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April 2014
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Ah, Copenhagen…

Copenhagen, such advancements in the world of human interaction, of transportation, of the bicycle…

While we battle our police just for the right to freely assemble on bicycles, this modern Danish city takes a different approach…

Well, maybe hugs aren’t going to fly in this more reserved city, never the less, perhaps we can learn something.

Check out the blog with the tag line: “Life in the world’s cycling capital.”

Saw this video recently on Made by Colville Andersen, the creator behind Copenhagenize and

Copenhagen – City of Cyclists from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

Here is a rare opportunity for someone to visit this amazing cycling city.

Chana recently contacted me. He is producing the Bicycle Film Festival in Copenhagen. He will be here in June/July to experience NYC and wanted me to post an idea he had for an exchange:

“Do you have a big spare matrass & would you like to visit Denmark?
We’d like to arrange an apartment exchange or a couch-surfing experience.

You could come and spend some Danish summerdays in lovely Copenhagen – not only voted the world’s best city to live in in but also the trendiest cycling capital of the world!
( and

We’ve already booked our ticket to visit New York for 1,5 week – from June 16th to June 26th – and are looking to exchange our 3 room apartment in Amager for a place in central New York to get to know your city. The apartment is 10 minutes walk from Copenhagen’s city center, 30 minutes walk from the beach and a short trainride from Sweden. Get in touch for more detailed information on our neighborhood and some pictures.

Alternatively: if you’re a nice person with some space for visitors: you could just invite us!
Also, feel free to forward this to your bike-loving friends interested in getting to know Scandinavia.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you – even if the dates are not an exact match.



New Bike Coop in DC


Looks like there is a new bike coop being started in DC.

–Here is some text from this Craigslist ad

“We’ve been offered a location to start a non-profit bike co-op (Chain Reaction-type shop) in Petworth.

Please come check it out, get involved, share your ideas, eat some free popcorn . . . and watch a movie.

Thursdays at 7pm we do a regular movie night at the people’s media center: 4132 Georgia Avenue NW, DC 20011, between Upshur & Taylor, 4 blocks north of Petworth green/yellow line metro, bus #70/71/62.

This week’s film is the subject of many posts on this list: Bicycle Thieves :-( It’s considered one of the greatest movies ever made (warning, plot-spoiler near end of this review):

Free popcorn & after-film discussion/brainstorming of starting bike co-op.”

Ride across the country with the BFF.

How much do you love the Bicycle Film Festival? Enough to ride across the country from NYC to LA?

Check this out:


The ride kicks off on June 26th to Philly. This is a short leg of the trip that anyone can go on.

A few bikes stolen…and one found.

May isn’t so great of a bike month for a few unlucky souls, who had bikes stolen.

Check out the latest on the stolen bikes page.

There is also a found bike needed its rightful owner.

Stolen bike success story.


Steven Harrell had his bike stolen late last year. We posted up on my stolen bikes page. In January, a few people saw it on a police auction website:

Well he got the bike back:

From Steven–
Mr. Green,

I have now a story of great success for your blog. After a series of sincere letters, emails, and phone calls that seemed to go nowhere, and a period of five months during which I bought and equipped a crumby used bike, I had all but given up on any prospect of getting my bike back. But alas, one day my phone rang, and it was a P.O. Rebecca at the Property Clerk Division of the NYPD calling to inform me that he had my bike and I should come pick it up. The next morning I was at their offices in LIC at 7AM and my bike was in my hands. I’m not sure how this happened to turn out in my favor; I had no indication from the NYPD of recieving or acknowledging my correspondance, but they listened, and based on a VERY detailed description of the bike, photos, and web postings (including your blog) they believed me and returned my bike.
Thanks for your help in this matter, and I’m pleased to see the law functioning in the correct way. That’s not to say that my faith in the law enforcement community is restored, but I am leaving this experience a little less cynical than before. My advice to anyone who has their bike stolen is this: 1) File a police report ASAP 2) Know details about your bike and serial numbers 3) Have patience, and dont try to agrivate those who might be able to help you. Good luck to anyone who has his or her bike stolen, and keep up the effort to get it back.
Thank’s Mr. Green for your blog and your support of bicycle advocacy in NYC. Thank you for your help in getting my bike back. Keep up the good work.


