Fallen Angel – One Year On

Today, 4/15/2017, there was a memorial for Lauren Davis at the Greenpoint Reformed Church who was killed by a motorist one year ago on Classon Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn while biking to work in the morning.

In attendance were many of her family and friends, including her mother, sister, and a brother who all flew in from California for the anniversary. Although the mood was somber, people spoke about their memories of Lauren, a song written especially for the occasion, was performed live, and someone danced, “as she would have liked it”, followed by a mostly vegan reception. But it was clear that her loss was still fresh in everyone’s hearts and minds.


Photo from the facebook page of Mirza Molberg

This comes on the heels of two other NYC cyclists being killed by motorists in April, and the peculiar way Mayor Bill de Blasio’s NYC Vision Zero Action Plan is responding to such tragedies by having the NYPD writing red light tickets as high as $4,600 to individual cyclists, and impounding e-bikes en masse, which is particularly burdensome for low income people.

Reports are, Lauren’s sister is moving to NYC from California, in part to get a bike lane built where her sister was killed.

Let’s hope they can get Vision Zero back on track soon to keep us from having more Fallen Angels on the streets of the city.

Bike Jumble – Park Slope – Saturday – 5/13/2017 – 10am to 4pm

The spring edition of the NY Bike Jumble swap meet, the largest bicycle flea market in NYC, is coming again to the Old Stone House in Park Slope on Saturday 5/13/2017. Here is your chance to get a great deal on bicycles, accessories and clothing.

At 5th Ave. and 4th Street in Brooklyn, you’ll find vendors representing established bike shops as well as people with new and used bikes to sell.

Plus there will also be advocacy groups and bike mechanics from Time’s Up offering free bike repairs…so come on down!

NY Bike Jumble: May 14, 2011. from NY Bike Jumble on Vimeo.

If you are interested in becoming vendor yourself, you can sign up here

The late Summer edition of Bike Jumble has also been announced as occurring on Saturday 9/9/2017, so there is always a second chance to attend this event if you miss the first one.

Seattle Slew Bike Share

According to a 3/31/2017 article in Bicycling Magazine, Seattle shut down its Pronto bike share on that day, which started in 2014, and expanded to 500 bikes and 54 stations.

There are many theories, according to the article, like Seattle hills:

and a mandatory helmet law (although it is legal to ride a bike on the sidewalk):

Meanwhile, in NYC, according to the New York Post (4/5/2017) ‘at least five rogue companies are muscling in on Citi Bike’s turf with service that eliminates the use of docking stations’.

Not sure when the New York Post became an anti-capitalist publication?

Companies like Ofo, Mobike, bluegogo, Spin, and Noa could dump 100,000’s of GPS based bikes on USA streets for as little as pennies for a single ride.

Sounds like bike heaven to cycling advocates?

According to quotes in the article, opposition is coming from unlikely sources, because of fear of ‘piles of bikes’ on streets, and sidewalks from Executive Director Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives, and progressive City Council Member Ydanis Rodríguez the Chairman of the Council Transportation Committee.

Well if it is causing controversy in NYC, maybe it could undo the Seattle Slew of bike share in that city?

Is new normal Rockwell Bike share?

Alternative bike share sighted today at 66 Rockwell, a new high rise at the corner of Rockwell Avenue, and Fulton Avenue in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

According to the upright sign, to become a member, one either needs to download the free Zagster app, or visit their website. Looks pretty cool, the first 4 hours are free (Citibike could take note), but not sure why the phone number is a 202 area code for a service based in NYC?

While some might view this as another sign of Brooklyn gentrification, at least this seems like a step ahead for city cycling, while only a few short years ago, a bicycle parked in front of a luxury high rise was the scourge of the neighborhood. Let’s see how long those bicycles last?

More Monster Track-Videos-and Discovery Of A Great Podcast

Here is a brief article on everyone’s favorite fixed gear street race by Nick McManus who took some cool poloriod group shots of the MT scene.

Speed Demons Were Out In Full Force For The Monstertrack Fixie Race

MonsterTrack pre-registration party at Legion Bar in Williamsburg hosted by Le Noize karaoke, 3/16/17. (Photo: Nick McManus)

By: Nick McManus

March 20th, 2017

While everyone else was working off their St. Patty’s hangovers, the city’s fixie fanatics were gearing up for the eighteenth annual Monstertrack bike race. The unsanctioned, fixed-gear-only messenger-style race is a favorite of both local and out-of-town riders from all over the world. (This former messenger took 22nd place in 2009.) 

Read more Here.

Videos are starting to surface from the race showing a wet and wild time.

Here is one from Pedal Strokes-

And Eastcoast30-

I was looking up some random media on MT and discovered this great interview in a podcast with Domincan Chris, this year’s MT winner. Whaaaaa? A cycling culture podcast I hadn’t heard of? Where have you been all my life?

