Cool Video from this years Bicycle Film Festival NYC

The Bicycle Film Festival is currently happening…right Now in Toronto.

July 5th…the 6th Bike Shorts

You remember summer camp? Mom would write your name on your underwear, you couldn’t wait to see which cute girls/boys had gotten even cuter and might even talk to you. Ghost stories…puberty…

Well now its time for a summer camp theme for the 6th Bike shorts. This is a great, fun reoccurring event to get people to show off their short films about bicycles. Many filmmakers of bike shorts past were able to get their works in this years Bicycle Film Festival.

The submission deadline is June 28th…so get crackin.

Visit the website for more details.

Obama rides!!

Photo by Alex Brandon/A.P.
Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama took some time off to ride his bike. Maybe he won’t fall down like Bush.

Check out the A.P. story here

This was also posted on a cool blog from Durham:

They have Critical Mass too:


I still have a bunch of Obama Spoke cards. Let me know if you want one. I often have them on me.

Landmark Vintage bike shop

A little blurb about new vintage bike shop from Thrillist

Landmark Bicycle is opening in the East Village on 136 East 3rd St in NYC.

Google Map for Bikes

New software and website helps cyclists find the safest route on their bikes.

Check out the new site at Ride the

Bike Month in full swing in Toronto

So our bike month is over here in America, but its in full swing in Canada. Toronto is celebrating bike month which started towards the end of May and rides throughout June.

I was recently in this large size Canadian city for a family members wedding and found it to be filled with bikers and not just the cool hip kind of fixed gears, but lots of people on regular commutes. Feel the love.

I got a great free cycling map from the government which gave me a good idea of what was going on here for bikes.

It was no surprise for me to read about their recent Critical Mass on the hub and spokes blog where they not only rode on the freeway, they took over the whole damn thing.
See more pictures of their May critical mass on their version of Gothamist

and here in the the Star

Those wacky Canadians. If we dared try that again in NYC it would be deemed a terrorist act for sure. Some day.

The other reason to mention Toronto Eh, is it is the host city for the 16th annual cycle courier championships.

Every year, couriers come from around the world to truly see who is the fastest, at riding a bike and reaching maximum intoxication.

There is a whole slew of Couriers from NYC riding from Montreal to Toronto being followed by a van full of redbull to keep them going.

When they arrive they will no doubt descend upon one of the cleanest bike shops in all of North America…

and home to one of the nicest dudes…Nadir, owner of La Carrera cycles

some pictures of the shop:

Colnogo frame designed by graffiti artist Futura

After Nadir made me some espresso and I gave him a Monster Track DVD,

he talked about his up-coming plans to host a race series in his native country of Guatemala.

But first they will be serving breakfast to lots of bike messengers from around the world. The CMWC is from June 13th-16th and will have a main race, alleycats, bikepolo, cargo bike race and tricks competitions.

There is a lot going on in Toronto for bicycles. In May, they formed a cycling union like a triple A which you can read all about here.

Some other cool Toronto cycling blogs:

Toronto Cranks

Video of the tour De Queens

New bicycle shop in NYC focusing on vintage.

A new shop is opening and they are having a party.

Landmark Vintage

136 East 3rd St.
New York, NY.

There will be an opening party, Thursday, June 12th. 6-9pm

Come welcome them to the neighborhood.

Videos from LA’s bike culture underground

There is no doubt that LA is dominated by the automobile. People spend hours in traffic with six lanes in both directions on many of the vast networks of freeways in this West Coast city.

There is also a really vibrant and amazing bike culture out there, taking it two the strees and highways, which is illustrated in these two videos.

One comes from Ross Harris, fellow Bicycle Film Festival filmmaker who recently had a video up on bike blog about the chopperercabras bike battle.

This is a brigade of tall bikes, well Ross describes it best…”Here is some more freak bike action from this weekend.
Los Angelopes freak bike riders roll out to great Team Midnight Ridazz as they finish the Aids Life Cycle.”

Los Angelopes 2 ALC from rossangeles on Vimeo.

The other video surfaced on one of bikesnobs sarcastic slanders of bike culture.

I think this is pretty rad…

Times Up, Yes Netowrk

Time’s Up was recently a segment on a new show of the Yankee’s Channel, the YES network.

Really great story…check it out.

Times-Up! on “YES Network” ( NY Yankees channel ) from Xris Spider on Vimeo.