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First interstate Bike Share using Smart Lock approach.

NYC isn’t the only Tri-State region launching bike sharing.

Here is a press release from the Hoboken mayor’s office in New Jersey:

Hoboken to Launch First Hybrid Bikeshare

Bike-share pilot will be among first to explore less expensive, more flexible “smart-lock” approach–
Hoboken is proud to partner with E3Think, Bike And Roll and Social Bicycles (SoBi) to launch the nation’s first hybrid bike rental and bike share program.

The program will bring traditional bike rental and waterfront bike tours along with a 6-month pilot bike-sharing program to Hoboken at no cost to the city. Bike rentals for Hoboken residents and visitors will be available on the waterfront near Pier A for longer recreational rides. Similar to Hoboken’s Corner Cars car-sharing program, residents will also be able to reserve bikes online and by mobile phone and use them for commuting and short trips.

“Bike sharing is taking off in cities across the country and the world, but this pilot program to explore a lower cost, more flexible ‘smart-lock’ approach to bike sharing has the potential to change the future of urban mobility on a larger scale,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Hoboken has been recognized as a leader in transportation innovation, and we will continue to work to bring more sustainable, healthy, and affordable transportation alternatives to our community.”

Almost all existing bike sharing systems rely on a “smart dock” approach for storing bicycles, which requires expensive infrastructure for the docking stations. The “smart lock” approach relies on bicycles with built-in locks and communications equipment at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems and can be locked to standard bicycle racks.

“We are proud to partner with the city and look forward to bringing our operational expertise to Hoboken,” said Chris Wogas, President of Bike And Roll. “The bike rental and bike share program will offer additional commuting options and create new experiences for residents, as well as showcase the City of Hoboken to visitors.”

During the pilot, the city and its partners will collect data and seek sponsorship opportunities to help plan a full-scale, city-wide bike share system. Profits from the program will be split 50/50 with the city.

Bike And Roll ( is the country’s largest bike rental and tours company. SoBi ( manufactures “smart lock” bicycles equipped with GPS, mobile communications, and a secure lock for use in bike-sharing systems. E3Think ( is a consultancy focused on the deployment of investment-grade, urban invention.

More details will be announced soon.

More from the Hoboken Patch.

NIMBY protest of one against bike sharing.

Looks like not everyone is down with the new bike sharing program. One disgruntled neighbor decided to stage a sit down in Tribeca where crews were trying to install the bike docking stations.

This comes from Aaron Naparstek ( @Naparstek )BIKQ42dCYAAZ8qR.jpg-large

Hmmmm, I wonder if the police will react the same way to this demonstrator as they do to other people who stand in the path of something they don’t like, such as the occupy movement.


I doubt it…but I can guarantee you this will get lots of great press in the NY Post tomorrow.

Red, Bike and Green-a growing movement of Black Folks on bikes is looking for donations

Why aren’t there more black folks on bikes? Great question. Here is one organization that’s trying to change that and build a movement.

Here is how you can get involved.

Here is more info:

About Us
Red, Bike and Green is a collective of Black urban cyclists seeking to improve the physical, economic and environmental health of African Americans by strengthening the presence of bike culture within the Black community. Our objective is to create free, safe and accessible spaces for individuals of African descent to explore healthy ways of living through cycling.

What We Do
For four years, RBG has managed to sustain this space through the passionate efforts of volunteers and grassroots organizing. Since it’s first ride of 2008 in Oakland, California, RBG has evolved into a cultural movement, a response to social inequity, and an agent of change. With chapters now in Chicago, Atlanta, New York and Oakland we are seeking ways to continue this growth and maintain the integrity of the work.

With your contribution, we will be able to implement programming and education that will expand our reach further into communities that are underrepresented in the cycling world.

How You Can Help
Our goal is to raise $16,000 to push us through the 2013 season. This money will help us increase our outreach, strengthen our bike education and maintenance programs and fund new advocacy campaigns within our local communities.

If you are an advocate for change and excited about the bike movement, now is the time to show your support for Red, Bike and Green (Not to mention the snazzy giveaways you’ll receive as a token of our appreciation!)

Please spread the word to sustain Red, Bike and Green for another season!

One Love. RBG

To donate:

CitiBike share is coming…

This has been a stellar week for NYC’s very anticipated bike sharing, sponsored by Citibank and due to kick off in May.

Citibike docking stations have already been put up in several Brooklyn locations:


Here is a nice big one I found in the Fulton Mall on Willoughby St, near a couple of Downtown Brooklyn hotels.

In the beginning of April, transportation reporter, Ben Fried, got a chance to take the bikes out for a preview ride:

Taking Citi Bike for a Test Ride
By: Ben Fried
April 5th, 2013

With Citi Bike set to launch later this spring, the long wait for bike-share in New York City is almost over. But I couldn’t bring myself to wait an instant longer, so recently I headed over to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to try out some Citi Bikes.

A small network of bike-share stations has been operating for the past few months in the Navy Yard, where people who work inside the walls can try out the system, checking out bikes using the same key fobs that annual subscribers will get once Citi Bike launches. I was able to borrow one of the fobs and go for a test spin on a frigid morning in March.

Read more: here.

Which brings us to this week,

Monday (4/14/13)
Streetsblog reporter Stephen Miller reported that NYC Deputy Mayor, Howard Wolfson (twitter: @howiewolf) and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn, launched the official sign up to the citibike program where people can go on line and register for annual memberships.

Howie tweeted:
Picture 11


Article from Streetsblog:

Sadik-Khan, Wolfson Invite New Yorkers to Sign Up for Bike-Share
by Stephen Miller
April 15th, 2013

wolfson_jsk_citibike_keyDeputy Mayor Howard Wolfson and Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan hold a giant Citi Bike key this morning. Photo: Stephen Miller

In 2009, the Department of City Planning released an ambitious blueprint for bike-share in New York, and in 2011, the Department of Transportation began an extensive public process to site actual bike-share stations. Now the planning is giving way to implementation, with North America’s largest year-round bike-share system set to launch in May. Today, Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson marked an important milestone: New Yorkers can now sign up for annual bike-share memberships.

Annual membership sign-ups have been open since early this morning, and more than 2,500 people have already subscribed at the rate of about $103 per year (including tax), which entitles users to unlimited rides up to 45 minutes long.

Read more: here.

I wanted to be cool like City Council member Brad Lander ,
Picture 12

so I signed up, for a $103.00 fee and got my annual membership.

Picture 13

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Cycling Double Feature-April 18th: Rev

Next week, a big double feature of great cycling documentaries at The Symphony Space.

Picture 6

Ride the Divide


Reveal the Path

Here is more from promoter Gary Harrington,

I am the promoter for the mountain bike films Ride The Divide and Reveal The Path. Please check out our trailer at, and, respectively. We are very excited to announce that we are bringing both of these films to New York City for the first time ever when we will put on a big double feature at The Symphony Space on the Upper West Side on the night of Thursday, April 18. This should be an amazing social event for the entire cycling and adventure sports community and I hope you will help us get the word out and will want to be part of this historic event. We are partnered with the CRCA and Matt Long’s I Will Foundation, along with the New York City Mountain Bike Club.

Find out how to attend at our events page on facebook, here.

Boombotix party at Affinity Cycles makes great portable speakers, great for biking with or just about any where you want your tunes. A great alternative to riding with headphones.

They’ve come along way with their design and are about to launch there latest model…the Boombotix Rex.

They are having a meet and greet to show off their new product at Brooklyn’s Affinity Cycles.

Here is more from Affinity:

Join us this Saturday night at Affinity for the launch of the anticipated Boombot Rex!

The Boombot REX is the next evolution of smart speakers in the ultraportable Boombot collection. With revolutionary acoustic and industrial design, a noise-canceling microphone and a built-in clip, the Boombot REX allows you to stay connected to your friends and your music while keeping your phone safely in your pocket.

We’ll be getting down with BoomBotix and the new Rex with free beer from 8pm at the shop, 616 Grand Street Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Be there! For more info like us on facebook and join the event here.
Boombot REX NYC Launch Party

A quick word from Boombotix:

“As a company, we got our start with the bike community and the Boombot REX is going to change the way users ride. Now phone calls can be taken on the go and tracks can be switched with ease. Juxtaposed with headphones, the Boombot REX also provides a much safer ride while still allowing users to enjoy their tunes.”

Video Friday-4/12/13

Here we go with some videos for your Friday:

Title: Pure Fix in NYC
Pure Fix cycles makes a durable, affordable urban commuter. They even make bikes that glow in the dark…But let’s talk about the light, it’s starting to warm up here in NYC. More from Pure Fix:
Weather’s warming in New York, and you know what that means…bring out the bikes! The Oscar, X-Ray, and a little custom color cruising through our favorite city east of the Mississipp’. Check it!

Pure Fix in NYC from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.


Title: Time’s Up! Cyclista #3! Women and Trans Dance Bike Ride!
NYC, Saturday, March 30, 2013 – - A Times-up! Dance Bike Ride for women, transgendered folks and friends!

Title: The Man Who Cares
Seen on: Urban Velo
A short film from Soigneur Magazine following soigneur Garry Beckett at the Six Days of Rotterdam.

The Man Who Cares from Soigneur on Vimeo.


Title: Chrome and Crosby Press
Seen on: Urban Velo
It’s not that Chrome needs OUR help, but I really enjoy this interview video and the straightforward, no crap style of Chrome president Steve McCallion. There aren’t too many companies that have been around so long, are so successful, and appeal to such a broad audience, yet have retained the spirit of their humble beginnings. Steve seems to embody the Chrome brand as if it’s an extension of his personality. And we all know they don’t make crappy bags either. I have yet to visit a Chrome storefront, but I’ll certainly make the trip should I be close enough. Or, hey Steve, wanna open one in Indianapolis?


