Cranksgiving in NYC and elsewhere

Cranksgiving is a alleycat race which raises money for hungry people each year around the Thanksgiving day Holiday.

A little history about the event: Here.

a little bit about it from this years race organizer Ken Stanek:

“Cranksgiving is coming up again. Last year was the biggest NYC Cranksgiving ever. We donated over $500* worth of food to a Lower East Side Soup Kitchen.

If you’re not familiar with this race, it takes place the week before Thanksgiving every year. There’s no registration fee, but you’re going to need to bring cash with you, because the checkpoints are all grocery stores. At these grocery stores, you’re going to have to leave your bike outside, run in, and purchase** a specified food item. A bag & a lock is absolutely essential! Once you’ve collected all of the food items and have finished the race, we do a group ride to a soup kitchen & drop off all of our donations. Keep all of your receipts, because I’m going to check them to make sure you made it to each of the checkpoints.

This year, Cranksgiving and the New York Bicycle Messenger Fund (NYBMF) is coordinating a fund drive for City Harvest along with the food drive. We are asking sponsors and individuals to pledge a dollar amount per racer to City Harvest. If you pledge $1 per racer and we have 100 racers, that’s a $100 donation. 15% of that will go to the NYBMF’s injured messenger fund, and the remaining funds will go to City Harvest. Download this form and send it to the NYBMF if you or your employer would like to donate. ” listed other Cranksgiving day races in other cities:

Omaha, NE –November 15th
Santa Fe, NM –November 15th
Champaign, IL –November 16th
New York City –November 22nd
Orlando, FL –November 22nd and Myspace page
Des Moines, IA –November 22nd
St Louis, MO –November 23rd
Kansas City, MO –November 23rd

There is also a Bike Against Hunger race in Oklahoma City, November 16th.

Reverend Billy Record Release Party-November 9th.

The Reverend, there’s a documentary about his movement by Morgan Spurlock, with the Church of Stop Shopping traveling the country preaching about the evils of over consumption: What Would Jesus Buy?

See it, just in time for the early Christmas rush gets you to go buy things in a time period of the worst economy since the late 20’s.

Recently the Reverend and his gospel choir have been hard at work trying to save Union Square from private developers. Running from the evil bulldozers.Now they have a new ablum out, the ultimate Holiday gift (hint hint)


This Sunday, November 9th will be a Record Release Party at the Highline Ballroom.

Find out more at

Andrew H. Green Memorial and Bike Tour…November 8th.

Ok, so who the hell is Andrew H. Green, besides having such a prodigious last name? (mine)

Well, according to Wikipedia the H is for Haswell, and he was a New York lawyer, civic planner who championed for great civic works like Riverside Drive, Morningside Heights, Fort Washington Park and for making the plans effective for Central Park as we know it now.

He has a stone bench dedicated to his service and today their is the sixth annual Memorial Ceremony and Bike Tour.

Here are some detail from the website:
“Green Tribute Ceremony & Bike Ride

The Sixth Annual Andrew H. Green Tribute Ceremony has been scheduled for Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 12:00 noon at the Green Memorial Bench in Central Park. The bike tour will depart immediately after the ceremony. Both the ceremony and ride are free and open to the public. No reservations required.

Directions to the Andrew H. Green Memorial Bench:

Note: Looking at the map, the bench appears approachable from all sides. It is not. Because of hills and drop-offs not shown, it can only be reached using the footpath mentioned below.

From the East Side: At Fifth Avenue and E. 102 Street, enter the park via the automobile entrance road. Bear right, merging on to the main drive. Continue walking north on the drive for about two blocks. When you come to the standing three-sided map on your left, turn left on to the wide, well-paved crossover road that heads to the West Side. Take an immediate right on to the blacktop footpath that heads uphill. The bench is at the top of the hill.

From the West Side: At Central Park West and W. 100 Street, enter the park via the automobile entrance road. Bear left, merging on to the main drive. Continue walking north on the drive for about two blocks. Before the drive crosses a stone bridge, turn right on to the wide, well-paved crossover road that heads to the East Side. This road will be marked with an “Authorized Vehicles Only” sign. Continue down this road, passing a little police kiosk on your right. Just before the road intersects with the main east drive, turn left on to the blacktop footpath that heads uphill. The bench is at the top of the hill.”

According to, which is a great site for info on hidden finds in NYC, this is also the spot where Green was shot in 1903 in a case of mistaken identity…oops.

Today is Jeff Underwood’s Birthday.

Photo by: Jaidecker

Happy Birthday to the owner of the sweet East Village Bike shop Continuum Cycles. 199 Ave. B–Check em out.

Video from Critical Mass in San Francisco

Clarence Eckerson Jr., on the spot fly on the wall…well in this case Bee on the wall from was on hand at San Francisco’s epic Halloween Critical Mass dressed up like a bee.

Clarence put together this amazing video of the ride which many claim may have been one of the biggest rides ever.

Dustin from the San Francisco Bike Blog took some nice pictures of the ride.

Dustin’s Flickr page.


Nice image from Pete_d

found on Tracko

and check out this animated gif on Johnprolly

House Party Alleycat in Philly November 15th

Wola Wola Ah, Rolling Rolling Rolling with the Play now!

questions about this race, email Jeff:


Message from artist and bike activist Brandon Neubauer.

hey Bush…YOUR FIRED!!!
oh, yeah, and I got my birthday present.

Its Done.

Before you vote…

You may want to watch this video from the Glass Bead Collective and Twin Cities Indymedia.

Terrorizing Dissent is a wrap-up video from the protests that went on at the Republican National Convention this year.

You can watch the whole movie at:

“What? The land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy…” Rage against the Machine.