Bike Film festival videos

The 2008 bicycle film festival is moving right along with Screenings of great bike related movies, artshows and block parties.

Hopefully there will be one coming to your town soon.

Here is a video from from their recent trip to NYC for our bicycle film festival, where it all started.

This is part 3 of a video series. Parts one and two are available on the urbanvelo site.

Bike Lane Emergency Video

For all those people who say, “Why can’t the bike riders just be happy riding in the bike lanes the city has provided for them?”

Here is a video explaining a bit of the why by Nicholas Whitaker, a freelance film maker and contributer to

Bike-Lane Emergency from Nicholas Whitaker on Vimeo.

24hour scavenger hunt/alleycat in Portland

More info here at 24hourvelovulture/myspace

From Portland’s Craig’s List:

“Stay up all night with a partner and hope you’re still friends after. $666 main prize, plenty more goods(beer* from Brew Clubb So Pathetic, Coffee Plant, Mississippi Records, Oddball Tattoo, Sheila Moon Clothing, bike stuff from various LBCs in the works, Voodoo Donuts, etc.) to keep you moving all night. If you did this last year you know what to expect, but you also know it won’t help you at all. Being fast isn’t everything, you gotta be smart as well. All you need is a two able bodies, bikes, bags, a digital camera, lights, a strong will, and whatever you can think of to keep you moving. Meeting place is TBA right now, but it will be at 4pm, Saturday August 9th. More info and registration can be found at $30 per team of two which includes shirts, $35 after August 1st rolls around.

*due to beer sponsors and possible stumbling in bars, you gotta be 21 and older. (Sorry tiger, thems the breaks)

Witness of bike crash, looking for any information.

This happened July 30th,2008

-an email was sent out from Trevor N-

8:45am Bike Crash at the Base of the Williamsburg Bridge
(Williamsburg Bridge / Manhattan Side)

This morning I was biking directly behind a kid down the Williamsburg Bridge towards Manhattan. And as we got to the base of the bridge and police car popped up and on to the curb out of no where, with no indication and directly in front of the cyclist. The timing could not have been worse. It gave almost completely no break room for the cyclist and as a result he collided with the front left side of the car, flew over his bars and smashed his head.

A bunch of us stopped to ensure everything was alright while another biker took charge of the scene. The police just stood there. One shrugged and continued controlling vehicle traffic going back in to Brooklyn.

If anyone else witnessed this or knows this kid PLEASE email me. I’d like to make sure he’s alright and, as well, make sure he has enough witnesses in case it comes down to that point. I didn’t stay at the scene more than 5 minutes because of the amount of other cyclists that had pulled up at that point- which was boneheaded on my part as I was one of the first there.

I still can’t get the images out of my head. The impact was so hard his seat dislodged and flew off the seat post and he was left with a bleeding skull.

Please Email bikeblog, if you have any information on this.

Politics, Bikes and Radioshows.

2 radio shows about bicycles, deal with politics.

Bike Show on KBOOfm 90.7 out of Portland Oregon talks about the recent relationships between cars and bikers.

from their show: “WAR on WHEELS?” 8/6/08
Is there a war on wheels? Is there any difference between a “crash” and an “accident?” The August KBOO Bike Show will address recent media coverage of bike-related issues in Portland. Guests Amy Ruiz, Portland Mercury News Editor, and Jonathan Maus of join hosts Ayleen Crotty and Carl Larson to analyze recent incidents, the resulting media coverage, and its influence on public perceptions. Portland’s streets are famously friendly to bicyclists. Can the same be said about Portland’s news sources?

This show is every Wednesday from 9-10am (PST) and can be downloaded on itunes.

also, another great bicycle podcast:

the Bike Show, with Jack Thurston, available here. This show is on London’s Resonance 104.4fm.

From the site on their most recent show: 8/4/08
On this week’s show we ask whether the bicycle and cycling are inherently left-wing or right-wing. Featuring Ruth Beale and Karen Breneman, two artists who recently rode together from London to the
Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home in Liverpool in search of cycling’s socialist and non-conformist past, present and future. Putting the case for the libertarian right is the leading political blogger and cyclist Guido Fawkes who explains why leading members of the British Conservative Party are so keen to advertise their taste for two wheeled transport.

This weekend get on down to Rollapaluza XI “Kingspin” on Friday night at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes and Tour De Play, ‘a five mile cycle tour looking at playscapes as a form of outsider architecture’ starting at the South London Gallery at 12 noon on Saturday.

2 year Anniversary of the Passing of Bronx John

2nd anniversary of the Death of Bronx John.

In Memoriam 1974 – 2006

Two years ago, August 9th, 2006, legendary messenger “Bronx” John was killed by a cab near the Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn

Stop by and visit his memorial bike on Roebling and South 4th and remember it could be any one of us.
Picture from flickr by: Clovis

We miss you brother.

