Bike Blog in New Haven.

Check out this bike blog in New Haven Connecticut.

Wishing everyone a happy halloween.

4 days to go. Vote.

Don’t let this happen…

Thanks, Urbanvelo for posting this…awesome job.

Day of the Dead…Messenger Race. Nov. 2nd

This one is in Colorado. Fort Collins…wherever the hell that is.
Check out


Hot, beautifully videoed movie of Fixed-gear culture and urban riding from San Francisco.

Check out the NYC premiere, Sunday Nov. 1st.

November 2nd…Day of the Dead Ride

on Sunday November 2nd, Time’s Up will be honoring the dead.

Day of the Dead Ride
November 2nd, 2008

Meet in front of the Cemetery at 74 Second Street (between First and Second Ave)-Manhattan

Join us for a Day of the Dead ride as we celebrate cyclists, both present and past.
Day of the Dead is a holiday that originated in Mexico to celebrate friends and relatives who have passed on. Join us for a Day of the Dead ride as we celebrate cyclists, both present and past.

We will bike and dance our way through the East Village, visiting ghost bikes,honoring the memory of those who have been killed, and demanding safe streets so that future riders can ride peacefully in a sustainable city. Wear bright, festive colors and bring gifts of paper flowers and sugar skulls to offer the dead in their journey of the infinite bike lane!

For more info on the Day of the Dead holiday go to:

For info on ghost bikes in New York City go to:

Link to press release here.

Happy Halloween

skidding on
Here’s a flyer for Critical Mass in Alabama…

Check out the bike blog:

Please send me links and pictures to all your Halloween Bike events and Have Fun!!!

Bike Kill 666 on Vimby

Happy Birthday John.

Hey its John Rogers BDAY.

5 days until we vote.

Charity Race for Dagga

NYC messenger, Dagga, had a nasty run in with an SUV a few weeks back so there is a benefit race being held on November 1st…to help get her some new front teeth.

In your face, race.

7 days to the vote…Prolly has moved.

6 days to the longest election in human-kind’s history will come to a close.
We know who has a better bicycle, but who can dominate on the dance floor?

Meanwhile, more importantly…
John Prolly

Has moved his blog to:
They have been busy making some slick videos:

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

Keep your eye on them at empirebegins