Title: Red Hook Crit Art Installation
Seen on: Urban Velo
Artist, Eric Corriel, was asked to create an installation for this year’s Red Hook Crit that just went down in Brooklyn. Last year he projected an animation onto a warehouse wall, but this year wanted to combine the projection with the riders themselves. As Corriel describes his piece,

“I was first asked to participate in the Red Hook Crit in 2012 and for that iteration I projected an animated abstraction of a bicycle race onto a warehouse. For 2013 I removed all elements of abstraction and put my art in direct contact with the race participants and projected onto (them and) the track itself. Instead of the art being about its subject, now it’s an inseparable part of it.”

See all of Corriel’s work here.

Light Bikes from Eric Corriel on Vimeo.

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Time’s Up-Clean up Gardens, Celebrate Earth Day

Time’s Up is getting busy for April, cleaning up community gardens and cleaning up the Earth.
3656178902_7596cf1e61_b Photo from Time’s Up Flickr.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Community Garden Clean-Up Day
at La Plaza Cultural
Saturday, April 13, 12pm, East 9th St & Ave C. NYC
Come join the Lower East Side community as we prep this garden for Spring.

Time’s up! Garden Clean Up Day
Sunday, April 14, 2pm 99 South 5th Street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The beautiful vacant lot needs some love. Come help clean up the soil, build raised beds, paint murals, and get ready for spring.

Garden Clean-Up Day at Siempre Verde
Sunday, April 21, 1 to 5 pm., 181 Stanton Street. NYC
Come help the newest community garden in town unload its 2nd shipment of compost. We’ll be shoveling, planting and prepping for Spring.

Earth Day Dance Ride
Monday, April 22, 7pm, Meet in the center of Tompkins Square Park. NYC
Come celebrate Earth Day with Times Up! Grab your bike and put on your dancing shoes… We’ll bike around and celebrate the most important day of the year, then end the ride with a huge dance party in the park!

BrooklynSpoke spies bike share stations in Brooklyn

Doug Gordon of Brooklyn Spoke got a sneak peak at a Citi Bike sharing station in Brooklyn. Here is a recent blog post:

Citi Bike (stations) Come to Brooklyn!


On Saturday, Transportation Alternative’s Paul Steely White nearly broke the Internet when he posted the first picture of a Citi Bike station on a New York City street. Before this weekend the only other sightings were confined to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where a small test program was being conducted, and many people, myself included, were more than relieved to see Paul’s picture of a station on Monroe Street and Classon Ave in Bed-Stuy. Citi Bike is finally on its way.

I headed over to Bed-Stuy on Sunday to get a few more pictures and swung by another station at Fulton Street and Grand Ave in Clinton Hill. First, Monroe and Classon.

Read more: here.

NYPD decides to charge the five borough bike tour a 1 million dollar fee.

Every year I look at 30,000+ cyclists attending the five borough bike tour and wonder, “where are you people the other 364 days a year, biking in NYC?” Understandably, this event provides riders with a safe envivornment as well as the appeal of seeing all five boroughs and using infrastructure normally reserved for the automobile, like the Varazano and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. So regardless my own selfish wants of world bicycle domination, it’s good knowing this event occurs and maybe even inspires more people to ride, more often.

However, thanks to the infinite help of our beloved NYPD, the party is being threatened to be over. Weird. Actually quite typical.

The NYPD, now wants to charge Bike New York close to a million dollars for their street closure services, which would eat into the 1.2 million this event generates. This comes less tham a month before the event occurs-good timing. Although tickets are expensive to attend the five borough, it is the only event the organization charges for. The rest of the time Bike New York offers free adult bike education, safety series and lots of other bike tours not requiring the NYPD. This of course adds to new ridership and people feeling more comfortable on bikes in the city.

The police claim this 501c3 oganization’s event is non-charitable and thus justifies this enormous payout.

Bike New York is preparing to fill a lawsuit in court in order reverse this decision.

The NYPD have had a history of selectively enforcing their stance on parades and other gatherings so this really comes as no surprise.

Here are more details from bicycle reporter for the New York Times J. David Goodman:

Bike Tour Files Suit to Avoid Traffic Fees
By: J. David Goodman
April 1st, 2013

Weeks before the start of New York City’s largest bicycling tour, its organizers filed suit on Monday to avoid nearly $1 million in fees for traffic control by the New York Police Department.

The legal challenge by Bike New York, a nonprofit group that organizes an annual 40-mile ride around the city, was the first since a rule change took effect in 2011, the city Law Department said. The rule is meant to offset the high costs of shutting down traffic for popular athletic events, including the New York City Marathon.
At issue in the suit is the charitable nature of Bike New York, which derives most of its revenue from the ride, the Five Boro Bike Tour.

Pleas weigh in on what you think of the NYPD charging non-profits for events that generate money and education for New Yorkers.