorious B.I.G. Had this to match his lumber jack hat.

Update on Monday’s ride

WFMU broadcast by bicycle.

Join WFMU DJs Trent and Marty McSorley for an epic ride along the
Brooklyn waterfront – broadcasting live from an 8-foot trailer
attached to the back of a bike!

Featuring performances from Seabeast, Band of Bicycles, Hayden
Cummings, the bike-driven turntables of DJ Mistakes, demos of
groundbreaking bike-powered composting technologies from Earth Matter,
and liquid refreshment courtesy of the two-wheeled ladies of Delicious
Beverages – and, of course, commuting-themed DJ sets live from the
trailer while the caravan is on the move.

Join us LIVE for all or part of the rolling caravan (all times subject
to change!):

6 – 8pm – Picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park beneath the Manhattan Bridge

8:00 – WFMU Broadcast begins

8:30 – 9 – Performances at Commodore Barry Park, Flushing Ave at Navy Street

9:30 – 10 Performances at waterfront park, River and Grand Streets

10:15 – 11 Performances + smoothies at McCarren Park soccer field,
near Bayard Street and Union Ave

Come out for all or part of the show, put on your best bike bling, and
bring your favorite ingredients for BIKE-BLENDED SMOOTHIES at McCarren
park!! If you can’t make it in person, be sure to tune in at 91.1FM
or online at

Check in at for more information and for
live updates during the show.

Brought to you by Band of Bicycles, Delicious Beverages, and, of course, WFMU.

Caption this photo

Caption this photo:

Bikecore Punk show at Tompkins Square Park

Get your BIKECORE punk fuck-brakes swerve on:


the X-possibles
Team Spider
Wombat in Combat
Ja Mustache Eddies
$40 Boner
Major Potential

Sunday, September 27th, 2009-NYC
Tompkins Square Park, 12:00pm

Congratulations to the winners of CMWC in Tokyo

The world’s fastest couriers have been decided in Tokyo Japan.

Juri (Tokyo)
Shino (Tokyo)
Stevie (Zurich)

JoJo (Stockholm)
Yuki (Tokyo?)
Christina (Chicago)

Fixie King goes to Jumbo (Copenhagen)

And Queen of the fixie:

Images provided by Tak (NYC)

Saw more pictures on


More at Kuriring on flickr.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Another Stolen bike: Bareknuckle frame-9/19/09

My bike was stolen this afternoon (9/19/09) outside 77 Water St in Lower Manhattan. It’s new frame (less than a year old) Euro-Asia Import Bareknuckle frame, black shiny with some usual scratches wear-n-tear. Sugino crank set. Front wheel is AT400 Alexrims. Back wheel is a deep V. The seat is chained to the frame. In this photo the tires are blue but there are cream-colored panasonic tires.


You can contact me at
(917) 304-4050
Paul Mpagi

Heading to Detroit

I’ll be in Detroit for a couple of days for a friends wedding. If anyone has Bicycle connections there, please send them my way.

I did find this one article in the NY Times about an amazing bike coop there which I will try and check out.

Op-Ed Contributor
Bike Among the Ruins
Published: July 4, 2009
05bikespan (illustration by: Esther Pearl Watson)

ONE night a little over a year ago, crossing Woodward Avenue, I crashed my bicycle. As I flew head over heels across Detroit’s main boulevard, I thought, well, in any other town, I’d be hitting a car right about now. But this being the Motor City, the street was deserted, completely motor-free.

While bike enthusiasts in most urban areas continue to have to fight for their place on the streets, Detroit has the potential to become a new bicycle utopia. It’s a town just waiting to be taken. With well less than half its peak population, and free of anything resembling a hill, the city and its miles and miles of streets lie open and empty, beckoning. And lately, whether it’s because of the economy or the price of gas or just because it’s a nice thing to do, there are a lot more bikers out riding.

Read the rest of Toby’s op-ed piece here.
Bike Coop: The Hub of Detroit