Rumble thru the Bronx five. This Saturday.

This weekend is the 5th annual Rumble thru the Bronx. An alleycat so intriguing even the New Yorkers feel like “out-of-towners.” This is a really fun race which winds its way all over this twisted borough which many participants have never step foot in. Racers often trade in their fixies for the more practical road bike due to the lengthy terrain. Its a race where knowledge of the streets is such a factor that they post all the checkpoints in advance and groups of participants even ride the course in preparation.

Hodari, Mike Dee and their crew due an excellent job of putting on this race which always includes a beach party afterwards on city island and amazing food by Roz. There’s nothing like home-made food after a grueling 26 mile race.

Here is a little video I made of last years race:
Rumble 4 from Michael Green on Vimeo.

To get the course map with the checkpoints visit: “”>

Save Union Square has a posse.

One minute your gathering for critical mass trying to figure out which guy in a giants baseball cap and red sweat band is a “plain clothes” cop. The next minute “poof.” Union square suddenly is surrounded by fences and its not just to keep a large group of people from going on a bike ride. Bad Dream? Nope just another day in the never end struggle to keep our diminishing public space out of the hands of developers and utilized for what its meant to be…p-u-b-l-i-c s-p-a-c-e.

This is the case with the South side of Union square in case you were wondering what the bulldozer monster track rally was going on down there.

The story is a familiar one and goes a little something like this…
“Here’s the skinny: after letting the pavilion building fall into disrepair for over a decade, the city government was finally ready to pony up the cash to repair the building and return it to public use. Before the city could even complete their own plans, the Union Square Business Improvement District, or BID, (led by corporate chain stores such as Barnes and Noble and Whole Foods) got involved, dangling wads of extra (anonymously donated) cash, and before you know it the plans that emerged took on a decidedly unfriendly tone, particularly if you happen to be an artist selling your work, a farmer selling food, or any citizen who might want to just sit down in the park without having to purchase a $5.00 latté.”

Find out more information about all this at

or better yet come to a rally at 5pm Wednesday, May 21st. at Union Square South.

I’m confused.

I try and make accurate posts, check into things…alas I made a mistake:

The artist in the post below is Chris Walker who did the Giraffe and the Vandal on the walls of Wiliamsburg.

Street artists and Vandals

There is a Vandal in Williamsburg…not this kind of vandal, who smashes windows to bust into your car, which I saw while riding down Roebling Street yesterday.

Nope this Vandal,

A radio controlled giraffe writes Vandal with a paint brush in its mouth on the Roebling Tea house in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

This is the work of legendary street artist from Bristol U.K, Banksy. Most famously known for this piece in Brighton of two cops making out.

The stencil artist has become so well know for his creations that people were arrested for painting over one of the pieces and charged with criminal damage.

More of his work can be scene here:
This is big money for these contemporary artists. Banksy was in town to sell some art at a big auction house, according to Oh yeah, he does work on canvas since its hard getting giant city walls sold off, unless your a big time developer. While in NYC, the artist was able to put up a couple more pieces around.

Like this one in Williamsburg on South 3rd St.
Razorapple a great photo blog on NYC street culture has a nice report on these antics including artist who paint with fire extinguishers and paint enormous male members on our city walls.

I guess proximity is also playing a role in these street artists affairs. Shepard Fairy, the obey guy who started by placing Andre the Giant has a posse stickers all over the world, has parled his work into a major operation. His street team is still at it and I noticed these two pieces in the hood on my little impromptu street art exploration.

Zipcar, the hip car rental company, asked the artist in a news letter if he wanted to get involved in some cross-promotion. Why? cause he put up his art near where people pick up zip cars? He could just as easily do something for King Kog, the bike shop in which he put this piece up. Seems like he’s more down with a better environment and focusing our dependence on oil with art like this on Broadway, near Union Square.

Notice the couple in the background making out.

Here’s another nice piece done by neither artist, near King Kog on Hope Street…look I somehow made this bicycle related:

Now remember this is “ART,” and not your repetitive random graffiti tagging which the Mayor will send his clean up team for.

Which does nothing but make fresh canvases for the future Harings, Basquiat, Banksy and Fairy’s of the future.

Banksy had a nice comment on graffiti removal…Photo by Greenwood100 from flickr

Perhaps these art projects on walls are the future cave paintings giving insight into a primitive society. Personally I find them more creative and pleasing to the eye then when you randomly turn a corner as see something like this…

to sell underwear. (photo by: Equalizer on

Post number 890 is Bad to the Bone…woof woof

While I was busy shooting my second music video for a great African Band, Gokhbi System, Senegalese Hip Hop,
Chris Ryan was busy video taping the pooch pedal parade.

This was a Times Up event to bring awareness to the plight of abondon dogs in nyc. Find out more at the mayor’s animal alliance.

Oh and more importantly… A random fixed gear bicycle

was photographed against a graffiti wall…Now thats news, thanks Gothamist.

