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Amazing Race-Congratulations to the Winners

Wow. It was a jam packed 2 hour Monster Track Race with all the frills. Skitches on cars, near death experiences, lost in Brooklyn.

Picture by Christopher Ryan of Team Spider

Winner: Chris-NYC
2nd: Jumbo-Copenhagen
3rd: Dan Chabanov-NYC
4th: JT
5th: Kennedy
6th: Lincoln

First Female: Heather.

Nice work.

some more immediate pictures at

Monster Track Profile #7-Heather Muller

Representing for the Ladies…and fast has hell too.
Heather Muller (shown in the front) Dylan is in the back.
How old are you? 24
Where do you live? Bed-Stuy
What bikes do you own? I have a custom Squarebuilt track bike, an IRO, a Cannondale road bike, a Specialized mountain bike, and a Surly Travelers Check.
What got you into track bikes? When I moved to the city in 2002, I had only owned 2 bikes in my life. I used to ride everywhere on my mountain bike that I’d had since I was in third grade. It was way too heavy for city riding and way too small for me. One of the security guards at my dorm used to ride track bikes in Jamaica and he started telling me about them. I knew it was time for an upgrade, and two of my friends helped me build a conversion out of an abandoned Atala frame that I found.
Have you been a messenger? How long and for what company(s): I worked for Breakaway for about a month and a half after graduating college. I’m currently part of Mess Kollective, which is an entirely messenger-owned and operated co-op.
What got you into alleycats? My first alleycat was King of the Fucking Streets in the summer of 05, during the Worlds. I don’t remember how I first heard about the races, but I used to look on for info and decided I wanted to race.
What do you like about them? Racing in alleycats has exposed me to a lot of great things about cycling. Most of my major bike purchases have been because of an upcoming race. I upgraded my Atala conversion to an IRO before Monstertrack ’06 because the frame was bent and I was afraid it was going to break during the race. I bought clipless pedals before racing in Rumble. It has opened up a new community to me and has been a really positive experience.
What was your first Monster Track? 2006
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? How have you done? I think I came in 5th female in 2006. I was happy just to finish. In 2007, I came in third, and won it in 2008.
What is unique about Monster Track? It’s the only race in which you can’t have a brake.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? Double digits! This race has been around a while and I’m glad to have been a part of it.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? I think any skilled city rider can come out and race. I have never felt excluded from the alleycat community in New York because I wasn’t currently a messenger. I think that’s a great part of the community here, that it is so open to messengers and non-messengers.
What do you think about the liability issues? People need to take personal responsibility and know their limits. There are a lot of different flavors of alleycats and Monstertrack is not and should not be for everyone.
What is the future or alleycat racing? Will we see it in the X games 2020? I’m sure there will be some presence of track bikes in the X games, but an alleycat is in live traffic and I don’t think that lends itself to something like the X games. Maybe they’ll have a closed course like the main race in the NACCC’s and World’s.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? It’s great that bikes are getting more popular. The more cyclists on the street, the safer our city will become.
What are your future cycling goals? I want to do more touring. I was on a 2 and a half month tour in Europe this summer ( and loved it. If I can find a way to turn touring into a job, that would be a dream. I might get into road racing this year and definitely want to take my Squarebuilt out to Kissena.

Today is a “Track Bike Holiday”-Monster Track 10

get your alleycat skills on:

video from Diablo at

He’ll be having photos up throughout the day of the race on his site.
otherwise go to continuumcycles 199 Ave. B. Register to race.
Around 1:00pm

Happy Monster Track 10

Inside the NAHBS 2009, Urban Velo 12 and Vallie Components

Monster Track isn’t the only event going on this weekend. Just the greatest, or as Dagga would say: “A Track Bike Holiday.” Meanwhile the nations finest craftspeople of the bicycle world our showing off their handy work at this years North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show.

For a real inside look from all the individual makers we look to Jeff and Brad from

They have daily reports from the show, with pictures from many of the personalities and their bikes.

