Video from Critical Mass in San Francisco

Clarence Eckerson Jr., on the spot fly on the wall…well in this case Bee on the wall from was on hand at San Francisco’s epic Halloween Critical Mass dressed up like a bee.

Clarence put together this amazing video of the ride which many claim may have been one of the biggest rides ever.

Dustin from the San Francisco Bike Blog took some nice pictures of the ride.

Dustin’s Flickr page.


Nice image from Pete_d

found on Tracko

and check out this animated gif on Johnprolly

House Party Alleycat in Philly November 15th

Wola Wola Ah, Rolling Rolling Rolling with the Play now!

questions about this race, email Jeff:


Message from artist and bike activist Brandon Neubauer.

hey Bush…YOUR FIRED!!!
oh, yeah, and I got my birthday present.

Its Done.

Before you vote…

You may want to watch this video from the Glass Bead Collective and Twin Cities Indymedia.

Terrorizing Dissent is a wrap-up video from the protests that went on at the Republican National Convention this year.

You can watch the whole movie at:

“What? The land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy…” Rage against the Machine.

Videos from Halloween Critical Mass 2008.

Austin, Texas…amazing skeleton bike…watch for it.

San Diego,…ah, see other cities where Halloween is a time your supposed to dress up and have fun…and not be harassed by the police.

San Francisco



Critical Mass Miami October 31, 2008 from Bert Rodriguez on Vimeo.


Critical Mass Seattle – October 31, 2008 from Bikeable Planet on Vimeo.

Video from Obama Alleycat in D.C.

Here is a nice multimedia presentation from Ryder Haske at GW Hatchet.

From this past weekends Obama Alleycat. Nice to see DC’s local Bruce Beran getting some screen time…even though he didn’t win.

Today is my Birthday.

and this election day, all I want is a Black President.

now GO VOTE!!!

1 day to vote….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I can’t wait till this is over. But, please vote Obama.

My buddy Dan Katz, sent this article on how this election is being watched throughout the world. A little outside perspective.

From Newsweek:
“The world has never watched any vote, in any nation, so closely. In country after country, polls show record-high fascination with the outcome of the U.S. elections this Tuesday. In Japan, according to one poll, there’s more interest in the election than there is in the United States. The Voice of America, which broadcasts in 45 languages to a worldwide audience of 134 million, is seeing “unprecedented interest.”

rest of the article here.

Dan also helped produce and edit this spot: