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Red Hook Crit, Figment, Tour Del Taco and more–this weekend.

The summer isn’t official here, but great NYC events are abound so there is no lack of things to do, especially on bicycle.

Saturday June 8th.

Head down to Brooklyn’s waterfront Red Hook area for the Total Red Hook Immersion series sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and an amazing resource for all things Brooklyn, Brooklyn Based.


Here is more from Brooklyn Based:

Our fourth annual immersion series with Brooklyn Brewery begins this year on June 8, and we’re kicking it off with one of last year’s Immersion spots: Red Hook. We’re returning because the neighborhood still needs our support, post-Sandy, and because Red Hook is awesome! It’s basically built for an all-day adventure, and the complimentary Brooklyn brews on June 8 will just make it sweeter.

To take part in this neighborhood-wide celebration, you’ll need to score one of our 500 FREE Immersion cards, a golden ticket that will get you complimentary brews at Brooklyn Ice House, Rocky Sullivan’s, Fort Defiance and Jalopy Tavern; complimentary Local 1, Local 2, or Sorachi Ace over brunches at The Good Fork, Kevin’s and Home/Made, plus 15% off at local shops like Foxy & Winston and Brooklyn Slate Company, $2 off lobster rolls from Red Hook Lobster Pound and more sweet deals. A full map of participants to date is here.

Find out more details: here.

Don’t forget to visit Red Hook’s two bike shops:

Dog Day Cyclery (115 Van Brunt St.) and Papillionaire (390 Van Brunt st.)

Then stay for the next installment of David Trimble’s cycling classic: The Red Hook Criterium, Saturday June 8th.
Again, here is Brooklyn Based:

The secret is out on the Red Hook Criterium. The once underground (and still unsanctioned) bike race held after hours in Red Hook every March now regularly draws top cyclists from around the world, as well as crowds that number in the thousands. It’s like Brooklyn’s own Indie 500 but with bikes, and this year it’s expanding to become an international, four-part championship racing series, with cyclists set to compete in the second round this Saturday, June 8 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

“For the first three years, the race was un-permited in Red Hook” says David Trimble, who threw the first RHC six years ago as a birthday present to himself. “It grew to the point where we needed permission, and we found getting street permits was pretty much impossible, so we started looking at these private, underutilized industrial spaces that have proven to be perfect race venues.”

By design, a crit is very different than a traditional road race. It’s held on a short course–each lap of the RHC is 1.25 km or 0.78 miles–and typically run on closed-off city streets. Unsanctioned races allow cyclists to compete without obtaining racing licenses and without organizers getting the official thumbs up from any governing bodies–giving renegade races like the RHC badass street cred in the cycling world.

Unlike larger, better-known bike races à la the Tour de France, which begins June 29, the Red Hook Crit doesn’t leave all the racing up to the professionals–it purposefully levels the playing field for the 200 participating riders by welcoming anyone with a helmet and a track bike to register–so expect bike messengers, fixed-gear fanatics and bike shop workers, as well as bartenders, artists and anyone else interested in squeezing into some spandex and tackling the 26-lap course totaling 20.2 miles.

“I’d say this is the best course we’ve ever had,” says Trimble of the Navy Yard Crit. “It’s very technical and visually spectacular with all the old buildings and the skyline, the cranes and the ships.”

Better weather, an earlier start time and a more accessible location have the potential to make this second Brooklyn race an even bigger draw than the original, and as an added bonus for spectators, grandstand tickets are on sale for prime seats at the Navy Yard overlooking the start/finish line. Tickets are $40, and the profits will be awarded to the top 25 finishers as a cash prize. Admission is free otherwise.

Partnering with the Navy Yard has allowed Trimble to turn the late-night race an all-day event, which starts at noon when BLDG92 opens to the public, with a bike tour of the Navy Yard taking place at 3pm (buy advanced tickets here), as well as a 5k running race at 9pm, before the big show starts at 9:45pm.

Also this weekend is the dazzling art festival, Figment Festival, which transforms Governor’s Island into an interactive performance, costume and art based playground wonderland. Great for kids…Like this one (my own)


Time’s Up will be leading a peace parade bike ride to the festival on Sunday June 9th. More details on their calendar events page, here.

Sunday June 9th.