Speaking of Urban Velo Magazine: Issue Number 12 is available on this thing we call the internet.
Download the whole thing and all the other amazing issues Here.

The NAHBS not only brings out the most amazing frames but also components too. Like these hubs.
This link was sent to me by hub maker Lyle Vallie of Vallie Components
Here are some of the facts:
ISO disc cog mounting eliminates stripped lock ring threads.
Dual sided for multiple ratios
Thick symmetric flanges for a strong dishless build
Massive 15mm hollow female axle can take any abuse you can throw at it.
Oversize 6902 bearings to keep you rolling smoothly.
Stainless Hardware to last through those salty winters
Beefy M10 x 1.00 axle bolts
Slide on bearing collars
Accepts 44mm ISO disc cogs
120mm spacing
Approx 450 grams

You can read more about possibly the beefiest and most durable track hubs at Cycling Weapon of Mass Destruction who gives these hubs a very kind review.
They are also being fiercly tested at

Monster Track Profile #6, Chris Thormann

Another Young Hotshot racing Monster Track!


How old are you? 25
Where do you live? midtown south/upper west
What bikes do you own? gtb track bike, continuum track frame, gt zr 1.0 road, shogun steel road
What got you into track bikes? when i started working as a messenger i noticed most of the messengers had track bikes. I thought they were awesome. Plus my Schwinn single speed was a bit too big for me and the frame was broken in the seat stays.
Are you a messenger? How long? What companies? Yes. I have been working as a messenger since winter 2005. I started working at Breakaway and than NY Minute. My dispatcher recruited me while i was riding home on Amsterdam and 86st.
What got you into alleycats? I saw a flyer for the 2005 halloween race. Ken S., actually briefed me on the whole alleycat thing and told me when to show up.
What do you like about them? How different they are. No race is the same. Hanging out and partying with i guess you can call them “co-workers”/friends is always awesome.
What was your first Monster Track? 2006.I needed a wheel and at the time I was working for Breakaway because i got fired from the Minute because I did not show up for a week. Squid loaned me a wheel to race in and when I went to the office to pick it up, Kid my old dispatcher asked me if I wanted to come back. I told him to let me finish off the week. It was my second day riding with a fixed wheel. Dan actually went with me to A-bikes to take off my brakes saturday morning. Everything was good. I was actually in the lead pack behind Alfred, Felipe, Pete from Boston and Andy White. Coming up on St.James with one checkpoint to go (king kog), there was a extra long MTA bus and i was riding on the double-yellow lines. When i approached the front, this girl popped out in front of me, flipping me over. I was riding with Andy from Ohio. My wheel was done. She was fine. I walked the rest of the way. I got like 113th or something.
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? How have you done? 3. This is my 4th.
What is unique about Monster Track? Best of the best show up and battle it out. This is like our Daytona 500.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? Everything! History you name it, that is what it means. There have been 7 winners, I am looking to be the 8th.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? Who ever knows how to ride their bike safely through traffic without being a total asshole.
What do you think about the liability issues? As a racer, as an organizer? I do not consider alleycats as Illegal. People consider them as illegal because of the reds. I do not believe in the whole “bikes should stop for reds”. Were not motor-vehicles.
What is the future for alleycat racing? will we see it in the X games 2020? NO. I don’t agree with alleycats being on tv, but thats just me. Keep that shit on Youtube or on the “DL”.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? I mean I don’t care, as long as that people understand what they are getting in to. It seems like people ride/race track bikes is because of this uprising scene. When I started riding, I started because it seemed like fun, now it seems like people are doing it to fit in.
What are your future cycling goals? Win Monstertrack, Rumble, Four of July, Cranksgiving, NACCCs or Worlds. Become a cat 3 on the road and track. When I finish school, I want to get more involved with the city and cycling safety for messengers, commuters and pedestrians.

