Another AlleyKitten December 13th.


for those alleycat race curious. Here’s your chance to participate in an easy race.

Saturday december 13th
Tompkins Square Park
1pm Registration
2pm Start

This isnt going to be too serious, just something quick and fun!

Trackstars Winter Formal

Free Hookers? I guess you get what you pay for.

SquareBuilt Custom Bicycles

Squarebuilt custom bicycles launches their new site.

Makers of some nice rides like this:

and the Dark Horse

looking good.

Hand built in Brooklyn, New York.

Bikes in Buildings Bill

One of the biggest barriers to increasing ridership in New York City has been an aggressive and often infantile building policy against the bicycle. Often a UPS delivery person can bring into a building a stack of boxes weighted town precariously, on a hand truck but the minute a doorman sees a bicycle…OH NO! People want to ride their bikes to work but are often met with this kind of behavior and don’t want to leave their modes of transportation out on the street.

Things may change according to the Bikes in Buildings Bill (PDF) put together by city councilmen David Yassky.

More on this from

Tomorrow, Monday-December 8th, 2008 the City Council’s Transportation Committee will take up this important issue and hopefully sign it into effect.

From Streetsblog reporter Ben Fried,
On Monday afternoon the City Council’s transportation committee will take up the Bikes in Buildings Bill, which addresses a major obstacle to bike commuting. The legislation would give people who work in commercial buildings the right to bring their bikes inside the workplace, if they have the consent of their employer. Transportation Alternatives director Paul White calls it “one of the easiest ways to enable much greener travel in New York City.” The bill’s prospects look promising: Bloomberg reports that it enjoys the active support of the mayor, and most of the City Council is expected to sign on.

The public can testify at Monday’s hearing, scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. in the main council chamber at City Hall.

Read more Here

Down and Dirty in the MUD!

Bilenky Cycle Works presents the 3rd Annual
Urban Junkyard Cyclocross

December 21st, 2008.

Video from Reverend Billy at Buy Nothing Day.

Thanks to C.Ryan, of Team Spider, for making this:

Bike Polo video, from Anne at

Tax incentives for biking to work in California.

One good thing to come out of the bailout was a tax benefit for people who bicycle to work.
Here is some information on that in California from the East Bay Bicycle Coalition.

Well, Jon Kessler isn’t going to wait around for this to get implemented, like waiting for banks to come clean on how they spent our money, so he has introduced:

Jon created this website to make it as simple as possible for people to get cash for biking to work.

From the site:
“Bike Bux are the new tax incentive for anyone who rides a bike to work. If you or your employees travel by bicycle for a substantial part of the commute, then Bike Bux are for you.

Beginning in January 2009, cyclists throughout the United States can get up to $240 per year in Bike Bux tax-free to help cover the costs of riding to work. Bike Bux are redeemable at bike and sporting goods stores nationwide for bikes, bike-related gear and supplies, repairs and even bike storage.

Bike Bux come in three sizes: $20, $60 and $240 cards.

To get Bike Bux tax-free you must get them through your employer. Employers of all sizes can offer Bike Bux. In fact, if your employees do not love Bike Bux we will give you a 110% refund.”

Time to act Locally.

Norman Siegel has been a life long advocate for civil rights and equal justice. He’s also been a huge asset and friend to the NYC cycling community, tirelessly defending the rights of free speech and free assembly.

Once again he is running for New York City Public Advocate and a new group is forming to campaign for him:

Cyclists for Siegel.

For information on how to volunteer and be informed of upcoming events, send an email to

Things are getting kicked off tonight, December 1st, 2008 with a Bike Ride:

Monday, December 1st, 6:00 p.m.
Ride will start at Union Square
Ride will end at Azza Restaurant and Lounge, 137 East 55th Street between Lexington & 3rd

Come support Norman Siegel- the Civil Rights Attorney who has worked tirelessly in support of our civil rights and has been a true champion of the bicycling community during its crucial expansion process and helped with many aspects of increased cycling in New York City. You can come on the ride or go directly to the party at Azza Restaurant and Lounge- whatever you do, please support Norman Siegel now and in the future.

The new Time’s Up! soundbike will make its debut so we’ll have good rockin’ legal tunes on the ride.

For more information on Norman Siegel’s Campaign for Public Advocate or to donate to the campaign go to:

Bikeblog NYC Holiday gift guide.

If you’re going to buy gifts this Holiday season, here are some ideas and incentives from bike related merchandise.

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Don’t forget about this cool Monster Track dvd, and I’m not just saying this cause I made it…(well maybe I am)
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Then there is the Ladies of Team Pegasus 2009 calender with proceeds going to world bicycle relief. The rest of the money goes to this team of Mid-west cyclists and their exploits on the track, the street and in the mud.

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My good friend Ashira in LA has been working on some cool t-shirt designs

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