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Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been in Boston visiting family. Looking at all the piles of snow here made me think of this contraption, I saw over at Urbanvelo.

Kevin Blake invented a pedal powered snow plow…with zero emissions. Put that in your stimulus plan, and smoke it!

BIKE BLOG turns 5

Yep, its been 5 years of blogging. From the bicycle film festivals, to the alleycats, the critical mass, to the Bike Kills…
5 years strong and much more to come.

and it all started with this whacky event (which isn’t even bike related)


Apparently, the Idiotarod was yesterday, according to Gothamist.
(photo by Jake Dobkin)
This lead me to find this video of prep work for the race:

2009 Idiotarod: Team Remus and Romulus from Gothamist on Vimeo.
made by: NFGTV which had this video on their website: (does this guy look familiar)
(I know, How is this related to Kevin Bacon?)

Love your Lanes Campaign, Ride and Party.

Time’s Up is always looking for the positive and turning lemons into that sweet tangy juice, so in their latest Lemonade project, is about love for bike lanes. So, if the Hasidic community is irate over the lose of parking or there are too many pedestrians in the bike lane down Broadway, Time’s Up is taking the high road and trying to spread the love.

Their latest plan is called the:

Love Your Lane Campaign

(picture by Peter Meitzler)

read more about it here:

More importantly, there is a ride and party!!!!


Saturday, February 14th 7 p.m.
Astor Place Cube, NY, 8th Street and Lafayette Street

Come celebrate Valentine’s Day with your true love- your bicycle, and ride through Manhattan’s lover’s lanes. Join the Party on Wheels as we listen to love ballads from the soundbike, throw roses at all the cars parked outside of the bike lanes and spread the message of love to all the drivers we pass stuck in traffic. Road rage is OUT, bike-lane-loving is IN. The ride ends at the after party.

The After Party,
Bringing the Skate Community together with the bikers at the Autum Bowl

Info on the party:
Saturday, February 14th, @ 8:30 p.m.
The Autumn Bowl, 73 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
With Team Robespierre and DJs Stache and K-Tel
This is a Time’s Up! Fundraiser- $10

Love Your Bike Lanes with Time’s Up! at the Autumn Bowl- Celebrate bike infrastructure with an awesome dance party in the skate bowl! Team Robespierre and DJs Stache and K-Tel will make you dance in this funky space. Come with or without a sweetheart, free food, and free valet bike parking. Dress for love.

BikeBlog Round Up-week of 1/26/09

Whats happening in the world of bike blogs:

NYC: Squid’s messenger company and blog,
alerted us that there is an alleycat for the New York Bike Messenger Fund
February 13th–Friday the 13th!!
and artist Greg Ugalde submits this artwork for 2009 North American Cycle Courier Championships in Boston:
Meanwhile Diablo’s making his own spots for- Under Armour

John Prolly
posted this from the NYTimes. Article and Slideshow on Hugo Giron from Snap Couriers in Brooklyn.
The article is a review of Bike Lights. Props to Hugo who started Brooklyn’s first courier service.

Urbanvelo has news on the 5th annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show
The show is from February 27th-March 1st in Indianapolis, Indiana.
On the opening night they’ll be having an ARTBike party, where artists, cyclists, friends, media and pretty much anyone else will celebrate art and bikes. Everyone loves a parade!

Trackosaurusrex posted this video of track bikes riding in a pool so remote even a 4×4 pickup truck can’t get to.

No Cassettes Webisode 1 from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.”

Check out what the kids are doing in Austin Texas at:
One thing, there making videos:

ATX FIXED 3 from Arak Avakian on Vimeo.

and finally check out this fixed blog from Singapore.
Wow, its infectious huh…and what do they post?
Cool videos from BMX in Thailand:

Brothers in Thailand from Christopher San Agustin on Vimeo.
Bringing it right back home…videos of NYC.

New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.

Looking for Racers for Monster Track

NYC’s premiere alleycat race will be 10 years old in February. Monster Track. Fixed gears only…no brakes. Looking for people who plan on racing this year, for the first time. Maybe even your first alleycat.

Also looking for people who might be coming from out of town.

I’m writing an article about this race and want to get some perspectives from some new blood.

Bicycle News Round Up-week of 1/26/09

Here are some bicycle news stories from around the world.

To Guatemala:
Engineering Students bring bicycle powered washing machines to a small Guatemalan community.
The article from the Lantern (Ohio State University Paper)
for more info check out:

or watch this video:

On the 24th of January, London had its first annual Tweed Run.
Check it out at: Arkitipintel.

More of pictures by Roxy here.
On January 24th, Apple’s Macintosh computer turned 25…but it was almost the bicycle.
Read the article here in Zdnet.
And here in NYC,
Transportation Alternatives is complaining that the city is doing a poor job of clearing ice off of the East River Bridges bikeways.
Check out the video on here on NY1.

Bike Gadgets

Here are a couple of gadgets I spyed over at, your online resource for new bike innovations.

Check out the newest in bar ends:

Picture by:

These little guys have created quite a stir. Two Philiadelphia art school designers, Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo sell these bar end plugs as a way to not loose your keys. Also seen over at talking about “Biker’s Revenge.” Of course most people think we urban cyclists are going to use them for damage like in the movie Ben Hur.
Thats ok, the drivers have a weapon of there own…its called the automobile as demonstrated tragically in Chinatown with a van plowing over some preschoolers, with no charges to the driver I might add.

Not cool, and this blogger wouldn’t advocate using your bike as a weapon, when your chain is much better. Besides…these plugs are totally impractical in NYC, cause we all know you want to be as narrow as possible.
still from the movie Empire.

Although with building policies still unchanged, this might be more practical for traveling with your bike:

Bergmoench brings you the bicycle backpack. Well, not in America anytime soon.

Bergmönch from Thomas Kaiser on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Track bike shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Chari and Co, have a couple of sweet things I love:
wood handlebars.
and toy track bikes: SO CUTE.


check out their blog from time to time for cool stuff.

Help Bikeblognyc’s circulation.

Hello loyal readers and occasional voyeurs. I would love to increase my circulation and one way to achieve this would be to get added to the NYTimes CityRoom Blog’s Blogroll. (right side column) Ah, yes, the blog of the paper of such prestige.

They have linked several of my postings. Most recently this video about SLC biking-

So somebody is watching. Besides my own propagandizing, I feel, my postings help circulate the news, stories, video and information about the bicycle community in NYC and around the world. This brings us one step closer to world bicycle domination. (Insert maniacal Dr. Evil laughter, finger to mouth optional)

So please leave comments on this specific posting and ask them to add me to their blogroll.

For some reason their email: is not working therefore I have no way of contacting them.

Maybe if enough people comment, they will take notice.

Also if you are a fellow Bikeblogger out their, and you like what I post and write about, please add me to your blog roll.
I have quite an extensive links page and would love to reciprocate the linkage.

Sorry for the pandering. The next thing you know I’ll be offering a free tote bag. Now back to your regularly scheduled ranting.

Stimulate the bike!

Not to be left out of all of us bikebloggers, blogging about the same thing…I wanted to post this about a worthy website.

Andy in Ithaca, NY has started
Whats this you ask? Another bike porn website…dirty minds.
Its more about gathering like-minded bike enthusiasts and green
conscious people not to use the new economic stimulus package to buy a foot massager or a new flatscreen tv, but rather to make the following pledge and get involved:

(from the site)
Make The Pledge
President-elect Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package will give an estimated $500 per person through altered tax-withholding over 4 months this year. There are several ways to use this money towards helping your local economy, increase your fitness, and reduce our dependence on cars. Make the pledge today to use this money for a worthwhile purpose!

More Ideas
Do you have other ideas of great ways to use your economic stimulus money to get active or support bikes this year? You are welcome to post comments below!

Share Your Story
Do you have a story about your bike, your commute, your advocacy, or what you plan to use your stimulus money for? We will feature stories from time to time, so please email them to

Hey NYC, check out SLC.

Think you got it cold in the NYC? Check out bike winter in Salt Lake City, Utah.

bike winter from Dada Factory on Vimeo.