Back in the New York Groove with Tragedy

Well after another round of a sick computer and the removal of an enlarged parathyroid…

I’m back to being the, “pain in the neck” of NYC bike community and beyond.

First off let me give a big shout out to Digital Society on 10th street for fixing my laptop. Apple care helped a bunch but this nice boutique had great service

Some old news round-up.

So just to be thorough, here are some things I missed that went on in late March and April:

1) Our own Kevin “Squid” Bolger, organizer of the Velocity Tour and co-owner of Cyclehawk messengers, got into the NY Post, about his dedication to being a bicycle courier. Congratulations Kevin.

2) The Cutthroats mutant bicycle club from Richmond Virgina held their annual Slaughtertrama 5.

Tallbike Jousting, Beer guzzling…good times!

check out the myspace page.

Here are some great photos from Kevin Dillard of Demoncats

3) 9th annual April Fool’s Race here in NYC, hosted by Steve Klein, happened on Tuesday…April 1st. Steve always finds a way to pickout weird and obscure streets that really test a persons knowledge of the city.

Here were the checkpoints:
Start – Cooper SQ
– Corner of Varick + Ericsson Pl.. # of building
– West 64st + West End Ave. Name of Park Statue
– 173-175 E. Bway. Apprx time of Clock
– 59 St.James Pl. !st Cemetery of the Spanish + Portuguese Synagogue. Date
– 174 Hudson.
– Dyer Ave + W 36th st.
– 143 Franklin St. Name of Statue
– Tunnel Approach Street N/E Corner of E 35th St.
– Little W. 12th St. 32-36
– 199 Ave B
– W. 21st St btwn 6th + 7th 18___ ~ 18___
Finish – Chelsea Waterside Park

Here is who supposedly won:

1. dan c
2. crihs
3. yatika
4. cooper
5. drew

Here is who claimed he won:
(photo by Carlos

I dunno, I wasn’t there…but he Felipe is the King…so…


4) In April was an Art show featuring the photographic styles of Takuya, who has been documenting the messenger community here in NYC for years.

Carlos was on hand with photos

There’s that guy again.

Tak is in the middle.

Check out the video by Carlos

Congestion pricing died. Now what?

Congestion pricing officially died in Albany today and with it was Mayor Bloomberg’s big hopes and dreams of getting 500 million of federal funds to improve our ailing transit system and reduce carbon emissions overall in NYC.

NY Times article, which highlights the big gap between State politics and the heavy handed condescending tone of our Billionaire Mayor.

The sad part about this was that Congestion Pricing had a lot of merit in reducing carbon emissions and increasing the efficiency of our city, not to mention making this a much better bicycle commute (Hey, we all have our agendas!!)

Read a full report from one group who spent much time and effort on this important issue:

Transportation xAlternatives, and their guide to the benefits of Congestion Pricing.

Sad days. We may be ready for a smoking ban and elimination of trans fats, but don’t mess with people’s cars.

Here is a great comedic take on the plan and a few things bikesnob would like to see added to the taxing of drivers.

Here is a good Op-Ed from the NY Times talking about how State Speaker Sheldon Silver, wouldn’t even take this to a vote.

Oh well, now we can look forward to paying through the nose in other ways such as Fare hikes from the MTA who never have to reveal their books to us.

Hey, but cheer-up Bloomie…I’ve got a few suggestions that could help in all this:

1) Start enforcing all the traffic violations that go on everyday in NYC and use that money to fund better public transportation. Give out a $25.00 ticket to everyone who double parks illegally and a $45.00 ticket to everyone who parks in the bike lane. Why judging by what I see just on a daily commute through midtown, you’d have $500 million in no time.

2) Create a special division of traffic police who ride bicycles to enforce these parking violations. Reduce the regular police force from the current 40,000 (the sixth largest standing army in the world, more then the number of troops we have in Afghanistan) This would help with the obesity factor and get more people on bikes. Also, pay the cops more than $25,000 a year and maybe they would stay here instead of going to Seattle where they are paid a real living wage, since you demand that cops live in the city and the last time I checked the average price to own an apartment in Manhattan was 1.7million (as an example of how ridiculously expensive it is to live here)

3) Put bike racks on buses.

4) increase the number of bike racks and make them more secure.

5) But more barriered bike lanes in Manhattan, like the one on 9th Ave, one that goes more than 10 blocks. It seems like you can put a special bus lane on lower Broadway. And put some bike lanes on Houston street where more than 4 people have died on their bikes…hmmmmmm.

6) Create more FREE bike parking in buildings and parking garages

7) Eliminate ridiculous building regulations that seem to allow all kinds of freight into their premises but freak out when someone tries to bring in a bicycle.

8) Give employers tax incentives if their employees bike to work or use public transportation.

9) (MY FAVORITE) Make it illegal for any vehicle to be in the five borough area that serves NO OTHER PURPOSE but to advertise. This means no SUV’s all covered in stickers for a new rap record, no roving billboards, no double decker buses that hand out products, no hordes of mopeds selling something, no semi trucks that have glass encased scenes of some vacation spot with real actors inside them. Sorry, no more of those dumb Jekyl and Hyde trucks that drive around promoting that stupid tourist trap.

