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Susan B Crusin-Ride what yeah got.

Susan B Crusin

Bike Jacksonville, Fl.

Just got contacted from Mike in Jacksonville.

Check out their scene:


Bicycle Film Festival is in Chicago

Rolling strong, onto the next site:

August 6th-10th

Bicycle Film Festival-Chicago

First stop:

Wednesday, August 6th-2008
Bikes Rock-opening party @
1444 West Chicago St.
$3 cover
$4 Svedka Cocktails

valet Bike Parking provided by: Chicagoland Bicycle Federation

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Movies
all screenings at-

Columbia College
1104 S. Wabash AVE, 8th Floor

Sunday, August 10th, 11am-5pm

In front of Cobra Lounge
Fulton b/w Ashland and Noble
11:00am – 5:00pm

Bring your family, your bike, maybe a blanket, and come hang out

11:00am – Bike Parade!
Kids, Parents, Adults – everyone’s invited to decorate their bike, best decorations/costume wins! Help kick off the block party with a neighborhood parade!

12:00pm – Head to Head IROsprints
(Bracket style) $5 per entry
Grand Prize: Rudy Project Helmet

1:00pm – Park Tool Mechanics Buildoff
$30 per entry, benefits Working Bikes, Grand Prize: Park Tool RK-41 Tool Set (limited to the first 15 entrants, email to register in advance)

2:00pm – Bike Polo
Including lessons for first timers

3:00pm – Sprints and Skidz
To benefit the Cuttin’ Crew – including Sprints, Skids, Best Trick, Foot Down: Each entry ($10) and win gets you raffle tickets for a Capone Cycles frameset

Food! Drinks! Music! Demonstration by Nocturnal! Raffles! Vendors! All Day Cycling Extravaganza!

The Third one of these I know.

All Girls alleycat in Seattle Washington:

peep the myspace page-emerald city bike bloc for more info.

The ladies, the ladies.

Gallery of the Weirdest Bikes

this comes from Urban velo

a gallery of the weirdest bikes:


The CycleJerks in Denver are Screening our Movie

Monster Track 8 will be screening in Denver Colorado at an event thrown by the

If your around there, check it out. They’ll have copies for sale.

Bike Polo in the UK and are getting down with the Bike Polo and present:

Why they still don’t get it:

Well here is another shinning example of the Madison Ave crowd continuing to not get it about bicycles:

This is kind of like why a few token days of shutting down streets for a few hours is no way to encourage more people to ride bikes. It makes it trival and fun and not sustainable and practical.

Here is what is right about this ad:

1) Gas prices are too inflated and riding a bike is a good solution.

But instead here is what this ad conveys:

1) That the only reason to ride a bike is because gas prices are too high, because your credit sucks from buying too much shit you never could afford in the first place. Remember, these are the guys who had to work in the seafood joint and where ridiculous uniforms to try and get back their credit score.

2) That this crummy bike was the only thing they could afford

3) That cyclists are all dorks and losers who don’t have cars.

4) That non one is safe from annoying catchy jingles that repeat themselves over and over again.

5) that Cops and cyclists can ride together in harmony.

Thanks again advertising world, for taking serious issues and an opportunity to get more people on bikes and making cyclists look like dorks with crappy bikes who should feel like losers cause they can’t afford a car.

Cops Gone Crazy Press Conference

This article in Yesterday’s NYTimes is just reason the cops have gone Crazy:

Police and a Cyclists’ Group, and Four Years of Clashes
Published: August 4, 2008

The New York City Police Department, with its 35,000 officers, has in recent years been on the front lines of the citywide decline in serious crime. It has protected visiting dignitaries like Pope Benedict XVI at events that drew thousands of people, and it has posted officers in foreign capitals to gather information on terrorism and trends that could threaten New York.

But the Police Department continues to be flummoxed by bicyclists riding together once a month.

The rides are known as Critical Mass. The police have sent helicopters to track the riders as they roll through Manhattan on the last Friday evening of every month. They have stationed mobile command centers — the kind of trailer-size outposts set up after a major emergency like the collapse of a crane or a steam pipe explosion — near where the cyclists usually gather in Union Square.

Read the rest here.

Articles like this and the recent video of Christopher Long has gotten the attention of the city council so there will be a press conference tomorrow:

NYC Outraged By
Cops Gone Wild!

WHAT: A Press conference to denounce Cops Gone Wild, a call for an end to the criminalization of those who lawfully document police activities. Speakers will also address the lack of discipline for those who harass, intimidate, and physically assault New Yorkers, especially those Officers who intentionally makes false official statements regarding their misconduct.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 10 am

WHERE: In front of One Police Plaza

The latest episodes of police brutality and misconduct captured on video will be the focus of a press conference on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 10am, in front of One Police Plaza. The event will bring together an unprecedented number of elected officials, social justice organizations and civil rights groups who are outraged and determined to put a stop to police brutality and the criminalization of those who document it.

Among the groups and individuals expected are: Attorney Norman Siegel, Audre Lorde Project, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, Casa Atabex Ache, Center for Constitutional Rights, Council Members Rosie Mendez and Charles Barron, Free Wheels Bicycle Defense Fund, Immigrant Justice Solidarity Project, International Action Center, Justice Committee, Make The Road NY, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Peoples’ Justice for Community Control & Police Accountability, Social Justice Leadership, Times Up! Environmental Group and VAMOS Unidos.

Click here to watch a 12 minute video showing NYPD officers harass and arrest cyclists and those documenting these arrests during one ride last year.

Click here to watch video of NYPD officer repeatedly beating a handcuffed army veteran on the ground with a metal Baton.h

Click here to watch video of Officer Patrick Pogan violently knocking Christopher Long off his bicycle on July 25th.