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Time’s Up in the news

The longest running bicycle activist and education group in NYC, Time’s Up, made the news twice in one week for their hard work and dedication.


First to the Daily News with this article on the battle for the Kent Ave. Bike lane.

No more lane excuses Bikes & cars will peacefully co-exist on Kent Ave.
article by: Erin Durkin
Dailynews, Monday June 8th
*Mar 14 - 00:05*Desk email(photo from Keh of DailyNews)
photo description: Time’s Up!-a Brooklyn based environmental awareness and non-polluting transportation activist group organized an event to warn drivers to steer clear of bike lanes.

article: THE BATTLE between cyclists and motorists for room on Kent Ave. is finally over.

A new city Transportation Department plan makes room for both bike lanes and parking along the street.

When the city put up No Stopping signs and installed bike lanes on both sides of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint thoroughfare last fall, cyclists said it was a much-needed safety improvement.

But many residents and business owners hated the lanes, saying they made parking and deliveries impossible.

Read the complete article: here.

also Jefferson Siegel got the cover of the Villager with the Time’s up doggie pedal parade.


and this blurb:
Cyclists ‘pup their rides’
Laurie Mittelmann got ready to roll with Princess at Sunday’s Doggie Pedal Parade. The ride highlighted bicycles adapted to transport pets and promoted the adoption of homeless animals. Sponsored by Time’s Up!, the parade started at Tompkins Square’s dog run, stopping at several animal hospitals and community gardens along the way, before ending at the Washington Square dog run.


Nice work.

Join my flickr pool for bikeblognyc

(pedicabs on 58th st. between 5th and Madison-NYC)

I’ve started to use more and created this pool for bike photos.

This is my flickr group to amass photos of bikers and bikes in NYC.
Take a look.
For flickr users, feel free to join the group and add your photos.

I’ll be creating a few more groups including one for stolen bikes, to have another resource for people on the look-out.

Video from last weekend’s tour of Brooklyn

Its the 5th annual Tour of Brooklyn.
video by

Why the internet was invented.

for important things like this:

Valet park bikes and see the shows. alerted me that there is valet bike parking for the Celebrate Brooklyn concert series.


Come to the great line up of shows and have your bike attended to by a group of volunteers.

Transportation Alternatives is working with the concerts at the bandshell to park your bikes for free.
They are also looking for volunteers to help park bikes, which is a great way to see the shows.

Get more info here.
To inquire about parking bikes email:

The shows kick off this Monday the 8th, with everyone’s favorite cyclist, David Bryne.

40 mile commute to work.

Phil Riggio commutes to work in Manhattan from Darien Connecticut…That’s 40 miles.
Way to go Phil.

Check him out on on this piece for CBS news by Cali Carlin: (who interviewed me on CBS’s early show webcast)

Watch CBS Videos Online

Alleycat tomorrow-NYC


Williamsburg Walks 2009-this weekend

Saw this on streetsblog

Due to last years big success, streets of Williamsburg Brooklyn will be closed again to vehicles.

(from website)
The L Magazine and Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAG) have partnered this year to organize the 2009 Williamsburg Walks. We invite North Brooklyn residents, visitors and merchants to celebrate the community on a pedestrian Bedford Avenue: Williamsburg’s lively main drag will be closed to cars between North 4th and North 9th Streets every Saturday from June 6th to July 11th from noon to sunset.

Area non-profits and businesses will be organizing events and activities – acoustic music, urban gardening, children’s classes, performances, and many more – and the June 13th date coincides with The L’s Northside Music and Arts Festival, which will bring even more public programming to the neighborhood.

This year, we’re hoping to make the event even more enjoyable for the neighborhood—feedback was collected during the successful 2008 season that has informed many of this year’s improvements. We invite you to give your opinion and share your concerns to make this year a success.

Williamsburg Walks is also a great opportunity to support the community. Click here to learn about volunteering this summer.

If you or your organization would like to contribute to Williamsburg Walks (organize activities, donate street furniture, etc.), please email with your suggestions.

More info at


Every Sunday in June, Vanderbilt Avenue between Dean Street and Park Place will go car-free from noon to 5 p.m.

Read more at Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council

June 11th, Screening of No Impact Man

Rooftop films presents and advance screening of the documentary: “No Impact man.

This is a 90 minute documentary by Laura Gabbert & Justin Schein. They follow the life of Colin Beaven, who along with his family, decided to live a lifestyle with the least amount of impact on the environment.

One of their decisions was to give up car transport and use alternative transportation like…the bicycle. Smart man.

a bit from a Rooftop films press release:

–Colin Beavan, a writer living in Manhattan with his wife and daughter, decided to find out what it means to live a “no impact” life.

For one year, Beavan becomes “No Impact Man,” attempting to live his normal life in New York City, without leaving an impact on the environment. No new products. No chemicals. No non-local food. No electricity. He sacrificed his personal comfort, risked his self-esteem, and even jeopardized his relationship with his family, all for this strange test.

The challenge is, of course, rather quixotic. Couldn’t Beavan simply reduce, reuse, recycle, like so many of us (try to) do? But his obsessiveness generates immediate, widespread attention for the project, generating acclaim and disdain, including detractors that range from dismissive major media outlets to mean-spirited personal attacks. Beavan is forced to re-examine No Impact Man, to question this idea that’s the driving force in his life. But will he renounce it?

The public scrutiny provides the intellectual spark for the film, but the tension between Colin and his wife Michelle Conlin is the emotional core of the film. Conlin lives like so many of us: proudly eating takeout, compulsively buying the latest products, taking for granted the excessive habits of consumerism. Sneaking an espresso here and there seems a minor offense, but the guilt from Colin is burdensome. I’m sure many of us think we could handle a year without chemical laundry detergent or new handbags, but what about a fly-infested compost bin in the kitchen, or a pot-within-a-pot refrigeration experiment? And what of her job at Business Week, examining (and in many ways promoting) the essence of the culture No Impact Man is critiquing?

Schedule of the screening:
Venue: On the lawn of Automotive High School
Date: Thursday, June 11th, 2009
Address: 50 Bedford Ave. @ North 13th St. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Directions: L to Bedford Ave. or G to Nassau Ave.
Rain: In the event of rain the show will be held indoors at the same location
7:00PM: Doors open
8:00PM: Sound Fix Records presents live music by The Hungry March Band
9:00PM: Film
11:30PM-1:00AM: After-party: Open Bar at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave. @ Driggs) Courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner
Tickets: $9 at the door or online at
Presented in partnership with: The Fledgling Fund, Cinereach, New York magazine, IndiePix, Shooting People, Council Member David Yassky & Automotive High School

More info on the movie:

More info on rooftop films:

Video Fridays

Video from Steve McMaster of last weekends Time’s Up Doggie Pedal Parade:

Trailer for new Bootleg Sessions 3 video which is out:

Bootleg Sessions v.3 has dropped from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Video to promote the new photo book: “the City Can’t Swallow Me,” by Matt Lingo about San Diego fix gear scene.

This City Can’t Swallow Me from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Death Pedal, Austin Premiere

DEATH PEDAL ATX Premier and Grand Opening of Fast Folks Cyclery from John Rensho on Vimeo.

Trailer for documentary on the Stupor Bowl:

Video of Rockin N Rollin Fixie riders club, INSEP track training:

RnR INSEP training from Rock'n'Rollin Fixie Riders on Vimeo.

Velo Cult shop in San Diego

Velo Cult Shop Check by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Track bike tricks look even cooler in 16mm. Super Ted

14 Bike Co. from ODGE WONG on Vimeo.

オ ンセイcotm2 from Voise on Vimeo.