Part 2 of I-cycle puma sprints.

Part two of last week’s I-cycle Puma’s Sprints:

Bike Rack Contest in NYC

This is probably old news for everyone but I’m still playing catch up here from my move to Parkslopia last week. Still digging through all the boxes trying to find things like the power cable to the modem and keys to my bike locks.

The Department of Transportation, with their new initiatives of “greening” NYC, wants to increase bicycle commuting with the numbers doubled by 2015, just in time for Mike Bloomberg’s 4th term as New York city’s supreme overlord. Realizing this increase in ridership is largely contingent on secure bicycle parking, the city came up with a contest to design bike racks which will hopefully be completed a lot sooner then that other site in which they had a design contest for.

The contest for new bike racks involved over 200 entries from 24 states and 26 countries and can be read about in this NY times article by Sewell Chan.

10 finalists have been announced and their design submissions are currently installed in Astor Place, by “Alamo”, (the Cube)

The winners of the CityRacks Design competition, which, yes, has its own website, will be announced Oct. 24th, during National Design Week sponsored by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

Meanwhile, Lyle over at the bike blog Projecto-B took some pictures and realized there was a special place for one of the racks…

the Trash.

Hopefully this won’t lead to the other major obstacle in increasing bicycle commuting:


In Case you didn’t know…

Here is how the legend of Los Marcos was born.

You to can make quality cinema like this and submit it too the next instalation of:

Bike Shorts

Thats right Ken and Luke are back with the ongoing spontaneous bicycle related film screening series.
Next date: Sunday Oct, 11th at Manhattan’s Solar powered site on the East River, Solar 1.

For submission info check out the bike shorts site at:


For all you BIKE POLO HEADS out there, those Locos Los Hombres are back.

Alleycats in Louisville, Kentucky

This Saturday, October 1st.

More info at:

Tod Seelie–Photos of bikers and more.

Tod Seelie of Suckapants is having another photo show…opening in Portland, Maine.

Tod is a rising photography superstar and prominent member of the NYC bike community. His images take us on the road with high energy music tours, down rivers on homemade barges and reveal to us the exciting underside of art on the cutting edge.

From Tod:


My second solo show for the year, Constant Quarry, opens tonight at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME. DJs Dirtyfinger, Stache, and Porkchop of the Black Label Bicycle Club will be spinning at the opening from 5-9, and then afterward they will ramp it up to a down-n-dirty dance party till 1 am. Tomorrow night (Saturday) will feature performances by Matt & Kim and Japanther, accompanied by another set by the Black Label boys. If you happen to be within striking distance of Portland, Maine, come on by. It’s beautiful up here, the leaves are starting to change and the air is crisp with the scent of the ocean. I will be in Portland for the next week as part of a small residency with the Bakery Photo Collective. I’ll also giving an artist talk at the gallery on Monday, Oct. 6th, and a guest critique at the Maine College of Art on Oct. 7th. Details below. Thanks!

More Links of Tod’s work:

This Saturday…Kids Bike Parade

Photo from last year

The Lower East Side Kids Art Bike Parade:

The neighborhood’s kids are psyched, waiting to unveil bikes they’ve transformed at the bike decorating workshops in September. The Rude Mechanical Orchestra and the Bari Koral Family Band are ready to play. Local chefs are cooking up treats for after the parade. And 47 bike-less kids now have donated bicycles that have been tuned up, decorated, and ready to take home after the parade.

Here’s the schedule:

10:00 am-11:00 am: last-minute bike decorating, bike helmet fitting, Learn to Ride workshops.

11:00 am: speakers including Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, New York State Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, and City Councilwoman Rosie Mendez.

11:30 am: parade forms up; music by Rude Mechanical Orchestra

12:00 noon: the parade!

1:00 pm: Celebrate with music by the Bari Koral Family Band, free snacks, games, face painting and more.

1:45: Bike decorating winners announced; raffle prizes (free raffle for all participants)

Still don’t have a bike? Among the items in the free raffle are five bikes in great condition, courtesy of Recycle-A-Bicycle.

The LES Kids’ Art Bike Parade, sponsored by the East Village Community Coalition, celebrates sustainable transportation and community building, with the help of local artists, businesses and politicians.

Co-sponsors include Transportation Alternatives, Recycle-A-Bicycle, Bike New York, New York City Housing Authority, Lower East Side People’s Mutual Housing Association, New York City Department of Transportation, and the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

For photos from last year’s event, see Here.

For a video about last year’s event, see here.

Here we are at my new home.

Yes, I made the switch to WordPress. Things are moving along here at bikeblog and my life is a bit chaotic right now but welcome to my new site. I will be spending time updating this blog as I learn the fine intricacies of word press.

Not only did my blog move, but my wife and I moved from the hip and trendy Williamsburg to the South Side of Park slope, which I like to call Parkslopia. We are expecting our first child in November and well thats the law…you’ve got to be one of those people with the stroller and the food coop and the amazing park.

As I unpack the boxes and look for those field manuals on newborn care, I will continue you to do my best to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly sides of bicycle culture in NYC and beyond.

stay tuned.

Just experimenting with new things


Here it is

Bicycle News roundup 003

Well its that time again, mid week. So here is what google says is happening in the world of bicycle news:

From Velo News:

Sebastien Hinault wins stage 10 in the 63rd Vuelta a España, (Grand Tour of Spain)

Crédit Agricole couldn’t imagine a better going away present than a stage victory Tuesday in the 63rd Vuelta a España in what’s its swansong grand tour.

The long-standing French team — set to fold at the end of the 2008 season after a new sponsor couldn’t be found to replace the departing French bank — earned a rare bunch sprint victory with French veteran Sébastien Hinault.

Read the rest Here


Local paper City Beat has an article on the unfriendliness of biking in this Ohio city.

Cover Story: No One Rides for Free
Lack of vision, planning and investment have made Cincinnati a ‘bike unfriendly’ city

BY Danny Cross | Posted 09/03/2008

It’s difficult to ride a bicycle in Cincinnati, and not just because it’s hilly and the weather sucks and our neighborhoods sprawl 30 miles away into another counties and states.

It’s not because there are few bike racks and even fewer bike lanes. It’s not because each neighborhood presents its own set of problems for planners and engineers or the fact that Cincinnati hasn’t had a planning department since 2002.

It’s not because the newest map of the city’s bike routes is from 1998 or that you’re just as likely to get a biggie-size Coke thrown at you while riding along Central Parkway than you are to receive a friendly wave.

Article here.


The Leauge of American Cyclists has named Arizona the third most bicycle friendly state.

Arizona named a bicycle-friendly state
Reported by: Tricia Garcia-Captain

More Arizonans are ditching gas-guzzling cars for bicycles to commute to work and for recreation.

The League of American Bicyclists named Arizona the third most bicycle-friendly state in the country for its encouragement of bicycling among riders of all ages.

States were judged on six categories that support bike use, including legislation, education and encouragement, and infrastructure.

Washington is ranked number one on the list of bicycle friendly states, followed by Wisconsin at number two.

The rest here.

Sydney Australia,

A group of researchers presented their findings from a study which states the best way to increase bicycle safety is to put more bicycles on the road.

Read this report from Scientific American. Includes a 60 second podcast.


From right here in New York, Stuart Post got his article in City Limits about his experience at the August Critical Mass:

A spontaneous evening goes awry, leaving skid marks on this cyclist’s view of his city. By Stuart Post

City Limits WEEKLY #655
September 8, 2008

Editor’s note: Using a bicycle for transportation on the streets of New York City can be an intimidating, and downright dangerous, endeavor. The Bloomberg administration is working to make the city more bike-friendly – through newly designated bike-only lanes, to cite the most visible example. But how bike-friendly can a city be if its premier grassroots cycling event operates in an atmosphere of police hostility? That’s one question that occurred to self-described “accidental anarchist” Stuart Post, a 48-year-old resident of the Gramercy Park area, who joined last month’s Critical Mass bike ride.

read the rest here.