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Report back from Memphis BFF.

Cort Percer wrote me this great recap from last weekends Bicycle film festival.


–”As Memphis’s first BFF and a kickoff to the 2009 BFF year, I would say that things went splendidly. Memphis is a bit small so instead of the usual 4-day BFF we decided to focus on the core and held a 2-day event to be remembered. Even though the official festivities weren’t scheduled to start until Friday, that didn’t stop some old friends from showing up Thursday night and joining myself and “AB Chomps” for a few pitchers. Last call is 3AM so I went home to get some rest (my earliest night) while a Baton Rouge contingent pedaled around getting oriented.

Friday daytime was spent running errands (laundry, spoke cards, rearranging the fridge to accomodate more beer…) Other BFF Team Members decorated the exterior of the Brooks Museum and set up space for the Bike Valet. Brent Barbur arrived and made business with his Blackberry while folks from New Orleans, Birmingham, Baton Rouge and Memphis checked out some scenery. Around 6pm I hauled bikes to the nightclub Nocturnal as folks from Nashville pulled into town and we set up the roller races (opensprints).


We missed the 7PM screening but were able to get everything tight (so we thought) in time for the 9PM screening. Myself and a group of about 15 Nash-villains pedaled to the Brooks Museum and checked our bikes. There was a good crowd there, about 200 for the screening. So that means that 200 more people have seen your movie. After the films the majority of people pedaled back to Nocturnal for sprints. As the girls were racing prelim heats one of the bikes tipped over. Somehow the fork wasn’t tightened sufficiently into the mount. Fortunately the young lass only had her pride hurt and we were able to switch out bikes. But now I owe my friend a new fork. The heats started for the guys and ran pretty late; some people had to leave and others didn’t hear their name called which, combined with speed, persistence, and only a few beers, allowed me to win the sprints. My prize, a Castelli wool jersey, was unfortunately swiped before we left for the afterparty. Whereabouts are still unknown.

At the afterparty libations flowed down our dry throats and took several of us up. Up into an oak tree in the front yard. It was there that a rally-cry for the rest of the weekend was spawned: “I’m on a OAK!” At 6AM we were out of beer so five of us headed out for more. We made it as far as the Barksdale Restaurant and sat down for breakfast. We finally made it home at 8:30AM, just in time for my girlfriends alarm to sound so she could go set up the block party for the festival.
picture-24(photo off of

Day 2. After four hours of sleep several of us pedaled to Central BBQ (I know the BFF is vegetarian, but you can’t come to Memphis and not have Q.) From there we pedaled to the Brooks Museum and caught the Block Party. There were a couple of pick-up games of polo then everyone filed in for the screening of Road to Roubaix.

After that there were more pick-up games while I and some volunteers made final preps for the alleycat. One of the checkpoints was the riverboat landing where people had to ride a stretch of cobblestones, circle a cone and come back. Many people said that they were ecstatic when they saw the cobblestones; Road to Roubaix had pumped them up! The alleycat ended with a slip’n’slide into what eventually became a mud puddle.

The winners were Mike Crouch (1st & 1st out-of-towner) and Megan Miller (1st girl). For their prizes they recieved growlers from local brewery Bosco’s (brewed with water from Memphis’s aquifers!) After the race everyone went to wash the mud and sweat from their bodies before heading to Murphy’s for the Bikes Rock! show. It was a packed house with 4 bands playing: River City Tanlines, Girls of the Gravitron, Magic Kids, and The Warble. After that there was more afterpartying, more breakfast, more “I’m on a OAK!” and at that point the police showed up and laughed at everyone in the tree. A 10AM bedtime and no voice means I was still asleep when everyone left so I didn’t get to say any good-byes but I did get some nice thank-you notes on the fridge, as well as a 12-pack of Pabst.

We started a Flickr pool at so you can check out photos from the weekend. If you have any questions about anything just let me know.

I’m on a OAK!

