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Stewart’s bike trip in Eastern Europe for his Jewish roots

Matt Stewart and his father, David are taking a bike ride this summer.

You can follow their journey here:
Stewart bike Trip

They will be riding through Eastern Europe in search of family roots, Jewish relatives who fled to NYC in the first part of the 20th century.

They will be starting in Warsaw and ending in Odessa.

“Hey Bubbie, where can I park my bike?”

Very touching, Matt and David and good luck on your ride.

BTW, I like souvenirs, like maybe a pirogie from each country or one of those shake up snow globes.

Bicycle film festival’s next stop…


July 9-12.

Photo Exhibits, Group Rides and bike movies.


Are they?

Bike posted this picture.

It could be true, but its probably a more accurate statement that Fixies are the new skateboards…especially with non-stop tricks videos like this.

Unfinished from Tony West on Vimeo.

I mean how terrible…the next thing you know people will be buying more bicycles and then riding them.

Not to bad a problem when you consider we are living in these times:

from streetsblog…photo by Brad Aaron

Rain City Fix-new book

Aaron Edge and Photographer Brenton Salo have put out a new photo book about fixed gear culture from Seattle.

The myspace page

Where you can buy the book.

Video about the making of the book:

Shino wins CMWC 2008 in Toronto

Picture of Shino from Buffalo Bill’s flickr page.

Congratulations to Hiroyuki Shinozuka (Shino)from Japan, for winning the 2008 Cycle Messenger World Championships. The top three male winners won on Fixed gears.

Here is a little run-down from Dan C of NYC.

1st Shino Japan
2nd Porno Steve Swiss?
3rd Jumbo Copenhagen
4th Austin NYC
5th ???
6th Furgus SF
7th Dan C. NYC
8th Craig Boston
9th Bruce DC
10th Peter B. Boston

Kym got dored the night before the final. Dagga smashed in to some dude in the qualifier and broke her fork in to 4 peaces. They both still raced hard.
Angry Drew and Crihs both represented hard and raced well.
The main race went off with periods of heavy rain. Most of the top ten finished as it was raining sideways.”

Here is a report back from Buffalo Bill of Moving Target Zine, UK.

Much more on all that went on in Toronto as pictures and stories get posted.

Sino won’t have far to go next year for the worlds since it will be in his backyard.

image from Madsaki’s blog.

fun with German TV.

I got a call from Barbara who handles press releases and media requests for Time’s Up. They were on their way to Toronto for the CMWC and couldn’t facilitate a last minute request for Public Television Germany. Apparently a crew was in town to make a short segment on the rise in popularity of fixed gears. Who better to represent this than the bike blog guy…me. I mean, I’m big in Germany, or soon will be. Yes, I am a big ham. Its all part of the game. Getting more people on bikes. Playing nice with the press.

So I meet up with the crew and we decided to shoot some riding around and an interview. I wanted to point them in the right direction, talk to local people and maybe even visit a bike shop or two. Unfortunatly a lot of people had left for Toronto, including King Kog, who I felt was the closest place and best representation of how this trend is blowing up into style and fashion.

The best part was slowing down impatient Brooklyn drivers as they shot out of a minivan interviewing me on why I liked a bike with no hand brakes.

Along the way we ran into Jack Crank who got some screen time. Jack was instrumental in getting my bike back.

shown here at the NYC bicycle film festival block party (I thanked him with a bottle of wine)

I saw Jack and a friend heading to work and yelled to them to come be German TV stars:

Eventually we headed over to NYC Bikes and talked with Richard who was very articulate about the whole scene.

They wanted a bicycle retailer to talk about who are these people buying track bikes and why? His basic attitude was like mine, brakes or no brakes…its complicated…as long as more people are buying and riding bikes…who cares.

Shooting outside of NYC bikes on Roebling.

Then they had me riding through red lights up the wrong way on Bedford Ave. Hmmm? Not necessarily the safest moves, but they assured me it looked good on video.

Their producer is sending me a copy on DVD. I hope some of my blog readers speak German, or maybe I don’t.

