October 2014
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Demoliton Fixie

Trends come and go and often die in a fiery blaze. Remember when everyone used to rollerblade to work? Where are they now. Kind of like the day Disco died, when mainstream artists like the Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones and Kiss started having disco songs. Sometimes the trends can be antiquated with actual days like when the record promoters staged a “Demolition Disco” night during a Chicago Whitesoxs double header in July 1979. Music historians claim this it the official day disco died when fans were encouraged to bring disco albums to the game, throw them in a pile and watch them explode.
Heres a video from MSNBC explaining.

We may be heading that way with the whole fixed gear trend.

Take this ad for

Its there new spring collection for 08 called: alleycats. With other really offensive rip-offs of bike culture that aren’t even in the same decades: “Breakaway from the mainstream” an obvious reference to the 1979 movie. (Hey 1979-the year disco died…hmmm) Its all really laughable.

Bikesnob has a good quiz about all this.

Then I stumbled onto this blog: yofixie who had up this great video spoofing fixed gears with fixed skateboards…

Time’s Up for Time’s Up

Today there was a sale for Time’s Up to raise funds for their new space…which hasn’t been located yet. There were items for sale upstairs, clothes and various nick-knacks, but the real goods were downstairs in the basement. The volunteer mechanics were on hand to sell off some bikes, bike parts, bike tools and lots of other gear. It was kind of a reunion for this 20 year old environmental organization. Interesting how people come out when there are things for sale…hmmm. Still it was proof that the cycling community is tight and it was good to see familiar faces. 49 East Houston has been an amazing gift but it looks like its curtains for this prime piece of real-estate. It has been such a quintessential space for organizing, hosting screenings, having meetings and all the bike mechanics workshops.

Now onto the task of finding a new space. If anyone has ideas…please let them know. Here is the page to find out more and get involved. Space is hard to come by, but Time’s Up is a surviver and will always be on hand to educate the public and host lots of free bike rides.

Here are some photos from today’s sale:

front of the shop-


More pictures here

Website and Blog roundup.

Here are some news and tidbits from blogs and websites giving love to the bike community:

Photos by Will of Razorapple

For three years there’s been an alleycat race open to those new to the sport, affectionately called, “alleykitten.” December 30th was the date.
Here are three recaps with pictures:

Six racing
Razor Apple
Prolly’s blog with race results.

picture form six racing…Guy in the black hood is race veteran Victor, who organized Monster Track 08 last year. He’s really camera shy.

Meanwhile…we may all be in trouble. No not the nose-diving economy but Rapper Kanye West bought a Cinelli Vigorelli Track bike from Track Star. This has got bikesnob only mildly freak out about the hipsterfication of fixed gear culture.

Then things got worse…Looks like Lance Armstrong is riding tallbikes.

oh snap.

Bikesnob sees the coming apocalypse…personally I think thats cool as shit. Skidmarxx gets more friends now on his myspace

J.Martinez took some nice photos of Willis and the boyz form Bootleg sessions at Bikeshorts which took place on Sunday.

Check em out at fatlace

Some other Blogs I like:

all posers must die
Mad Fajita
Ephemeroi good place for events.
Hubs and Spokes
Sweat and Champagne
Kyle’s Dave Quality Meat’s blog which pointed out this trailer for the real bike porn.

This is art…of course.

Time’s Up Sale on Sunday

Time’s Up is moving from the space they have been given on 49 East Houston Street, Manhattan. This Sunday, January 20th from 3-6:30pm they will be selling most of the stuff in their basement. A good opportunity for great deals on bikes, bike parts, frames, sound equipment, etc. Bound to find some good deals. If your looking for a used bike, there are some real gems down there, so stop by.

Is the New York Times ignoring us?

4 days after our 3rd annual memorial ride, the New York Times comes out with this article on Ghostbikes and Bike Boxes in Portland, Oregon. Now I know this West Coast city is the US model for cycling utopia, but we have Ghostbikes here and Bike Boxes. I know America is looking to Portland for ideas, but the Times is doing a great disservice by ignoring what is happening here in New York City.
Here is the article, from the times.

Here’s a local paper who felt it was important to report on the NYC memorial ride.

the villager article and photo by Jefferson Siegel.

Here is a video from streetfilms, where Clarence Eckerson Jr. explains how the DOT 60 new bikeboxes work.

Flyer for BikeShorts and Bootleg Premeire

Video from this years memorial ride.

Need some Thermals, socks or cycling jersey’s?

Check out the

RNC, in Minneapolis…history repeats itself…again.

We New Yorkers know there is no better way to ruin your critical mass ride than a Republican National Convention coming to town. We’re still feeling the effects of a once largely attended worldwide event, reduced to 50 or so people brave enough to ride bikes in a group and challenge a childish police grudge from 4 years ago. An RNC is a golden opportunity for law enforcement to break out their shiny new ‘non-lethal’ weaponry they got for Christmas and put your hard earned tax dollars to work. Not to mention treat everyone like terrorists and turn up the Orange levels to maximum.

Since we’ve ignored the urgent calls for campaign reform, yet again…we’ve front loaded the primaries and have created such a rush in candidate selection that now only those with top dollars can stay afloat through super Tuesday in the first week of February.

The police activity is also front loaded and the cops in Minneapolis have wasted no time in preparing for the next Republican Convention in September of 2008.

The pattern repeats itself.

Back in August of 2007, Minneapolis’ peaceful critical mass ride was…you guessed it…taken over by ANARCHISTS…or so the story goes by the police.

Minneapolis is hosting this years RNC, September 1-4th 2008, and people are already front loading the organizing to give these wealthy, war mongering, corporate welfare receiving, public service destroying delegates a proper HELLO (NOT WELCOME)

Not that any Republican has a chance this time around, but that won’t stop Homeland Security form cracking down on our rights of free speech, free assembly and freedom to ride bikes.

Here’s a little recap of what went on by Huffington Post writer Peter Smith.

Here’s a little video:

Things seemed to have calmed down…since the ANARCHISTS left. Damn those ANARCHISTS, they hate our freedom. There like TERRORISTS only without a “T.”

so in September the critical mass seemed to be more peaceful.

Here is a great video from the the uptake.

Check out the Uptake, a group of citizen journalists who happened to have a live stream from the primary in New Hampshire.

I’m sure they will be following the activities leading up to the RNC.

50 bike vacations

Amy S Quinn, sent me this link, to 50 bike vacations.