Cort Percer

Now that’s a cool look and other random fashion news…

So maybe the fact that I’m only ranked 31st best bicycle blog is because I don’t do enough for fashion. Well here is what I think is the best fashion I’ve seen on a bike in a while:


Yes, that’s 30 Rock’s own Tracy Morgan dressed as a cell phone on the set of a new Kevin Smith movie called: “A Couple of Dicks.”

Maybe I tend to steer clear of fashion trends when it comes to biking because of the clueless nature of the established fashion world.

Like this recent Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) contest called: “Biking in Style Challenge.”

060309bike5(Designed by Jessica Velasquez)

The idea here was to have FIT students come up with a contest to make clothes that were easier to bike in, and of course still look cool, as if this is some sort of impedance to being able to ride your bike.
challenge533(photo by: Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times)

Here is a recent article by Eric Wilson, from the NYTimes called: Project Bike Lane.

There are many reasons why New York City commuters have been hesitant to bicycle to work in greater numbers: personal safety, the scarce availability of bike racks and the weather, among them. A perhaps more superficial, though still important, consideration is figuring out something to wear that will be both functional and professional looking. Or, at the least, something that will not show grease stains.

read the rest of it here.

Yeah…I’m a little more concerned about not becoming the hood ornament of a guy in his Escalade who’s too busy talking on his phone while driving then to think about if my poncho matches my pedal pushers.

This contest is co-sponsored by a Renaud Dutreil, a big shot at luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, a 51 year old who rides his bike everyday.
our ol pal Donna Karan, fashion maven behind DKNY, who had the brilliant idea last year to chain up orange bicycles around the city to some how promote biking even though no one could ride them, not even all the folks in town for fashion week. I mean what sense does it make to promote biking…by biking?

dkny7(from article 806)
They also had a far to similar resemblance to the white ghost bikes which also can’t be ridden because their owners are dead, killed by cars while biking.

Here are some clothes by my friends at Outlier, getting you ready for summer…
A note from designer Tyler:
As the summertime heat kicks up, Outlier has only one goal for their newest pants, to make them feel like they aren’t there at all. The Outlier Summer Editions are made from a light weight breathable material that actually wicks moisture from the inside and repels water from the outside so you always feel comfortable and dry even in the humidity and passing summer showers. Perfect for those long summer days that take you from the office to the beachside breezes.

The Summer Editions are available in both Outlier’s classic OG Pant cut and the new slim Climber cut for $220. Pale gray, limited edition.

(I know $220 for pants are expensive, but these guys are bikers and know a thing or two about fashion and durability.)

Now back to some more clueless insulting stuff. Let me get this straight, we want to promote biking in the city and decrease automobile congestion, which is why the DOT is closing streets to cars and putting in more bike lanes…but we still allow this?
Giant advertisements on trucks who clog up the streets with the soul mission of promoting products, and its a freakin HUMMER, the most polluting vehicle on the planet which is now defunct (thank God) cause GM is broke.


Yeah, I’m Number…31?

Not sure how I feel about this,
Kind of like placing in a cat 5 weeknight crit. Yeah, at least I made the list.

London Cyclist put out a list of the top 50 cycling blogs and I ranked a proud 31.

Well its not a competition. Check out the list and find some new blogs out there you may not have known about like…London

I will continue to strive to not get dropped by the pack in the 14th lap and find new and innovative ways to rise through the ranks.

NYPD caught on tape, again. Critical Mass report for May

The on going saga of harassment from the NYPD against cyclists continues with last week’s monthly critical mass ride in Manhattan.

In May the 5 borough bike club wrapped up its lawsuit trial against the NYPD for their heavy handed parade rule which states no more than 50 people can ride bikes in a group without a permit.

The lawsuit was brought forward by this bicycle club because they felt the parade rule directly effects there own events but more so has been established by the NYPD, back in 2007, as the latest attempt to do away with the monthly critical mass rides.

Critical Mass, a leaderless event, which takes place on the last Friday of every month in over 400 cities around the globe, has been harassed by the NYPD since the Republican National Convention 2004.

