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Monster Track 14-more recaps and photos

Sometimes it a takes a while to get all the details of a past event and sometimes there are a few oversights on my part.

First off–a big one in the oversight department.

I forgot to include the 1st place female racer, Roz Patterson.

(photo from her page on: )

In the past I have strived to make this blog a resource as well striving for equality in the bike world for both race and gender.

The ladies who race alleycats truly work their asses off, deserve the utmost respect and shouldn’t have to remind me in the comments section to include them where credit is due. Roz, I apologize…not my style.

In searching for a good photo of Roz who also kicked ass at the Red Bull Mini Drome event–I might add–I came across some other great stories and photos. This is part of the time it takes for things to reach the intraweb.

Here is a great story by, own Shardy Nieves attending his second Monster Track.


Monster Track, New York City’s biggest alley cat race. This would be the 14th anniversary race and people came from all over the world to compete in the unforgiving streets of NYC. Monster Track weekend was full of activities for everyone who not only came out to compete but spectators as well.


In 2012, I attended my first Monster Track since switching to fixed gear. This would also be my first alley cat race in general and I did not know what to expect. What also makes this weekend so important to me is the fact that I launched with the photos I shot from Monster Track 13. Safe to say Monster Track weekend is also the Track or Die NYC anniversary weekend. Moving forward to 2013, a few of the guys from T.O.D and myself we’re training for this massive alley cat race ( I was doing more training for the after party).

Read the whole story: here.

I also discovered this sweet photo blog posting on:

Check out a whole slew of really great portraits depicting the diversity of this unique bike culture:


See more: here.

Video Fridays-3/29/13

Here we go again:

Title: Hoodride Cycles
Seen on: Urban Velo
I love this little bio of Derrick in Phoenix who was annoyed with the soul-sucking red tape of running a business, so decided to just fix rides out of his backyard in an almost purposefully looking ramshackle garage. He talks about the stresses of doing it for the love, but also the value and reward of “localism”. Good on you Derrick.

Title: One Day in April-Documentary on the little 500-trailer.
Seen on: Urban Velo
The 2013 Little 500
qualifications took place in Bloomington, Indiana yesterday, just before the weather turned stupid and started snowing all over the place. With that in mind (the race, not the weather), this project needs one last push to come to fruition. The documentary, One Day in April, follows four teams as they prepare for this year’s Little 500 race, showing their passion and dedication to extremely amateur racing, the surprisingly hilly and beautiful terrain in Southern Indiana, along with the storied history of this unparalleled race. Many of you probably know the race primarily through the movie Breaking Away or our recent article in Issue 32, but this documentary gives a direct and intimate portrayal of the race’s story up to this point.

There are only 3 days left for the video to reach funding and incentives start with free digital downloads, t-shirts, photos, etc.

Title: Disassemble to Assemble
Seen on: Urban Velo

Title: State Bicycle Co.-Undefeated
Seen on:

Title: Illegal Bike Race Turned Legit-this Year’s Red Hook Crit
Seen on:

Title: Track Cycling in a Cathedral-2013 Red Bull Mini Drome on Brooklyn NYC
Seen on:

Title: Bicycle Film Festival Hong Kong-2013
Seen on:

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Red Bull Mini Drome–recap

Competitive urban riders like the adrenaline rush and are familiar with pushing their limits on a bicycle. Some have become quite skilled in open traffic either as messengers racing in alleycats or exploring the possibilities on a fixed gear in the world of freestyle. Last Saturday things got real interesting. These riders had to call on their faith and maybe say a prayer in an abandon church deep in the heart of Bushwick Brooklyn. Whether a full on Hail Mary or maybe just the rub of a rabbits foot, it was prayer time that you wouldn’t go flying off a home made wooden velodrome cycling track…a mini version.
8584265305_b3e568e6af_c(Photo credit: Takuya Sakamoto )

Red Bull, who is never short on sponsoring the absurd–remember this: Flugtag?

Challenging people to make homemade flying machines and jump off the Intrepid into the Hudson…yes the same energy drink company that sponsors a professional soccer team. This time they set up their mini track in a series that has been traveling all over the world. Saturday it landed in Brooklyn at the site of an abandon church that has been used primarily for underground parties.