Political Cartoon of the week

Mike Luckovich had this one in the Sunday NY times.

You can see more of his work with daily posts here.

Obama…Yes we can…Ride Bikes.

Painted on a roll gate on Grand Ave. in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Senator Obama meet with bicycle industry leaders including Bikes Belong, executive director, Tim Blumenthal on June 12th. The democratic presidential nominee told them if he were elected president he would increase funding for cycling and pedestrian projects. He also pledged to support Safe Routes to Schools programs, in a historic meeting of bicycle retailers and industry leaders, showing a commitment to the bicycle as transportation.

Read more about it from Bicycle Retailer News

July 25, 26, 27 Baltimore,

Midatlantic Bicyculture Gathering

On July 25th, 26th, and 27th, the Baltimore bicycle community welcomes you to the Mid-Atlantic Bicyculture Gathering…the first event of its kind, in hopes of spotlighting the bicycle as more than just a means of alternative transportation but as an all out way of life, thought, and identity. In promoting bicycle awareness, the 3-day gathering will host an array of events ranging from races, bike films,and group rides to art, music, workshops and, of course, parties!’

Check out the website for future developments.

Many chances to get to the beach this summer by bike

There are many reasons to go to the beach this summer by bicycle. Its fun…its frickin hot, and we have lots of attainable beaches nearby. So here are some opportunities to get there either with group rides or by yourself.

1) Time’s Up presents the: CONEY ISLAND CYCLONE RIDE
Friday, June 20th

3 Spots to meet up at:
7 p.m.- Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge
7:25- Carroll Street Drawbridge, Brooklyn (between Nevins and Bond)
7:50- 69th Street Pier, Brooklyn (Shore Parkway Bike Path Entrance)

The Cyclone Ride goes to Coney Island Amusement Park (Brooklyn) from Manhattan. They should get there just in time for the fireworks! This is a casual ride at a relaxed pace. Bring locks and plan to lock up and ride the rides. Bring money for food and amusements, and a swimsuit if you plan to hit the waves. The group usually spends about an hour and a half in the park, on the beach (and in the water!), on the boardwalk, at Nathan’s, and everyone has a GREAT time! Some people return on the subway, and others ride back at a faster pace.

Visit the Time’s Up website for more info.

This ride repeats 2 other times…Friday July 11th and Friday August 22nd.


Saturday the 21st, 2008

the 26th annual Mermaid Parade
brought you by the fine folks of Coney Island USA.

Get out your glitter, pasties, and cheap pirate hats and head out to one of the best events in NYC.

The parade starts at 2pm.

This years King Neptune and Queen Mermaid are those great saviors of public space and proselytizer of the evils of over consumption (not to mention he baptized me at the greatest bachelor party ever) Reverend Billy and Savitri D.

Will this be the last one before the wrecking ball turns the wonderfully seedy Coney Island into Chucky Cheese and Target? Don’t wait to find out.

Then on June 29th, the inclusive Jewish organization, Hazon, which means “Vision” in Hebrew presents:

Join Hazon for this day of biking and beach lounging! We’re starting from multiple locations and biking to Coney Island.. It’s free, so bring your friends, compadres, family and your favorite bicycle, and ride toward the watery horizon.

The Rides converge at Coney Island (around 1pm) at Asser Levy Park, at the corner of Surf Avenue and Ocean Avenue — tell your non-riding friends to meet us there! We will ride together to the Shorefront Y for lunch.

Time’s Up is also doing a ride that day as well:

Sunday, June 29
11 a.m. City Hall Park (Across from the Brooklyn Bridge entrance in Manhattan)
11:30 a.m. Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park in Brooklyn

It’s summertime so let’s go to the beach! This will be a great bike ride to Fort Tilden (Rockaways) beach. Bring a swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, food and/or money for food, and a lock for your bike if you don’t want to leave it on the beach. We will be having a communal picnic lunch so BRING SOMETHING TO SHARE (or take a quick detour to the grocery store in Breezy Point!)
Come prepared (tools, tubes, water, etc) to ride some miles at a brisk pace.