Monster Track Profile #5-Mario “Alex” Ferrari

Alex has been tearing it up in the streets and on the track.
a serious athletic competitor, who is now trying out for a reality show about athletes.
(Shown in white at the Top)
Also an amazing skid champ.

How old are you? Dirty Thirty
Where do you live? Dirty Brooklyn
What bikes do you own? Three track bikes: a Guerciotti I got in a divorce (Sunday Ride), a Bianchi Pista Concept I got in another, different kind of divorce (the Beater), and a prototype Affinity Kissena (that’s the Racing Whip). I also have a third-hand BMC Streetfire road bike.
What got you into track bikes? I saw a guy do a little skid while I was hanging out in front of 924 Gillman St. in Berkeley, CA. I could tell that something was wrong with his bike, that he couldn’t coast, so I ran up to him and asked all those annoying questions. With that information I hit the web. This was back in ’99 and only Sheldon Brown’s website had any information about riding track bikes on the street. It been a long downhill skid from there.
How long have you been messengering? 6 long years, if you call what I do messengering,
What got you into alleycats? They are the shit.
What do you like about them? They smell like it.
What was your first Monster Track? ’04 about a year after I moved here.
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? How have you done? Only ’04 and ’06. I was in a dumb drunken bridge racing wreck two days before ’05. Thank god I was wearing a helmet. I shot video in ’07 instead of racing and ’08 was *cancelled* so I didn’t care to fuck with it. I got 6th place in ’06 and that was good enough for me to stop really going for it.
What is unique about Monster Track? It’s the only race that really draws the best competition out of the woodwork.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? That for the last nine years total insanity has gotten progressively cooler.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? I honestly think that everyone rides in the city should race alleycats. They teach valuable lessons in bike handling, traffic negotiation and the limits of your body in a way that no other ride does. Commuting, messengering, road racing, cross or mountain races don’t compare to an alleycat in the amount and intensity of amazing experiences that one person can have riding their bike,
What do you think about the liability issues? If you think some marginally employed bike messenger is gonna do anything for you monetarily if you get hurt or, even visit you in a hospital, you are a fool. You take your life into your own hands and put it on the line for nothing when you race alleycats. That’s the stupidity/beauty of it. It is dangerous, it could very easily kill you. You have to take that into account when you race any race, not just alleycats. That being said, they are relatively safe because you are totally on your toes in a life is on the line kind of way the whole time. I think that race organizers should route the racers away from areas like Times Sq. that are heavily trafficked by pedestrians. They have no clue and don’t deserve to get hurt in the name of someone else’s fun.
What is the future or alleycat racing? will we see it in the X games 2020? I sure hope not. Even when freestyle BMX makes it into the Oly’s and there will be a niche open for the edgiest biking out there, I pray urban freeride downhill off the sides of skyscrapers is what the X Games bastardizes. It would be funny to see an Urban-athalon on TV though.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? Track bikes are simple, cheap, functional and beautiful machines. It’s a perfectly natural to desire to ride them fast and compete against other people riding the same bikes with the same limitations. It’s cool that a $100 hoopty beater can compete against a $4000 carbon racing machine. It’s a very proletarian form of racing. The dissemination of racing videos like yours and Lucas Brunelle’s have show the world that bikes can win over cars, that they can defeat traffic. That there is nothing to be afraid of when riding in the city, only things to be aware of.
What are your future cycling goals? A National Championship in the Match Sprint, compete in the Pan American Games and International Keirin. I might be too old.

Monster Track X is on.

The shirts have been printed:
The Jersey’s have been sent:
The DVD from 2007 is for sale:
available at
Its been Bikesnobed. (He had a field day with the Brunch part on Sunday)

Tonight the activies begin with GoldSprints semi finals at 3rd Ward.
Thursday, February 26, 2009


3rd Ward
195 Morgan

$5 at the door. Anyone can ride for FREE.


This is a contest for the best looking Messenger bike…there is a $100.00 prize from Saved Tattoo. So start pimpin your ride.


REGISTRATION will start around 1p. RACE will be around 4p. If there are more than about 200 racers I’m going to get picky about who is racing, so register early (or PRE-REGISTER at CONTINUUM Wed Thurs or Fri, see Fritz).



134 Kingsland Ave

noon til DARK

Sprints will be in the area. will be a couple of formats (drag race, street “keirin”, etc.)
Tricks at the Peel Spot

Critical Mass Tonight

In NYC and all over the fricken globe. With all that is going on this weekend with Monster Track…lets not forget an event that’s been going on since 92. And with way more cops…yippie!

Meet at Union Square at 7:00pm. Ride starts around 7:30pm depending on how many people and how many of the fuzz.

In an ongoing attempt to remember that this phenomenon is happening in over 300 cities around the climate changed planet…A way to show off other cities, we present:

Critical Mass Atlanta
Picture of the May 2008 Atlanta Critical Mass by TimothyJ

Peel Sessions rippin it up last night.

Some pictures from last night’s Peel Sessions-Monster Track X kickoff.
Photos from Andrew Temkin
( Prolly hypin it up)
(wonka getting air)

Monster Track Profiles #4. Squid

BikeBlogNYC is proud to introduce a man who needs no introduction. Kevin Bolger, otherwise known as Squid. Rolling with alleycats, messengering, racing and organizing long before this thing called “Monster Track.” Pay attention kids, cause you just might learn something from a true Innovator. Its is our honor to present:
Photos by: Mark Cafiero

How old are you? 37.
Where do you live? Weeksville, Brooklyn.
What bikes do you own? Cannondale Capo, Swobo Sanchez, MOTH, Fat Tire Cruiser.
What got you into track bikes? My brother who was a messenger before me, and my good friend Slacker Tim.
How long have you been messengering? Started in September of 1992.
What got you into alleycats? I went to my first Cycle Messenger World Championships in 1995 (Toronto). This is where I learned about the messenger community and alleycats.
What do you like about them? Fun and informal. You can ride fast or slow, a great way to see the city and ride with friends.
What was your first Monster Track? I raced in all the MT’s up until 2006.
What was the first Monster Track like? Who organized it? Organized by Snake. It was in late February. Cold with snow around. There was a strong and proud ‘no brakes’ fix riding community in New York. This event tapped into the love for speed and skill on the street.
How many people came out? Thirty some odd messengers raced.
How many Monster Tracks have you raced? I raced in six total.
How have you done? Lucky to always do well, a lot of top ten’s and won it in 2003.
What is unique about Monster Track? I believe it was the first annual no brakes messenger event* and contributed to the boom in riding track bikes on the street.
*I raced in a no brakes alleycat at CMWC 96 in San Francisco.
What does it mean to you that this race is 10 years old? It means I am getting old! Still love riding track and happy to see city biking is growing in the US.
Who should race alleycats? Messengers Only? ‘All City Bikers Welcome’ is what we put on almost all of the early NY event flyers. It’s a better party when the doors are open.
What do you think about the liability issues? Always a concern, especially since younger kids are coming out to ride and some big prizes can encourage reckless behavior.
As a racer, I’ve only raced once since Keiran was born in 2007, different priorities now.
As an organizer, I have moved on from alleycats and have been organizing Velodrome events for the past four years.
How many Monster Tracks have you organized? I helped out with all the MT’s up until last year.
What is the future of alleycat racing? will we see it in the X games 2020? Alleycats will outlast x-games. Alleycats will continue to spread around the world and turn more people on to urban cycling.
What do you think of the rise of popularity of track bikes and all these people coming out to race? I am all for it, it is a better future with more people on bikes.
What are your future cycling goals? Velo City 2009 is hitting at least seven velodromes. More info at VeloCity2009.
Also working towards getting a portable Figure 8 Velodrome built.
Ride Safe! and See You on the Street-