Dog Parade

Ok, so we’ve seen clowns in the bike lane, we’ve seen polar bears on bikes, Now its time for dogs on bikes. What better way to help abandon pets in NYC who are locked up all day inside, than take them out into traffic, plunked on the front of baskets on bicycles

Get Ready for the too cute for words:


TimeÂ’s Up! ride will highlight bicycles adapted to transport pets as well
as the benefits of adopting homeless animals.

WHAT: Time’s Up! Doggie Pedal Parade
WHEN: Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 2 PM
WHERE: Traffic island on south end of Union Square East
between Broadway & 4th Ave

**Excellent visuals**

New York, NY (May 14, 2008) – On Saturday, May 17th, bicyclists will use
baskets and trailers to take their dogs along for the ride in the TimeÂ’s
Up! first annual Doggie Pedal Parade. The bicycle ride will demonstrate
environmentally friendly ways to transport pets around the city and will
include parade floats pulled by bicycles and decorated to honor selected
animal rescue groups. The ride route will feature animal adoption sites
and animal friendly locations.

Cyclists without dogs are encouraged to ride dressed as their favorite
animals or to join the Safety Pooch Patrol to help escort the ride.
Spectators are encouraged to join the cheering sections at selected points
along the route, such as the Animal Haven Adoption Center at 251 Centre
St, and are invited to meet at the end of the ride for snacks and drinks
at a doggie celebration near the Washington Square Park dog run at
Washington Square South and Sullivan Street. Fred, the dog who was
adopted from the ASPCA and went on to star in the most recent Broadway
production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, will be signing pawtographs

To prevent any Ruff Riding and for the fun and safety of the group,
non-social pets are asked to stay at home.

Supporters of the ride include ASPCA, League of Humane Voters of New York
City, MayorÂ’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and Rational Animal.

**Doggie Pedal Parade FAQ:

**Photos of DOGS ON WHEELS – sample of what you will see on Saturday’s ride:

Blog Round Up.

Here is my weekly roundup of whats going on in the bicycle blog world:

Remember tomorrow is Bike to Work day. If you have no work, tomorrow is bike to look for a job day, or bike to the local coffee shop and blog about biking to work or bike around Prospect Park, cause obviously those people are doing something right cause they can bike before work…all day long.

Trackosaurusrex pointed out an event in SF. on Thursday sponsered by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Bike Away from work…looks like it Was a cool event.

Speaking of SF, and events past.

Squids NYC messenger company Cyclehawk posted the results of Velocity in San Francisco.

1) Megan
2) Dorit
3) Colleen

1) Steven
2) Andres
3) Jack

1) Fergus
2) Deuce
3) Maurice

This was the third and final installment of the Velocity tour which is a velodrome track day where urban riders and messengers can compete to win tickets to the Cycle World Messenger Championships which are in Toronto this year…in June.

Squid and his crew, really put their heart and soul into this event and give people an amazing opportunity to compete in cycling on track bikes, where they were meant to be…the track.
Check here for some pix.

Congratulations Fergus…you going to TORONTO!!

Want to say THANKS to Mike and Hellyer Velodrome for volunteering your time and the track! And all the sponsors who made Velocity happen…

Speaking of Cyclehawk…Carlos, who works there has a photoblog…Ridin around, making runs…takin images.

Speaking of…wait…never mind.

Prolly wants you’ll to know that Friday, May 30th (which is also Critical Mass)
is his monthly Peel Sessions

The Bootleg sessions cats will be on hand to rip it up, shoot some video and push this sport to new levels…
check out the trailer for their new video comin out:

“Bootleg Sessions v.2″ Fixed Gear DVD Trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Now, the fixie kids might ride up walls and do silly tricks…but Pro Racers can get silly too…like this:

I saw this posted on a Roadie blog Velo Jello

WOW. Amazing animation

I copied this from one of my favorite blogs Prolly

This is some street animation that is out of this world…can you say painstaking.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Wow, I almost missed this one.

What, do I have to read every blog out there about biking?

Thanks to Hubs and Spokes, a very thorough blog on NYC transportation issues, I learned that the NY Times blog,

made space for us New Yorkers to Ask this guy questions.
who is this guy?

This clean cut dapper fellow is: Joshua Benson, the bicycle program coordinator for the Department of Transportation. I know what your thinking, the DOT has a bicycle program coordinator? Yes its true and besides having to wear a tie, you get to oversee the three year plan to extend the 200 mile bicycle network.

are some of the answers to the questions asked.

Bicycle Film Festival 2008 is COMING

Why is this man so excited:
A) Its bike to work day?
B) Its not excitement, his Jockstrap is breaking the speed record before the rest of his body?
C) he just bought a new track bike and they forgot the saddle?
D) He just got tickets to the 2008 Bicycle Film Festival…of course.
Thats right…you know the deal…Get your tickets early. Don’t forget, the BFF this year falls during Critical Mass weekend…knowwhatdyamean!

Here’s what you do:

1) go to the website
2) Decide what programs you wanna see.
3) Buy tickets
4) Get elated look like the guy pictured above.