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Video Fridays-8/28/09

Last weekend the Bike Jerks out of the twin cities held a big bike weekend:

Heres a little taste from their tricks comp.

All City Trick Comp 2009 from BikeJerks on Vimeo.

also found on (of course)
This video from Seattle, Zlogblog

My Summer Shit from chris clappe on Vimeo.

*music: “Crimewave” by Crystal Castles vs Health

Doneri 6

DONERI ver.6 from kwast on Vimeo.

Found on
New video.

here. and there. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

*music: “Dawn Chorus”, Boards of Canada
Queens (NYC) round up:

Flat Fix 1 from jun iwai on Vimeo.

*music “Armistice” by Phoenix

Here’s some crazy stunt not to be tried at home, only while jacked up on Red Bull

another whacky music video, with cool bikes:

Fox news digs Summer Streets:

Kind of makes you want to puke…”Encouraging more people to ride their bikes” Yeah duh, except when they dare to attempt to organize on their own at critical mass.

Find more videos like this on VeloReviews bike product reviews and gear ratings

Can’t embed this one, but NY1, did a story on Bamboo bikes in Brookyln.
link here.

As seen on
Interview with Dario Pegoretti

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Designer Francesco Bertelli has something going on with bikes.

from his website:
Bertelli Bici (bici is the italian slang for bikes) are unique bicycles that you won’t find in any store in New York City.
Every bici is hand mounted, finished and fine-tuned by me, Francesco. I combine brand new parts, “new old stock” and vintage parts found at flea markets, old bikeshops, collectors and from my trustworthy suppliers. The final result is that you won’t find exactly the same combination in any other bicycle out there. And your bicycle will be unique.

Soon, in this website, you will be able to take a look at my first builds available for sale.

For inquiries, mail me at

stay tuned at

A new feature: Sexy Time Bikes

Here is a new Sexy Carbon bike from Trek, with a Belt drive:

check it out at
and its only $3,360.00…sexy.

Today is the 5 year anniversary of NYC RNC Critical Mass.

2068833963_8aee6e10a9_b(picture by: the gibbon)
Ah, remember the good ol days, 5,000 of us cyclists came out to NYC to join in a great spontaneous event known as Critical Mass. Come to Union Square tonight at 7:00pm and ride with at least 5 other cyclists and more than 50 cops.

or go see some great bike core punk bands at KT’s bike shop in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Bands include: Hellmouth (from Detroit)
and NYC Bike-core wombat in combat

Park(ing) Day and Pop Parks Competition

Picture 9Park(ing) Day is September 18th, 2009. This is where average New Yorkers and organizations reclaim public space by transforming parking spaces into Green zones.

from the website

–The Idea

Park(ing) Day is an international event that reclaims parking spots and transforms them into engaging, people-friendly public spaces for one day a year.

Park(ing) Day NYC is a New York City Streets Renaissance collaboration which supports the conversion of parking spots throughout New York City’s 5 boroughs into human-friendly places for a single day. These small, temporary public spaces provide a breath of relief from the auto-clogged reality of New York City, and aim to spark dialogue about our valuable public space and how we choose to use it.

There will also be a POP park competition.

In 2009, the POP.Park Competition will transform Park(ing) Day NYC from a once-a-year act of reclamation to an everyday statement. The winning submission — transportable, affordable and easy to use–will add the immediate potential of public space to every block, every day of the year.

Call for Submissions

In celebration of Park(ing) Day 2009, Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) is hosting a new park(ing) spot competition. We’re bringing Park(ing) Day out of the box by challenging creative types to design a portable and affordable pre-fabricated POP.Park that people can use to reclaim public space each and everyday of the year. POP.Parks will be public spaces produced from readily available, reclaimed or post-consumer recycled materials that will emerge from a regular, cardboard box. POP.Park competition finalists will be invited to construct their prototype on Park(ing) Day 2009 and entries will be judged by POPular text-message voting. The winners will be announced at T.A.’s annual REDUX event and the winning POP.Park prototype will be fabricated and sold on the T.A. website.

POP.Park finalist entries will be included in a workshop at the upcoming Conflux Festival (Sept. 17-20th) which is an annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice.

Register your spot by August 30th.

How many bikes does it take to fill a parking spot…

Answer, 42, if you use folding bikes.


Bike! Bike! 2009

Today is the start of Bike! Bike!, a gathering of bicycle cooperatives from all over the US.

From their site:
Bike! Bike! is an international annual conference organized by and for Not-For-Profit bike projects. It takes place in a different city within the United States each year (perhaps it will expand to one of our neighbors one day?). This year it will be hosted by the Grease Pit in Minneapolis.

More info at

Help save the bike lanes on Staten Island.

Rob Foran sent me this message:
“Staten Island’s elected officials and our local paper are trying to eliminate DOT bike lanes, and are encouraging drivers to park their cars and to drive in them. A motorist was recently arrested here for an alleged assault on a bicyclist. Website below has info and links to contact officials, I’m asking as many people as I can to help me save the few bike lanes Staten Island has. It just takes a few minutes. Thank you !!””

Bicycle Film Festival is in Los Angeles, August 26th-30th


More info visit: Bicycle Film Festival/LA

Bike Jumble 2, September 13th, Manhattan

Picture 4
Harry Schwartzman wanted to let everyone know that due to the big success of the first bike jumble in Brooklyn, its back in Manhattan.

Outdoor bicycle flea market
Sunday September 13, 2009
Schoolyard on 4th Street between Ave B and C, Manhattan, NY .
10AM – 4PM

“The New York Bike Jumble is a bicycle flea market held annually in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

New York has always been a cycling town. Did you know that ‘The Madison’, a type of track race, was named for Madison Square Garden? That Riverside Drive was once the favored place for ladies to scandalize the general populace by riding bicycles? That we used to have an annual international bicycle trade show at the old Collesium on Columbus Square?

The NY Bike Jumble is an annual celebration of the influence New York City continues to have on cycling and a market for novice and experienced cyclists. From inexpensive “beater” bikes to high end merchandise, the Jumble aims to get more people on the road, whether you’re a kid or an adult. Showcasing the vitality of cycling culture here in New York, we feature NYC-based cycling artisans including Johnny Coast, Taliah Lempert and Outlier cycling clothes among others.

We invite you to visit the second NY Bike Jumble on Sunday, September 13th in the schoolyard on 4th street (between A & B). Along with the annual Brooklyn Bike Jumble and future Jumbles around the city, we are proud to carry the torch of New York City cycling.

Vendors from all over the eastern seaboard come to sell cruisers, street beater bikes, classic bikes and parts, clothing, stickers, buttons and hats. Aside form the shopping opportunities, the Jumbles celebrate the renaissance of cycling in New York, and an opportunity for people to show off their beautiful bicycles.”