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Protests in DC

John Dinn’s Alleycat makes local news.

and link to the story.

Video of Cyclecide in SF

Maker Profile – Cyclecide from make magazine on Vimeo.

New Movies

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Video from Bilenky’s Junkyard Race:

Seriously long wheelie

Dick cheese from KJO on Vimeo.
and new one from Funseca Films (SF)

MIXTAPE VOL. 1 NO CASSETTES from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Time’s Up Inauguration Bike Parade

Inauguration Bike Parade
Tuesday, January 20th at 2:00 pm
Meet under the arch in Washington Square Park
Rain or snow cancels the ride.

Can’t be in D.C. for the big event on Tuesday? Hop on your own seat of
power and join the fun in NYC with the Time’s Up! Inauguration Bike
Parade. We’ll be playing presidential music on the sound bike as we cycle
through the streets and cheer the peaceful transition of power. Nothing
says Democracy like riding your bike.

More news from DC.

Another superstar courier champ from DC, Meredith wanted to add some more info about places and things to see for bikers coming to the inauguration alleycat and some other event having something to do with some guy named Obama.

here are her picks: (in red-in her own words)

Best Bar (s) to hang out in DC?
The Reef
Lucky Bar
Toledo Lounge

Best Bike Shop?
uh… I don’t buy stuff from bike shops but i’ve heard about a new one in Georgetown called Lifecycle that has a coffee shop and maybe even some gym equipment?

My neighborhood shop is City Bikes in Adams Morgan

Best place to get a bite?

Asylum (vegan and omnivores welcome)

Good Paths to Bike to see DC?

Most of Beach Drive is closed to vehicular traffic on the weekends
There is also a trail in Rock Creek Park but it can be pretty slow moving (not very wide and a lot of walkers, etc) It is pretty nice though once you get down toward the Lincoln Memorial

Capital Crescent starts under the Whitehurst Frwy at the end of K St. in Georgetown. It goes out to Bethesda.
Georgetown Branch trail connects Bethesda to Silver Spring I believe. We’re eventually gonna have a bicycle beltway!
Mt. Vernon trail (Virginia but great views across the river to DC)
W&OD trail (in Virginia)
Sligo Creek trail (in Maryland)

In construction is a new bike station next to Union Station. Also the start of a new path called the Metro Branch Trail. Some of it is complete but not all and I don’t know what is and what is not.

Bike Blogs or Resources?
Rock Creek Park:

Here is a link to a map I add stuff to every now and then:

It doesn’t have all that much stuff on it but I believe some of the links above have trails, etc.

Sites to see in DC by Bike?
ALL of them!
National Arboretum
Rock Creek Park
The Wharf — fish markets on the water front in Southwest
Water St. Southeast btwn 11st se and M st se. I like it down there. The S. Cap. bridge has a pretty nice view from what I remember.

Other cool Hang Outs?
uhhh…. 9 am on the weekends outside of Madams Organ/Tryst. Couriers (old and not so old) gather for morning coffee.

Best place for Bike Perverts to hang out?
Farragut Square

Anything else you want to say about biking in DC.
The roads are wider than many other cities so the cars often driver faster.
The structure/street set-up is pretty straightforward (in general):
-4 quadrants with the Capitol as the center. NW, NE, SE, SW
– North Capital St runs straight north of the Capitol
– South Capital St runs striaght south of the Capitol
-East Capital runs straight east of the Capitol
– There is no West Capital but the National Mall runs straight west with the Lincoln Memorial on the other end.
– Letter streets travel east/west
– Number streets travel north/south
– States are avenues going on angles
– Numbers and letters go up further you are from the Capitol
– address #s (Civic #) are relative to the block you’re on. For example, 1350 K St. is btwn 13th and 14th st. K St. is the 1000 block so 1225 15th St would be between M and N St.
– There is no J St. (had to do with some kind of rivalry in the old days)
– Once you finish letter streets going north, the streets are in alphabetical order. Goes through alphabet with 2 syllable words and then through again with 3 syllable words. Generally.

Photos from bikingforobama on flickr.

Meanwhile, 22 year old Ryan Bowen, decided to be in DC for Obama by riding his bicycle over 3000 miles from LA.
check out his journey here.

AFP-news story

and more on Cyclists preparations for Obama in news story.

I’m a dork. I forgot the DC bars…duh.

I almost forgot the most important part about hanging out in DC…

The Bars. Here are three hangouts that I forgot to post from John Dinn’s list:

1) The Lucky Bar,
1221 Connecticut Ave.

2) The Reef
2446 18th St. NW

3) The Asylum
2471 18th St. NW

America will have its first Black President…now…

The Tour De France needs at least one black rider. There hasn’t been one in 106 years of this cycling classic. Maybe the Kenyians will find as much success on the bike as they do with running.

Read about their quest in this article.

Find out more at the african cyclist project