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April 2014
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We’re making it look easy…Cyclist wins commuter race…AGAIN!


Congratulations Rachael!

Poleriders are back

This really made my Friday…
Now that’s being Green. A mobile strip club. Grrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwl. What NYC needs.

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Biker Profile: John “the Cat” Campo

John has been an institution in the world of cycling here in NYC for decades. He is currently the director of the Kissena velodrome out in Queens. He has been a prolific force in keeping NYC’s only cycle track open and running, offering track racing experience to the young and old. He has been a key figure behind the Velocity race series which gives messengers and other city riders a chance to win tickets to the latest cycle messenger world championships…held all over the world. He is also an accomplished musician and now author. It was a real honor for me that he agreed to do one of my Q and A profiles.

Please welcome, John Campo.

Name, Age and Where you reside?

John Campo aka Campocat
I’m old enough to know better.
Born Dec. 1, 1946 in Greenwich village. At 56 Leroy Street.
I live in a rental car most of the year, but my home is The Bowery, the worlds quintessence of skid row.

What bikes do you own?

I race a Griffen Vulcan that was made for me, and I love it.
I train on a Leader and i love it too only it is slightly heavier than the Griffen but I’ve won a couple of races on it this year. My road bikes are a Litespeed Ultimate 1997 model
and a Vitus 1987 model. I have raced both for many years. My street bike is a classic steel Bottecchia – red white and black model.


What got you started in Track riding

It started I guess with my Father mostly talking about it, the allure, tales of Madison Square Garden. I was a good racer anyway and maybe wanted my Father to see me follow in his footsteps.
I had no idea it would lead to this…

What have been the biggest obstacles of maintaining and fixing up the track at Kissena?

Defusing miss information is top, trying to get people involved, stopping the vandal’s, getting funding for junior programs, keeping all volunteers going in the same direction by giving correct information as to how to deal with daily problems.

Some memorable stories of conditions on the track? Storms, sweeping up during snow storms? etc?

There are at least twenty every day. People stealing, someone put a
very strong nylon black string across the track at neck level. People coming
on the track when racing in going on. Keeping the storm drains clear so the
water doesn’t buckle the track any more then it is. The toy plane and car people.
The day riders. People wanting to use the track for non cycling events.
The conditions are what they are out there fixing surface conditions made
by nature and by humans is all the same. It takes time and a lot of effort not
to mention money.


What do you think of all these kids doing tricks on track bikes?

I think I’ve had something to do with that, and I very proud of it. The campagians done by Puma and others to make the messenger look popular is something I supported. I raced for Puma to bring the velocity tour about. I was a win – win situation. I got riders to come to the track and they sold clothes. What ever program you are trying to make grow you start with making it cool to the public. If you get 1000 participants you wind up with 50 willing to race. It is a numbers game. I couldn’t be happier the track bike is becoming the bike to ride. Even Lance Armstrong is doing it.

Talk about the challenges of getting messengers on the track?

Getting messengers on the track was easy. There has
been tremendous support from the messenger community
around the world for me and I am so so grateful. It is where I
came from and where my dad came from and where my daughter
came from.

What got you involved in Velocity?

Kevin Bolger aka Squid; got me involved in Velocity. Our relationship and team Puma and all the events that have happened since have not only increased my ridership but has increased the ridership of all the velodrome in this country and probably the world. It is one event that always puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.
Believe me the directors in other velo’s see what we have done and want to get involved.
A 110 riders last weekend at Kissena opening day???? Who wouldn’t want that at there track.


What has been the evolution of skills you’ve seen on riders coming from the messenger world and urban riding to riding competitively on the track?

The evolution I’ve seen is that messenger and urban riders is the same
basically, these riders are learning quickly and making a change.
Last night in the 123 field or the best field we have, some very good road riders
showed up who basically are clueless but fast. I causes many troubles when
riders don’t know the difference between road racing and track racing.
Most track riders are more willing to learn and learn be example.
They are willing to take pulls on the front when it is their turn
to chase down or stay off the front. Sandbagging should be left to Donald Trump.
It isn’t a quality you want on the track. It certainly won’t make you too many friends.
On the road you don’t see it because it is done way before the finish line.
On the track you can’t avoid seeing it. It comes down to putting in the time.
Riders must come to training sessions, and not just show up for races. We have national
champions that have never been to a track training session?? Beats me what goes on in there

Who are some of the urban riders/messengers you have seen really come a long way?

