Video of the tour De Queens

New bicycle shop in NYC focusing on vintage.

A new shop is opening and they are having a party.

Landmark Vintage

136 East 3rd St.
New York, NY.

There will be an opening party, Thursday, June 12th. 6-9pm

Come welcome them to the neighborhood.

Videos from LA’s bike culture underground

There is no doubt that LA is dominated by the automobile. People spend hours in traffic with six lanes in both directions on many of the vast networks of freeways in this West Coast city.

There is also a really vibrant and amazing bike culture out there, taking it two the strees and highways, which is illustrated in these two videos.

One comes from Ross Harris, fellow Bicycle Film Festival filmmaker who recently had a video up on bike blog about the chopperercabras bike battle.

This is a brigade of tall bikes, well Ross describes it best…”Here is some more freak bike action from this weekend.
Los Angelopes freak bike riders roll out to great Team Midnight Ridazz as they finish the Aids Life Cycle.”

Los Angelopes 2 ALC from rossangeles on Vimeo.

The other video surfaced on one of bikesnobs sarcastic slanders of bike culture.

I think this is pretty rad…

Times Up, Yes Netowrk

Time’s Up was recently a segment on a new show of the Yankee’s Channel, the YES network.

Really great story…check it out.

Times-Up! on “YES Network” ( NY Yankees channel ) from Xris Spider on Vimeo.

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I found out this cool site for things going on in NYC, not that you needed more places to find places to go to. And not that you needed more facebook like networks to join.

I dig it, so check out

This is where I learned about:

This weekends Come out and Play festival.

Hosted by Blue stockings bookstore, this is a whole weekend of fun events around NYC such as turning the lower east side into a miniature golf course.
(here is the bike related part of this post, in case you were wondering if bikeblog has gone off on another random tangent)

Sunday, June 7th. 3pm

Come Out & Play 2008 in New York

Bike Friendly City
Pimp and build bike lanes for points and cred.

Start Time: Sunday 3 PM
Starting Location: Sara D Roosevelt Park by the basketball courts at the corner of Houston St and Forsyth St
# of players: 12-60
Duration: 1-2 hours
URL: (the have their own website so more events may be coming)
Designers: Catherine Herdlick

Part scavenger hunt, part guerilla art, and part bike race, Bike Friendly City is a game that arms teams with spray chalk and stencils to defend and create a pimped-out biker-friendly city. Play in the bike lanes and explore the streets in ways only an urban biker can appreciate!

The games was inspired by a passion for urban cycling and frustration with things that make that activity scary for the less adventurous. Run three times in 2007, the game has brought together individuals from different bicycle sub-cultures to play nice in our lanes (in a safe way!).

The Rules
Bike Friendly City is an urban street game that invites you to playfully explore existing bike lanes and imagine what our city would be like if we had more of them!

Teams of players compete to get the most points before time runs out. Points are earned by getting codes from city bike lanes and building new bike lanes on designated blocks. Bike Lanes’ points are defended by teams by “pimping” the bike lanes with stencils and spray chalk, effectively covering up the codes so that other teams can’t get and use them too

In case you were wondering.

Just how bad it is out there…This is from Yesterday at a gas station on the East Side (23rd and FDR) in Manhattan.

Bike Path, video by Kalim Armstrong

Bike Path from Kalim Armstrong on Vimeo.

June 6th, 7th and 8th…Classic Bicycle Swap

the 11th Annual Cirque du Cyclisme is this weekend in Leesburgh, Virginia.

more info, visit the website

Al Sharpton in the Villager

Jefferson Siegel filled this report on Al Sharpton’s Mass Appeal.

Bell protesters come full cycle, join Critical Mass

By Jefferson Siegel

For a little while, it seemed like a Critical Mass from the “old” days. Cyclists filled the south end of Union Square for the first time in more than a year, gathering on the last weekday of Bike Month for a pre-ride rally while police stood by on the sidelines.

The rally, organized by Freewheels, the bicycle defense fund, featured a special guest: Reverend Al Sharpton and members of Sean Bell’s family joined riders to speak out against the mass ticketing of cyclists and the fatal police shooting of Bell.

The entire article here