The 4th annual Tour Del Taco, hosted by Anita Singh and friends from

The ride we’ve all been waiting for is back…4th Annual Tour del Taco! This is our fourth year combining a love of cycling with a love of tacos!

This ride starts @11am at Grand Army Plaza, travels south in Brooklyn, north up through Queens and ends in Brooklyn.
This year’s ride is donation based and supports The Youth Farm at HSPS an organization that offers farm training and leadership opportunites for Brooklyn’s youth (and is near and dear to our heart).

This an all day event that will be going live on Twitter so if you can’t make it in the morning, you can join us along the way! Here’s a sampling of destinations subject to change. Check back for final details and official order.

Come hungry and we’ll see you soon!
Anita & Tishon

Sign up: here.

24 Bicycle Vending Machines Spreading in Brooklyn

Great idea, but not the first:

Article in DNA Info:

Vending Machines With 24-Hour Bike Parts and Tools Pop Up in Brooklyn

By: Meredith Hoffman
June 3rd, 2013

WILLIAMSBURG — It’s one of cyclists’ worst nightmares: puncturing a tire late at night while pedaling home, and finding no open shops for service.

But now, one savvy start-up is looking to give city riders their quick fix — a 24-hour vending machine with essential needs.

Express Biker- a service pioneered by amateur cyclist Shimon Kivman — has already set up two Brooklyn kiosks featuring tubes, lights, patch kits (to patch tires’ holes), and other crucial tools and parts. Riders just stop at the kiosk, swipe their credit cards in the machine, and make their selection of accessories ranging from $5 to $30, Kivman said.

Read more: here.

Summer Events from Time’s Up

Get your ride on with summer with great free bike events from Time’s Up

Calendar for June, July & August:

Central Park Moonlight Ride
Friday, June 7, July 5 & August 2, 10pm

Meets the 1st Friday of every month at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park.

Enjoy the tranquility of the park and its beautiful ponds and waterways. A nature lover’s dream.

First Friday Ride

Friday, June 7, July 5 & Aug. 2, 7pm

Meets the 1st Friday of every month at Union Square N.

A fun, leisurely ride, creating safe and sane streets. Route to be determined by participants.

Prospect Park Moonlight Ride

Saturday, June 8, July 13 & August 10, 9pm

Meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance to Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Discover Prospect Park at night with a peaceful ride that visits many of the park’s little-known treasures.

Brooklyn Critical Mass Ride

Friday, June 14, July 12 & August 9, 7pm

Meets the 2nd Friday of every month at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.

A monthly celebration of bicycles. Bring lights & bells.

Peace Ride

Sunday, June 16, July 21 & August 18, 2pm

Meets the 3rd Sunday of every month at the Gandhi Statue in SW Corner of Union Square Park.

A leisurely peaceful ride to some of downtown Manhattan’s peace sites.

Manhattan Critical Mass Ride

The bike ride that changed NYC.

Friday, June 28, July 26 & August 30, 7pm

Meets the last Friday of every month at Union Square N.

CM is held in over 200 cities around the world to

celebrate nonpolluting transportation and exercise our right to the road. Bring lights and bells.

Riverside Ride

Saturday, June 29, July 27 & August 31, 10pm

Meets the last Saturday of every month at the Columbus Circle Entrance to Central Park.

A magical, evening ride enjoying the tranquility of Central Park & the grand vistas of the Hudson River from Riverside Park.

Continue reading Summer Events from Time’s Up

Bicycle Roots-Crown Heights shop, new location

Bike shop news:
Woman owned and operated bike shop, Bicycle Roots.

Moves to a new location:

609 Nostrand Ave. (between Dean & Bergen St.)
Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Friday 10:00-7:00
Saturday 11:00-6:00
Sunday 11:00-5:00

From their site:

What a great opening day! We saw lots of old friends, and we made lots of new ones. In case you didn’t make it over to our store, here are some pretty pictures to tide you over until we see you in person.

When you walk into the store, you see a row of bicycles. Our showroom fits 70 bikes, thanks to some custom wall-mounted racks made by LindcraftLindcraft.



Hate and Love-bike share video Op-Eds

In typical fashion the hate coming out against a new initiative of bicycle transportation comes from out-of-touch people who would never even try the thing they vehemently rattle the saber at. They have no problem using their “so-called” media credence to help propagate their anger especially news agencies like the Wall Street Journal. Remember the WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch and FOX, well known for monopolizing our news and going to great length for fairness and balance…like wire tapping it’s sources phone lines and emails.