Alex, Todd, most notably and close to me have made
the most from where they started – Jared, LA Jack,
there are so many now it is hard to name them all.

What kind of programs do you offer for kids? How do you get young people on the track?

We have an after school program with Parks for kids 5 to 14, run by Diedre Murphy – and
DelRoy Walters. And I run the junior program 15 to 18. I get them any way possible.

How can people get involved in track riding?

People if they want can come to the track or
go on line to and register for
our classes. The childrens program is StarTracks@parks.
Juniors can contact me directly at 212-431-9732
Or through or

How was opening weekend this year?

Opening weekend was fantastic like I said 110 rider signed up.
Amazing! I did well which is always a good thing.
It was mainly local tri-state riders. We were hoping for more big names,
but it didn’t happen. A funny thing happens on the track which
is – it doesn’t matter who you are or how fast you are.
The crowd gets involved…Hell I’m a grand dad and people root for
me like crazy in my races.


What are you future cycling goals?

Dude if I win a national championship I will be done.
But mostly it is the give back. We have to give back to the youth of America our knowledge
of the sport we love and make it flourish. You just can’t take and take and expect someone
else to build track and run programs and just sit around and wait for it to happen.
I want to better the only facility I had available to me. You have no Idea how mad
I was to find out Kissena velodrome even existed in 1984 and no on brought
me here as a 12 year old. Lucca, Kai, Stephanie, Cosme, Khary,
Gabby… These kids keep me young and all I want is for them to reach as high as they
can while they are young and healthy. I even turned a 65 year old Mom into a national
champion last year.

Goals for the Track and for track riding in the NYC area?

The goals are obvious but the cycling community has got to get on the same page.
We need a year round facility that is covered and is a regulation 250m track. But most
of all we need to use Kissena as the model of how a velodrome is run. Junior and children’s
programs, good racing of all types, great officials and promoters and coaches but we
need it to be year round. Then we need track racing to be an event like TTown ‘ on a Friday night.
A place where Celebe’s would want to come and watch the excitement. TV coverage.

Goals for Velocity?

Velocity has become what we want out of track racing in general.
An organic event structure that in building a grass roots following build on track racing
for the masses. Local sponsors local riders local tracks local spectators.
How about teams like Godspeed and Puma traveling a circurit like in the old days.

Link to John’s Book- Ghost-Dancer


It’s Video Friday…

Start your three day Bike month off right with movies…
Seattle is having a West Side Invitational…
Here is a promo for their up coming Core Whore, alleycat for the ladies. Here’s a promo.

Speaking of dirty races… Tour D’Afrique. That’s Four months on a bicycle from Cairo to Cape Town.
Check out this trailer for, “Where you go.”
Where Are You Go captures the 7,000 mile expedition as a constant adventure full of playfulness and mysterious beauty, and is a testament to the endurance of human curiosity.

Promo video about Kinkfolk Bicycles

Kinfolk Bicycle Project from Jesse Carmody on Vimeo.

Amazing bike storage in Chicago:

From streetfilms.

alohaFIXED X Tanner Monmaney 2 from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

Pole Dancing. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

george LAB from Beaver on Vimeo.

I am being ripped off…with another site.

So this website: is basically reposting my postings word for word and not giving me any credit. He has also set up google ads so this person is making money off of my work.

If you respect what I have been doing for 5 years (and haven’t asked for a cent in return) please email the host and complain for me.
Or leave comments on the site.

His latest posting was this:
Posts will be a bit delayed this week. I am in China and it appears that Blogger, where this blog is hosted, has been blocked by the authorities again (sigh). I can still get around it with my super geek skills but it greatly delays getting info up. Look to be back to normal late this week. Thanks, slashk.

So we know his is being blocked by Google (which owns blogger) Why? Probably for similar complaints.
Does anyone know how to contact Google Ads and complain? I’m sure this is a violation of their service.

Hopefully his geek skills won’t keep allowing this to occur. Anything anyone can offer for help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Green

Some good fashion…Outlier Climber Pants

Outlier has made these tailored bike pants answering the call of fellow cyclists who want comfort and style.
Different body types need different clothing, and at Outlier, they are out to make clothing that fits all sorts of cyclists shapes.

The OUTLIER Climber pants are a full on reengineering of slim cut pants for a cyclists world. The innovative vertical yoke removes most of the traditional stress points that cycling generates in a garment, allowing for a free range of movement. The curved waistband is higher in the back to keep certain areas hidden and lower in the front to allow you to lean forward and ride in comfort. The spread back pockets are easy to access and positioned so you don’t sit on them while riding. Cut slim for comfort, form and aesthetics.

Made with Outlier’s 4Season Lotus fabric, these pants have four-way stretch which allow full movement on and off the bike. Quick drying, breathable, water and grease resistant to keep you crisp and comfortable in any situation. Made in New York City and available in Black and Slate Gray at for $180.


Fashion is Dumb and Insensitive. AGAIN.

Ok fashion world…here is a quick lesson for you ONCE AGAIN. A white painted bicycle is for this…2448516993_9236f36344_o
(photo by J Rees)

Not for this…
(Found on trackosaurusrex
Just think about it, when you go out of your way to paint an entire bicycle to use as some prop for a fashion photo shoot because the hard work of cycling activists had made bicycles cool.
Someone out there has lost a loved one who was bravely cycling and being a conscious human being. Why don’t your emaciated models hold up a white painted tombstone over their heads? Equally as fashionable.
I’d just like to strive for making a few images off limits due to their sensitive nature. Just like you wouldn’t use images of a starving child or a woman in a burka. I know your desperate to steal trends to sell over-pirced clothing made in sweatshops. Just be a bit more sensitive to those who have lost their lives for bike riding. Why not just use a bicycle that is actually white or has nice white parts…You know they are doing amazing things with color coordinating bicycle parts.

Ok, thats my PSA for the day.

Video from March Critical Mass, NYC

The Glass Beadian himself, Vlad…posted up this video of Critical Mass, as seen through a 180 degree lens.

NYC Critical Mass March 2009 – NYPD Harassment Continues from GlassBeadCollective on Vimeo.

Thanks for the great work Vlad.

Ok people…

If you don’t ride your bikes and they sit in the garage collecting dust…this is what can happen.
This takes twitter to a whole new level…
So get out there and USE those bikes.

Here is a little wrap up from last weeks…National “Bike to Work Week,” part of Bike Month.

Here in NYC.. made a film about Bike to Work Day.

Bike month, bike week, bike month…
Its was a good opportunity to talk about how we get around by bicycle and how bikes will someday rule the planet.

In DC,
Has lots of good pictures of people coming out to bike to work.
Including Mayor Fenty.

The Washington Post had a blurb.
a bit from the Seattle Times.
An article from the Chicago Tribune on 8 ways to live to ride.
and a bit from Wired on how bike friendly is your workplace.

Ok, ok, that week has passed and we can get back to riding our bikes everyday and trying not to get tickets from the Police.


Wool Cycling caps from Outlier.

Got this email from Tyler Clemens of Outlier.

“Earlier this spring, biking on the edges of Brooklyn Abe and Tyler of Outlier stumbled on an incredible stash of surplus tropical wool suiting. Never ones to let things go to waste, they snatched it up and turned it into the OUTLIER Tropical Wool Caps. Tropical wools are nothing like the heavy ichy stuff you think of when you think wool. These are the same fabrics that you’ll find in a $3000 summer suit and they make for a midweight cap with a fantastic look, fit and feel.

The OUTLIER Tropical Wool Cap is made in collaboration with master milliner Victor Osborne and designed with the highest attention to detail. Outlier started with Italian tropical wool suiting, known as the finest cloth in the world and graded in terms of a Super number. The higher the number, the finer the wool. These caps are all made from Super 80s or better, which means they will have similar performance qualities to our premium merinos. Perfect for riding across town and still looking refined and sophisticated on your next date.

The Super 80s are available in black and navy for $75.
The Highgrades are available in a dark blue nailhead and a light gray/blue for $90.

Fit wise, a small is 21.5 inches naturally and stretches to 22.5. A medium is 22.5 inches naturally and stretches to 23.5. A large is 23.5 inches naturally and stretches to 24.5. A traditional look with a modified four panel construction, fully lined and like all Outlier products made in New York City for style and quality.”