article in NYTimes on female bicycle couriers.

Wings on Their Heels

Cassandra Castillo, a 26-year-old bike messenger.
Published: November 14, 2008
“IT’S Russian roulette every day,” said Cassandra Castillo, a tough, tattooed 26-year-old who is one of the city’s handful of female bike messengers. “Every day we’re two paychecks away from disaster.”
rest of the article here.
Also some nice photos from the article in a
slide show.

Bike Blog Round Up…Pittsburgh, Tokyo, LA and Italy.

BikeBlog Round up…
Here is what is happening in the world of Bicycle Blogs:

Urbanvelo out of Pittsburgh PA posted this story about Couriers in Milwaukee. Local Fox affiliate had some nice bicycle mounted camera work too.

Click here for the story.

My favorite bicycle blog also had this video from the 2008 Cycle Courier Championships in Chicago:

2008 North American Cycle Courier Championships from Fix Jones on Vimeo.

Tokyo, Japan… Jitensha-Jin.blogspot posted this video from the 2008 Kyoto Loco. (yes I know Kyoto in a different city than Tokyo)

KYOTO LOCO ’08 from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.
In LA: Trackosaurusrex
posted a new bike radio show in LA:

Milan, Italy.. Milano Fixed
Bicycle Film Festival Teaser:

BicycleFilmFestival | Teaser Monte Stella from casagrafica on Vimeo.
Yes and more fixed gear riding videos:

Fix’ing Coeur d’Alene from theSHEPH project on Vimeo.

Some more videos about the NYTimes Hoax

Good Job “yes men.”
Thanks for your hard work and proving another world is possible.

More photos of Maxwell Solomon Lobis Green

“ah, daddy, why are you blogging…I gotta poop.”

Proud papa

More photos Here

Welcome to the world, Baby Maxwell

Today my amazing wife Samantha gave us a beautiful baby boy. Maxwell Solomon Lobis-Green.

Born 11/14/08, 7.5lbs. 19 inches.

I’m so proud and speechless…but have to blog about anyway…and share my news to the world.

For more pictures check out: baby grobis gallery

Prank explained. Yes Men…Yes they Did!

Well this was the Prank that I posted for people to get involved with…

The Yes Men spearheaded today’s prank with the Fake NYTimes.

New York Times Special Edition Video News Release – Nov. 12, 2008 from H Schweppes on Vimeo.

UK’s Independent
Associated Press
Haaretz, Israeli news
NY Times City Room Blog

Are we all going to ride bikes YET???

Mother of all Fare Hikes coming from the MTA???

According to Gothamist and this cover from the Daily News…we could all be in for it and “King Bloomberg” is all for it.

Start pedaling.

Bicycle news round up. Week of November 10th, 2008.

Some stories from the world of bicycles:

The Jakarta Post– Bicycles could disappear from India and China, experts warn due to “un-friendly” bicycles policies from their governments transportation departments.
Ontario, Canada–400 bicycles are being sent to Namibia Africa as part of the organization Bicycles for Humanity.
read the article in the Goderich Signal Star.

Portland, Oregon–Banner year for bicycling according to report from Portland’s Office of Transportation. Bicycle use increased into the double digits for the 4th straight year in a row.
editorial from

Buffalo, New York–Looks like it might be history for the Pedaling History Bicycle Museum. They are selling 400 of their antique collection to overseas investors. Article in newsday here.
China opens largest bicycle museum. Article here. (sounds like they bought the bikes from Buffalo)
Cyclists claim pattern of Harassment from local police in Seattle, Washington. Read article in the the Stranger
There has been an ongoing architecture competition in Red Hook, sponsored by the Forum for Urban Design. This remote part of Brooklyn has gained new attention for opening a Fairway and recently an IKEA. It also has limited public transportation so urban designers have been looking to the bicycle as an efficient mode of transportation.
A 28 year old Brooklyn resident, Jonathan Rude, won the contest of the Bicycle Master Plan.
NBC article on details of the plan being shot down including a 10-story bicycle storage Ferris Wheel. article on the master plan and contest winner announced.

Video from Brian Lehrer from back in May, explaining the contest.

The Red Hook Bicycle Master Plan Design Competition from Brian Lehrer Live on Vimeo.

Pictures from Grafitti Rider Alleycat from Jose Martinez

Jose grabbed some sweet photos from last weekends NYC Grafitti Rider Alleycat.

The race is a taste of things to come from 5 boro generals

More of Jose’s pix at this flickr set.

Memo From Europe…Bike Sharing works.

And Paris isn’t the only city getting into the act.

Read all about it in this NY Time article from Sunday:

Memo From Barcelona–
European Support for Bicycles Promotes Sharing of the Wheels

A customer of Bicing, Barcelona’s bicycle-sharing program. For a yearly fee of about $30, each user receives an electronic card that can be used to check out and return bicycles from 375 stands scattered about the city.

Published: November 9, 2008

BARCELONA, Spain — In increasingly green-conscious Europe, there are said to be only two kinds of mayors: those who have a bicycle-sharing program and those who want one.

Over the last several years, the programs have sprung up and taken off in dozens of cities, on a scale no one had thought possible and in places where bicycling had never been popular.

The sharing plans include not just Paris’s Vélib’, with its 20,000 bicycles, but also wildly popular programs with thousands of bicycles in major cities like Barcelona and Lyon, France. There are also programs in Pamplona, Spain; Rennes, France; and Düsseldorf, Germany. Even Rome, whose narrow, cobbled streets and chaotic traffic would seem unsuited to pedaling, recently started a small trial program, Roma’n’Bike, which it plans to expand soon.

entire article here.