More Bike Kill 666

Well there are 8 days left to election day. Now more then ever, there is a ton of creative media inspired by this election that has seemed to go on for ever. I’d like to put forward a new clip each day until you cast your vote.

Here is a great spot from the creators of that catchy “wassup” commercial made 8 years ago for Anheuser-Busch.

This weekend was the 6th (666) Black Label Bike Kill. A new Brooklyn Bike Blog: (welcome) posted a link to pictures from Gothamist.

Pictures by: Jamie NYC on Flickr.

Here is a quick video of the F*&% Bear jousting…

Will Trade Stocks for Brains

Pretty much says it all:

In the spirit of Halloween and the Hellish Nightmare of the stock market, Zombiecon was last weekend.

Tod Seelie was on hand to take amazing photos like this:

He had this to say about the event on his photoblog suckapants.

Zombiecon 2008 kicked off on the streets of Manhattan this year with the rise of the undead i-bankers. Looking to the near future end-of-times: the economy has crumbled, banks have closed down, food and fuel have become scarce, and then the zombie attacks began… First stop on the crawl was the Manhattan Mall, which would have been better if most of it wasn’t under construction. A little more foot-dragging later and the zombies arrived at the perennial favorite, Macy’s. Photo ops were had, small children were mildly frightened, and employees got a reason to scowl and use their walkie-talkies. The last stop in midtown was Victoria’s Secret. They were not amused.

The zombie horde then moved to Union Square and the first bar stop at The Continental. Drinking, some NSFW situations, and synchronized dancing to a projection of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” followed. The zombies then descended upon their intended target, Wall Street. As it was late on a Saturday, it was a bit of a ghost town. However the famous Bronze Bull was beset upon and left a bloody, zombified mess.

Tod’s complete photo gallery here.

Some pictures from Bike Kill 08

Despite the pissy Saturday weather…the Unicorns still came out to Bike Kill.

Pictures on Flickr from Andy Hindraker.

More of Andy’s Photos here.

Looking ahead…Graffiti Rider Race

Word on the street is the 5 Boro Generals are organizing another race series next year hitting all 5 boroughs with their own unique races.

Next month is just a warm up of things to come.

November 8th…NYC, get ready.

More Halloween events

Red bull has two:

Oct. 25th, 2008
One in Rochester, NY…for BMX. Trick or Treat.

and the Witch Hunt in Boston.

The Red Bull Witch Hunt will start at approximately 6:30PM on October 29th. Please check their ( myspace site
for updates as the date gets closer. The Witch Hunt will take place from approximately 6:30PM-8:30PM. The Witches’ party will be 9:30PM – 1:00AM at a secret location in Salem, MA.

Please come prepared for the hunt from Boston to Salem with proper clothing, witches costume and bicycle safety equipment (light and helmet recommended for this night ride). Transportation for you and your bike will be provided back to Boston after the Witches’ party.

The Red Bull Witch Hunt is for anyone, and everyone 18 or older.

RSVP by Tuesday October 28th with your name, and any other names of those that will be showing up for the Witch Hunt. with RSVP, questions, etc

bike ads going Viral.

Cool spots for R.E.Load messenger bags:

and this for Hutchinson tires, getting into the viral act
from film maker Daniel Leeb of

Celebrate Union Square

In the ongoing battle to save Union Square, our gathering spot for Critical Mass and many other public events,
today is Celebrate Union Square, old and new.

Thursday October 23rd, 2008. 6:00pm-7:30pm

With Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping

10 years ago Union Square Park was designated a National Historic Landmark for its a role as a center of free speech and assembly!

Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir
Approaching Storm Marching Band
Labor Leaders
Historian Joshua Freeman
Walking Tours with Kevin Baker and Center for Acoustic Ecology
and a Historic Draw-a-thon where YOU imagine the future of the pavilion!
Drawing from 4pm-7pm
Walking Tours 5pm-6pm
Speakers and Music 6pm-7pm

This event is endorsed by a number of NYC groups including: NYC Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, NY State AFL-CIO, United Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO, Professor Joshua Freeman, historian, Tamiment Library/Wagner Archives, NYU, Workers Defense League, Rev. Billy and The Church of Stop Shopping, 250+ Friends of NYC Parks, NYC Park Advocates, Historic Districts Council, Union Square Community Coalition, The “OUR” Labyrinth Project and Chelsea Midtown Democrats.

