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Cyclehawk gets it done

Cyclehawk messengers in NYC now have a new ride to their fleet. Really showing how you can get the job done using bicycle power.

Cab Driver in Miami

In Miami, a cab driver is trying for his own Olympic record of the number of cyclists he can take out.

Sunday, on the MacArthur Causeway, a cab struck eleven cyclists out for a club ride.
According to the Miami Herald Six of the cyclists were rushed to local hospitals. The most seriously injured was a 48-year-old man who is in critical condition and undergoing surgery at Ryder Trauma Center; five others were in stable condition. The other five suffered severe road burn when thrown to the pavement and were treated at the scene.

Unbelievable. My thoughts go out to all those injured. The cabie will probably get a slap on the wrist and this will be considered an “unfortunate accident,” with no investigation.

Time to get it on…

Now that the Olympics are over, we can get on to some more important athletic endevours, like:

Pittsburgh’s Pirate Bike Olympics
Over Labor Day weekend.

For more events like this and other Pittsburgh alleycats visit:


Meanwhile. This weekend Chicago will be hosting the 2008 National Cycle Courier Championships, otherwise known as the NACCC.

Check out and I know Hipsternascar will be throwing down some good info from his hometown turf.

Kicking things off with a Messenger Prom on August 30th:

and a bike polo tournament:

Speaking of the Olympics, China is still holding a dozen foreigners including 8 Americans, 1 being a friend of mine, Brian Conley, for such heinous acts as unfurling a protest banner. Wow, what a fair and tolerant host country. I hope all the new consumers they have opened up to Pepsi products was worth it.

More on the bullshit of the Chinese government here.

Bike Sharing is up and running in DC-Brought to you by Clear Channel…ugh.

Last week a bicycle sharing program was launched in Washington DC. The system, modeled after the highly successful Velib program in France. This new program, kicked off by making 100 bicycle available for a $40.00 a year membership fee.

Here is an article from the LA times explaining how the system works:

DC Rolls out Bike Sharing Plan to thin Traffic.
By Cynthia Dizikes, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
August 15, 2008

Read article here.

The bad news is its sponsored by mega-media conglomerate, Clear Channel, the same people who banned the Dixie Chicks for being anti-war. I guess someone has to pay for this and it seems as if they have a full staff to maintain the bicycles. I’m sure this has nothing to do with all the advertising revenue potential from various kiosks set up around DC. It just seems a little weird to have a corporation who constantly supports the Republicans, you know the people who’s policies have lead to a warm planet and inflated gas prices, to now be trying to get more people on bikes. I guess its like Exxon trying to profit off the oil and the alternative fuel. The good news is that there is a new system in America where you can have another option in getting around by bicycle started in the Nation’s capital.

Here is the website for the program:

Streetfilms went down to DC to check out the new system:

For more info check out this posting at


on another DC note: Happy Birthday to Gwadzilla Joel, my favorite DC bike blogger.

2 events going on tomorrow in NYC.

Pabst Blue Ribbon and Bustin Board Company presents:

Brooklyn Blitz 2008

What: “Brooklyn Blitz 2008″ – BIKES AND BOARDS!!!!

When: Sunday, August 24 @ 7pm sharp

South end of McCarren Park @ 6-6:30pm, following the Jelly NYC McCarren Pool Party
Bike and boards race,blitzkrieg around brooklyn.

: Pabst Blue Ribbon , Bustin Boards, NYC massive +Co + guests will be sponsoring the event and free beer/raffle giveaways at East River Bar afterwards.
who is fastest,board vs.board and bike vs bike. Show up 6-6:30 at the south end of McCarren Park and get your checkpoint manifest card, doubling as your VIP beer ticket to use at East River Bar for free beer. Bikes and boards will pile high, horn will sound @ 7pm, and we’ll be off to ravage the streets of Williamsburg, meet your checkpoints and get to the bar with your completed card to drink FREE PBR and chill with the dopest people in this city.==

race starts Sunday, August 24 at 7pm sharp!

Then there is the Lower East Side Bike Show and BBQ.

11am at PS 142, 100 Attorney Street, corner of Rivington in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Come Celebrate being a New Yorker on two wheels, all Bicycles Welcome, bring yours.

Video from XLR8R on Quake City Rumble

Every city has a premiere event, Minneapolis has Stuper Bowl, NYC: Monster Track and the Halloween Race, Portland, has the West Side Invitational.

San Francisco has the Quake City Rumble.

A three day fest of alleycat races, bike events and showing off what SF has to offer.

Shawn Reynaldo of XLR8r online magazine, sent me this video of the event.

Here is the

Letter to the Editor from Bill DiPaola

The executive director of Time’s Up wrote a letter to the editors of the New York Times about Critical Mass and misconceptions of the NYPD. This was in response to an article that was published on August 4th.

Op-Ed here.

The Cyclists and the Police
Published: August 12, 2008

To the Editor:

Re “Police and a Cyclists’ Group, and Four Years of Clashes” (news article, Aug. 4), in which I am quoted as the director of Time’s Up, which promotes the Critical Mass rides but is not involved.

in organizing them:

The function of Critical Mass is to create a safe space where people can ride together. Group rides like Critical Mass play an important role in generating new cyclists, who in turn become everyday bike commuters. The ride grew steadily for a decade until the crackdown after the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City.

The article reports that Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly “said the Police Department wants to work with the riders.” By no means has the Police Department tried to work with us. Critical Mass riders have been harassed, spied on, beaten, arrested and even sued by the city. Yet we have prevailed in the courtroom — it has been proved over and over that police statements do not match videotaped evidence.

We also contest Mr. Kelly’s claim that Critical Mass riders go against traffic. While it is true that the ride has no set route, under normal circumstances, it does follow the traffic flow.

Most appalling is Mr. Kelly’s and the spokesman’s assertion that the ride was “hijacked” by an “anarchist group” before the Republican convention. This is a baseless scare tactic. Critical Mass has no leaders. The lack of control that Mr. Kelly calls anarchy can be better termed community.

We are aware that the phenomenon of leaderless mass bike rides can be perceived as something different and unusual to the police. But that does not make it provocation or anarchy. It is a celebration of what our streets could look like in a better New York City.

Bill DiPaola
New York, Aug. 5, 2008

The writer is the executive director of Time’s Up, an environmental organization.

Pete Wagner, Bicyclist of the Month

Hello everyone,
I’m in Portland Oregon, the “Platinum” City, according to the League of American Bicyclists. Of course, its soooooo Portland.

I’ll be here for a long weekend, checking out bike shops, organic brew pubs and the Nation’s most bike friendly city.

Here is a video from Nick Whitaker on Pete Wagner, bicyclist of the month.

Pete Wagner, Bicyclist of the Month Profile from Nicholas Whitaker on Vimeo.

Video of Summer Streets.

Gothamist wants to know what you thought of Summer Streets.
Check out their online poll here.

Here is Clarence Eckerson, Jr’s video from this Saturday: