Bike Path, video by Kalim Armstrong

Bike Path from Kalim Armstrong on Vimeo.

June 6th, 7th and 8th…Classic Bicycle Swap

the 11th Annual Cirque du Cyclisme is this weekend in Leesburgh, Virginia.

more info, visit the website

Al Sharpton in the Villager

Jefferson Siegel filled this report on Al Sharpton’s Mass Appeal.

Bell protesters come full cycle, join Critical Mass

By Jefferson Siegel

For a little while, it seemed like a Critical Mass from the “old” days. Cyclists filled the south end of Union Square for the first time in more than a year, gathering on the last weekday of Bike Month for a pre-ride rally while police stood by on the sidelines.

The rally, organized by Freewheels, the bicycle defense fund, featured a special guest: Reverend Al Sharpton and members of Sean Bell’s family joined riders to speak out against the mass ticketing of cyclists and the fatal police shooting of Bell.

The entire article here

Union Square banner drop.

Oh those pesky New Yorkers. Will they never be satisfied? Just because they want to take historic landmarks and chop down 80year old trees to expand a private restaurant that nobody went to.

Such is the current fate of Union Square.

Check out this latest video from Team Spider.

Bike Shortage?

Is this really true?

from streetsblog

All I know is I passed a gas station the other day in Brooklyn and it was $4.34 for premium…

Animal NY, great blog

One of my favorite websites is: Animal New York,

and I’m not just saying that cause they did a piece about me…ok, sort of.

They’ve also got a piece on Critical “Al Sharpton” Mass too.

More on Sharpton Mass

Another video from Al Sharpton on Critical Mass from Peter Shapiro:

Daily news article.

So I would love to get people’s opinion about this. Some of you have already sounded off.

1) was Al Sharpton’s participation in Critical Mass helpful or counter productive for drawing attention to the 4 year harassment campaign of the bike ride?

2) How can we build upon the what happened with the May Critical Mass and have a more unified ride in June?

Who is Rob Mackey?

A 41 year old journalist who is training for a one day event of the Tour De France.

“Play Magazine, which covers endurance sports and adventure travel, presents a blog by Robert Mackey, an amateur cyclist who will ride a mountain stage of the Tour de France in July.”

Check out his progress at the Time’s latest blog, The Climb

Tour De Queens-Sunday, June 8th

Finally Queens is getting representation in the world of borough bike tours…whew.

June 8th…the 1st annual tour De Queens. It will start at 34-24 23rd Plac–no wait 24-64 23 Street, no wait…23 Ave. No. Aw forget it…

check the website. Tour De Queens

NYC Bike Maps

Seth, is one of the people who congratulated me on getting my bike back. This has been a great way to meet fans of bikeblog and letting me know who’s out there.

He is also the proprietor of this helpful website for documenting greenways and bike paths in NYC: