Bike Comedy: “Don’t Honk at Me!”-UCB Theatre

I got invited to bicycle themed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater:

Ryan Karel’s
“Don’t Honk At Me!”

(from the site)
Rambo said that to survive a war you gotta become war. If that war is living in a city, then you have to get on a bike. It’s us versus them, people versus cars, man versus machine. Ryan Karels takes you through the looking glass and into the bike lane. This show is not a musical.

October shows are Wednesday the 7th and 14th at 8 pm.
More info:

Here’s a taste:

Come see what happened in Pittsburgh, G20 protests.

To follow up on my rant about the G20 protests,
come see a 30 minute documentary of what went on.

ART BOOK FAIR AT PS 1 October 1 at 7 pm ROOM J09

Map of location of PS1 google map

Footage from the recent repression of dissent in Pittsburgh, salvaged from the broken cameras, stolen video and arrested reporters




Pittsburgh video will be shown at 7 pm on Thursday Oct 1
and throughout the 3 day Art Book Fair

this project coordinated by:

Pittsburgh Indymedia, Twin Cities Indymedia, The Glassbead Collective, Mobile Broadcast News and many others

For information: 212 473 8933


Bike events around the globe

manifestoalley (2)
Bismark, North Dakota
Charleston South Carolina is getting into the warriors…
skulls and mountains
Cyclocross in Minneapolis
Crunk Cross Poster

Portland in November:

Dodging sound cannons, gone to interbike.

The guys over at were wise to get out of there home town of Pittsburgh last weekend. The world’s leaders were gathered for the G20 summit and felt so threatened by a few people demonstrating these silly little things like their constitutional rights that they:
Called in 4000 police officers, used pepper spray, tear gas and sound cannons on people who weren’t even near the delegates.

If you want to protest in America these day’s under the supposed “Hope” and “Change” president Obama, you can expect tactics and behavior like this form law enforcement:

Police dressed in Camoflauge randomly kidnapping you:

Using you for a trophy photo:
TrophyPicture(Video of this has been removed from Youtube because of police embarrassment)

and if there aren’t any demonstrators willing to riot…the cops will dress up like them and start the riots themselves:

Videos posted on I witness video

Hmmm, where else do we see behavior like this?

Funny how the teabaggers in DC and at townhall meetings weren’t harassed with firearms at their sides and holding signs like this:obama hitler
Ah yes the first amendment.

Anyway, so Urbanvelo went to Interbike in Las Vegas and had some really amazing coverage of the bicycle industry’s largest convention:

Check it out here.

I hope Brad and Jeff had a little time for fun like it appears my man Steve did from all hail the black market.

who also had some great Interbike coverage, despite getting too drunk and loosin…I mean mistakenly loosing his camera.

Be on the look out for some sweet new t-shirts coming out:

Tech time: iphone navigation

tech watch

Check this out. Is this the iphone bike navigation of the future?


Also I found this Iphone app to store your bicycle spec information that is also a donation for Prostate Cancer.

Picture 11

Check out:

Caption this Photo:

Big shout out to by far, my favorite bike blog: all hail the black market.

Once again, where I bit this photo from, now caption it!

Boogie Nights is back…Track bike racing in Prospect Park


A weekly series starting October 2nd.

sponsored by:


NYC is getting Copenhagenized

Picture 6

Creator of the Blogs: Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize has been in NYC promoting urban design and ideals that Denmark has known for years: The bicycle is more than just fashionable…its functional…go figure.

Here’s more (but it looks like we missed em)

A quick wrap up on Bikeshorts, last night.

Bikeshorts is a screening night here in NYC, hosted by Ken Stanek, where people submit short movies about bikes and people cheer on there favorite so one lucky film makers can win $100.00.

Here is a quick report of last nights action by Ken himself:

“There were 17 films, between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long. 112 people came out. DBA hooked up a drink special for us afterwards. My Mom was there. Everyone heckled me to take off my shirt. I never did. The winning film was “Cycle Of Love”, a film about a young tricycle infatuated with a hot, pink track bike – by Brittlee Bowman and Cat Marshall. It’s not online anywhere because they’re going to submit it to the BFF in the spring. Which is awesome – that’s what Bike Shorts was intended for. “

find out more about last night and upcoming events at

Bike art show in Connecticut, found out through twitter.

I really like twitter. Not just to find out what people are having for lunch, but also to get some good insight into bike news and events. For instance: who runs a cycling news website aptly named: dougreport, alerted his twitterites of a bicycle art show in Ridgefield Connecticut.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum is having a show called: Bike Rides the Exhibition.
Doug pointed me to this recent New York Times article about the show:

A Festive Salute to All Things Bicycle
Published: September 25, 2009

“Bike Rides: The Exhibition,” which opened Saturday at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, presents bicycles in all their glory. There are high-tech bicycles made from bamboo and titanium, two of Lance Armstrong’s carbon fiber bikes, and nationalistic creations like the restored and elaborately personalized vintage Schwinns from the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, based in New York City. Among the sculptural works — from China, India and Brazil — is Cai Guo-Qiang’s “Illusion of Childhood,” an assemblage of bicycles, toys and other objects.

The exhibition also features bike racks, a bicycle advocacy mural and bicycle-inspired videos, including “Helmet-Cam Video” by David Byrne, the musician, artist and bicycling proponent, in which he navigates Manhattan by bike.

The co-curators of “Bike Rides” — Richard Klein, the Aldrich’s director of exhibitions, and Mónica Ramírez-Montagut — enlisted Mr. Byrne to serve as adviser. “He suggested we open the show up to bike advocates and aficionados as well as artists,” Ms. Ramírez-Montagut said.

In keeping with that approach, the Aldrich is hosting Bike Fest on Oct. 4. The event begins with Le Tour d’Aldrich — three organized bike rides, for novice, intermediate and advanced bikers ages 18 and older, that run from 13.4 to 27 miles and end at the museum.

Read the rest of the article here.

For more on the events surrounding this show check out the Museum’s Blog.
Thanks Doug, who also pointed out this article with research that shows, 40% of all twitter posts are pointless babble…read here.

Another article on the show in the Examiner.

Speaking of David Byrne and Twitter,

David was at Barne’s and Noble on Tuesday in Union Square Manhattan to promote his new book “Bicycle Diaries.”

The event was a little hijacked by Transportation Alternatives and DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan who spent a lot of time preaching about how the popularity of cycling began with Mayor Bloomberg and plan NYC…yeah and what about Critical Mass and all lots of free events by Time’s Up for over 20 years, not to mention that we are still getting ticketed and arrested for daring to ride our bikes in groups…Oh Thank You great Mayor Bloomberg.

The panel, which was packed by the way, would have been a lot better if David spoke and read from his book which is poetic and insightful to how bicycles can really make the world a whole lot better.

Meanwhile, I found this article on David in New York Magazine through twitter.