Alleycat in New Haven, Saturday May 16th.


Find out more at:

Thursday, May 14th, Ride your bike to work.

May 14th is National Bike to Work Day.
Here is a blurb from streetfilms:

The League of American Bicyclists started Bike-to-Work Day in 1956 as a part of National Bike-to-Work Week, which in some cities has turned into Bike Month.Bike-to-Work Day is an annual event that promotes and celebrates the bicycle as a viable mode of transportation. On Bike-to-Work Day, national, regional, and local bicycle advocacy groups often organize bicycle-related events.Today’s Streetfilm features Bike-to-Work Day in Austin, San Francisco, New York City and Portland, Oregon.If you haven’t already, check out the Streetsblog open thread from Friday. And, contact us if you would like to participate in next year’s NBTWD film!

Streetfilms made this video of last years bike to work day.

Thursday, May 14th.
7-10:30 am
Transportation Alternatives
will be on hand to give out snacks in the morning at:
East River Bridges (Queensboro, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge) plus Madison Square Park, City Hall Park. Stop by for some hot coffee, quality reading material and your extreme commuter bag! National Bike to Work Day is brought to you by Transportation Alternatives and for the second year in a row Clif Bar.

Hal Ruzal rates your lock up. Part 3-”the final warning”

Keep your bike safe…
Hal Ruzal, bike mechanic at Bicycle Habitat rates your locks and gives some good advice.

Its part 3 of a series…”The Final Warning.”

Thanks streetfilms

Biker of the week: Jean Andre Vallery of the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund

I ran into Jean Andre Vallery at Interbike back in 2007. A really interesting guy and dedicated to the BMEF. He set up this organization to give money to injured bike couriers who are demanded upon to perform a crucial service for the business community and aren’t given proper health insurance coverage.

picture by Richard Masoner
Here is a Q and A I did with him a few weeks back.

Name, Age, Where you currently reside.
Jean Andre Vallery, 56, Jacumba, Ca. USA

What bike(s) do you own?
Litespeed Firenze, GT mountain bike, GT bowery Fixed gear, Trek 720?

Were you a courier? If so tell us a bit about working on a bicycle?
Yes, started my own company in Sarasota Florida. Loved making new customers and riding all day.
Company closed.

What is the BMEF and how did you get involved?
A 501 c3 that gives 300$ cash to any on the job injured bicycle messenger
worldwide, I was diagnosed with cancer and wanted to help and pay it forward.

How does the BMEF raise money? Has there been a lot of involvement from the
messenger community?

Who has received assistance from the BMEF? any memorable specific stories? these are requests but
some didn’t qualify.

Why are so many bike couriers not insured.
I haven’t a clue except the courier company’s that hire don’t classify
messengers as employees.

How has the messenger community responded to the BMEF?
Good, but could be better communication about the BMEF on the street.

Has this rise in popularity of messenger style racing, fashion, world and
national events helped bring attention to the working conditions of bike

Are there other organizations for couriers? How can couriers get more
organized? Any chance for a union?
Other BMA’s worldwide, register to help at the bmef,

What kind of challenges have you faced with the BMEF and from couriers?
All kinds, too numerous to list

What is the current state of the BMEF and what are future plans?

How do people donate?

Anything you wished I’d asked you?
Yes, I/ we need a international famous celebrity to be a spokesperson for
us. To stand up for us. Please whoever reads this we need assistance.


Got this sweet logo from Nick James

Nick made me this great logo for the blog.



Nick James is a very talented artists, biker and alleycat racer.
You’ve seen some of his work floating out there on many of the prominent bike blogs.

He made Prolly into an action comic star…

Check out his website,
and blog.

Great work.