The largest conundrum of the parade ruling and critical mass is the fact that this specific event, like in all cities, is not a group and therefore would have no one to apply for a permit.

This situation is a serious catch 22. The police claim they would leave critical mass alone if only it would stick to a designated route and apply for a permit. Ah, yeah slight problem. The route is determined on the fly by individuals attending critcal mass…this is the whole point of the ride and why it has been in the claw of the police, scratching their heads and trying to figure out how to define the ride.

Of course the police never had a problem with critical mass for over 10 years since it was attempted back in 1994. It wasn’t until the weekend of the Republican National Convention of 2004 when the police decided to make it political and lump it together with other formal demonstrations specifically targeting the Republicans and their agenda of illegal occupation, torture and coporate profiteering.

Those 5,000 or so Republican delegates went home, except for Mayor Bloomberg who endorsed George W. Bush and then became one, but the harassment of cyclists stayed. It has manifested into a coordinated campaign by the NYPD not only to assaul, ticket and bother biking at critical mass but also on a daily basis. This was made clear in depositions of high-ranking police officers surrounding the 5BBC lawsuit. Testimony, including from police commissioner Raymond Kelly, eluded to tactics such as infiltrating the ride with “plain clothes”, targeting riders and following them home long after the rides are over.

There have also been sting operations set up to ticket cyclists in mass not only before critical mass rides but on other specific days.

The larger picture is that affects not only the ridership of critical mass but also the bike riding community as a whole. Taking a look at this larger picture is what lead the 5bbc to file this lawsuit and boldly take on such a massive organization like the NYPD.

A decision from the Judge should be coming within a week, but based on the deep-rooted nature of bureaucracy favoring NYPD’s decisions and the lack of media coverage…the verdict is mostly likely to keep the bogus parade rules in effect and do nothing to address the harassment campaign as a whole.

The good news is, its surfaced a lot of amazing evidence against the NYPD and could lead to an investigation called upon with the help of City Council member Rosie Mendez and civil right lawyer, Norman Siegel.

This brings us to the May critical mass where the police continued a heavy handed tactic of handing out summonses and even resorting to physical assault of a videographer trying to record evidence of the police’s bad behavior.

Here is a recent Press release about the trial and ride including video links:

Video footage captures scooter cops following Critical Mass on Westside Greenway and confiscating cyclist’s video camera while documenting the NYPD issuing false tickets to other cyclists

The trial of the 5BBC lawsuit against the NYPD, which questions the constitutionality of policing tactics used against Critical Mass and other group rides, is over and the judge’s ruling is expected any day now.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly, NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne, and over 15 other NYPD officers were deposed on their roles and knowledge of the policing of the Critical Mass rides in preparation for this lawsuit.

These two edited videos from the most recent Critical Mass ride and excerpts from the depositions give a glimpse into the NYPD’s multi-million dollar campaign to follow, ticket, intimidate and harass Critical Mass bicycle riders.

Video from the 5/29 Critical Mass ride showing an NYPD officer ordering the scooter cops to follow groups of cyclists as they were leaving Union Square and then 4 scooter cops following the ride down the Westside Greenway:

Video from the 5/29 Critical Mass ride showing cyclists getting tickets for 4-12(p)(3) which has continually been given out over the years even though it is not a valid ticket and is regularly dismissed in court. Also includes footage of a videographer being harassed and his camera being taken away as he tries to document the scene, another long standing pattern on the Critical Mass rides:

Testimony from Officer Kenneth Wagner confirming the NYPD’s policy of following small groups of cyclist out of Union Square, sometimes as far as to the cyclist’s home and testimony showing Commissioner Raymond Kelly was apparently not aware of this and other questionable tactics of NYPD’s policing of Critical Mass.

For more information on the 5BBC lawsuit go to:

I also received this note about the indecent with the police and the videographer.