I arrived early to check out the show with Reland who works at 718cyclery and my ol pal Jonathan Beck. We thought we should be fashionably late but saw the amount of bikes locked up outside and decided to venture in when the event started at 9:00pm.

The event was free to the first thousand and it didn’t seem clear how security was going to regulate this. After passing the portable pizza stand set up by another one of the sponsors, Bushwick’s own Roberta’s pizza, (yum) we got a handful of drink tickets at the door and went in the church to watch the action.

The place was already packed with bikers, messengers and some people who looked like they might have misread the fine print on Gothamist and seemed overly dressed. Crowds gathered around the track on both the main level and the top church balcony giving this a nice blended feeling of part underground fight that maybe Michael Vick was throwing and part post-apocalyptic thunder dome.

Two riders enter…one rider leaves.

There were 100 riders at the start who had to complete 10 laps around this plywood contraption, with huge banked corners and relatively more flat in what could be called the straight away parts. Watching most of the riders just trying to get their track bikes over the wall and onto the start was challenging enough, emphasizing how steep the walls were.

Not sure how any of these riders got to practice on this thing but eventually a few fierce competitors got momentum going and started cooking around the track in their solo time trials. One of these was Red Bull’s own sponsored Austin Horse who won this year’s Monster Track on snowy streets of NYC and had done well on a previous mini dome track in Tokyo. So those who are traveling for this event to other cities had some sort of experience which seemed badly needed.

After an endless amount of time of standing, not being able to get to the bar and use those drink tickets and watching people go in circles. The field was narrowed down to 32 riders with the best times. There was much debate going around about tire size, wider riser bars and more compact freestyle track bikes (adult bmx bikes) vs straight up more tradition frame geometries of standard track bikes. Not sure what the winning formula but the top field would now go head to head meaning one rider starts on one end of the flat and another on the other. If a rider falls or is lapped…they’re out and the winner advances.

DJ Dirty Finger wowed the crowd from his perch, spinning a great eclectic mix.
20130328-225433.jpg (photo by: Tod Seelie of suckapants)

And later Ninjasonik performed.

Hometown favorite Austin was eliminated…early on and none of the other NYC favorites made it past the semi finals. In a fierce battle the top winners were all outta-towners with previous experience on this odd track.

A video from Tod Seelie:

Red Bull Mini Drome Race in Brooklyn, March 23rd, 2013 from Sucka Pants on Vimeo.

Of the top 8 battling for the $1,000 prize, Florida native Addison Zambawa won and his buddy, Latvian rider Toms Alsbergs, came in second place, and Netherlands rider Stefan “Fish” Vis took 3rd.

Here is a video from Tod Seelie showing the final race.

We stumbled out of there and meet up with some Time’s Up bike activists there to root for their own Austin. We ended up at Bushwick’s whacky coffee shop/bar/performance space-Goodbye Blue Monday plotting bicycle revolution while drinking good craft beer and eating french fries. Random acts took the stage like three 70 year old men in superman tshirts playing space age jazz. Old school Brooklyn.

Here is another recap from Tod Seelie for Gothamist who was probably more sober then my crew.

More great photos by Tod:

Head to head on the mini drome.

Spills and thrills.

First and Second place.

The winners.

Photos, Video: Bikers Flock To Bushwick For Fixie Race In A Velodrome

Over the weekend, cyclists flocked to a temporary velodrome in Bushwick for a fierce bike battle between fixed-gear speed riders. Over 1,500 spectators packed into a repurposed church on Bushwick Avenue to catch the action—100 riders, both local and international, tested their skills on the miniature wooden velodrome to win the title and $1,000 cash prize.

Read more: here.

Bike shop news-Strada Customs in Soho and Sunday Alley

DJ Mel DeBarge has been blowing up in the NYC club scene. He got his big break mixing for Beyonce’s birthday party.

He was recently on NBC news highlighting his favorite spots in Soho.
One of which is the color mix-n-match track bike fashion store: Strada Customs located at 159 Mott Street.

Besides cool accessories and clothing they also sell an affordable fixed gear / single speed and recently added this nice looking pro model, when you’re ready to turn it up a notch:


Not bad for under $1000 complete.

Check out DJ Mel’s quick travel video here.


In honor of spring and the commercialization of Easter, Track Bike or Die who’s been throwing mad alleycats is having the Rabbit Race this Sunday. What better way to worship Christ’s resurrection then racing in the streets of NYC.


Reminds me of this tshirt image:


Events from Time’s Up

Here is what’s going on with:


In an effort to advocate for safer streets, Time’s Up has begun a campaign of collecting Living Wills from pedestrians and cyclists who would like the NYPD to do full criminal investigations and release their reports to the public if they are killed by automobile. Please visit the blog and create your own #MyLivingStreetWill today:


Sunday March 24th 3pm
Tomkin Square Park, Gaia Tree
Sunday, March 24th 4:30pm
Brooklyn Time’s Up Space, 99 S 6th St, Williamsburg
Tuesday, March 26, 9pm-10pm (Every Tuesday Night!)
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays
99 S 6th St, Brooklyn
In both NYC and Brooklyn locations!
See events listing for details.




Become a member at

Sign up for our volunteer list by e-mailing


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Video Friday 3/22/13

It’s spring right? But those morning rides feel like winter still…time to blow up the snowman…(warning–this video has nothing to do with bikes)

Title: Southern Safari Trailer
Seen on: PROLLY
While I’m in the middle of packing for, flying to and getting settled in Taiwan / China, check out the long-awaited Southern Safari video. Embedded above is the trailer and here’s the information:
“Southern Safari is the latestLoose Nuts Cycles team video starring fixed gear freestyle riders Miles Mathia, Kareem Shehab, Torey Thornton, and Tom Lamarche. Watch as this group brings fixed gear bikes into uncharted territory across the southern United States. Ledges, rails, stairsets and more all get destroyed by this four man army. Sit back, crack a cold one, and see what life is like on tour with the Loose Nuts Team.”
Buy it now on Vimeo for $8


Seen on:


It’s BMX time:

Title: Larry Edgar Winter 2013 So Cal Edit
Seen on:
Larry Edgar Winter 2013 So Cal Edit
from SE Bikes
SE Bike’s all-around BMX and drifting shredder Larry Edgar kicks off the 2013 year right with this brand new web edit. Larry keeps it exciting the whole way through by shutting down a bunch of southern California skateparks, street spots, and wraps it up at BMX legend Stephen Murray’s backyard trails. You don’t want to miss this one.
Film/Edit: Dylan Pfohl
Song: Rod Stewart – Maggie May

Larry Edgar Winter 2013 So Cal Edit from SE Bikes on Vimeo.


Title: Devotion Daniel Sandoval 2013
Seen on:


Title:Daniel Martinez Hunt
Seen on:

daniel Martinez hunt from tommy blanco on Vimeo.


Title: Dean Anderson-Ten Clips
Seen on:

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Bike Shop News: Bicycle Habitat opens another Manhattan Location


Here is a letter from lifelong bicycle advocate and store owner, Charlie McCorkell:

Hi friends,
I am thrilled to announce: We’ve opened in Chelsea!
Our newest location on 7th Avenue at 23rd Street, the store will offer a focus on the urban cyclist:

Style: We want you to look good on and off the bike. Several years in the making, this shop will offer urban cycling wear such as Mission Workshop, Cleverhood, Po Campo and eventually Levi’s!

Service: We want to be convenient. You no longer have to haul your bike to SoHo or Brooklyn. Our Chelsea location offers the same full-service tunes and repairs, but on the west side. If you bought your bike at one of our other stores, the store will honor our complimentary basic check-ups as well.

Speed: As with all of our locations, we offer you convenience. Shop our website, and order any item for free in-store pick-up. Many items arrive within a day or two.
On Saturday, I invite you to swing by our new store for birthday cake AND to enter to win a free bike tune-up. (as well as our month-long opportunity to two tickets to the Farm Ride or Five Boro Bike Tour.)

Let’s celebrate and ride!
Charlie McCorkell
Owner, Bicycle Habitat

P.S. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi to Alex Leader, the manager of our Chelsea shop, and long-time staffer. I am very pleased and proud he has accepted the challenge of a new store.

King James puts Miami Critical Mass on his Website

While critical mass has been demonized to the point of extinction in NYC, quite the opposite has occurred in Miami. Thousands of people come out every month including one particular basketball player you may have heard of:



That’s right, King James thinks critical mass is cool and so does hisMiami Heat teammates, Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers. And how does he know about critical mass, because he’s been on it several times and rides his bike to work.

Lebron likes critical mass so much he posted a well produced video on his website:

Take that bike haters.

This text is on the site:

Miami Critical Mass has been growing towards epic numbers in attendance. The event takes place on the last Friday of every month and welcomes bikers and cyclists of all shapes, sizes and credes to take a ride around the heart of Miami in complete unison. Two months ago, in late November, Miami Critical Mass saw its biggest attendance with over 2,000 people that came out to ride. Of those 2,000 people, LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were some of the famiiar faces that were in attendance.

You can watch the video above to see what you can expect at the meetups. And you can click here to see Dwyane Wade participating at the September 2012 meetup.

The next Critical Mass goes down Friday, January 25, 2013.

More Info On How To Participate:

Don’t believe me about the popularity of this ride?

Check out the reviews on the Miami Critical Mass Yelp page:

For instance here is what Korinne J posted.

“What would you rather do stand in a crowded cheesy place filled with cigarette smoke and house music or get off your but and burn some calories while seeing a different side of Miami? I choose the latter…All ages and fitness levels every kind of bike you can imagine. Bring water, make sure you have a bike light (its the law) and get ready for a fun ride. Do the motorists get annoyed? Yes but maybe they should get out of the car and onto a bike.

I have seen skate boards, roller blades, custom bikes and grandmas to babies. One guy even has a big speaker rigged up behind his bike.

Its fun!! Go for it!

The mere fact that this ride has the top player in the NBA and a yelp page is pretty awesome.

I wonder what NYC’s yelp page would say?

#30daysofbiking April. Now in it’s fourth year

Started by a couple of avid cyclists in Minnesota, 30 days of biking is coming back, April 1st. Now in it’s fourth year, people all over the world are encouraged to cycle everyday of the month and spread the word on social networks.

Looks like its taking off in the UK too:

Here’s more from Road.CC:

With a seemingly interminable winter dragging on here in the UK, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get out on the bike as much as we would like, but help is at hand with the return next month of 30 Days of Biking. The initiative can’t guarantee good weather, but it does provide a perfect excuse to get out and ride every day of the month – and we’re certainly well up for that.

Now in its fourth year, 30 Days of Biking was founded in Minnesota – which puts our moaning about the British winter into a little bit of perspective – and has since spread to 100 countries worldwide, with 4,000 cyclists taking part last year including Tour de France legend Greg LeMond, a resident of the state where the movement began.

So how does it work? Well, there are two pledges – to get on your bike on 1 April and ride it around the block or further afield for the next 29 days after that, and to share your stories using a variety of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.

Read more: here.

Site coming soon:

Red Hook Crit Poster and App

The Red Hook Crit Series is less than two weeks away and to commemorate here is the official 2013 poster:


Here is more info from race organizers:

We are proud to announce the release of the Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn no.6 Official poster, featuring photography by Brian Vernor and designed by Jonah Birns. This is the first in a series of four interconnected posters for the 2013 Championship Series presented by Rockstar Games, celebrating the spectacular locations and fearless competitors of the Red Hook Crit.

11×17 prints will be available on Gage + DeSoto


The Red Hook Criterium is excited to announce the release of our official Timing & Scoring iPhone app for the 2013 Red Hook Crit Championship Series presented by Rockstar Games.
It can be downloaded here:

Official 2013 Red Hook Criterium Timing and Scoring App

Track riders during the pre-race timed qualifying sessions. Out of 200 registered riders only 100 will advance to the race. The “On the Bubble” feature will highlight which riders are on the edge of making into the field.
Track runners during both the Men’s and Women’s 5k races
Live timing and scoring of the the Red Hook Criterium.
Pics feature that aggregates instagram photos from the race. Use the hashtag #redhookcrit
News feature shows official RHC tweets and mentions from twitter. Use @redhookcrit and #redhookcrit
Access race info – schedule, directions to the event, race rules & sponsor info