Take for example this person:

WSJ editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz, who got a nice chunk of air time to rant about the bike share.

She claims to represent the majority of New York citizens who are appalled at Citibikes even though it hasn’t even opened to the general public.

Except that 2012 Quinnipaic Poll showed 74% of New Yorkers are all for bike share.

But despite those pesky things like facts, Dorothy goes on with her bitchfest hate speak:

See the video: here.

Wow, there’s so many factual things wrong with her opinions I don’t even know where to start.

Totalitarian government?? Man if only the worst thing Hitler did was to limit people’s soda intake.

And I always love the argument that somehow these green initiatives are railroaded through in the middle of the night without any civic input. How about the numerous city council meetings and the fact that the locations of the bike share stations were decided with lots of help by the public.

My biggest question is why do these people always get such media attention and hyped so much to the point where I am endlessly sent this link. I always have the hope that it’s someone with legitimate arguments that will make for interesting debate. Nope, just another cranky NIMBY annoyed with something they don’t understand and aren’t willing to accept change.

On the flip side, here is someone equally as old as Dorothy who’s been riding a bike in NYC his whole career.
Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham loves the new bike share. He’s made his life’s work of observing New Yorkers on the street and identifies in this NY Times op-Ed video, how much we are impatient, mobile and over-the-top. Quit different from Dorothy behind her curtain in the land of OZ.

Here is Bill Cunningham on why he likes the new bike share and what he’s observed in the first week…by actually using the system…go figure.

Video: here.

Celebrate the Lanes-Prospect Park West

Today a celebration of bicycle infrastructure good for all our families.


3rd Anniversary Family Ride
Prospect Park West @ 3rd Street
Sunday, June 2, 2013, 11 am

Kids and parents: Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Prospect Park West bike path by riding it as a family on Sunday, June 2!

Families and friends of the hugely popular bike path will be gathering at the 3rd Street park entrance at 11 a.m. You’ll get a free raffle ticket when you sign in for a chance at some cool prizes. Starting at 11:45 a.m., we’ll be riding (or walking or scooting) to Grand Army Plaza, then turning around and riding the length of the bike path to end at Bartel-Pritchard Square.

At the end of the ride, we’ll hold the raffle and hand out some prizes for things like best-decorated kid’s bike, best family costume and bikingest family, courtesy of our bike-shop sponsor Bicycle Habitat.

Volunteers will be stationed at intersections along the route to keep the ride safe and free of skinned knees.

It should be a lovely day, a great ride or walk for everyone and a fun and important opportunity to commemorate the 3rd birthday of New York City’s best bike path. Join us to celebrate safe, family-friendly streets for Brooklyn!

Please spread the word to friends and family, and if you’re on Facebook, please RSVP at our Events page and share the link with your Friends.

See you there!


New Yorkers must learn to share…Bike Share. Citibike launches for annual members.

Oh the sacrifices we New Yorkers have had to make under three terms of Mayor Bloomberg. First we had to give up smoking in public places and not being able to light up at your favorite rock venue. Ok, we can deal with that, besides now we have these sneaky electronic cigarettes that plug in to USB like all our other fancy devices. Next we had to share our precious roadways (and more importantly-parking spaces) with bicycles. Gasp. Green painted lanes suddenly took over and moved cars aside giving actual room on the road for something other than motor vehicles and pedestrians. But, we New Yorkers are crafty and now we have lots of extensions of the sidewalk space for even more jay walking and talking on our fancy devices–take that bicycles. So what’s the latest thing you’re going to ram down our throats billionaire Mayor Mike before you exit stage left? Take our fatty soda away? Charge us more money to pass through Staten Island? This time it’s not something taken but rather given to us. It’s time for New Yorkers to try and remember something we learned in kindergarten…Sharing. New York enters the world of Bike Sharing. Walk past abandon relics of rusted frames and forks u-locked to a street signs and you will see rows of shiny new bicycles in neat little rows that you can rent for short periods of time as a viable option for transportation.

Memorial Day was the launch of long anticipated bike sharing program sponsored by the “TOO BIG TO FAIL” banking giant who we bailed out…Citibank.
That’s right…New Yorkers, Citibike is now in operation.


Monday was the launch of program for annual members who paid $95.00 a year for unlimited trips as long as they are kept within 45 minutes.
According to Citibike’s blog there are over 16,400 New Yorkers signed up to use this program. (After four days in operation-5/29/13-the number is up to 21,300)

The New York Times reporter, Matt Flegenheimer put out an article with some basic questions answered to help people learn more about this new transportation program:

Questions and Answers on Citi Bike.

Monday’s launch came with fanfare and some bell ringing from the Mayor.

Streetfilms own Clarence Eckerson, Jr. quickly put together this video of the opening day:

It was nice to see a fellow film technician and former bikeblognyc contest winner, Toby Miller featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

Bike Share Gets Rolling Across City
Mayor Bloomberg Rolls Out Bike-Share Program With a Ding of a Bicycle Bell

By: Josh Dawsey

(photo by: Keith Bedford for The Wall Street Journal)

Straddling a bike but never pedaling, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg rolled out a long-awaited bike-share program with a ding of a bicycle bell on Monday, an effort dubbed the city’s first new public-transit option in 75 years.

A signature Bloomberg administration initiative, Citi Bike—named for its main sponsor, a financial-services company—made its debut with more than 6,000 bicycles available at 330 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn for about 15,000 people who paid a $95 annual membership fee.

Starting Sunday, others who don’t have annual memberships can buy day passes for $9.95 and weekly passes for $25.

Read more: here.

Just walking around on Monday (very jetlagged from a recent trip to India) it seemed like the citibikes were already being whole-heartily embraced on a sunny Memorial Day.


I ran into bike portrait photographer, Dimitry Gudkov of #bikenyc who has documented the extensively documented the cycling community and photographed our own D.O.T. commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn who was beaming with excitement as her bike share brain child has become a reality.

Stitched Panorama

He was out there checking out the citibikes for the first time.


Along with Dimitry has been capturing photos of Citibike members and giving flavorful descriptions of why New Yorkers are using the new bike sharing program. Here is a sample:

Why Emily Rides

Emily lives in the East Village and commutes to Midtown. She was riding to work for the first time. Before becoming a Citi Bike member, she never rode a bike in New York.

How do you commute to work when you’re not riding?

“Usually I take the subway into work or I walk. I usually do a lot of walking so having Citi Bike as an option helps me save time while still being outside. I also hope biking will help me save money by not having to pay for bus or subway everyday.”

Aside from work commuting, how do you think you’ll use Citi Bike?

“I definitely plan to use Citi Bike in my free time. On Monday I rode over to the West Village for breakfast. I also rode over to Brooklyn to meet up with some friends. It was dark by the time I was ready to head home so I took the subway instead. It was great to drop my bike and not have to worry about getting it home.”

Read more here.

WNYC was on the scene on opening day with their own commuter challenge. Members of their Transportation Nation staff decided to perform a non-scientific time check (not a race-Wink Wink) to see compare the new bike share vs a subway trip and cab ride. You’ll never guess who came in first.

Listen to the whole segment here on the Brian Lehrer show including D.O.T. Commissioner JDK taking on hard questions about the bike share program.


Going to India

I will be in New Delhi for a couple of weeks on a work/family trip starting…well today.

Bicycling in India. (photo by: Jaul Jeurissen )

My wife has a public health project to visit there and she’s taking the whole family. Should be mild there:

Picture 3

Only 108? Oh Boy.

Well enjoy your bike month NYC and all be back to biking and blogging, in June 2013–if we survive.

The whole bike month and more- Time’s Up

Time’s Up has an awesome printed calendar of all their great Bike Month and beyond events.


Pick it up now at your favorite bike friendly retail spot.

Here is the bulk of it. (More details of each event after the list)

Friday, May 3, 7:00pm (First Friday of Every Month!)
Union Square North
Friday, May 3, 10pm (First Friday of Every Month!)
Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park South 59th Street, and Central Park West)
Saturday, May 4, 11:00am
Time’s Up! 156 Rivington Street
Sunday, May 5, 2:00pm
99 S 5th St, Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 7, 8pm-9pm (Every Tuesday Night!)

