New Bike shop opens up tomorrow in Brooklyn

Owner Brian Gluck is opening the Brooklyn Bike and Board at 560 Vanderbilt Ave. in Brooklyn.

He had this to say about his new shop:

We are going to be geared toward the commuter and the urban cyclist. I’ll carry lots of blinkey’s, fenders, hoody’s, and wool clothing. My bike’s will be old, classic rebuilds. Steel, solid, comfortable, and reliable. I may carry some new bikes in the future. But we’ll see.

I’m opening for the first time tomorrow, but as of right now, it will only be for repairs. I hope to be able to expand the retail part in a month or so.

Best of luck to you Brian.

(Wow, nice to see all these new bicycle stores…keep it up)

Report on 8th Ave. Bike Lane

Jefferson Siegel recently filed this report in the Villager about newly constructed bike lanes on 8th Ave.

Villager photo by Jefferson Siegel
A cyclist pedaling in traffic heading north on Eighth Ave. at 14th St. last week avoided the new cycle-track bike lane, at right. Only cars turning left can enter the cycle-track area west of the concrete median, reducing the number of cars coming near cyclists.

New protected bicycle lanes are rolled out on Eighth Ave.
By Jefferson Siegel

From “It’s stupid!” to “I’m thrilled!” reactions to the new section of the Eighth Ave. bike lane, which is nearing completion, ran the gamut last week.

The roughly four-block-long protected lane, running from Bank St. to 14th St. and incorporating a “cycle track” design that physically separates cyclists from motor vehicles, is the latest bike path to engender such rants and raves.

Opinions split pretty much down party lines, with cyclists welcoming the protection for their commutes while local businesses criticized the loss of curbside space.

“I’m thrilled,” said East Villager Emilie Kapp, who was pedaling home from classes at the New School for Drama on Washington St. “It’s a blessing for people who bike all over. It’s nice to have a street you can feel safe on.”

Kapp had had a close call earlier that morning on the unprotected bike lane on W. Ninth St. A driver pulled into the bike lane without looking, cutting her off.

“Instead of hitting him, I swerved and hit another car,” Kapp said as she held up a bruised right hand.

Due to the physical nature of the area, with short blocks and several westbound streets, cyclists on this stretch of Eighth Ave. will not be completely separated from cars. On the block near Horatio St., for example, bike riders will share a lane with cars entering and exiting a gas station. White “sharrows,” or shared arrows, painted on the roadway, will alert cars and cyclists that they are in a shared lane.

read the rest of the article here.

New Bike Shop in Harlem

There’s a new bike shop in town…uptown.

Modsquad Cycles
2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026
(212) 865-5050

a message from the owners:

Harlem has a new bike shop located at 2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd. (btwn 114th and 115th). Owned and operated by Harlem resident and bike enthusiast, Oye Carr. MODSquad Cycles is a full-service family-friendly bicycle shop. We cater to all levels of cyclists with a broad selection of road and commuting bikes, single speed, time trial, and kids bikes. In addition, MODSquad Cycles specializes in women’s fit, clothing, and gear. MODSquad is the one-stop shopping venue for all family biking needs including: balance bikes, tricycles, infant seats and trailers.

Grand Opening and Sale:
Join us for our Grand Opening Sale December 12th from 10am-7pm and December 13th from 10am-6pm. 10% off all Parts and Accessories including helmets, locks, and clothing.

Benifit Party tonight for I-witness video

.Who is there to document police misconduct during a protest or critical mass?

I-Witness video.

We’ll tonight you can say thank you.

The I-Ball: A Benefit for I-Witness Video


…featuring performances by Inner Princess! The Rude Mechanical
Orchestra! Jewlia Eisenberg (of Charming Hostess)! Jan Bell! The
Stationary Set! And surprise musical guests! Also DJ Tikka Masala on the
ones and twos!

That’s right. You finally have the opportunity to put your money where
your mouth has been for a long time: in support of I-Witness Video. Yes:
your homegrown, First Amendment-defending, police misconduct-monitoring
organization needs your help. Come to a rock-and-roll show to support our

Come looking fabulous in your finest threads — and WORK it!

(We’ve got a lot of police misconduct to monitor. I think you already know

The I-Ball is happening

on Thursday, December 11, 2008
at Sugarland
(221 North 9th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
L to Bedford

$5 and up, sliding scale (your donations will be greatly appreciated)

There will be bands. There will be baked goods. There will be absurdity
mixed with all seriousness. And we will raise money for this important
police watchdog project.

If you won’t be able to attend, but would like to show your support
anyway, you can send us a contribution at:
They are also looking for testimonals:

Dear friends of I-Witness Video:

Hi! We hope you’re all gearing up to come to our first ever fundraising
benefit, the I-Ball (which is happening this Thursday, December 11). It’s
going to be super fun — and we look forward to seeing you all there.

In the meanwhile, we have a request. We are collecting testimonials about
the impact of our work and we want to include as wide a spectrum of
participants as possible. Have you been helped by I-Witness Video after
being subjected to police misconduct? Are you an attorney whose criminal or
civil cases have benefited from the work of I-Witness Video? Do you know of
someone else who has been helped, in some way, by the work that I-Witness
Video does? If so, please get in touch with us by sending an email to We’re happy to keep your testimonials anonymous
if you’d prefer not to be identified by name.

Thanks and see you on Thursday!

Eileen Clancy
for I-Witness Video

Join my Facebook Group

Social Networking, come on…everyone’s doing it! Join the peer pressure and join my bikeblog face book group.

I’m sure you don’t have better things to do than be on the internet all day long. But while you’re looking for that new job at Lehman Brothers…let me know who is out there.

New Yorker

Nice cover on the latest New Yorker…Figures that slave driver Santa is whipping the pedi-cab rider.

ah yes…the end is near.

Filmed by Bike-Portland Oregon

The Bicycle Film Festival is coming to a close in Portland, just in time for another bicycle film festival which is looking for submissions.

Filmed by Bike will be accepting submissions of movies made about bikes from now until the deadline date of February 15th, 2009.

here is a trailer.

Brooklyn, Going Hard?

After the savage and brutal beatings of two Ecuadorian men in Bushwick, its no wonder the local hipster community is going hard…

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.

look closely to the one fixed gear in the video…

More Stolen Bikes

For those who don’t know…I’ve started a page for stolen bikes on this site:

Here is one that was taken recently in Union Square, at mid-day with 2 kryptonite locks on it…

(From Craig’s list)
My bike was stolen today near Union Square. It’s a White Faggin single-speed with no labeling except on the top of the fork. Shifter mounts cut off and finished. VO leather saddle. Chrome fork and rear triangle. Mavic cosmic rims w/ formula/harris cycles hubs. 42-15. Flat mustache bars. Can send a bunch of indentifying characteristics but it should be pretty obvious.
I will offer a substantial cash reward, no questions asked. / 917-207-6722

Please continue to send me information if you’ve had a bike stolen or have information on stolen bikes.