Blog Round Up.

Here is my weekly roundup of whats going on in the bicycle blog world:

Remember tomorrow is Bike to Work day. If you have no work, tomorrow is bike to look for a job day, or bike to the local coffee shop and blog about biking to work or bike around Prospect Park, cause obviously those people are doing something right cause they can bike before work…all day long.

Trackosaurusrex pointed out an event in SF. on Thursday sponsered by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Bike Away from work…looks like it Was a cool event.

Speaking of SF, and events past.

Squids NYC messenger company Cyclehawk posted the results of Velocity in San Francisco.

1) Megan
2) Dorit
3) Colleen

1) Steven
2) Andres
3) Jack

1) Fergus
2) Deuce
3) Maurice

This was the third and final installment of the Velocity tour which is a velodrome track day where urban riders and messengers can compete to win tickets to the Cycle World Messenger Championships which are in Toronto this year…in June.

Squid and his crew, really put their heart and soul into this event and give people an amazing opportunity to compete in cycling on track bikes, where they were meant to be…the track.
Check here for some pix.

Congratulations Fergus…you going to TORONTO!!

Want to say THANKS to Mike and Hellyer Velodrome for volunteering your time and the track! And all the sponsors who made Velocity happen…

Speaking of Cyclehawk…Carlos, who works there has a photoblog…Ridin around, making runs…takin images.

Speaking of…wait…never mind.

Prolly wants you’ll to know that Friday, May 30th (which is also Critical Mass)
is his monthly Peel Sessions

The Bootleg sessions cats will be on hand to rip it up, shoot some video and push this sport to new levels…
check out the trailer for their new video comin out:

“Bootleg Sessions v.2″ Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Now, the fixie kids might ride up walls and do silly tricks…but Pro Racers can get silly too…like this:

I saw this posted on a Roadie blog Velo Jello

WOW. Amazing animation

I copied this from one of my favorite blogs Prolly

This is some street animation that is out of this world…can you say painstaking.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Wow, I almost missed this one.

What, do I have to read every blog out there about biking?

Thanks to Hubs and Spokes, a very thorough blog on NYC transportation issues, I learned that the NY Times blog,

made space for us New Yorkers to Ask this guy questions.
who is this guy?

This clean cut dapper fellow is: Joshua Benson, the bicycle program coordinator for the Department of Transportation. I know what your thinking, the DOT has a bicycle program coordinator? Yes its true and besides having to wear a tie, you get to oversee the three year plan to extend the 200 mile bicycle network.

are some of the answers to the questions asked.

Bicycle Film Festival 2008 is COMING

Why is this man so excited:
A) Its bike to work day?
B) Its not excitement, his Jockstrap is breaking the speed record before the rest of his body?
C) he just bought a new track bike and they forgot the saddle?
D) He just got tickets to the 2008 Bicycle Film Festival…of course.
Thats right…you know the deal…Get your tickets early. Don’t forget, the BFF this year falls during Critical Mass weekend…knowwhatdyamean!

Here’s what you do:

1) go to the website
2) Decide what programs you wanna see.
3) Buy tickets
4) Get elated look like the guy pictured above.

pictures form Chari and Co. opening.

So you wanna track bike huh? How bout a shop that specializes in Japanese Keirin Frames?

Chari and Co. just opened in Lower Manhattan at 175 Stanton Street.

Check out this photo gallery by RazorApple who was on hand at the opening night party on Sunday.

Bike to work…duh.

Not only is it bike month, why its also Bike-to-Work week, only this time its looking a whole lot more appealing for people who just put another $50.00’s worth of gas in their tank. Even the main stream press is getting into this like CNN running this story on San Diegans biking to work to save money and loose weight. Who knew.
click image for video:

Unfortunately this was followed by a story of how a car plowed into a Marshalls store.
Thats one way to get to work.

Not to ring some sort of self righteous bell here but it does feel pretty good to have all this positive energy about the benefits of biking for a better environment.
Bike-to-work week was put together by the league of American Bicyclists , to set up during bike month and leading up to bike to work day…which is Friday the 16th.

Meanwhile the EPA has a question of the week. “To Bike or not to Bike to Work.”

Give them feedback here.

Also the Sierra Club has some information from their Answers guy…Mr. Green…wait I’m Mr. Green.

Wait, Dad?

Check it out here

Our 5 boro bike video is up.

So last Sunday, Chris Ryan

and me

Video taped the 5 boro bike tour for

Check out our video:

Let me know what your think.

One night in Bangkok…on a fixie.

There is a new scene in the fixie world, in a most unexpected place, Thailand. I’ve been to Bangkok and it really seemed that the bicycle was an alien concept and so outnumbered between the two and three wheeled masses of mopeds, motorcycles and tuk tuk’s. Its great news to see people building with the bike and forming a local scene. I’m sorry but fixed gears in Thailand…thats so hot.

They’re having an event on Saturday…drop by if you can.

Queens is keeping it movin, on bike.

Streetfilms was on the scene showing how the people of Queens get around by bike.

video here

Confessions and corrections

Damn, raining all day and I can’t replant my lawn or the begonias we bought at the Farmers market.

I wanted to make a few confessions and corrections.

1) Artist in LA who made Obama spoke cards is not a guy, it is a woman named Margaret Coble and she has a website where she sell prints and t-shirts.

2) I am not a vegetarian. I was at one point but I went to work on the Anthony Bourdain show and the first thing he asked me in a Thai restaurant in LA was if I was one of them. Maybe he did some instant ponytail profiling. From then on I ate what was ever put in front of me so as not to offend any of our guests and feel the wrath of this outspoken host who I really wanted to like me…and therefore keep me on other shows. Now I kind of eat whatever, but I’m trying to get it back. I miss having food standards. I am also compassionate about animals, except for that foul beast who took my bike. I just don’t like people assuming that because I write a bike blog that I am down with every cause under the sun. I especially don’t like when political people criticize you for participating in one thing and not in another as if it is all mutually connected. Like when people bitch that all the “white people” should have taken the critical Mass over to Queens to protest the wrongful acquittal of those police who murdered Sean Bell. Its hard enough to get 10 people to even come to critical mass let alone hijack it to a protest they would normally not know about. I also don’t like going to protests on specific issues like police brutality and their are a bunch of people trying to tell you to free Palestine and support the hospital for transvestite sex workers in Sri Lanka. One cause at a time please.

3) I mentioned in my posting that when my bike got stolen I ran immediately to Continuum Bike Shop. It was pointed out to me that it kind of made it sound like I was implicating them as some sort of chop shop or fence operations for stolen goods. The truth is Jeff and the crew at Continuum have made lots of progress to alert people that they will, under no circumstances accept any bikes or bike parts that they think are stolen. I just went their right away thinking they could help and wanted to see if the thief was dumb enough to go to the closest bike shop right away.

4) Since we’re getting it all out in the open. I also own a car. Its not bio-diesel it doesn’t run or Hemp powder. Its a Volkswagen Jetta given to us by our Aunts as a wedding present. So if you see me rollin around town in a red car…don’t hate.