Thursday May 9, 8:30pm
Brooklyn Time’s Up Space, 99 S 6th St, Brooklyn
Friday, May 10, 7:00pm (Second Friday of Every Month)
Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park and Brooklyn side of the Williamsburg Bridge
Saturday, May 11, 8:00pm
Tompkins Square Park Gaia Tree
Saturday, May 11, 9:00pm (Second Saturday of Every Month!)
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn (Northern entrance of Prospect Park where Flatbush Ave. and Eastern Parkway Intersect.)
Sunday, May 12, 2:00pm
99 S 5th St, Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 14, 8pm-9pm (Every Tuesday Night!) 

Thursday, May 16, 7:00pm
Tomkins Square Park, Gaia Tree
Saturday, May 18, 7:00pm
Brooklyn Time’s Up! Space 99 S 6th St

Sunday, May 19, 2:00pm
99 S 5th St, Brooklyn
Sunday, May 19, 11:30am (Third Sunday of Every Month!)

Meet up at Manhattan’s Staten Island Ferry Terminal for departure on 12:00pm Ferry
Sunday, May 19, 4:00pm
4th St Food Co-Op (Co-hosted by 4th St Food Co-Op)

Tuesday, May 21, 8pm-9pm (Every Tuesday Night!)

Saturday, May 25, 3:00pm
Grand Army Plaza (Co-hosted by Cargo bike Collective)
Saturday, May 25, 10pm (Last Saturday of Every Month!)
Columbus Circle (SW corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway, Central Park South 59th Street, and Central Park West)
Sunday, May 26, 1:30pm
Tompkins Square Park (Co-hosted by MoS Collective)

Continue reading The whole bike month and more- Time’s Up

Bike Month-Biking Events

I’m adding a bunch of events to the Calendar page:

May 11th there are two great biking events:

1) Bike the Branches
brooklynpubliclibraryGreat picture of the Brooklyn’s main library during construction in 1940-Seen on: Brooklynspoke

A great way to explore your neighborhood and the vast network of public libraries which are an amazing free resource for all.

Join Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday, May 11 for the Bike The Branches—a fun and adventurous one-day bike ride to benefit the Brooklyn Public Library. Experience Brooklyn and BPL like never before, while connecting with family and fellow Brooklynites as you ride to and through our network of 60 neighborhood libraries. Get your passport stamped at each branch—or as many as you can—to be entered into a drawing to win fun prizes. The first 100 people that register will be entered into a special drawing. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you as your ride for BPL!

Take a tour of Brooklyn’s literary history, culinary highlights or architectural gems on one of our suggested routes, or create your own path to explore the borough and the neighborhood libraries that serve each community. Throughout the day, stop in at select neighborhood libraries to recharge and enjoy entertainment and fun activities

The best part about Bike the Branches is that it’s not a race, it’s a ride created by you , so you can ride as an individual, with a group of friends, or with your school group — and you can bike at your own pace – walking, skateboarding and scooting welcome. Please visit our website at to learn more and register.

Bike the Branches is a part of our annual Support the Branches spring campaign (formerly known as Support our Shelves). All proceeds from Support the Branches and Bike the Branches help Brooklyn Public Library bring vital services, resources and programs to every neighborhood in Brooklyn.

And look who else will be there:

Picture 1

Band The Skins and New York State Senator Eric Adams and Host of NY1-Inside City Hall Errol Lewis.

Also on that same day-May 11th

2) Spring-Bike Jumble, by

5th Annual Brooklyn Bike Jumble
NYC’s only Bicycle Flea Market
Saturday May 11, 2013
10AM to 4PM
Old Stone House
5th Ave and 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY

The park will be filled with vendors selling used bikes as well as new and used bike accessories. The perfect place to find a summer ride or to stock up on the parts that you need to complete your ride!

A whole day devoted to bikes in beautiful Park Slope Brooklyn, a perfect FREE weekend outing (if you can resist the bargains)!

WHERE: The Old Stone House at Washington Park, 336 3rd Street (bet. 4th and 5th Avenue), Brooklyn, NY 11215.
By Subway: Take the F or the R to Fourth Avenue, or the R to Union Street. By Bus: Take the B63 Bus to Third Street and Fifth Avenue. Or ride your bike!

WHEN:Saturday May 11th, 10 AM to 4PM, RAIN OR SHINE

COST: FREE to browse

Click here to reserve a vendor space.