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Video Friday!

Thrashbike Jam 2009 from y.arava on Vimeo.

Gorilla in Paris Teaser 2/4 from GORILLa Bicycles. on Vimeo.

Rapha Gentlemen’s Race – New Paltz, NY from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Rapha Andy Hampsten Ride from j. dunn on Vimeo.

keepin’ it deep [a messenger story] from mattycakes on Vimeo.

One of the films at the Bicycle Film Festival 2009

Kalim Armstrong is at it again…

RED HOOK CRITERIUM TRAILER – 2009 Bicycle Film Festival from Kalim Armstrong on Vimeo.

On a dark and rainy night an unsanctioned bicycle race took place through the desolate streets of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Police arrived in full force yet an agreement was met to allow the race to continue. Host John Hoppin takes you through this exciting underground sporting event where racers speed past buses, navigate slick cobblestones and hairpin turns to compete for a podium position. This 16-lap track bike only race brought together Cat-2 racers, bike messengers, and urban cyclists.

Screening Sunday June 21st. 7:00pm
Anthology Film Archives, New York City

Coming soon to a city near you.

Joy Ride art show sneak peak.

Will Sherman has a nice sneak peak at the Bicycle Film Festival’s Joyride art show, opening tonight.
Picture 1

Looks like some amazing pieces.
Check it out at:

First bike tricks filmed 1899.

Now that’s old school.
The Sundance Channel,
sent me this video:

From their website: “At the tail end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, Thomas Edison filmed men doing bike tricks that seem surprisingly contemporary today. The description of this film at the Library of Congress reads: “‘Neidert,’ of national fame, does stunts on his wheel that are simply wonderful. Makes his bicycle rear up, and rides around the stage on his back wheel; besides a lot of other easy things, such as riding on one pedal and riding backward, seated on handlebar.”

Check out the new T-shirts from Lockedcog

Picture 2

Get them here at:

Saturday is also…


Global Gutz. Saturday.

Luk Keller has been the mastermind behind an Alleycat that takes place on the same day in dozens of cities all over the world.

This race is Saturday June 20th…known as: Global Gutz, the worldwide bicycle courier race.
Picture 12

Here are some awesome flyers from all over the world:

and here in NYC, Global Gutz will be at 4:00pm at the site of the Bicycle Film Festival Block Party. 2nd and 2nd…rain or shine.

For a history of Globa Gutz, check here.

I had a brief chat with Courier Marli Epp, whos working on Global Gutz Toronto.

Name, Age and where you live (ride)

My name is Marli. I am 25 and live/ride in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What bikes do you own?

I own a nondescript black fixie with red detailing and an ’82 Marinoni road bike

What will be your next bike purchase?

Something red and light and fast.

What’s happening in Toronto for GG?

We’re having a race and having a party.

Is GG for messengers only?

Messengers only.

How does it work?

GG is a race that happens in several cities around the world at the same time, it is all the same distance course so essentially you’re racing other messengers from around the world in a time trial. The top male and female racers win a ticket to the CMWC. It’s in Tokyo this year so there’s a large prize up for grabs.

Will you have any connection with the other cities during the race?

Other than the internet? We’ll see what happens. I’m volunteering not organizing so I’m not sure.

What is it like messengering in Toronto?

I get paid to ride my bike all day, what more do you need to know?
Other cities Global Gutz will take place in:
Adelaide, Australia
Basel, Switzerland
Berlin, Germany
Bremen, Germany
Brisbane, Australia
Cebu City, Philippines
Chicago, USA
Cologne, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dublin, Ireland
Essen, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Fukuoka, Japan
Geneva, Switzerland
Graz, Austria
Halifax, Canada
Helsinki, Finland
Kassel, Germany
Krakow, Poland
Lausanne, Switzerland
Madrid, Spain
Melbourne, Australia
Milan, Italy
Montreal, Canada
Nagoya, Japan
New York City, USA
Norfolk, VA. USA
Paris, France
Perth, Australia
San Diego, USA
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Seattle, USA
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
Washington DC, USA
Winnipeg, Canada
Yokohama, Japan
Zurich, Switzerland

WTF? Critical Mass in reverse

Cars threaten civil disobedience aimed at cyclists.
(NOW I’ve seen it all)

Read more here.

Fair and Unstable…Update on Central Park Road Rage Reporter

Tip to angry road rage motorists #234:
“When you drag a cyclist 200ft in the park with your SUV, don’t flee the scene of the accident.”

According to Gawker: “Don Broderick, the Fox News Channel news writer accused of hitting a cyclist in Central Park earlier this month, dragging him four blocks, and fleeing the scene, has been arrested, according to an NYPD spokeswoman.”

Read the update here.

hmmmmm. I can’t imagine what evidence this recent report has on NYC having the angriest drivers.

Fox news is going to change it’s motto:
fair and balanced

Couple of events I forgot to mention.

Friday, June 19th…Although it might raining.

there is the bike ride with First Lady of New York State, Michelle Paterson.

“In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Discovery of the Hudson River we invite you to join First Lady Michelle Paterson on a bike ride from Battery Park to Harlem. The ride will highlight the 400th anniversary of the Dutch discovery of the Hudson River, and will begin with a brief explanation of the Dutch influence on NYC by a local historian. What better way to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the discovery then to ride the West Side Greenway beside it.”
Event Details:
Start: 3:00pm Friday, June 19, at the North Cove Marina in Battery Park, behind the World Financial Center
There will be a very brief talk from a historian, who will speak about the 400th anniversary of the Hudson, and the Dutch influence on NYC (including how Harlem got its name). We will then bike to 125th street, up the West Side Greenway bike path. (Approx. Ride time: 1 Hour)

Also Sunday, June 21st (Father’s Day) is the 36th Annual David Walker memorial Skyscaper Harlem Cycling Classic.

Picture 10

Come watch as Harlem is transformed into a real pro-cycling event.

More info is available here.

A video from last year: