The Battle for Bike Lanes

Well not nearly as contested as trying to fill Senate seats in Illinois and Minnesota, but the battle is still raging on about the Kent Ave. bicycle lanes, proving the needs of motorists may triumph over the creating livable streets and building bicycle infrastructure.

According to the Brooklyn Paper article entitled “Run down! CB1 Committee Chair booted over bikes?”
Ben Muessig reports on the latest developments.

Community Board 1, covering the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area gave their current transportation committee chairwoman, Teresa Toro, a nasty “lump of coal” present for Christmas by firing her and nobody seems to know why. The obvious speculation is due to her support of the bike lanes.

CB1 chair, Vinnie Abate says he’ll explain at the next meeting:

The next community board meeting will be:
Jan. 13 at the Swingin’ 60s Senior Citizens Center (211 Ainslie St. at Manhattan Avenue), 6:30 pm. For info, call (718) 389-0009.

Also more on this from
and there was this article by Colin Moynihan, over the weekend in the New York Times.

New Bike Lanes Touch Off Row in Brooklyn
photo by Josh Haner/New York Times

Published: January 3, 2009

New York City has created more than 100 miles of bicycle lanes in recent years to encourage and accommodate the number of people who, compelled by a desire to preserve the environment or preserve their bank accounts, have taken to getting around on two wheels.

But the effort to turn the city into a place that embraces bicyclists has clashed with a long-entrenched reality — New York is a crowded, congested urban landscape where every patch of asphalt is coveted.

The latest illustration of this reality — and among the more contentious — is playing out on the Brooklyn waterfront, where bike lanes less than two miles long have set off a verbal battle among a growing cast of interested parties, including business owners, residents, bicyclists and their advocates, and politicians.

Rest of the article Here

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Looking for new things in 2009.
Maxwell is excited and very glad Bush is going to be gone in 18 days.

Speaking of Obama, the Philly Velo Club is having a ride from Philadelphia to DC for the Inauguration.

Start Time:
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 7:00am
End Time:
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 at 7:00am
U.S. Capitol
From their Facebook page:

“We will ride from Philly to D.C. for Obama’s innaugural event. We may stay someplace overnight and party/celebrate. Details will be forthcoming. We’re currently working on logistics. As always, we welcome any help/input for PVC members.”

Reminder of Memorial Ride

Seems like my times on the calender are incorrect. So I will be fixing them.

Remember that memorial ride is January 4th, 2009. A group ride to pay respect to those killed on bicycle.

The ride meets in different locations throughout the five boroughs and has different start times.


The rides eventually converge in Manhattan.

A full schedule of the rides, meet-up times and locations is available at

Suckapants Santacon

Check out Tod Seelie’s awesome pictures of NYC santacon at

Who will be the new Transportation Secretary

photo from streetsblog
Well it looks like Obama is going to pick Ray LaHood as the new transportation secretary. Here is what some of the bike blogs have to say about that. saying someone “Not” to get too excited about.

Bike Portland reports on mixed views.

tell me what you think…

Your Duty to Consume…

He said Duty…ha ha.

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Santarchy all over the place.

Here is a video from the Midnight Ridazz Santacon in LA. On Bikes.

December 8th, 2008

And California Burner and Blogger Artpredator
reports the Santas will also be on bikes in Ventura or as she likes to call it Ventucky…

Saturday, 20th, 2008

Report of Clown ride, Kent Ave.

Here is a report form the clown ride on the Kent Ave. bike lane in Brooklyn from

One commenter on Gothamist responded about the proposed greenway in Williamsburg, which could be a welcome alternative to inefficient bike lanes. Included is a link to the brooklyn greenway website.

#2: There is a proposed greenway from Greenway to Redhook that has been on the drawing board for a long, long time.

I can’t remember if Kent is actually part of that greenway or not but people have been trying to get a safe path from north to south brooklyn through for years.

There’s details here:

Officer Pogan, pleads “not guilty”

Rookie Cop, Patrick Pogan, 23, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday. He was released without bail and ordered to return to court on February 4, according to The Associated Press.

The video of officer Pogan’s assault on cyclist Christopher Long got over a million and a half views on Youtube which illustrates the powerful effect of capturing these incidents on video.

More about how that can cut both ways from this recent NY Times article