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April 2014
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Historic Court Case begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Critical Mass saga continues.

The Five Borough Bicycle Club will begin a trail with the NYPD over its crackdown on cyclists rights and group rides.
Here is a bit of information from Time’s Up:

While environmental awareness and bicycle ridership continue to increase in New York City, the road to this success has been a struggle. Over the years we’ve seen many lawsuits, city regulations and police tactics that have discouraged the growth of nonpolluting transportation. You, the community, however, have constantly rallied back, finding creative ways to keep bicycling on the road and on the rise. Without this public and political concern, we wouldn’t have the recent installation of sustainable infrastructure, which includes more than 170 miles of bike lanes citywide.

The Five Borough Bicycle Club with the help of Debevoise and Plimpton, LLP, is continuing the fight for cyclists’ rights with an upcoming court case. Pro bono lawyers and volunteers from the cycling community have put in countless hours of investigation in preparing for it, interviewing more than one hundred people, reviewing thousands of questionable tickets and watching video footage covering years of events. This court case will show that, despite community and political support for cycling and the environment, members of the police department used psychological tactics to break up the community and the growth of nonpolluting transportation. It is clear in numerous forms of evidence that cyclists’ constitutional rights were violated through selective enforcement, domestic spying, perjury by some of the highest in command of the police department, unfounded divisionary propaganda and undercover agitation.

Let’s put an end to these divisionary tactics for good and work together to continue to create a positive, sustainable city. Time’s Up! environmental organization encourages you to attend the upcoming trial and support the Five Borough Bicycle Club and the future growth and safety of biking in New York City.

The trial date is set for Tuesday, May 12th at 11 a.m. at the United States Courthouse. Since the trail schedule may change at the last minute check on May 11th for status updates.

There is also a last minute bike ride scheduled to the courthouse.

First the details of where the trail will be taking place:

Five Borough Bicycle Club vs. NYPD Trial
Fighting against the city’s crackdown on cyclists’ rights and group bicycle rides
Tuesday, May 12th at 11 a.m.
United States Court House, 500 Pearl Street, Room 12D

**RIDE DETAILS: Tuesday, May 12th, meeting at 10:15am, on the steps of Sara D Roosevelt Park, on the Houston side, between Chrystie & Forsyth Streets

**PRESS RELEASE: Check out the press release that talks about the depositions for the trial of Commissioner Raymond Kelly, NYPD spokesperson Paul Browne, and over 15 other NYPD officers were deposed on their roles and knowledge of the policing of the Critical Mass rides. Very interesting stuff.

Tour d’Italia turns 100 and Lance rocks a new bike design from Fairey.

It’s the 100th Anniversary of the Giro D’Italia.
This is Italy’s Tour De France and you can follow along on my favorite pro cycling blog:

The Race kicked off on Saturday, May 9th with a team time trial.
Check out this homemade wrap up from

Yep Lance is back in it after suffering a broken collarbone in the race in Spain in March.

Seen here with his Astana team, they came in 3rd in Italy.

Lance is rockin a phat designed bike made by non other than street artist, Shepard Fairey.


Check out this video of the design process.

More cool bike fashion at

Happy Mother’s Day…I think.

Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day…
Maybe not as good as these guys…

The Bicycle Film Festival is starting its tour in May.

39 cities for the festival this year. Truly a phenomenal achievement to bring cinema about bicycles to various cities all over the world. Special thanks to Brendt Barbur, festival director and his dedicated staff. Now in its ninth year the Bicycle Film Festival has announced almost all of its tour dates.

Memphis MAY 29-30

New York JUNE 17-21

Bike Ride NY to Philadelphia JUNE 26

Philadelphia JUNE 26

Pittsburgh JULY 2-4

Minneapolis JULY 8-11

Richmond JULY 10-11

SF JULY 14-18

Detroit JULY 17-18

Oakland JULY 19

Portland JULY 31-AUGUST 1

Austin AUGUST 5-9

San Diego AUGUST 8

Chicago AUGUST 12-15

Toronto AUGUST 19-22

Orlando AUGUST 21-22

Seattle AUGUST 22


Milwaukee AUGUST 28-29

Washington D.C. AUGUST 29


Lisbon SEPTEMBER 9-13

Vienna SEMPTEMBER 17-20

London SEPTEMBER 23-27

Las Vegas SEPTEMBER 25

Copenhagen SEMPTEMBER 30

Paris OCTOBER 7-11

Milano OCTOBER 14-18

Auckland OCTOBER 22-24

Denver OCTOBER 28-31

Melbourne NOVEMBER 5-7

Sydney NOVEMBER 11-14

Tokyo NOVEMBER 19-23

Miami DECEMBER 3-6

(Dates for Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Boulder, SLC and Montreal will be up soon)

First stop:
Memphis, Tennessee
Where they will be screening one of the first bicycle documentaries I helped to make:
Warriors: the bike race.

