July 2014
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Bootleg Sessions video

If you don’t advocate behavior on bikes racing through traffic and holding onto cars, your definitely not going to like this behavior…

This is a second trailer for a new dvd put together by Cadence and a bunch of fresh riders who do tricks on track bikes…its the latest craze and all the kids are doing it.

So if you are one of those people that think riding like this is done by skillful athletes who can probably handle their whips better then your average cyclists…you might want to think about buying this new dvd and checking it out.

DVD’s are available at this website for $15.00

It will be premiering in NYC at “Bike Shorts” (from their website)–

“The World Premiere of Bootleg Sessions has been scheduled! It will take place at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on January 13th as part of Bike Shorts 4. If you live in NYC, you must attend. The Philly crew will undoubtedly be there to represent, and where they go, action (and injury) will most likely follow.

Big thanks to Luke Stiles for hooking this up!”

Short video of yesterday’s Balloon Project.

The ariel footage from the balloon’s should be up soon.

Links to New Year’s Ride

Every year Time’s up has its annual New Years bike ride, a pleasant environmentally friendly alternative to standing for hours in Time’s Square in the freezing cold. This year the ride was about 200 strong and another 200 came out to see fireworks in Central park, where the ride ends.

Here is a link to Fritz’s pictures of the event.

and check out this pool of pictures at

The New York Times ran this article before the event.

Here is a little feel good statement for Time’s Up director Bill DiPaola,

Part Bike ride, part New Years Eve Party, the 10th Annual Time’s Up!
New Years Eve Party Ride gathered over 400!

This year Time’s Up! stepped it up by adding more meeting points
including Brooklyn and Queens. We also emphasized the importance of
starting off the new year with your community with by supporting
time’s Up! and the environment. We had over 200 celebrating bike
riders and we met up with another 200 people in the park, which added
up to an amazing party with fireworks at the end.

The timing posed a huge challenge, however Everything seemed to come
into place perfectly and the bike ride and party rocked on thanks to
the Rude Mechanical Orchestra (who even trailered their instruments up
from the Time’s Up! space!). Special Thanks to Rich, Barbara, Judy,
Curtis, Peter and everyone else who contributed. None of this would
have been possible without our volunteers!

Monster Track 9 is coming in March

NYC premiere race. Track bikes, no hand brakes…the classic and in its ninth year.

check out the Monster Track website…and prepare.

Balloon Project this Saturday in Manhattan

The Balloon Project started in San Francisco when a bunch of friends, intent on getting some aerial footage, launched a video camera attached to balloons. No strings attached: just the wind, gravity, and chasing it down by bike.

The New York Balloon Project will take place with a planned trajectory over Central Park this Saturday. The weather will be in the 40s, with the wind headed in a North-north-easterly direction through Manhattan.

As far as everyone here is concerned, the chase is the race. The objective is to follow and capture the balloons with video camera first. If you ride faster than the wind, you win. Money. $50 cash prize and YouTube FAME.

Short and sweet. No registration fee, no manifest, no checkpoints, no planned route. Just chasing the balloons to their final resting place after they’re launched, rise up a few hundred feet, and gradually descend after 20-30 minutes.

Be at Columbus Circle at 1pm so the race and the New York Balloon Project can commence by 1.30.

Got doubts? This has been done in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Texas, Berlin, and on 2008 New Years in Times Square.
Here is a video from Berlin, only the German’s could take something like this so seriously…hence the music.

A new year and time for reflection

This Sunday is the third annual Memorial ride to commemorate the deaths of cyclists in 2007. There are three starting points for this ride in Jamaica Queens, South Brooklyn and the North Bronx at 9:30am. The groups of riders will stop at the various points where ghost bikes have been placed and take time to reflect, say words and place flowers. The rides will all converge in Williamsburg and then meet up with the “Walk to remember pedestrians killed in 2007.” There will be a rally and press conference at City Hall in Manhattan to end the event. For more information on the ride and where to join in visit

Lucas Brunelle got fresh video up

So everyone’s favorite helmet cameraman has some new video up on his website:

Check out alleycat races in: London, Stockholm and Mexico.

Now, Lucas is setting up races in foreign cities, just so he can shoot in exotic locations.

next it-Honolulu, January 6th through the 19th.


Skate and Race

Ice Skate and Alleycat race.

Bring toys for kids who need them.

Kidrobot, Zoo York and Cycle Hawk messengers
The Toys for Tots Race
December 22nd.

See Flyer for info:

Bike Thieves, Scum of the Earth

There has been a rash of bike theft in Williamsburg. Maybe Meth addiction is working its way to the East Coast in epic numbers.

Three people have had bikes and bike parts stolen.

1) this comes from trackstars website from December 4th.

“My friends Dan G. and Tamara’s bikes were stolen out of the hallway of their apartment building last night around 10pm. Dan had a Redline Monocog 29er, it’s black with red and yellow decals, and it had a walrus sticker on the front. Tamara had a Bianchi S.A.S.S. in chrome. If anyone has any information on either one of these bikes, or if a crackhead tries to sell them to you, please repo them back and contact us at 212.982.2553.”

2) Bill Dozer of Mess Magazine,
got wheels robbed yesterday…

“bike was locked on South 4 between Bedford and Driggs. i was asking for it by not having the wheels locked, but i had put ball bearings in the allen nuts, thinking it was a good enough deterrent. guess not. this was between 12:30 and 2:00 pm today. The wheels are an aerospoke front and a black level laced with black spokes to a black deep v. not particularly identifiable on the face of it, but if you look for the bolt-on cog, it’s unmistakable.”

Be on the look-out. Don’t by stolen bikes or bike parts.

Take NY1 snap poll

NY1 has set up a quick snap poll.

It asks people weather the city should focus on:

a) new and improved bike lanes
b) traffic enforcement
c) bike safety education.

unfortunatly there isn’t D) all of the above.

or D)Public ridicule for NYPD wasting money on harassing cyclists. or D) Arrests for motorists killing cyclists and or investigating cause of death. D) car-free areas of NYC. D) tax incentives for people who ride bikes. D) free bike programs. D) paid research to address public health issues of pollution and benefits of cycling to work.

I just wish I could think of a few ideas…it must be my short sightedness.