New Bike Shop in Park Slope

What I don’t suggest doing this weekend:


But what you might want to do is check out this new bike shop which is opening up this evening.
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2009
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Bicycles
Street: 375 9th Street at 6th Ave
City/Town: Park Slope, NY (people’s republic of brooklyn)


Sunday, May 3rd…5 Boro bike tour.

Here’s a video me and Chris Ryan made of last years ride…

This Sunday is the 5 boro bike tour. Come ride with 30,000 other bikers.

Find out more at

Bike Month in full swing.


Some events this weekend…


–Friday (tonight)

Times Up Central Park Moonlight ride. (might be rained out)
Going strong since 1994!

This is a fun, relaxing auto-free ride through Central Park. Enjoy the tranquillity of the park & its beautiful ponds & waterways: a nature lover’s dream. Totally safe. Bike guides front & rear.

Meet at 10 p.m., Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park) on the first Friday of the month, every month. (There is also a Prospect Park Moonlight Ride.)

–Saturday–Here is a chance to check out first Saturday’s at the Brooklyn Museum.

Free Ride to First Saturday + Repairs
Date: Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: 7pm @ Union Square South or 7:30pm @ the Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge
Summary: Come ride with TIME’S UP! to the Brooklyn Museum’s monthly free day and evening of arts entertainment and dances.
Details: Come ride with Times Up! to the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday. Every month the Brooklyn Museum opens its doors for a free day and evening of arts entertainment and dances. The theme for May’s First Saturday is Eco-Art, and how your daily life choices affect your environment.

Volunteer mechanics from the Time’s Up! Bike Co-op will be hosting free outdoor bike repair workshops at the Museum from 5pm until 7pm.

NOTE: the ride is one way. There are subways right at the museum that will get you back to the city. Typically people group back up for rides back over the bridges and back into Williamsburg.

Music by: Pistolera and Dance party with DJ Franco of Voodoo Funk, with his vast collection of music from West Africa.

–Sunday, May 3rd.
–a FREE concert in Tompkins Sq Park/NYC–
When: Sunday, MAY 3rd 2009
TIME: 2-6pm
Where: Tompkins Sq Former bandshell area ( 7th st, btwn Ave A & Ave B )
Why: ‘Cause we’re loud and we’re proud ( to ride bikes!)
Bands: Mischief Brew, Team Spider, Wombat IN Combat, Public Serpents, Ja Moustache Eddies, Social Standards

An Electric-Boogalooo style sequel to last years hit outdoor bike concert BIKE NOISE, it’s “Bike Noise 2″. -Return of the Noize- Where local bike riding mischief makers welcome visiting bands and like-minded bell ringers to relax, skank, eat, dance, and enjoy Tompkins Square Park in the perfect musical kick off to BIKE MONTH 2009.

Bring food, blankets, bikes and dancing boots. Times-Up! will be there tabling, while volunteers from the bike community and the D.IY. music scene join hands and C-wrenches to make a stage, wire a sound system, and rock the house… it’s Radio City Music Hall entertainment, on a Community Recycle-a-Bicycle budget.

Watch out…for bears.

As cyclists in NYC we can have the occasional run in with cabs…in Boulder Colorado…it’s Bears!?!?

Check it out at:

Urban Velo #13 available for viewing and download.

More about…ME!

My favorite bike culture publication has its latest issue hitting the streets.

Its creators Brad and Jeff gave me the opportunity to try out a bit more journalism.
I wrote the cover story for issue 13 on this year’s Monster Track.

You can view the whole issue online or download the PDF here.

Dave August on defending his tracklocross title.

Check out Dave August’s report back from Sludgement Day 2, Track Bike Cyclocross race on Muddy Randalls Island.

Posting found here, on

Here’s a novel concept. Q and A with Jeff Underwood.

Gothamist, widely read blog about New York City’s news stories and cultural happenings has published an interview with my main man Jeff Underwood, owner of Continuum Cycles.

Hmmmm, now who else has been posting “old school zine” Question and Answers about bikers on his blog?

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person and hey it’s more bike press.

Yes, even snarky Gothamist knows whats up…

Check it out Here. Learn about how Jeff went from being a homeless messenger to opening one of the best bike shops in NYC.

Congrats Brother.

More on biking in NYC from Time Out.

Today is May 1st and the beginning of Bike Month.
Check out this spread I did for Time Out NYC.
Some suggestions on bike shops and places to eat and drink as well.
Also in this weeks issue online, four suggested bike routes.

from the editor,
“The next few pages feature four tours of New York, offering terrific views, with a few rough patches for fun. We also cover bike shops and community rides, like the Five Boro. Our goal is to celebrate the city as a bikeable landscape. See you there—and bring your helmets.”

Michael Freidson
Editor, Time Out New York

Check it out here.

Also some suggestions on where to get cheap bikes in NYC:
Cheap bikes!!!
The two-wheeler is already a waist-friendly alternative to that monthly MetroCard. Find out where to get great rides that won’t slim down your wallet as well. (We looked for places with models under $200.)
By Flannery Hill

Read more HERE.
Time out seems to be embracing what we’ve known all along…BIKES RULE!

Video of Time’s Up making Allen Street Green

Dutch Bikes in NYC today!

Remember this article in the NY Times about fashion, oh yeah and those classic Dutch bicycle which hasn’t changed since WW 2?

Well Today as part of a celebration of 400 years of Dutch-US relations…it’s:

(But is sounds like it is already too late to participate because registration is closed…but that never stopped any REAL New Yorkers…right?)

Thursday, April 30th 2009
Starting time: 9:00AM
End time: 2:30PM

On April 30th, Dutch Queen’s Day, 200 orange Batavus bikes make their official arrival in NYC in a very festive way, in attendance of Dutch Cabinet Minister Frans Timmermans. The bikes will be part of a special NY400 Queens Day Bike Tour organized together with The Netherland Club and NLBorrels. Exactly 400 years after Henry Hudson set sail from Amsterdam, the bright orange NY400 bikes are undertaking the same journey across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City.

To show New York City how much the Dutch love their bikes, we invited everyone to join us for a bike tour celebrating Queen’s Day. Due to an overwhelming success, we have closed the registration.

Biking is widely known as the most sustainable, green & clean way of transportation. Since the Netherlands is home to millions of bicycles, the average Dutch person owns 1.11 bicycle per person, NY400 celebrations could not be celebrated without including some beautiful Dutch bikes.

In the Netherlands bicycling is not only used for sport and leisure, it is an everyday means of transportation. More than 60% of the Dutch prefer to bike when possible. In total, over 27% of trips made by the Dutch is done on a bike.

The NY400 Queens Day Bike Tour starts at 9:00AM at Hudson River Park’s Pier 84 (West 42nd Street) and will include a visit to the park next to Riverside Church, where Lou Reed will also be attending the one-hour special “Perfect Day” concert by master Carillonneur Sjoerd Tamminga. After a picknick we will continue our trip via Central Park to the Museum of the City of New York for a great photo moment on the steps of this beautiful building. The bikers are invited for a quick tour around the Museum’s newest exhibit: Amsterdam/New Amsterdam: The Worlds of Henry Hudson.

This NY400 project is a small contribution to the overall NYC incentive to encourage cycling as an environmentally friendly & healthy way of transportation. Later on this year, the bikes will be part of NYC’s Summer Streets event and will be used in a big bike-sharing event during the NY400 week in September after which they will be donated to charity. The NY400 biking event is partly made possible by Batavus and Dura Vermeer.