Slacktivists hit the streets on Friday.

Old school protest on Friday…”Let Him Eat Shit.”
Read all about it here

Good blog for Tour coverage

No P only V.

Thanks to the success of the Hellcat, the all woman’s alleycat in NYC,
(Photos by J. Martinez, more from that event here)

…Philly presents:

Saturday, July 19th in Philadelphia. All V, no P. Registration is at 1pm @ Lemon Hill. There’s even a BBQ after party with DJ Lady Prowl.

Think Bikes

and what do you think of?

Death deifying feats of acrobatics? wanted a shout out. They are a mountain bike stunt team available in the UK for all types of events including weddings, bar mitzvah’s and more…they’ll even train you in the technical mastery of handling your ride to do things like this:

Who is the next tv star…

Perhaps its squid and the crew at cyclehawk.

They’ve got a new trailer for a tv show.

Took a ride around town tonight…4th of July race recap.

I took a ride around Manhattan tonight for a little exercise. It was such a beautiful night, with the warm air. I finally got to see those waterfalls at night and I have to say I was pretty impressed.

I had no idea you could get that close to them.

My one little burst of physical fitness has inspired me to train for my first century.

September 7th. NYC Century Bike Tour

So here are the results of Friday’s 4th of July alleycat.

20 racers, 16 checkpoints.

The race started at: 2:45pm (the numbers located on the right are the finishing times)
1. dan 359
2. crihs 404
3. drew (red) 404
4. spencer 404
5. rafael 405
6. link 411
7. zep! zep! 412
8. lucas 414
9. fernando 416
10. andras 419
11. gabe 419
12. jc king commie 423
13. no name 424 (went to 41+5 then 60 and fdr)
14. ryo 429
15. bianca 426 (1st girl)
16. harvey 428
17. gus 429 (nicest manifest)
18. markus (?)
19. andre (?)
dq- yatika
patrick (?)
i think im missing two.
thanks for putting the times cj and rob

Here is a helmet camera from Joao.

and some pictures:

Congratulations to Dan Chabanov and Bianca, first place male, and female…true patriots.

Tour coverage, as it comes in.

So if your into the Tour De France and don’t have cable, but can get online, like me…there are a few options for viewing.

First is the
Versus Network online

They have some live feeds and recaps including:

Thor Hushovd, from Norway, winning stage 2 today.

Another good source for live feeds is:

and for print news:

if you want maps of each stage you can go to this google maps page

For viewing in NYC, the Lakeside Lounge is airing coverage on Versus, located at 126 Ave. B. between 10th and 11th st.

I believe it is coverage during happy hour, starting when they open around 4:00pm. So for all of you who get off work in time or aren’t working…this works out great for you. At least it shows they are a cycling friendly bar.

Personally I prefer downloading coverage of ITVN broadcasts of daily recaps. Its a one hour show on British TV, that has just enough of the stages along with insightful reporting and color commentary. Hopefully it will be available on torrent sites like but I wouldn’t know anything about that.

Its generally a day late, so if you can keep you head out of the headlines and wait, its worth it.

Calgary is hosting a bike polo tournament

September 12-14th

Check out their website for more info.

Picture of CMWC in Toronto, by Yohei Morita, who has tons of great pictures up on flickr.

Tour De France starts tomorrow…and hopefully finishes clean.

After some shameful bouts with doping, the 95th Tour De France is set to take off tomorrow, under the close eye of the pro cycling community.

Here is an article from the NY times sports section which does a good job of explaining some new rules and procedures for this famous race.

Download issue 8 of Urban Velo

Urban Velo out of Pittsburgh, has its latest issue available for download.

Get it here.

Contents includes:
Cycle Messenger World Championships, World Naked Bike Ride, Bicycle Film Festival – NYC, A Special Place In Hell For Bike Thieves, Sustainable Fuel, Residue, Fastest Man On A Bicycle Honored At Last, Share… And Share Alike – Examining Vélib, One Car – Family Living with Less Cars, More Bikes, Bike Threading Explained, A Simple Way to Measure Chain Stretch, I Love Riding in the City and No Exit