NY Magazine’s: Everything Guide to the Bike Commute

Intro 87, which will become the law: Bikes-in-Buildings effective December 11, will require certain buildings in NYC to allow bicycle commuters to bring their rides into their place of work. This is the first step in a series of necessities for encouraging more bicycle commuting in NYC. Of course, then you have to figure out what to do with your bike at work.

To Start the ball rolling here is a handy guide from New York Magazine:

The Everything guide to the bike commute.

Not a huge wealth of information but good to see a big city rag like this is realizing the growth potential (marketability) of the bicycle and actually helping people to use them.

Shout out to Amanda Hickman, for a quote.

Here is a sample:
Good Morning, Freight Elevator
Before you can store your bike in the conference room, there are some forms to file. How to make it happen.
by: David Sax.
The city’s new Bicycle Access Law, which comes into effect December 11, requires office buildings to allow bikes on freight elevators, so commuters can store their rides safely indoors. But it also leaves a few questions hanging—like, what do you do with the bike once it’s inside? Maybe your building is already commuter-friendly, with a shared space to lock up bikes during the day. But if it’s not, companies have to file a “Bicycle Access Plan” with their landlord—even after the new law goes into effect. According to the biking-advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, you might have to take matters into your own hands. Here’s how.

read this page here.

Back by popular demand, video Fridays

Here is a video of Gary Fisher at Interbike 2009.A quick tour of Interbike:

Another Interbike wrap up video from Chris Clappe of zlogblog

INTERBIKE 09′ VEGAS SUCKAS from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Hardcourt bike polo at Interbike:

Trailer for Mountain bikes video: New World Disorder 10

Besides Interbike, there was also the Cycle Messenger World Championships in Tokyo, last weekend.
Here is a tricks contest in Meiji Park

Takeshi pt.1 at Shinjuku park from on Vimeo.

cool POV riding around Tokyo from

Somewhere Over Tokyo HD from dagbert on Vimeo.

SHIBA FRIDAY 9.25 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.


Goldsprints CMWC Tokyo from kymberly Perfetto on Vimeo.


CMWC’09 Tokyo Skid competition from Tomoshit on Vimeo.

Main race:

And now your daily dose of Freestyle fixed gear videos:

As seen on

not. a summer edit. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

MKM Says from NZNZman on Vimeo.

sometimes we ride bikes at venice high from Joey on Vimeo.

Untitled from Colby Elrick on Vimeo.

BMX in Hawaii

Leilow Fall 09 from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

Fixed gear documentary in German:

fixed from David Holfelder on Vimeo.


LA Critical Mass and The People’s Ride from Henry Jose on Vimeo.

Wonka riding over a boob in Switzerland, seen over at

Build a bike: (seen on

MACAFRAMA x Hip to Help Benefit Race from C Evans on Vimeo.

VéLOrue Trailer 2 from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

G20 protests: (what’s with the play by play)

Car free Sunday’s in Amsterdam

Car Free Sunday in Amsterdam. from cavin on Vimeo.


Saturday is: Take a kid mountain biking

Picture 10
Here is info on an event in NYC:

NYCMTB, Trips for Kids Metro NY,, IMBA and NYC Parks present the first annual Highbridge Halloween Trick-or-Treat ride. City and neighborhood youth will have the chance to ride a marked and closed beginner-appropriate loop of the Highbridge mtb trails, stopping at various points along the trail to learn and attempt mountain bike skills, while receiving healthy treats in return.


Event Info
Location: New York City,NY 10040
Country: USA
Event Location: Highbridge Park dirt jump park in upper Manhattan. Fort George Ace. between Amsterdam and St. Nicholas
Event Start Time: 2pm
Event Type: IMBA-affiliated mountain bike club and Trips for Kids
Contact: Jamie Bogner
Contact Phone: 917-478-4228
Contact Email:

more info at plus locations all over the world.

also check out the NYC Mountain bike Association

Bike Bash, Bicycle Habitat

NYC’s oldest bike shop, Bicycle Habitat is having a Bash.


also enter to win a free bike:

Details here.