The videographer received three tickets, 412(p)(3) that is usually dismissed in court and obstructing vehicle traffic. If you look carefully the light is red so I don’t know how he could have been obstructing anything. It was the police that was blocking one of traffic. They didn’t arrest him but gave him a disorderly conduct ticket. They seemed really puzzled on what tickets to give him. It actually took about a half hour to finally give him these tickets after they rewrote the ticket at least twice. The lawyer for the NYPD, Lieutenant Albano, actually arrived at the scene and seemed to be consulted on what to write on the ticket.

Inspector Hughes (white shirt officer) twisted his harm to get the camera out of his hand, which you can see in video. We don’t know why he grabbed the camera, but we assume it was because he was videotaping the other cyclists getting tickets. This happened at least two other times on the CM that I know about. He did finally give him back the camera after the tickets were finally issued.

This also hit (thanks for posting)

Its been a fairly classic pattern on the critical mass rides. Rank and file officers are ordered in pairs by a white shirted Lieutenants to ticket riders for disobeying traffic laws when they are riding in group less then 30. These violations include not having proper lighting, not stopping at red lights and not riding in bike lanes. When the individual riders comply with the traffic laws and tell the officers they are not breaking the law, the officers resort to what I like to call: “making shit up.” Cyclists are then given summons for failing to ride to the right, which is not illegal. When cyclists decide to ride on greenways designed for bicycles and pedestrain traffic and not motor vehicles…the police violate this space and follow the riders on the paths which are depicted in the video.

If this isn’t harassment, then what is?

Is the NYPD so desperate to stop critical mass that they have to ticket and follow cyclists even when they are not engaged in critical mass?

answer: Yes.

Lastly, May is supposed to be bike month, cycling is supposed to be encouraged in this city for cleaner air, better transportation, happier people.

When is the NYPD going to get the memo?

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Hal Ruzal gives anti-bike theft tips on Brian Lehrer.

NYC talk show host and bicycle commuter had his first bike stolen in 25 years last weekend.

Really sorry to hear that Brian.

In response he had on the Brian Lehrer show, Hal Ruzal, bicycle guru from one of the oldest bike shops in NYC, Bicycle Habitat (244 Lafayette St-NYC)
Hal had some good tips on where to lock your bike and what equipment to use.

Listen to this short segment here.

Bike thefts on the rise again.

Seems like its that time of the year.
I have been posting some recent bike thefts on my stolen bikes page.
If you have any information about these bikes please email the contacts listed.

Looks like even WNYC’s Brian Lehrer had his bike stolen according to a recent status report on Facebook (subscription required)


Brain…if you’re out there, send me some information about how and when.

Another mapping service.

The Cascade Bicycle Club out of Seattle Washington has created this new site:


Its a data collecting site which creates maps to document:
Theft, Crashes and Hazards.

From the site: “bikewise is a place to learn about and report bike crashes, hazards, and thefts. By sharing our experiences with each other, and with researchers and relevant agencies, we aim to make biking safer and more fun. You can help by adding your reports. “

Once you create a login and password, you can register your bikes here, with specific information to aid with theft and accident reports.

Resources-Ride the City, the google maps for Bikers.

I’ve started to take a harder look at resources for bikers in this city…Here is a great one:

Ride the city is like google maps for bike routes.

You just type in where you are starting from:
and where you are heading, and then the virtual wizard behind the curtain gives you a couple of route options. You can chose the safer option or one that is more direct.
The mapping is very hands on and you can drag start and stop symbols right onto the map.

The designated route clearly identifies roads that have bike lanes and also there are symbols pointing out the nearest bike shops.
This site is very quick and responsive.
You also have the option of using SMS and recieveiving text messages to assist in using the bike route you have chosen.
You type in where you are, and where you are going, and then the wizard behind the curtain gives you the best, safest route.

According to the Ride the City Blog, they have just launched the same web service in Chicago.

Hopefully there will be similar sites for cities all over the world.

Bicycle Film Festival…Next Stop, NYC. June 17th-21st.