Our Monster Track DVD is finally available.

After a long wait, tweaks with the Paypal and sexual favors offered to our web gurus…our DVD is finally out.

Now you can support bike blog by checking out my first video compilation.

This is the story about Monster Track, the fixed gear only alleycat race which takes place every winter in NYC. A real test of skill, overcoming a brakeless bike, bad weather and unpredictable traffic that makes alleycat racing such a unique urban sport and gets all the spandex roadies screaming about bad bicycle behavior.

The dvd features:

“Track Kaiju,” the short film I made in 2007 for the Bicycle Film Festival. A story about this years CMWC champion, Shino, the world’s fastest messenger, taking the long journey from Tokyo with his good friend Hal to race in NYC’s most prestigious underground bike race…Monster Track. They are picked up at the airport by the notorious world famous bike messenger Mike Dee and lead on a journey both of fun and training for the big race. The are introduced to a unique level of courier ambassadorship which includes seeing old friends, taking a spin class and playing paint ball.

also featuring:

“Monster Track the race” this is a film covering the race itself from many different angles including the ingenious skills of Lucas Brunelle and his helmet cameras. Get an inside look at this alleycat race from start to finish with cameras going into traffic to catch every moment.

then there is:

“Monster Track-not a race video” spend a moment with our hosts Mike Dee and alleycat champ Kym Perfetto as they interview many of the participants of Monster Track, before the race starts. A big shout out to all those involved from the legends to the first time rookies.

There are also lots of bonus tracks on this dvd making it a very unique shout out to the whole scene of alleycat racing.

available here on this website:

here is the trailer:

Monster Track DVD trailer. from Michael Green on Vimeo.

Buy your copy today for just $20.00 (+5.00 for shipping and handling)

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This Sunday a Benefit for Freewheels

Freewheels is going to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis and they need your help getting there.

What radical bike activists in a radical bike activist city?!?!? Thats Radical.

Check out what its all about and get great organic food.


Memorial ride this Monday-6/23/08

There’s a memorial Ride for Asif Rahman on monday. 6:15pm we hope you all can come– 4 chances to meet the ride in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Asif Rahman, 22, was struck and killed by a truck on Queens Boulevard on February 28, 2008. The driver was not charged.

Join fellow riders and Asif’s family and friends to remember him and demand a bike lane on Queens Boulevard. Bring flowers and candles.

Jun 23 2008 – 6:15pm – Jun 23 2008 – 8:15pm
6:15 PM 59th Street and 5th Avenue or Brooklyn side of Williamsburg Bridge
6:45 PM Queens side of Queensboro Bridge
7:30 PM Queens Boulevard and 55th Road

More info here

Um…not sure what to make of this.

I finally figured out why I can’t ride backwards in a circle or pop a wheelie. No its not cause I’m an uncord…its cause I haven’t had the right instructional video.
That is about to change.

Video posted at

This reminds me of another cultural benchmark which indicated the death of a trend. When I took a break dancing class back in the 80’s. Yes like Elvis’s gyrations, “the white people started doing it…”

But guess what, Breakdancing is back…So the fixie trend may never go away.
Remember this was created by the Japanese, and they brought us Godzilla, Insane Game shows and things like this:

For now I’m getting the video.

A day in Harlem…on bikes

I just wanted to report on this event that happened in Harlem, last Sunday. It was the 35th annual Skyscrapper Criterium, a day of pro racing in NYC where they have a closed course and have different categories of racing.

But it wasn’t just for the spandex crowd, Bike messengers got a chance to compete as well bringing their unique style of competition and giving audiences a view at “alleycat racing.”

Here is an article in Time magazine online.

written by: Sarah L. Lynch

Photo of Dwain Walters competing in the messenger race.

(not allowed to embed this)
but here is the link for video of the Messenger Race.

Here are a bunch of pictures from Keirin US

and a bunch more from Amy Bolger on Squid’s site:

Fixie Scene in Orlando Florida

Yes there is fixie culture even in the land of Mickey Mouse

Orlando Florida

Check them out at 407 Fixed gear

Check out this amazing artwork:

Sustainable Lecture Series on Governors Island

All Summer the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities is having a lecture series on Governors Island.

check it out at their website.

June 22nd. Sunday in Austin Texas

the website

Special Thanks to the Sierra Club

They sent me 2 books. Thank you.

get their books here:

Renegades of Crafts

Saturday, June 14th, Samantha,(my wife) and I checked out the Renegade Craft Fair at the McCarren park pool in the “human dogrun” park of North Willy B.

This former Robert Mosses created public pool has been the home to a series of concerts and movie screenings for the past couple of summers, reviving a long time abandoned piece of public space. Saturday it was turned into a massive sea of pop-up tents with artists and crafts makers.

There was really great stuff here and lots of amazing gifts.

Just wanted to give a shout out to a few vendors who I thought were cool.

It was really nice to see lifelong biker and artist Taliah Lempert of Bicycle Painting.

Taliah creates amazing paintings of bicycles, makes prints and coloring books for kids.

Also there was Vaya messenger bags.

Ah, free advertising.

I was a big fan of Mr. Poncho. Making awesome ipod covers which have a special way of keeping your earbud headphones from getting all tangled.

I bought a Bob Marley one. Nice!

We also got this cute onezee from Clever Violet with a print of a bicycle.