The first Friday is the new last Friday.

1st Friday 1st Amendment Ride!

Exercise your right to operate your non-polluting vehicle in the streets of City! This Friday, October 2nd, 7pm Union Square North. More people, more fun! Spread the word. Dance party following ride.

Every month, the first Friday is the new last Friday!

Livestrong Day, Ride in Central Park

Picture 3
Tomorrow is Livestrong day, a national day of awareness and fundraising for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and the fight against cancer.

People all across the country are hosting events.

In Central Park,

LIVESTRONG Central Park Ride
October 02, 2009
6:00pm until 7:00pm
Central Park Engineer’s Gate (East 90th St. & 5th Ave)
1078 5th Ave
New York , NY
Show your true colors by wearing yellow and cycling to raise cancer awareness in this hour-long ride in Central Park. Pace will be moderate and open to all–from the occasional weekend rider to the serious cyclist. We will ride the first mile together to show solidarity for the cause, and then, if necessary, break into fast, moderate, and “relaxed” paced groups. Interested in making a donation to the cause? Bring checks payable to LIVESTRONG. (Donation not required to join event.) Don’t forget to wear yellow and LIVESTRONG!

Info from

Lance is forming a new team sponsored by Radioshack so in 6,000 stores there will be opportunities to make a donation.

Bike Comedy: “Don’t Honk at Me!”-UCB Theatre

I got invited to bicycle themed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater:

Ryan Karel’s
“Don’t Honk At Me!”

(from the site)
Rambo said that to survive a war you gotta become war. If that war is living in a city, then you have to get on a bike. It’s us versus them, people versus cars, man versus machine. Ryan Karels takes you through the looking glass and into the bike lane. This show is not a musical.

October shows are Wednesday the 7th and 14th at 8 pm.
More info:

Here’s a taste:

Come see what happened in Pittsburgh, G20 protests.

To follow up on my rant about the G20 protests,
come see a 30 minute documentary of what went on.

ART BOOK FAIR AT PS 1 October 1 at 7 pm ROOM J09

Map of location of PS1 google map

Footage from the recent repression of dissent in Pittsburgh, salvaged from the broken cameras, stolen video and arrested reporters




Pittsburgh video will be shown at 7 pm on Thursday Oct 1
and throughout the 3 day Art Book Fair

this project coordinated by:

Pittsburgh Indymedia, Twin Cities Indymedia, The Glassbead Collective, Mobile Broadcast News and many others

For information: 212 473 8933


Bike events around the globe

manifestoalley (2)
Bismark, North Dakota
Charleston South Carolina is getting into the warriors…
skulls and mountains
Cyclocross in Minneapolis
Crunk Cross Poster

Portland in November:

Dodging sound cannons, gone to interbike.

The guys over at were wise to get out of there home town of Pittsburgh last weekend. The world’s leaders were gathered for the G20 summit and felt so threatened by a few people demonstrating these silly little things like their constitutional rights that they:
Called in 4000 police officers, used pepper spray, tear gas and sound cannons on people who weren’t even near the delegates.

If you want to protest in America these day’s under the supposed “Hope” and “Change” president Obama, you can expect tactics and behavior like this form law enforcement:

Police dressed in Camoflauge randomly kidnapping you:

Using you for a trophy photo:
TrophyPicture(Video of this has been removed from Youtube because of police embarrassment)

and if there aren’t any demonstrators willing to riot…the cops will dress up like them and start the riots themselves:

Videos posted on I witness video

Hmmm, where else do we see behavior like this?

Funny how the teabaggers in DC and at townhall meetings weren’t harassed with firearms at their sides and holding signs like this:obama hitler
Ah yes the first amendment.

Anyway, so Urbanvelo went to Interbike in Las Vegas and had some really amazing coverage of the bicycle industry’s largest convention:

Check it out here.

I hope Brad and Jeff had a little time for fun like it appears my man Steve did from all hail the black market.

who also had some great Interbike coverage, despite getting too drunk and loosin…I mean mistakenly loosing his camera.

Be on the look out for some sweet new t-shirts coming out: