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8/26/09-Caption this photo


Bike Theft Round up…

Well the bike thievery hasn’t taken a break this summer.
Here are some recent sad tales I’ve been sent. I apologize for the ones that were so late (I was on vacation)

The go backwards from most recent.
August 25th,
Will O’meara said his roomates bike was stolen from the hall of their building at 87th and York, on the night of 8/23. Similar to the pictures except it was yellow with SPD pedals.
Any information contact Will at or (914) 356-5084
The Poster says it all:
stolen web
I JUST got my bike stolen and a lot of people have pointed me to you, including Leah from Safe Walk where I started volunteering [so much for karma!]. I’ve felt really lost on this, and the cops are not much help …”you know it’s illegal to chain to city posts right?” REALLY guys? that’s all you’ve got? thanks…

I don’t really expect to find it again, but I want to put the word out to help make people aware that bike thieves are getting crazier.

My bike was stolen from the intersection of India and Franklin in Greenpoint late late night/early morning between July 14 & 15. Both wheels and frame were chained to a stop sign. someone cut the sign off and stole my bike over the top of the post!!! I never thought some one would do this! I always lock both wheels…but I NEVER thought a stop sign would get cut! Hopefully my loss can help other people safeguard against this.

My bike is a blackish surly steamroller, 3+ years of city road battle damage, black oury grips black front brake on the right handlebar, silver riser bar, silver cranks and chainring 49t [16t/18t flip flop back wheel fixed/fixed], silver toe clip cages with black double straps, black thomson seatpost, black uniciclator plastic seat. black deep v style wheels, front is a weinman dp 18 back is more generic w/soma hub.

odd that after 3 years i have no pictures, but it’s a generic frame i suppose. i made a flyer which i’m attaching.

thanks much for having this database. i don’t think i own anything i care about more.

:: smo ::

Thomas Sebastian Smolenski
Animator :: Illustrator

Hi Mike,

Came across your blog in Google tearfully searching for ‘find stolen bike nyc’.
Would you mind posting to your stolen bikes page?:
Black Trek Soho 1.0 (I know – not a tricked out single speed, but a real good bike nonetheless)
Stolen Jul 8th from bike rack at corner of 21st and Broadway.
When stolen, frame was nicely wrapped in tire inner tubes, had bright orange skinny cable threaded through under-seat, and kryptonite chain padlocked around the frame (padlock was jammed so was not using the ‘big lock’ – smaller lock clearly got cut – gah!).
Hundred dollar reward for anyone who can bring me back or give me info on my stolen yellow and black Panasonic dx-3000. it had black deep vs and was stolen from soho in broad daylight last Thursday.




I was alerted to this poster in the window of the Lakeside Lounge on Ave B.

It has been confirmed that this guy:
Stole the front wheel to this person’s bike:
Around the middle of July.


Not in NYC, but Portland…
Patrick and Jake from Pedal Consumption got their nice track bikes stolen and a whole mess of gear.

Read the details here: www.pedalconsumption

Lucky for them fellow film makers at Death-Pedal, are donating dvd sales to help them out:

Buy a copy at

How to Avoid the Blogger Life…

Biker, Blogger and Artist, Stevil Kinevil has left the Swobo family and is now got his own blog:
All Hail The Black Market
Picture 3
Where else will you find such great gem like this:

Besides this thing called YouTube of course. But Stevil has a way of bringing it all together.
Here is his manifesto about the new site:

“What is this?

All Hail The Black Market is a collection of stimulating flotsam, hand picked and curated with loving care in the singular hope to put the ‘cult’ back in bicycle culture. For too many years the bicycle industry has marketed to itself, a gigantic dog wearing blinders chasing its own tail. A place where artists, musicians, skateboarders, cyclists, photographers, thinkers, dreamers, pranksters, schemers, and general purveyors of mayhem can all come together in this- a bazzar for the bottom feeding creme of the crop. An alternative market place and hub of information exchange…

Welcome to a new world order.

Welcome to All Hail the Black Market.

Bike shorts is happening again, September 27th

Wanna make cool movies about bikes like this:

wanna impress your friends and win $100.00?
Its time for Bike Shorts
Now in its tenth installment.
5 minute submissions due by September 20th,
More info at:

Bicycle Film Festival Orlando and Miami, interview

The Bicycle Film Festival has been rolling through the country this summer, so far in these cities:

Memphis • New York • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • Minneapolis • Richmond • San Francisco • Detroit • Oakland • Portland • Austin • Chicago • Montreal • Boulder • Toronto • Orlando

In my ongoing series, where I talk with festival directors in specific cities, meet Jen Whalen, organizing Miami and Orlando FL.

Name. Age, where you live (ride)

Jen Kyle Whalen, 24, I live all over FL , I ride all over the world.

-what bikes do you own?

KHS Flite 100 (my speed racer)
Schwinn Le Tour fixed conversion aka “The monster bike.”

-what will be your next bike purchase?

I want to shred a BMX. I rode my first ramp on a BMX at the BFF
Philadelphia street party. I busted ass and the music stopped and everyone
saw it. Embarrassing. But I’m very familiar with embarrassing myself.

-what got you involved in the BFF?

I helped out in NYC the last 3 years. The BFF NYC street party is the best
day of every summer. Somebody sent a link to a video called “Put the fun
between your legs” to Brendt Barbur, the sounding director of BFF. I am in
that video, disguised as a wet lesbian from the 70s. Brendt recognized me
and gave me a ring. Next thing I knew the video was in the festival and I
was producing two festivals in FL. One in Orlando and one in Miami. Life
is weird sometimes. But pleasantly surprising.

-has the BFF been to either Orlando or Miami?

1st time ever in FL!

-what’s going to be going on?

A bunch of bike punks running around screaming, drinking beer, throwing
things and wreaking havoc for 3 glorious days of mayhem! Also, there will
be Goldsprints at Backbooth Friday night (tonight) at 7pm. Rivals of all
cities in FL will be smashing it out against each other while DJ Weed Leaf
blasts the jams. Saturday is THE day. Shred Yo Face Alleycat Race, bike
art show at the theater and films at 3, 5, 7, and 9pm. Afterparty at
Bar-BQ-Bar, and it’s surf expo week, so the bar will be filled with bleach
blonde bikini babes and super rad surfer dudes, bro! Sunday wraps
everything up with the Dirty South Bike BBQ in the Milk District. Trick
comp, music, beer.

-who’s coming out?

Who’s not coming out? All of FL, and hopefully some people from our
neighboring states. I want to see some people from Central and South
America at the BFF Miami. And Puerto Ricans!

-any local Florida films or filmakers in this years festival?

There are a couple. Chris Walker made the film “Put the Fun Between Your
Legs.” Mike DeCarlo made “The Spinning Movement.”

-what do you hope people ride away with from the festival?

I hope they ride away with the wind in their hair and the breeze up their
shorts. I want people’s fun sensors to be totally overloaded after the
festival. I want people to feel united through this common love that they
have for the bicycle. I want people to make new friends. I want people to
fall in love.

-what is the bike culture like in Miami and Orlando, critical mass?
Bike polo? Alleycats? Freestyle fixed gear?

Miami and Orlando are very different. Miami’s fixed gear culture is pretty
new. So it’s still growing up. There are a lot of triathletes and road
racers. BMX and skateboarding is big in MIA. Orlando’s bike scene is a
little more complex. There are tons of alleycat races there, polo
tournaments, fixed gear trick competitions. It’s a much more established
scene. Everybody has a bike in Orlando. I remember going to the first ever
critical mass in Orlando, 6 years ago, and being one of 8 people. It’s
grown so much since then. Like watching a seed grow into a beautiful ripe
juicy watermelon.

-good places for cyclists to hang out at?

The streets

– what’s it like biking in these cities?

It’s alright. There are lots of crazy spanish drivers in Miami. The roads
are nice and flat. The sun is blazing down on you all year long. Showers
become obsolete. It’s a big sweaty mess.

-how is the bike infrastructure? What needs the biggest improvements?

We need less cobblestone. I don’t know who decided to cobblestone all of
downtown Orlando. We need drivers to relax and stop screaming at us.

-your future cycling goals?

I want to do a keo into a wheelie then into a backwards circle then bunny
hop a flight of stairs! No, not really. I’m a racer. I want to take racing
to the next level. Get even faster.

-anything you’d wished I’d asked you?

More juicy questions. I keep it real cute.
Orlando BFF is going on right now until Sunday Aug 23! Come out and have
fun with us. Miami BFF coming in December! Don’t miss it for the world!


Thanks Jen.
Sad but true, the BFF Orlando was this past weekend August 21-23rd.

Miami is coming up December 3rd-6th

Here are some other Florida links:

Where I found this video of their Critical Mass

Miami Critical Mass : July 31st, 2009 from rydel high on Vimeo.

also check out:

A message from the Reverend

It’s our Democracy, stupid!
All problems can be traced to our inability to convene, to meet – physically – in public space. Meeting in public, the oldest form of Democracy, is also the most modern. It is resisted by a byzantine system of police permits, insurance, surveillance. Our campaign for mayor must pull the wires out of the ears, get up off the couch, go outside and find more and more citizens… So this weekend, we’re using our headquarters as a musical trampoline – to jump out into the streets and parks. -Rev

Friends we hope you will come to one of the many events this weekend as we celebrate the successful signature drive and launch the next phase of the campaign. Join The Rise of the Fabulous 500 Neighborhoods.

Friday, August 21st, 6pm — Late at Head Quarters BANDS & BEER
Elect-a-lujah! : The Second Coming Fundraiser Bands and Dance Party ’til late, free beer until its gone
Featuring Hot Bands :: SQuamous Os / Big Pig / Champagne Sequins / Dolly Trolly / Amie Amis / Thrill Velocity / KY Wah

Saturday, August 22, 10 am — 1 pm at Head Quarters BLOCK PARTY
Whose Summer Streets? Our Summer Streets. This is the last block party of the month so stop by, say Hi, enjoy a car free Lafayette St. Live WVRB radio all day. Bring a shirt to print on. We welcome your baked goods!

Saturday, August 22, 5 — 9pm at Head Quarters ART & STRUGGLE
We host artist and activist collective ArtsAndStruggle’s opening reception for Far From Ordinary an exhibit of new work featuring art by:
Maryann E. Auguste Kožnar, Marissa Blaszko, Christopher Hutchinson, Libor Kožnar, Mariette Pathy Allen and more.
And don’t miss amazing live performances by SpiritChild, Rebel Diaz, Readnex, Adan (guitar/singer), Kahlil Kahn, Stephanie Rooker & Fesah Rollins

Sunday, August 23rd, 5 — 8 pm PICNIC
Elect-a-llujah Revival BBQ & Picnic at Queensbridge Park
Join The Life After Shoping Gospel Choir, Reverend Billy and the whole spirited team. We got coals, you bring edibles. Heavy rain cancels.

Vote Rev Billy Head Quarters is located at 250 Lafayette between Prince and Spring. Both the Block Party & BBQ/ Picnic are seriously family friendly. And once again, thank you to the many people who helped with the signature drive.

Join us!

donate and volunteer at

Harlem community garden tout. August 29th

A great way to see the community gardens of Harlem.

Walk or bike.

Harlem gardens tour. Saturday, August 29th.
A message from the parks department:
We are delighted to report that the Parks & Recreation Dept. of NYC
will be supplying transportation ( trolley) for our upcoming Harlem
Gardens Tour. For those of you who might wish to bike, or walk, or
join along the way–or simply have a tour schedule in advance of the
tour, we’ve included the schedule here.

For further info, please call 212.662.2878, or e-mail

We’ll hope to see you at Harlem Green, rain or shine!!!

HARLEM GREEN: A Tour of Harlem Gardens
Saturday, August 29

1.The Joseph Daniel Wilson Memorial Garden, 219 West 122nd Street–10:00am (Breakfast)

2. Little Green Acres—122nd & 8th Avenue–10:45am

3. The West 124th Street Garden –11:15am

4. The Clayton Williams Garden–8th Ave @ 126th St. –11:45am

5. The PBC’s William B. Washington Garden –12:15pm

6. Harlem Rose Garden – 4 East 129th Street– 12:45pm

1:15-1:30 water break

7. Community Leaders of West 146th Street- 226-234 West 146th Street—1:30pm

8. Edgecomb Avenue Garden Park Sanctuary—339-341 Edgecomb Ave @ 149th Street: 2:00pm

9. The Convent Avenue Garden-151st and St.Nicholas–2:30pm

10. The William A. Harris Garden– 153rd and St. Nicholas–3:00pm



Big weekend in Seattle

Ryan from go means go wanted to let everyone know about a bunch of bike events this weekend.

Also the bicycle film festival will be coming there for the first time. Sept. 10-11th

Video Friday…8/21/09

Ok, its back. My weekly bike video roundup.

First off a video by JC of Cyclehawk Studios.
Goldsprints from the NYC bicycle film festival in June.

Luke Stiles with the tattooed chest, dropping the hammer.

Eric Xue from grandmighty put this video together from when he tagged along with Resil,Manny,Axel and myself(Carl) for some filming in the east bay.
Gettin High with the Gnarcotix.

Now silly rabbit, freestyle fixed gear tricks are for kids. When the skinny jeans set start bustin these moves…then I’ll be impressed.

European Junior Championships Indoorcycling 2009 Carla Hochdorfer Henriette Hochdorfer Artistic Cycling Juniores Women Pair, European Champions 2009.

Now here is a video, remembering American sports legend, Marshall “Major” Taylor, track bike champion in an annual race in Boston.

Here is a video about Zack Hoffner from who I interviewed earlier. Its on his event in Seattle called, “Future Tense”

And this one found on,
Ah, those wacky, Italians:

Now this video is causing a lot of Hype…MC SPANDEX, Performance. A roadie rapping about Performance, the name of the game…and he always rides through the pain. Truly Hilarious.


For two days in London Europe descended on a piece of tarmac for what proved to be one of the exciting hardcourt bike polo tournament of the year.

And, Palms Cycles in LA..This is the first annual Quadcomp that palms Cycles has put on. Included best trick comp, foot down(not shown), and lbc sprints comp.

video about Brooklyn Machine Works:

Time’s Up dance Party Ride this Thursday.

20071010_corbijn_joydivision_400x400Come ride with Time’s Up and the sound bike
Dance Party from the 80’s

80s Dance Ride
Thursday 8/20/09, 7:00pm in Tompkins Square Park

I promise there will be some Joy Division.