Getting Closer-Voter Guide

With just 12 days to go, things are getting real close to deciding the next president of the US.

A while ago, Urbanvelo had a poll about who bikers were going to vote for…they also gave me a nice shout out. I guess its a reflection on a few of the bike blogs that aren’t afraid to get political. This is the one thing I’m most afraid of:

No, not the grizzly bear on the right. Palin becoming vice president…or even…gulp. Nevermind.
Seems like Family guy got into the act too from their latest episode where they visit a more “Nazi-like” Berlin.

That is weird.
Here’s the latest video from Jib-Jab.

Of course SNL probably said it best: (and Amy Poleher rapping while pregnant…amazing)

and when Governor Palin stumbles through a basic question about what publications she “doesn’t read”, you’ve got linebaker Terry Tate to the rescue.

Bikers have gotten into the Obama spirit:
like this light-up wheel from Aneel

This spoke card, from Ipsofatso

I love the McCain one too…sucka.

and Cyclejerks out of Denver had this cool creation from Geekhousebikes
Animal New York and artist Dan Funderburgh got busy making a cool Obama ride.

Animal Mag was also promoting:

Which brings us to the importance to get out and vote and not be swayed by any illegal election fraud which plagued both the 2000 and 2004 election.

To get you informed, BBC journalist Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy Jr. have teamed up with a comic book Steal Back your Vote, which can be used as a guide with tips such as voting early and not to accept provisional ballots.

Here is a preview of their movie:

Steal Back Your Vote! from Greg Palast on Vimeo.
To find out if you are registered to vote go to:

You can also get involved with videothevote which will be out in force on election day documenting any wrong-doing from both sides.

Halloween events

Halloween is coming soon. Lots of events, so I’m just gonna throw them out there as they pop up.

First off, this Saturday…in NYC.

October 25th, world famous Halloween alleycat

Black Label’s Annual Bike Kill

Congratulations to Martin!

Cyclehawk’s Blog, reports that Copenhagen’s own Martin “Banana” Larsen has won this years Markus Cook Award. This coveted trophy is given to the most inspirational and hardworking courier of the world.

This from Joe Hendry of Mess Media.
“The International Federation of Bicycle Messenger Associations (IFBMA) is pleased to announce that Copenhagen messenger Martin “Banana” Larsen has been awarded the 2008 Markus Cook Award. The Cook Award is presented annually to “to the courier who inspires and empowers the wider messenger community, the messenger that puts all of us before themselves.”

Martin is a veteran messenger who as IFBMA president, Andy Duncan, notes “is “known for tireless hard work, organizing messenger races and pulling people together.” Messenger championships all over the world have benefited from his sacrifice and dedication. From Copenhagen, Oslo and New York City to Sydney, Dublin and Toronto, Martin’s influence is not only upon the Championships but also the messenger community.

Through his leadership in the IFBMA, the Copenhagen Bike Messengers Association and the Toronto Bike Messenger Association, Martin has fought to improve living and working conditions for all messengers.

At much personal and financial sacrifice, he spent much of the past year in Toronto helping to organize the 2008 Cycle Messenger World Championships. His experience, his diligent efforts and most of all his example were a gift to the city, its cycling community and its messengers. Before Martin left six months later he laid the ground work to unite the struggling community and rebuild the city’s Bike Messenger Association.

2006 Markus Cooke winner, Kevin “Squid” Bolger lauds Martin’s work at the 2002 CMWC. “I was blown away with dedication and attention to detail that he exhibited in producing the main event. I asked him to show me how it worked and he gave me his completed notes and instructions in a leather binder.” He also “helped enormously with the main event. His ideas and execution were invaluable.”

Squid echoes the entire messenger community when he says “I am happy and proud to be a part of awarding the Markus Cook Award to Martin ‘Banana’ Larsen!!

The award was presented to Martin in Copenhagen Saturday during a ceremony at the Track Bike Shop. Thanks to Jumbo for arranging everything and thanks to Andy Zalan for arranging the transportation of the award.”

More from Martin’s Blog:
and on the scene,
Moving Target Zine.