Check this: A crew of street racing, track bike enthusiasists, consististing of Gabe “Electronica” Diaz and Jason “Buckets” Colon-the hosts, and Cisco “Free Agent Frank” Colon on production-have this amazing podcast often recorded in their favorite bowling alley. 

Now heading into their second season, which mean there is this amazing archive of interviews with some of the biggest names in NYC bike culture and some you need to get to know. There stories are really amazing especially Dominican Crihs as he talks about racing, fighting accusations of. cheating, and battling it out on the streets for respect in the world of alley cat races.

Check out their site:

The full archive is on SoundCloud: Crihs

Monster Track 18-Winners

Monster Track 2017 snaked its way through the slushy streets of Manhattan with over 60 racers battling it out on brakeless fixed gears.

Video of the start down in the finnacial district-Beaver St.

Video by: @stayalivestudio

Slow mo of the start by: @losborrachosnyc

Video by:

Congratulations to the winner:

Chris Thormann (upper left)

This is his 4th MT victory (2009, 2011, 2016,)

Photo from: @indigo_nico

Other winners include Jason (2nd) and Henry (3rd)

Jess Mandi was first female.

Photo by: @sk8mstrt8

Check out some nice portraits of the riders by Kurt Boone

Mission Workshop Pop-up- NYC

Mission Workshop makes really great bags for the urban cycling lifestyle. They’ve been doing it for over 20 years based out of the West Coast messenger bag making hot bed of downtown San Francisco-home to heavy hitters like Chrome Industries and Timbuk2. Whenever I see someone with one of their slick classic Rolltop back packs, I get a little jealous…”Did you get that in SF?”

The Vandal

Now they have a Pop-Up Shop open in the Lower East Side. 

2 Rivington St.

Their showing off their 2017 collection with classics and rain gear with technical fabrics, good for those on the go, on bikes.

Check it out, until March 21st.

Monster Track 18, March 16th-19th

It’s that time of year again…New York City’s longest running, fixed gear only (no hand brakes) messenger style alley cat race.

Monster Track, now in it’s 18th year. WHAAAAAA???

Who will get bragging rights to being the fastest on the streets and win this awesome prize bag from Reload Bags. As well as Cash and other prizes.

It’s a track bike holiday with urban city racing enthusiasts and speed junkies traveling from all over the world to compete in this one-of-a-kind sporting event. 

The weekend offers parties and racing for four days of bicycle lore.


Thursday, March 16th (ya missed it) I’m behind.

Pre-registration at Red Lantern Bicycles

345 Myrtle Ave-BK

Pre-register and then head over to:


Hosted by Le Noize and all female racing team: Spin Peaks.

Karaoke party at: Legion 790 Metropolitan in Brooklyn.

Tonight-Friday, March 17th-2017

Dress up, get a date–or not and come to the Bike Messenger Prom—aw.
Area 51 NYC-event space

291 Hooper St.-BK

Then it’s Racing Time!!

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Registration 1-3pm $15.00-gets you spoke card, manifest and wrist band for the after party.

55 Beaver St.-NYC.

Party at Beast of Bourbon-710 Myrtle Ave.-BK

Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Follow along:
Monster Track event page on Facebook

Instagram: @monstertracknyc

78 year old woman bikes over 10,000 miles since 2003

According to CNN (this must be #fakenews?!?!), 78 year old great-grandmother, Ethel MacDonald, (not to be confused with the famous anarchist propagandist) has cycled solo more than 10,000 miles across Europe, and North America since 2003.

She uses both the Warm Showers and Couchsurfing communities on her trips to save on money for lodging and more importantly to meet new people.

Ethel also hosts people in Missoula, Montana (which is also the HQ of the Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit focused on bicycle touring).

Video from Wochit News

According to the CNN article – “MacDonald only began cycling in 1979, when she moved town following her divorce and her bike became her main mode of transport.”

“For anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps, her advice is simple. “Just do it.””

In a different article from 2010, Ethel states some of her reasoning for her lifestyle: “Every person not confined inside metal makes for a better community.”

French cyclist, 105 years old, sets world record

As reported widely in both liberal and conservative media, 105 year old Robert Marchand (born on 11/26/1911 in Amiens, France) broke his own world record by completing 92 laps in a curved indoor velodrome at an average pace of 14 mph.

The International Cycling Union created the category specifically for him as he finished 22.547 kilometers (14 miles) in one hour.

Marchand said he didn’t even see the 10-minute warning sign during the event.

“Otherwise I would have gone faster,” he told the AP. “I would have posted a better time. I’m now waiting for a rival.”

Video from Inside Edition

Marchand’s coach and friend Gerard Mistler told the AP that despite being just 5 feet tall and weighing 115 pounds, his fitness is a result of his daily cycling, diet (lots of fruit and vegetables, a little meat, and not too much coffee) and proper rest.

You can watch a 47 minute video of Robert’s historic record breaking ride below:

Video from Global News