Thanks to UrbanVelo for posting about John and these comments from John’s Mother: SHARON MC LAUGHLIN

August 1, 2008


It is coming up on two years that Jonathan has passed and the guy who mowed him down never even sent any condolences or showed up at court. A warrent for his arrest is now in effect.

It is still hard to believe Jonathan is gone. It is grief that doesn’t end.

My thanks to all Jonathan’s Friends and especially the fellows and ladies who went to his memorial service.

Jonathan would have been 34 years old, June 7. The accident happened on his sister’s 18th birthday, August 9th 2006. He was clinically dead. Only life support kept his organs going. The support was removed 8-14-2006, he expired at approx. 11:37pm another factor is if the Police went down to the third name on his cell it said call Mom, Believe it.

The Bike is still there near the bridge, often go to visit it in disbelief.

Remember it can happen to any one, even though Juan Rodigues feels no remorse and considers it a accident, if so why didn’t he show up?

My assumption is he was on his cell phone, trying to make up for lost time, (he was only 6 blocks from his apartment) or had put too many hours in his reflexs were slow.
This was a company limo he was driving on company time out of his zone for what ever the witness claim he was speeding. The Bodyly damage of Jonathan is the proof.

There are no laws on the books to have arrested him if he didn’t smell of alochol, yet
what about drugs which have no odor.

Well Jonathan visits me in dreams to check up on me and say hellooo and tell me his ok and loves me. My life is very empty without him.

The guy who claims Johanthan said he was Jewish there is some truth to it my Mother which I met when I was 27 Years old was Jewish Thus, this made Jonathan also we where raised Catholic but in reality who cares religon, color, etc. We also had a on going thing which this around the holiday with this women in our bldg. In Pelham Parkway House every Jewish Holoday, Don’t want to go into details–But Jonathan would act out to get away from her.

My Deepest thanks to all of his friends even though don’t know any of you.




Testimonials on John Neese here, from New York Bike Messenger Association.

Memorial ride remembered on Razor Apple

Happy Olympics

Here is a video from Oren Kaplan

History will be made.

NY Times article on Old Rides are new again.

Saw this on DC bicycle blogger Gwadzilla’s site

Break out the beaters.

Photo by: Natasha Calzatti for The New York Times
Published: August 6, 2008

BICYCLE lovers, thrifty as well as trend conscious, are pulling neglected 10-speeds from storage and readying them for the road again. (Let the environmentally aware bragging rights begin.)

These bicycles, made in the 1970s and 80s, used 27-inch wheels, which have been replaced with the smaller 700c wheels by road bike manufacturers. But a recent surge in sales of 27-inch tires suggests that the lowly steeds of yore are gaining new life as commuter bikes and weekend cruisers.

Read the rest here.

Time’s Up will be at Summer Streets

So even though the D.O.T. won’t recognize Time’s Up at their event, this wonderful environmental organization which for over 20 years has done so much for biking in NYC, will be there.

The first of three CAR-FREE Summer Street Saturday’s is this weekend, 8/9 from 7am – 1pm.


Saturday, August 9th

more info here.

Early Bird Ride: 7 a.m., Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan side)

Bicycling Decorating Workshop: 9 a.m., Astor Place Cube at Lafayette and 8th Street

Green Streets Parade: 12noon, Astor Place Cube at Lafayette and 8th Street

More details below…


This summer, seven miles of Manhattan streets will be free of cars and full of fun during three Summer Streets Saturdays (Aug 9, 16 & 23). For two decades, Times Up! has been demonstrating that bikes are part of the solution to our environmental woes. Non-polluting transportation’s time has come!

Join us on Saturday, August 9, as we celebrate with fun events. Let’s show the world what car-free streets can really look like.


Saturday, 8/9/2008,

7:00 am at Brooklyn Bridge

SW corner of Chambers & Centre St/Park Row.

Be the first to ride on the car-free route when Summer Streets 2008

officially begins. Experience NYC with streets that are safe and

stress-free! We’ll ride together for about an hour and enjoy the

fume-free morning air.


Saturday, 8/9/2008

9:00am-noon at the Astor Cube

Lafayette & 8th Street

Beautify your bike in preparation for the Green Streets Parade

(details below). Feel free to bring your own props. We will also have

decorations on hand to help make your bike, board or scooter

eye-catching for the parade. Time’s Up! volunteer mechanics will be

on hand if you need a quick bike repair


Saturday, 8/9/2008,

Noon at Astor Place Cube (Lafayette & 8th Street)

This family-friendly event will include the Bike Lane Liberation

Clowns, music and a few surprises! Bring your kids, your grandparents,

your sweethearts, your bikes, your skates, and even your dogs. Help

make this a new summer-in-the-city tradition that everyone can



Thanks Roger M.