10) eliminate all caps on pedicabs

11) create green initiatives (small business loans) for companies willing to deliver by bicycle.

12) STOP building stupid unnecessary things like basketball stadiums, Nascar tracks and water parks.

Congestion pricing explained, sort of.

Has the debate over congestion pricing gotten you all confused? Let the clowns explain it.

Fundraiser and Party for Times Up

TIMES UP! Dance Party at the HUB
Friday April 25th, 8 p.m.
73 Morton St. W. Village, NYC

Come dance to the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, DJ Suggested D the Boom Boom Brooks Trio and celebrate TIME’S Up!’s collaboration with the HUB Station. Bicycle Fashion Show, Traffic Jam tap dancers, video by Velchrome, Olympic-size trampoline, valet bike parking and plenty of food to snack on. Sliding scale starting at $10.

This Critical Mass after-party is at 73 Morton St. in the West Village (see attached map). Spaces for environmental education programs that are offering real sustainable solutions and making change right now are extremely rare. Please come and support TIME’S UP! and the HUB. If you can’t make the party you can donate online at

Time’s Up! Environmental Organization
New Location
73 Morton Street, NYC


I’m tired of all the Green chic bullcrap. Its time to grow up. Bikes are for kids. I am quiting bikeblog and you can find me from now on at my new blog.


Later today…Steve Klein’s 9th Annual April Fools alleycat

Does everyone know this by now?

It just dawned on me. Maybe people have been in hibernation all winter. I don’t blame you, I’m tired of wearing rain gear and taking my fender on and off at each location. Global warming will be here soon enough and we can enjoy 105 degree humidity. But for those who don’t know, Time’s Up has moved locations.

Our favorite environmental center of skill sharing and bicycle repair workshops is now sharing space at the Hub Station.

73 Morton St. between Greenwich and Hudson st. in the lovely West Village of Manhattan.

Tuesday April 1st, Basic Repair Workshop, get ready for Spring. 6:30pm get skills on the basics of bicycle mechanics.
Wednesday April 2nd, Members Repair Night, 6:30pm
Thursday April 3rd, 6:30pm, Repair your bike workshop, bring in your bike for specific fixes in a friendly community environment.
Friday, April 4th is the monthly Central Park Moonlight ride. Meet at Columbus Circle at 10pm for a leisurely ride through Manhattans famous park.

for a complete schedule check out the Time’s Up website

Turning up the heat in March. Critical Mass press conference with video footage. 3/28/08

This Friday is the March, NYC critical Mass. The war continues. One year ago the NYPD threw down the hammer making arrests and continuing to exhibit the grudge they’ve had against this monthly event. Only one problem. We caught it all on video tape!!

There will be a press conference at Union Square North at 7:00pm

Press Release:

New York, NY (March 26, 2008) – This Friday, March 28th, Critical Mass
participants will be joined by a diverse group of videographers, artists,
activists and politicians outraged over NYPD regulatory constraints on the
civil liberties of New Yorkers. Prominent speakers from the community
will participate in the “Still We Speak” rally to denounce the NYPD’s
First Amendment abuses, including the parade permit rules which limit the
number of people who can legally assemble in a public place.

Video evidence presented at the rally will show a high ranking police
officer violating a federal consent decree while arresting two people
documenting police activity in Times Square during the March, 2007
Critical Mass ride. The NYPD’s harassment of citizens who document police
activity is a direct violation of a federal consent decree and is also
prohibited by the NYPD’s own Patrol Guide. This infringement on the First
Amendment rights of the camerapersons resulted in an ongoing CCRB
investigation and a request to the Attorney General, US Attorney and
District Attorney to bring perjury charges against the arresting Sergeant
for false statements contained in the criminal complaints that were
brought and dismissed against the two camerapersons.

Civil Rights Attorney, Norman Siegel will join others to demand that the
arbitrary 50-person permit rule be overturned. “It does not make legal or
constitutional sense and it creates an unnecessary burden and chill on
First Amendment rights to peaceful protests.” says Siegel.

Rally participants will include Norman Siegel, Retired NYPD Detective
Marquez Claxton of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, Christian
Gutierrez, videographer arrested March 2007 and Reverend Billy & the
Church of Stop Shopping Choir.

**Video recording of NYPD abuse on March 30, 2007, will be available to
the press at the rally. Overview of video footage can be seen:

View a copy of letter to Attorney General requesting perjury prosecution: Here

Safewalk, escort people home, by bike.

I’ve been in LA, chillin in the nice warm weather. The car culture here is pretty intense, but the bike scenes in LA and Santa Monica are really amazing. My wife and I have been seeking out the best food we can in town. My full LA report, coming soon.

Just wanted to post this about a great way to volunteer on bikes back in NYC.

Its about SafeWalk, the bike patrol program of RightRides, where volunteers escort callers to their destinations safely. The service is open to anyone and is made possible by volunteers with bikes who wear designated safety vests and are available Friday late nights.
You can find more information at

There will be an information session on Wednesday, March 19 at 7 pm at 140 Metropolitan Avenue at Berry Street, Apt. 1, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Please drop by if you are a potentially interested volunteer.