Check out this video of festival director Brendt, talking about the biking in NYC…made by Daniel Leeb of cinecycle.


Ha Ha…Caption this photo.

I saw this on urbanvelo…


Come up with a caption for this photo here.

Some I like so far:

“Dad, where’s the pump ? Aahh, forget it, I’ll get you a new bike!”

“MY BIKE!! THERE IT IS! … you know … over by the wall.”

“To recognize you have a problem is the first step.”

One I came up with:

“Listen honey, some people have a lot of cars…you need a Range Rover, a Ferrari and a Ford Escort. I need a bike for all kinds of situations.”

A few from the urbanvelo comments:

“What if you crossed Lance Armstrong with a cat lady?”
“Joe learned that yelling “party at my place” during critical mass is a bad idea.”
“Okay … Off the roof, onto the trampoline and into the pool … make it, and you win the lot … Miss it, and your bike goes with the others … who also tried … and failed!!!”

Great Bike Polo video

BIKE POLO TOURNAMENT – CPCV09 from Androsky Knauer on Vimeo.

check out more at

Lots more great videos like this:

Eric Puckett Houston Fixed from Osker Koronado on Vimeo.

at tracko
and Prolly, posted this about an upcoming alleycat this weekend.


Check out this sneak peak video for it:

Rumble in the Jungle Alley Cat Race Pre Show Video/No Cassettes Sneak Peak from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Hey its bike Month in the Capital Region too.

Check out the events at

Including a screening of Veer, about Portland Bike culture

5/14: VEER the movie. Two showings! 7:30 & 9:15 pm. The Madison Theater (Albany). Special one-night screening of new documentary of the Portland, OR cycling community. Sponsors include: CK Cycles, Steiner’s Sports, The Downtube, The Dead Presidents Lounge, Bomber’s Burritos, Lark Tavern,, $6/($5 for ABC & NYBC members). Membership is free and you can sign up at the door. ABC will also be collecting $$ donations for the KONA AFRICA BIKE PROGRAM.

Top Chef judge hit on his bike

Top Chef judge and writer, Toby Young was his by a car in London while riding a bicycle:


Read about it on his blog:

Friday and Saturday…Bicycle Fetish Day


Bike Month continues into its second weekend.

Friday (Three events in a row from Time’s Up)

Friday, May 8th, 6 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
Friday, May 8th, 7 p.m.
Grand Army Plaza, the northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave., Eastern Pkwy, Union St. and Prospect Park West intersect and Brooklyn Side of the Williamsburg Bridge
Friday, May 8th, 8:30 p.m.
East River Bar, 97 South 6th Street, off Bedford Avenue
This is a potluck BBQ! We will be welcoming new volunteers. Looking for tablers and someone to help with getting food and working the grill.

Then on Saturday:

The City Reliquary presents:

This message from Dave Herman, president of the city reliquary.
Dear friends of the City Reliquary,

The City Reliquary Museum & Civic Organization is proud to present
The 5th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day
This Saturday, May 9th 2009 from 12-6PM
On Havemeyer St. Btw. Grand St. & Metropolitan Ave.
In Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, NYC

On par with annual expectations, we have prepared for another spectacular event for bicycle lovers of all types.
Just some of the great activities to expect are:
Raffle: win great prizes donated by local bike shops,
Outlier Performance Clothing, Bicycle Doctor, and an NYC Bike from Spokes and Strings.
BMX performances courtesy of POST Bike shop
Bicycle contests including: Best Small-Wheel, Best Track Bike, Best Vintage, Best Ugly Bike, Best in Show, and more!
Artist and information booths including:
Bicycle builder Johnny Coast of Coast Cycles, Bike Bags by Jade, Transportation Alternatives, Taliah Lempert Bicycle Paintings
Music by, The Lucky Chops Brass Band, Rude Mechanical Orchestra, DJ Barney Illen
Special appearance by Council Member Diana Reyna
and 5th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day T-Shirts to commemorate the event!

******After party at The City Reliquary Museum from 7-10 PM sponsored by the Brooklyn Brewery.******

We hope you make it and bring your fully fetishized Bicycle!

Always civic,

There will also be an alleycat put on by Victor:
as a fundraiser for Pablo:
Who is in a Richmond Virgina jail facing possible deportation.

The fundraiser is to help with Pablo’s legal fees and possibly get him some clothes.


DC represent.

A link to

Who had an Alleycat this past weekend
and Critical Mass.