WTF? Critical Mass in reverse

Cars threaten civil disobedience aimed at cyclists.
(NOW I’ve seen it all)

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Fair and Unstable…Update on Central Park Road Rage Reporter

Tip to angry road rage motorists #234:
“When you drag a cyclist 200ft in the park with your SUV, don’t flee the scene of the accident.”

According to Gawker: “Don Broderick, the Fox News Channel news writer accused of hitting a cyclist in Central Park earlier this month, dragging him four blocks, and fleeing the scene, has been arrested, according to an NYPD spokeswoman.”

Read the update here.

hmmmmm. I can’t imagine what evidence this recent report has on NYC having the angriest drivers.

Fox news is going to change it’s motto:
fair and balanced

Couple of events I forgot to mention.

Friday, June 19th…Although it might raining.

there is the bike ride with First Lady of New York State, Michelle Paterson.

“In celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Dutch Discovery of the Hudson River we invite you to join First Lady Michelle Paterson on a bike ride from Battery Park to Harlem. The ride will highlight the 400th anniversary of the Dutch discovery of the Hudson River, and will begin with a brief explanation of the Dutch influence on NYC by a local historian. What better way to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of the discovery then to ride the West Side Greenway beside it.”
Event Details:
Start: 3:00pm Friday, June 19, at the North Cove Marina in Battery Park, behind the World Financial Center
There will be a very brief talk from a historian, who will speak about the 400th anniversary of the Hudson, and the Dutch influence on NYC (including how Harlem got its name). We will then bike to 125th street, up the West Side Greenway bike path. (Approx. Ride time: 1 Hour)

Also Sunday, June 21st (Father’s Day) is the 36th Annual David Walker memorial Skyscaper Harlem Cycling Classic.

Picture 10

Come watch as Harlem is transformed into a real pro-cycling event.

More info is available here.

A video from last year:

Things to do in NYC this weekend on bikes.

1. Bicycle Film Festival, all weekend long. Screenings at the Anthology Film Archives.

2. Friday, June 19th-Time’s Up Coney Island Ride.
7:00 PM
Location: Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (SW corner of Chambers and Centre St/Park Row) OR 7:25 in Brooklyn at the Carroll St Drawbridge (btw Nevins and Bond) OR 7:50 at the 69th St Pier in Brooklyn at the Shore Pkwy bike path entrance (take 68th St)
Summary: The Cyclone Ride goes to Coney Island Amusement Park (Brooklyn) from Manhattan.
Details: Bring locks as we plan to lock up and ride the rides. Bring money for food and amusements, and a swimsuit if you plan to hit the waves. We usually spend about an hour and a half in the park, on the beach (and in the water!), and on the boardwalk. Some people return on the subway, and others ride.

We should get there in time to see the fireworks.

speaking of Coney Island,
Picture 7
3. Saturday is the unofficial start of summer with the 26th annual Mermaid Parade.
No matter what the state of this famous tourist spot as it battles developers vs the city…The Mermaid Parade is always a good time.
This years King Neptune is non other than the naked Bad Lieutenant and Reservoir Dog, Harvey Kietel along with his lovely wife Daphna as Queen Mermaid.

I hear rumor that Andrew from the poleriders will be there with a more kid-friendly pirate bike. He man need help getting his rig out there so if your interested in helping shoot me an email:

4. Saturday, June 20th.
Anita from Brooklyn by Bike is having a group ride.
Check here, for more info.

5. Saturday, June 20th is also the Clearwater Festival. Where Time’s Up will be tabling, camping and doing bike valet.

6. Monday, June 22nd is HBO’s movie night in Bryant Park.
and they are screening the classic bike movie:
“Breaking Away.”

more info: here.

Anything I missed? Let me know.

photo spread on World Naked Bike Ride, NYC

Time Out had a slideshow from World Naked Bike Ride-NYC,
well sorta naked. But hey, these people had more cojones then me for even showing up…in the rain.

(click the image)

London Art helps Cyclists


Check out the article here.

Fundraiser for Norman Siegel

Picture 21
Norman Siegel has always fought for the bikes in NYC.
Now its time to fight for him.


There will be a fundraiser for his campaign as NYC public advocate tonight.

An Invitation To
A Comedy/Music Fundraiser
Hosted by
Randy Credico
at The Yippie Museum
9 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
Refreshments will be served
Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 8:00pm
Tickets- $20.00 Suggested
or $10 if you’re low on funds.


To get on the ballot in September, Norman needs to collect signatures from New Yorkers throughout the city, and he needs your help to do it. In only a few hours on an evening or weekend, you can help Norman make a difference for all New Yorkers.

If you haven’t signed up for petitioning, please email and let us know when you are available.

Light up seatpost


Saw this floating around the London Fixed gear forum

the official thread was here.

Pretty Dope.

John Prolly’s got some moves…and a new logo

That’s some hot Sizzle.
Picture 20
Check out this video of him and Eric Puckett having some sessions on the week of the NYC bicycle film festival.

BFF09 Week Edit pt. 1 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Some safety stats and facts

I got sent this news report on the DOT’s “Look” campaign.
Picture 12

It is an awareness campaign to highlight the work of the
The New York City Bicycle Safety Coalition which was formed in 2006 in response to a 40% increase in cyclist fatalities over the prior year in the five boroughs.

Their motto: “The Coalition is comprised of a range of parties who have one goal in mind: to make the streets safer for everyone.”

Here is the MY9 news report featuring New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, making us all feel good about bike lanes:
(click image)

This is kind of an old campaign but just in time for new report which came out rating NYC drivers the most aggressive.
NYC likes to be first and now they can proudly hold the title of: “ROAD RAGE capital of the U.S.” Proudly beating out Miami.

NYC drivers named America’s most aggressive
Big Apple overtakes Miami to be voted road rage capital of the U.S.
Image: A taxi drives through a downtown Manhattan

updated 4:42 a.m. ET, Tues., June 16, 2009

NEW YORK – New York has overtaken Miami to be voted the U.S. city with the angriest and most aggressive drivers, according to a survey on road rage released on Tuesday.

Miami topped the annual poll for the last four years but voters in 25 major metropolitan areas gave New Yorkers the prize for angriest, most aggressive drivers who tailgate, speed, honk their horns, overreact and lose their tempers.

The response of New Yorkers to bad drivers also helped push the city into the top slot for road rage.

Read the article here.

There was also a telling fact from a recent GMAC insurance company annual test for drivers and guess who had the lowest scores in the country:
worst record

So remember the next time you hear someone bitching about bikers zipping through intersections and not stopping at red lights, remind them that Drivers here can’t even remember what a double yellow line means and are prone to fits of rage.

Hmmm, I know a cure for that…its called riding a bike.